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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-23

6-23. Young Lady and Knight Thief


"Father and sister are being tricked desuwa."

How many times have I told this to them. Yet, my words didn't reach anyone. And now, those vulgar ruffians are strutting this castle like it's their own.
<TLN: As you may have inferred, this chapter is told not in Satou's POV because there's no 'Satou's here'. She uses "Watakushi" to refers herself, by the way.>

Maybe that's why. I feel like something is calling me, and I've strayed to the old, old collapsed building inside the castle.
It's an old building that has been around in this marquis Muno castle since 20 years ago.

It has already been 15 years since my father received this territory. My mother, sister and me arrived in this castle 16 years ago, we've never left even once since then. The time when uncle Toruma came to play during my childhood was the most fun time.
Even though it's called castle, there are small forest and pond inside its ground, maybe it's to show the power as a marquis, so I don't really feel locked up.

I've searched through the inside of the castle, but this is the first time I'm here. Usually the maid will not let me inside saying, "It's dangerous."

I wonder if this is because I've entered an unfamiliar place. I think that the floating dust lit by the sunlight is beautiful, I feel pleasant. It seems that I would cough violently if I don't enter while covering my mouth with a handkerchief.

There's a throne in this room, I wonder if it was an audience hall of the marquis. The light spilling from the crumbled roof creates illusion that makes this room looks like a sacred place.

And then, I meet my destiny here.

"O girl, do you desire power."

I answered the words that suddenly came out from the direction of the throne.
Even though I'm reflecting on it, I assert that I don't have any regret on the rash decision that I've made this time.

"Very well! Then, I will give you!"

Silver light that appears from the throne wraps me. It feels like it coils around my hair and body. When I'm assailed with anxiety, elegant bracelets appear knitted with silver thread on both my wrists. I feel something odds on my ankles, and anklets with the same design as the bracelet are there when I look.

"O girl, the contract has been established. Wisdom and bravery are yours to take."
"Where in the world are you? In addition, won't you kindly tell me what these accessories are?"

Even though I could hear him closely, I can't see his figure. I desperately try to keep myself calm and talk to the invisible gentleman.

"There is a large mirror behind that curtain. You should see there."

I go to the mirror guided by that voice. A tiara has appeared on my head before I was aware of it.

"The accessories on your head, hands and feet are my forms. I had ran alongside my master to the battleground, and finally accomplished my long-cherished wish. My master had left me here and said, "Help a person who wish to crush unreasonable power."
"Oh my, how wonderful. What a noble-minded person."

I wonder who is this the master of this tiara. I have never seen a talking magic tool beside in the fairy tales.

"Tiara-san, is it fine to call you that?"
"My previous master called me Raka. It was a name associated with the most famous knowledgeable magic tool <<Intelegent Item>> that came out in tales of his hometown. If you don't have any name you want to particularly use, I'd like you to call me Raka."
"I understand Raka-sama. As for myself, please call me Karina."
"This is pleasant. Karina-dono, you don't need to politely use "Sama" for magic tools. It is fine to just call me by the name."
"Then Raka. I want to borrow your power."
"It is inevitable. I will assist you whether the opponent is a hero or a demon lord."
"Oh my, how reliable desuwa, the opponent is a hero."

When Raka-san talk, the tiara is glowing blue, but is he at loss of words? The blue glow has stopped.

"Is there anything wrong?"
"No, it's just that, I'm just thinking that the master this time is firm, it's excellent. Particularly, master "It's Karina desuwa" Umu, Karina-dono."
"Since the opponent is a hero, does Karina-sama have any experience in magic and swordsmanship?"
"No, I'm good at embroidery and poem, but I leave the fighting to the knights."
"Fumu, is that how it is. My previous master was a  hero."
"What is his name!"

I've done a shameful thing. I involuntary bumped against the mirror. This is also something I got from father. He's been talking about heroes since I was small, so I've also gained interest on heroes desuwa.

"I'm sorry, I cannot remember trivial things like name or appearance. Wielding a holy sword, he cut down thousands of demons, he was the owner of tremendous swordsmanship. Even though he couldn't use magic, he could cut the demon lord's magic and subjugated the demon lord. He was an absurd existence."
"That's right, hero-sama has to be like that!"

I involuntarily put power in my fists. A hero has to be strong beyond common sense above all, If not, he's not a hero.

That self-proclaimed hero who has gained favor of father-sama and onee-sama could only narrowly win against a weak knight, he's just a small fry desuwa.
As the proof, he was always eluding the fight against the strongest knight in the castle, sir Zotor.

"Karina-dono, it's painful to say, but I can only reinforce the power that my master has. I, myself, have power to read mind and use simple magic arts, but I need to use my master's magic power to do so."
"Then, am I to remain unable to do anything?"
"Right, you'd be able to win against average knights, and I can give you physical ability enough to jump across roofs. If the opponents are the like of thieves, then you could obliterate them as long as you have magic power."
"Oh my, that's wonderful."

How wonderful it is. It's like the chivalrous phantom thief, Sharururuun.

"However, that is if the opponent is normal."

Hearing Raka-san's words, my fluttering heart hardened as if wedged.

"Is it no good?"
"Even if I could increase my master's power by one hundredfold, if my master's power is 1, it could only become 100. It's appropriate to call an existence called hero as unreasonable."
"Didn't your past master fight against that unreasonable power?"

The blue light is flickering, and Raka-san says something as if he's found a breakthrough.

"It is so. To be admonished by a baby, this is a good day."
"My, I'm an adult even like this."

I feel a bit shocked at my own words. Before I knew it, I'm at the age where I can participate in society. Onee-sama might have unexpectedly knew about the fact that the hero is an impostor. That man only looks like hero on the outside.

"That man is hero desuno."
"Fumu, are you sure?"

I somehow feel the blue light from Raka-san flashing.
His next words are shocking.

"That is an impostor."

Even though, I was insisting about it, I might have believed it (that he was a hero) somewhere in my heart. Then, just what is the sword that he has which lets out blue light like a holy sword.
I went out of the hiding to convict him, but Raka-san's word stopped me.

"Wait, Karina-dono, who is the man beside that fake hero."
"Are you talking about the consul?"
"That man is a demon. He's most likely many times stronger than the fake hero. We cannot win."

N, no way! I was shocked to learn that the self-proclaimed hero is an impostor, but it was even more terrible to hear that a demon had been acting as the consul.
Demons are existences that have to be attacked with army. The only exception where an individual could win against the demon is only a handful of existences like the real hero.

"Ra, Raka. W, what should we do."
"Please calm down, Karina-dono. If my last memory is correct, this is the territory of marquis Muno right."
"Today it's baron, but yes, you're right."
"Then, there should be a community of wood giants in the depth of the nearby forest. If you're with me, we could get their assistance. However, I can't approve of a woman going deep into the forest alone."

I hate to dirty my dress, but a real hero wouldn't hesitate.

"Could the giants win against the demon?"
"Umu, they're not as strong as the hero, but they shouldn't lag behind a common demon."
"Then, let us go."
"It's reassuring seeing your prompt decision. Karina-dono could very well be a great supporter for the hero."

I try to remain calm as much as possible even though my heart is in festive from Raka-san's words, I head toward the forest.

Guided by Raka-san, I leap over the caste's center and borrow a horse from the stable in front of it to go toward the forest.

When I tried to save a Unicorn who was caught by the thieves, I got caught instead, but I reunited with someone unexpected there.

"Milady, what are you doing in this kind of place."
"Sir Zotor, you too."

I didn't think that the strongest knight in this territory who had ran away several years ago would became a thief. Moreover, according to his story, the thieves are going to rebel against father.
With encouragement from Raka, I confide him about the fake hero and the demon consul.

"That, I've thought that he was suspicious, but to think that he's a demon."
"It is the truth. I swear on the honor of my previous master before Karina-dono, I do not tell lies."

I had thought that he probably got a lot of question while listening to my words. But he anticlimactically accepted the talk just like that.

"I feel bad for the chief of the wanderer that had accepted me, but I will leave here. Karina-sama, please allow me to accompany you to the giants."
"I allow it, knight Zotor."

This is wonderful desuwa. It's like in the tale.
I ride on the unicorn's back and go together with knight Zotor to the wood giants' village deep in the forest.

I do not know if I could obtain their cooperation.

No, that's not it.

I will obtain their cooperation no matter what.
By threatening, or defiling this body, I will accomplish my purpose. That is noblesse oblige.

I have the sword of sir Zotor, and also the wisdom of Raka-san who has spent long years.
Yes, right now, I have companions.

"Now, I am not afraid of anything."

I cheer myself so, and, toward the gate of the village of wood giants in front of me, I take a step forward.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-22

6-22. Battle of Muno City (1)


Satou's here. They've said that the punishment for traffic law breaker is light, yet here, the situation seems to be slanted toward the opposite of expectation.
I'm keeping safety in mind when I'm driving a wagon.

Two horse-drawn carriages have come from the baron to pick us up. Either of them is a two-seater carriage. The doors are carved with relief that looks like it'd make stylish nobles happy, and also adorned with golden stones that seem like jewels.

Hayuna couple get on separate ride from us.

I've known it from preliminary check already, but this city is too deserted. Even though it's almost twice the size of Seryuu city, the population is only around 1/6 of it. Houses are standing in row as we leave the gate, but in the middle of the way, series of vacant lots covered with weeds unfold.

"There are many vacant lots huh."
"Sir, are you familiar with the incident 20 years ago."
"Yeah, although I don't know how much of it is true, I've heard the general rumor."
"Most of it is probably the truth. The vacant lots were the result of the king's armies setting fire in the city to destroy the many undeads who were attacking."

The coachman answered my question while facing the road. His voice is loud, not losing to the carriage's noise.

"King's armies?"
"Yes, after the undead had extracted their revenge by killing the entire lineage of the old noble, they remained inside the city without moving. So the king had wanted to do something before they would move. The commoners who died from the fire set by the armies are several times more than from the undead since they wouldn't get attacked by the undead if they stayed inside the house."

At least, "Set the fire after you evacuate the commoners.", or maybe they didn't know about the actual site?

"Because of that, there were a lot of people who left this territory. Now, there aren't even 20% left of the people from 20 years ago."
"It's good that the city doesn't disappear even after that."
"That's because this city has a wall protecting it. The wall was made in the time of ancestor king and was enhanced with  fixation magic, even if monsters attack, it wouldn't move an inch. A city simply cannot be made in another location if it's not by a high-ranking noble."

I see, no wonder the wall looks splendid in spite of the poor territory.

I hear crashing sound and people's scream ahead the carriage. After a bit of pause, our carriage shooks a bit as it gets across something.

"Sir, and madam, I'm sorry for the shaking. Some poor people were jumping "Stop at once" in."

Arisa orders so as she interrupts the coachman's excuse. As expected of a princess, she's used with commanding words. The coachman reflectively stopped from Arisa's order.
The horse-drawn carriage had ran over a little girl.

I jump out of the carriage and run to the girl. The girl's HP is decreasing rapidly.

"Make ways!"

It's irritating to get through the people who swarm the girls with my footworks. However, I made it barely in time.

I take out a magic medicine (potion) from my pocket while sitting beside the girl and make her drink it. It seems she has fainted, her breathing has stopped. The medicine spills out from her mouth because of that. Her HP has stopped decreasing for a moment, maybe because she's drunk a bit of it.

I've wanted to press her chest to do artificial respiration, but it probably has been hit by the carriage, her chest is depressed. It's impossible like this.

I take another potion from my pocket, and drink it to her mouth-to-mouth.
Maybe because the effect is weak, the girl's HP bar fluctuates for a bit, then it begins decreasing little by little.
Even though Ossan who was fatally stabbed by a sword was saved, is it no good for this girl. Or maybe the damage continues on because the broken rib is piercing her.

Should I use the medicine with unknown effect in the storage even while knowing the risk?

Arisa who has finally caught up grabs a short cane from my waist.

"Let me borrow the short cane, ■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■■ Light Healing"

It's a healing magic from light huh. Arisa is doing good.
However, it's just a temporary relief.

"It's no good, it's not enough with just light healing magic."
"We should take her to the temple priest."

The people around us deny those words.

"There's no priest who can use holy magic in this city. Everyone was caught after they were accused of made-up crime like corruption and thrown into the prison."
"Either way, she can't be saved with those wounds. Let her go without suffering more."

Not only her chest is depressed, her arm is bent unnaturally too. Her physical strength that has been fluctuating also begins dropping slowly. Her HP is already less than 10%.

When I've decided that giving her medicine with unknown effect is better than letting her die, the scene of me making the magic medicine (potion) flashes in my mind.

The differences between normal and magic medicines are in the reagent and the presence of magic power.

The reagent is just a thing to fuse the magic power with the drug.

Then, the immediate effect of the medicine is due to the existence of magic power.

I put the magic potion in my mouth once again. And before I drink it to the girl, I pour magic power into the potion. I have skill for bestowing magic, I should be able to do it.

I pour it three times the amount of magic power usually used to make normal magic potion.

"Wa... wait, is that some kind of skill, you're glowing you know."

I'm bothered with what Arisa is saying but let's think about that later. I make the girl drink the magic strengthened potion mouth-to-mouth.

Immediately after she's drunk it, her body becomes wrapped in red aura, but it soon disappears as if sucked in.

She hasn't completely recovered, but it's working. Her depressed chest and broken arm have been restored too. Her HP is stopped at around 40%, but it's not decreasing when I watch it for a while.

>[Magic Healing Skill Acquired]

>Title [Doctor] Acquired
>Title [Healing Specialist] Acquired
>Title [Saint] Acquired

"Did you save onee-chan?"
"Yeah, she's alright now."
"Oh my, magician-sama is really great. I can't believe that kind of grave injury could be healed."

I give another potion to a little girl who looks to be the injured girl's little sister, she's clinging to her.

"If she doesn't wake up after 1-2 hours, give her this medicine."
"Un, I understand."

An old lady who seems to be an acquaintance with the little girl talks to me while looking hesitant.

"Magician-sama, thank you very much. However, lowly citizens like us cannot pay you back."
"It was my carriage that ran over the girl. I'm not expecting compensations at all. Rather, it should be the girl who should seek reparations."

I change the subject since it looks like it would have steered toward selling themselves again.
However, the expressions of the old ladies are poor.

"We can't possibly ask reparations. It's a crime to obstruct the path of noble's carriage like this girl has done after all."
"That's right sir, even if you save her now, she'll be caught by the soldier to become a slave or get hanged."

The coachman adds on the words of the old lady.

Oi oi fantasy, isn't that too severe.

I've saved her after much effort. I'll save her with any cost even if it's just for my own self-satisfaction.
If by being saved means she'd become slave or executed, let's make it so that she's not saved.

The surrounding people seem to be allies of the girl anyway, the only real witness is the coachman.
Let's coax him somehow.

He might betray me later by telling what happen here to the baron, but rather than being suspicious of everything, let's use whatever method available.

"Now then, I've finished taking care of the poor girl who had been ran over by the carriage. Let's not make baron-sama wait any longer and go."

I make the coachman grips a silver coin.
The girl died despite the treatment. The girl's name remains unknown.

"Righto, sir. The girl who was ran over is pitiful, but it can't be helped eh."

This man can read atmosphere quite well. I'd like Toruma ossan to learn some things from him.
Looks like the coachman rides on the farce with the bribe. Even so, is his underling-like way of talking instead of the polite way from just before also a part of the farce?

The adults around also participate in the farce by pretending to cry. What sociable people they are. The little sister who can't follow the story has became flustered, but after the old lady whispers something to her, she immediately understands.

We get back on the carriage, and advance to the baron's castle located at the elevated ground.

At that time, the battle between the 1000 baron army and 3000 demi-goblins begins. At the moment, it seems that the baron army is advantageous.

>[Acting Skill Acquired]
>[Tact Skill Acquired]

>Title [Poor Actor] Acquired
>Title [Clown] Acquired

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-21

6-21. People of Baron Muno Territory (11)


Satou's here. Split body (Bunshin) is a staple of Ninja, but when I was a child my juvenile mind thought, "If you could move that fast to make bunshin, you should've attack like that instead."
It might be the right choice when you fight against firearms.

"I promise, it won't be dangerous."

If it's just me alone then it'd alright. The opponent is just a level 30. Moreover, I have magic attack and magic shield, not only physical now.

"No, I'll go with you."

That's bad. The demon is in the forest right now, but I don't know when it's going to be back. I want to leave Arisa in safe zone.

"If you say further than that, I'll use 『Order』."
"Try it, my maiden's heart won't lose to such thing like 『Order』."

It can't be helped.
I didn't want to use 『Order』 as much as possible.

"Arisa, this is an order. Go to the village I've said earlier and ask the mayor about the work. Wait in the village until I get there."

After telling so, I go down the wagon.
I hear something falling on the ground behind me along with Lulu's short scream.

When I turn around, I see Arisa crawling here while her face becoming blue.

"I w,will absolutely go with you. This time... I wont... Let you go alone... Ha."

By disobeying my order, she's not only tormented by the magic from the contract, but it seems that the slavery collar on her neck also harms her physically. The collars on the beastkin girls are just decoration, but the ones on Lulu and Arisa are real magic tools. They were attached from Kubooku kingdom.
No, this isn't the time to think that. Arisa would die if I leave her alone.

"Arisa, I cancel the order earlier."

Arisa is gasping painfully. What a rash girl. I wonder what makes her go that far. The collar has left red mark on Arisa's neck.

"Good grief, you're really a rash girl."
"Who's the rash one here. You jumped into the shadow to save Mia, and even just the other day, you lured out a monster almost twice your level to secure food for the children... I'm worried about you, stop doing unreasonable things alone."

Arisa says so while shedding tears.

I've noticed something from those tears and "Almost twice your level."


I didn't expect this at all.

I thought that Arisa who had shrewdly noticed that I hid my skill would had also realized that I falsified my level, I thought that she was playing dumb about it due to my misunderstanding.

I can understand Arisa's unnatural state up until now when I consider so.

She would certainly be worried if a level 10 guy picked a fight with a level 40 undead boss which had unknown unique skills.

I'm sorry that I think you're like an overprotective mother.

However, this is troubling, if I tell her that I'm hiding my level right here and now, Arisa's pride would collapse.
I can't exactly clown around Arisa who's genuinely worried too, I guess I have no choice but to take her along.

It's my penalty for pointlessly worrying Arisa. It'd be hard to protect her, but if it's just Arisa alone, I would protect her no matter what.

"I understand Arisa, let's go together."
"R, right, you should've said so from the start. You'd have the strength of hundred me with me around!"

Even while wiping her tears with her sleeves, Arisa boasts, she's back to her usual self. Still, her vocabulary is old like usual.
Arisa gets back to the wagon to change her clothes that has been covered in mud.

Now then, I wonder who should I choose to replace Arisa. Among them, Liza is the best choice, but considering her tribe, it would be difficult to negotiate with insular villagers.

Which means, the next candidates  are Lulu or Nana. I can't imagine the whimsical Tama to negotiate, and the silent Mia negotiating would be as probable as the sky falling.

I want Lulu to do the negotiation if possible, would have loved if she acquires interpersonal skills, but since she's shy around people, it might be impossible.

Then, Nana is the only one remaining huh.

She normally has eccentric behavior and her way of speaking is flat, but she'd be in "my pace"-mode whoever her opponent is and her appearance is a beautiful woman.
I guess I'll ask Nana to bear the brunt, and Liza to follow-up her.

"Yes, master."
"Have you ever done negotiation before?"
"No, I am a virgin. I have no experience."

...who ask you about sexual experience.
<TLN: Japanese joke, negotiation:交渉, intercourse:性交渉.>

When I see her expression and atmosphere, I've thought that she's just naive, but I have some doubt, "Weren't you being wrong on purpose?"

Let's tell her more in detail.

"I want to ask you to negotiate for employing the villagers, do you have any knowledge about doing something like that?"
"I have not."
"Okay, then I want you to cooperate with Liza to deal with it. Nana, you become the front during the negotiation while Liza is the one who's actually doing it from the back."
"Yes, master."
"I will exert the fullest of my ability."

Liza's reply is stiff. Is she nervous?

"Liza, you don't need to get so worked up. I don't mind even if the negotiation fails. If that happen, I want you girls to stand by on the river near the village."
"I understand, master."

It seems that strength leave her shoulders. I'm worried that she might have interpreted it as, "I don't expect anything from you.", but it seems that I'm just imagining things.

Arisa who has came back is wearing clothes that she's made after the fashion show back then. The skirt is equipped with frame made from wire inside, making it expands in three dimensions. She's wearing blond wig.

That's good and all, but who's the little girl with brown braided hair behind?

...No, I can see Pochi's appearance as a double.

"Is that Pochi?"
"Ara, you did well to know. Arisa-chan version 2, Pochi human form."

The two are taking pose energetically.
Even though they've dressed in cute clothes, taking power ranger pose ruins it.

"Version 2 whatever, how did you do that to Pochi?"
"Don't whatever it! I can't forgive that nonexistent reaction toward blond twin-tail, even though it's not drills."

Twin-tail look good with figurine or 2 dimensions, but in real life, I think having twin-tail only makes you look more like children though?

"I've received Arisa's magic nodesu."
"A~ah, didn't I say to keep it a secret. I create illusion using light magic. It's originally a magic to create split body, but I've arranged it for a bit."

I see, so it was light magic. However, to arrange magic in such short term like this, this girl is like some kind of protagonist from light novel.

Pochi human form looks exactly like Arisa if we exclude her hair style and color.

"Although if an illusion magic with bigger scale touch Pochi, it'd get exposed, and if I'm not near her, the spell would be broken. She might not be allowed to enter the castle if they know that she's a dogkin tribe."
"Would it get past something like magic detection?"
"Even if she gets exposed, I'll make Toruma cover her. I'm sure we'd only be scolded. Moreover, I want Pochi who has high offensive and enemy search skill to be around."

It feels like Arisa is optimistic that Pochi's cover will be blown. Also, I think Tama has higher enemy search skill. Although, Pochi was probably chosen because Tama would not be suitable for infiltrating.

"You know, during the dream yesterday, I saw that demon is disguising as the baron. Master was able to very narrowly avoid the demon's attacks, but you were finally cornered... Of course, I know that it's just a dream. However, if it was a prophetic dream..."

No, rather than optimistic, she wants Pochi to go even while taking that risk huh. Putting aside what I see myself, it seems that the members are excessively worried because they were having bad dreams.

Arisa is about to say something before stammering and stopping, then she's shaking her head as if she shakes off some kind of anxiety. Her swaying hair is hitting Pochi's face, Pochi holds her own face.

"It's okay! Even if it was a propethic dream, we'll get through it since you're with Pochi and me."
"Yes nano desu. If master is with Pochi, we're invicible nano desu!"

It's incomprehensible since the expression of the illusion isn't changing, but I can picture Pochi full of motivation in my mind.

The dream that Arisa has seen is probably just a mere dream.

However, Arisa's worry is genuine. Her excessive worry is like some kind of loyal retainer like samurai, it's a bit scary.
When I find the opportunity after it becomes safe, I should do some actions that would blow away her worry, while making sure it would get seen through by Arisa.

Even though it can't be helped in Arisa's case, I actually want Pochi to be with Liza's team, but I can't think of any excuse in this situation.
I think I'm becoming unable to think for myself thanks to Arisa.

It can't be helped, I don't want to expose Arisa and Pochi to danger, but if an accident happen, I'll carry both of them and do something about it.

There's no one with appraisal skill that could see other's people stat in the city. Also, there aren't anyone who has magic skills from detection branch. It's convenient for us, but those people might have been eliminated by the demon to protect its secret.

I'm worried that the combat force is reduced for Liza and the girls, but it should be okay since we're not the target this time. Even if anything happen, the village is only 10 kilometers away. I can rush to get there in 90 seconds.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-20

6-20. People of Baron Muno Territory (10)


Satou's here. I've heard that you can see fragments of your memories inside your dream.
Although, ever since I led a life of brief sleeps after I became a working adult, I never dream anymore.

Pochi and the girls come to change place with us since the time is up. Arisa says, "I'll be watching you so you don't go out in the night." and takes up the position beside me to sleep together. Usually I would toss her, but since she's done well during the negotiation with ossan today, I'll let her off for once, though this is not a reward.

Of course I warn her that if she tries to sexually harass me, I'll tie and hang her on a tree.

Since even Lulu is taking the position on the opposite side while saying, "M, me too, I'll watch too.", requesting while fumbling her words, we end up looking like character for river.
<TLN: River=川>

I hope 5 years passes fast.

Contrary to my expectation, Arisa went asleep without trying to do anything funny.
If she's always like this, I'll let her sleep together anytime.

I check on the demon's movement before I go to sleep.

It's loitering around at the castle and the thieves in the forest like usual, but sometimes, it produces a level 1 split body (Splitter) and lets it wandering around in the city.  I tried monitoring it for the whole night before, but since it didn't seem that it killed anyone, it was probably a split body used for gathering information.

There is also another suspicious movement from elsewhere.

The thieves around Muno city are merging with the large thief group in the forest near the city. There are also quite a lot of serfs who have escaped from nearby villages mixed in, they've became a group of around 500 people. If the smaller groups who're moving join with them, it would become 700 people. A revolution could probably takes place.

Furthermore, from northwest--about on the right from where we are now, a bit away from Muno city--armies of demi-goblin are entering the territory. There were only 50 of them in the evening yesterday, but they're nearing 1000 now and are still increasing coming from outside the territory.

Still, I wonder if they have 'demi' because they're subspecies of goblin. Surprisingly, they're not demi-humans but more or less monsters. I'd like to look at them since I've never seen one in person yet.
I've also never seen orcs, but since they're written on this world's tales, they surely exist somewhere.

The one that knight Eral was looking for during the noon was probably the second daughter of the baron. Why I would think so is because she's currently at the base of the large thief group. She might have been kidnapped and became a hostage. I wonder if it's because of her parents.

Looks like tomorrow, our journey is going to be peaceful, thanks to the movement of the thieves. Since the unnecessary troubles would be decreased, let's strive to reach Muno city at the morning of the day after tomorrow.

I went asleep after I've finished the general investigation.

I had an unusual dream.

I'm dreaming of me playing with the girl who's my first love from the countryside on the grounds of a shrine during my childhood.

If it's just that then it would just be a nostalgic dream, but the scene is different and her personality is also different even though I'm sure that she's the same girl.

I cannot remember the girl's name, but I wonder why do I have this dream during the time when I'm embraced by Lulu and Arisa.

"Like I said, I can't accept with only river."

Arisa gets up while shouting some strange words. She's been grinding her teeth which let out a loud sound since a while ago. In addition, her fingernails on her hands which are grabbing my arms are painful. It's recovered even before I take damage, and it only redden my skin so I leave it alone, but painful thing is painful.

"Good morning, Arisa."
"Good morning? I'm Arisa, your darling."
"Almost there, the last one was wrong."

She only answers by repeatedly pretend-hit me, but there are traces of tears on the area around her eyes. What kind of dream did she have.

Lulu is still sleeping, but she also has traces of tears on her face. When I lower my line of sight, Pochi and Tama are sleeping while curling up like balls on my stomach, saying, "I hate cold~", "I hate hunger nano desu.". It looks like they're having nightmares.

Since everyone seems to be having nightmares, I wake them up by pinching their noses in turns.

"Master? Thank goodness!"
"Morning~? Nyau, it's warm nodesu."
"Good morning nano desu. It's time to prepare for breakfast nano desu."

The three seem to be still half-asleep, they're rubbing their faces on my chest and shoulders with sleepy eyes. It's rare to see such state of Lulu. Usually Arisa would have took this chance to jump in, but she's gone to wash her face.

I'm thinking that an incubus might have came but there's nothing when I search for it. If it was really incubus, my crisis perception would have kicked in earlier.

Mia and Liza were also dreaming about their hometown. It seems that Nana didn't have any particular dream. So she did not see something like electric sheep or magic sheep.

There is nothing attacking us that day as expected, it's a truly a peaceful day.

It just that, Pochi and Tama become excessively clingy to me while rubbing their face on me today, I couldn't  make anything during the travel. Since they look really uneasy, I play card and shiritori with Pochi and Tama for the whole day today.

I invite Hayuna couple since they look bored, but it seems Ossan gets addicted to the games, he becomes really frolic. I wish Hayuna-san infuses him with her elegance.

That night I have the continuation of the dream from yesterday. And sure enough, everyone also had strange dream when I asked them the next morning.

I thought that it was the work of the demon, but after seeing the demon's skill and its tribe's innate skill, it doesn't seem so.

The demon is from a tribe called Short Horn, it seems they have short horn with bat wings, and look like gargoyles. Its skill are, [Ghost Magic], [Mind Magic], [Transform], [Bewitching], only those fours.

This demon has been staying in the neighboring forest since the noon yesterday.

The gathered thieves were peaking at more than 700, but the number is only in one digit now. I don't understand how it could decrease so sharply during the time I wasn't looking, but after seeing zombies which keep appearing with the demon at the center, I understand the situation.

The demi-goblin lot are also coming near the zombies. They've stopped increasing, but they've became 3000 strong in the end.

Sometimes the zombies' number decrease, in exchange skeletons appear, I don't want to know what happen.

The baron's daughter who seemingly was kidnapped by the thieves seemed to have successfully escaped.  She's running into the forest depth together with a man with conspicuously high level among the thieves, I don't know if he's charmed or if they're acquaintance from the beginning.

Inside the baron's area, the territorial army has gone toward the thieves' forest early in the morning, it looks like the rescue operation for the daughter has begun. They're numbering in over 1000. Apparently, they've also employed local mercenaries and slaves.

The hero isn't among those in the army. Looks like he's inside the baron's castle.

With these many flags standing, even without crisis perception skill, I get premonition for great tumult happening.
I must evacuate everyone to the safe place as soon as possible.

We've finally arrived at Muno city, but the gate is sealed shut, we can't get in.
Right now, we negotiate by showing Ossan's dagger, but since none of the guards are familiar with the seal on the dagger, we've been invited to the castle.

"I will go with Toruma couple to meet the baron. I'd like everyone to go to the village up ahead with the wagon to do something."

Ossan invited us all, but if I'm careless here, the couple could die and I wouldn't be able to visit the workshop.

Even though I'm going to meet face to face with the baron, I don't really have the intention to tell him to do something to his territory. I feel sorry for the people like the children and the elders I've meet back then, but it's not at the degree where I want to save them no matter what. Even regarding the fake hero, I only feel that I should help in some way or other.

Therefore, I want to ensure the safety of Liza and the girls.

"Master, what should we do?"
"Un, there's a village up ahead. I want you to gather pebbles that look like this at the river beside the village. I want you to ask the village's chief to request everyone to collect those pebbles."
"Tama will gather~"
"Pochi will work hard too nodesu."

I continue the talk while putting my hands on Pochi's and Tama's head who take firm poses with "Swoosh."

"Un, I'm happy for your eagerness, but we should give the works to the villagers."

I explain it to everyone in detail.

They have to gather 100 pebbles. I'll buy the pebbles for 1 copper coin each.
I leave the judging of the gathered pebbles to Tama who has gathering skill.
I'm entrusting Arisa with calculating the money and negotiating with the village's chief.
Liza will be beside the wagon so that the villagers won't underestimate them.
Nana will be the master, while Lulu and Mia will be the servants.

"What should Pochi do nodesu?"
"Pochi will act as bodyguard for Arisa when the pebbles are exchanged for money."
"Roger~ nano desu."

Now then, the explanation is OK with this. I should join with Hayuna-san and Ossan.
Arisa catches my clothes before I can get off the wagon.

"No, absolutely no."

Tears accumulate on Arisa's eyes, and she refuses wholeheartedly.
Huh, does she really not want to be the negotiator? I think she's more suited for that than anyone else here.

"Then, would you swap with Lulu?"
"No, I don't want to let y, master go alone."
<TLN: She was going to say Anta>

It's fine of her to call with anta, but she used the stiff goshujin-sama huh.

"It's not like I'm going to a battlefield. I'm only accompanying Toruma couple to the baron's castle, I'm only thinking of seizing the chance to meet with the baron face-to-face you know?"

I try to sound as carefree as possible with some jokes.

"I've thought of appealing to him about the people if he's a person who's easy to talk into, but I will prioritize my safety first, so it's going to be alright."

However, sensitive Arisa doesn't seem let this pass. She presses on me while raising her shoulders.

"That's a lie, the fact that you don't take us into the city is the proof."

You're spot on.

Now then, what to do.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-19

6-19. Golden Holy Sword and Magic Tools


Satou's here. I don't have memories of taking a bath in my own house at midnight after I've become a working adult, probably because of working late. I mostly found myself taking hot shower after waking up early in the morning.
I've only been able to leisurely take my time soaking my body at the grand public bath when I'm staying over.

The night has been cold for the past few days, so the couple are sleeping inside the wagon. Leaving aside Ossan, it'd be troubling if Hayuna-san catches cold and infects the baby.

The combination for the night watch duty today is different than usual.

Usually, Mia, Lulu and me are the first, then Pochi, Tama, Nana for the second, and then Liza and Arisa for the last, but today, Mia is replaced with Arisa.

"What are you making?"
"It's Circuit Liquid."

In most textbooks they're only called magic liquid or Liquid.
The one I'm making now is different from normal Liquid. I'm making the recipe hidden in that bundle of papers.
Yup, even though the raw materials are different, the way of making it is the same as normal Liquid.

"Fuh~n, huh? Isn't it usually shining red?"

Arisa is quite observant eh. I don't answer Arisa since I'm concentrating right now. I continue putting magic while watching the Liquid shines blue.

I pour the finished Liquid into the Circuit carved on one half of the wooden sword.
Since I've let the Liquid temperature to be cooled down, it's not burning like with the wooden pedestal before.

"It's black, is it really a wooden sword?"

I affirm it by lightly nodding since it's pitiful if I ignore her too much. Even though Lulu is watching quietly, this girl is noisy.

I spread thin glue on the remaining half of the wooden sword, and then wrap it with strings. Then I put the sword on the magic bestowing stand, and slowly manipulate the Liquid on the wooden sword using the stand, drawing small intricate pattern.

It seems that Arisa is tired from looking, she lies down sideway hugging her knee while biting a jerky. She's looking here while remaining in that posture.
Lulu who's beside me gently wipes the sweat on my forehead with a handkerchief. Lulu's girl's power is surely around 530.000.

I try putting magic into the finished wooden sword. The magic flow is worse than Liza's spear, but it's quite good in itself.

The wooden sword's whole body is shining blue.

The light remains even after I stop putting magic power, although it's a bit dimmer.

"Hey, hey, isn't magic sword that shines blue... Th, that can't be it right. There's no way that could be made so easily."

Unrest appears in Arisa's words. It seems that she has noticed the true nature of this sword.

I put magic into the wooden sword once again.
The blue light is pretty.

"Hey, is that really it?"

I wait until the afterimage melts into the darkness, and answer Arisa.

"Yes, it's a holy sword."

"W, wait, holy sword you said?"
"To be exact, it's a pseudo holy sword."

The thing that Arisa had discovered with vertical reading on the paper back in the afternoon was a record of a man's study about the making of holy sword.

The main subject is how you need special Circuit Liquid to make holy swords. You need raw materials like Dragon Powder, powdered jewels, gold nugget etc. I blew 15 gold coins to make the prototype earlier. If this was an MMORPG, a lot of people would give up on raising this skill.

The original part is just that, the rest is just like how you make a magic sword. That particular part is explained inside the books from Trazayuya, so I refer to there.

There's a reason why I called it pseudo.

The wooden sword made earlier is a success, but I'm not able to make holy sword from forged swords. I can't carve precise circuit on a forged sword since it's made by striking hot metal. It's a success this time since wood is a comparatively soft material.
The casting process during the making of magic swords requires someone with high level magic arts skill like Trazayuya, so for something like holy swords, it probably needs even more complicated ritual.

"Pseudo? But it's glowing the same color as the holy sword that the hero (Masaki) has."
"It could exert the same power as the original if the opponent is weak and without substance, but it's still a wooden sword after all. I don't know the Circuit to increase sharpness attack power, so for now, it's nothing but a wooden sword with holy attribute."

Contrary to what one may imagine, the man who left this recipe is not from Saga empire, but Shiga kingdom.
It seems that he was a former researcher of the royal institution who lost in dispute and was driven away to the border. This was also hidden with vertical writing in other papers. Most of the papers contain grudges, but one of them details about the success of the creation of a holy sword with the help of a person called Elf Sage. The sword's name is also written, but since it's quite extravagant, let's not talk about it.

As for this wooden holy sword, it'll break in one hit if it clashes against even the weakest holy sword in my storage, Gjallarhorn. It's probably not even as strong as Liza's spear and only about equal with Pochi's and Tama's short swords.

This blue Circuit Liquid--the research papers refer
it as Blue--does not only possess holy attribute on its blue light, but also draws magic power from nature even if the user isn't putting magic power into it. When I tell Arisa about that function, she shouts out, "Perpetual motion Kita!". Rather than perpetual motion, it's more like a wind or solar generated power, I think it's quite convenient. Making it in large-scale is probably NG since it could cause destruction of nature like it has done to the mountain where that Dryad is.

"Let me borrow it~"

Arisa hold out her hands while saying so, I give it to her. Let's make her a matching wooden magic sword later. I could imagine the figure of Arisa holding the sword with both hands while saying some chuunibyou lines.

Arisa is enjoying the blue light while putting magic power into it.
Halfway through, she begins to rapidly pour magic power into it, I don't know what she's thinking. What'd you do if it explodes. I take it from her before the crisis perception kicks in.

"That's dangerous, what would you do if it explodes."
"I'm sorry, I was curious how much it could absorb, and I couldn't stop. I didn't reach the limit even after putting 100 points."

I'd like to find out that limit, but it looks like Arisa wouldn't let me go walk in the dark now. I decide to wait for the opportunity since I don't want to hurt anyone in the camping ground.

Might as well play along with this.

I paint the wooden holy sword's surface with golden paint. I carve rose pattern on the hilt and apply powder from crushed sapphire to it. In addition, I put a sapphire that looks like a flower petal on it. I thinly paint the blue liquid (Blue) below the sapphire and when I put magic power into it, it shines blue.

Since the blade part looks desolate, I draw arabesque pattern on top of the golden paint with the blue liquid.

When put with magic power, the golden blade glows blue light, it's glittering and pretty. The rose part on the hilt looks especially good.

"Master, it's lovely desu."
"Uwaah~ what's that, looks like ornament that would make an upstart cries with joy."

Certainly, it's too gaudy huh. Let's make the wooden magic sword silver.

Now then, since the verification is complete, let's begin the trial to make a magic tool for the future. I've already finished the design during the leisure time when we were moving. There are already several samples, so I'm just going to easily join together the parts among them.

First, I draw pattern with the type of Liquid that generates heat on the overly thin copper plate that I've made by pressing copper coin and stretching it during the afternoon today.

Next, I make a propeller the size of a fist by shaving a block of wood.
I put a hole on the center of the propeller and compose circuit that would make it rotate when poured with magic.

The sample for rotating Circuit is easier than I've thought, I just disassemble the spinning top that I have bought before and examine the circuit. The circuit is as simple as expected since it only consumes little magic power. The total cost is roughly one silver coin.

I've easily made this, but looking at the rate of spread, people who are able to create magic tools are probably quite few.

I insert the completed part to the cylinder, and attach the handle as the last touch.

"It can't be!"
"Yes, it's the thing you'd want after you wash your hair."

I leave the trial run to Arisa. The propeller begins to move as she put magic power, and the heat is generated, flowing together with the air.

"I didn't think that the day I could use drier here would happen."

By 'here' she probably means parallel world, you'd want convenient things yeah.
It's going to get cold soon, I should make heating system next. It might be good to make water boiler before Lulu's hands hurt from washing laundry in cold water.

The dream is expanding.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-18

6-18. People of Baron Muno Territory (9)


Satou's here. It's said that ability to read atmosphere is indispensable, but it's different in parallel world, there are unexpectedly a lot of people who behave as they wish here.
If I forget about the difference in social standing, it seems that I would make various mistakes.

When Nana takes off her hood, her blond hair unfolds. Toruma-shi is dazzled by her, Hayuna-san elbows him. So he's really being kept on a short leash by Hayuna-san.

Nana is holding the baby on her arms after receiving permission from Hayuna-san. She looks completely content. Looking as if she's a holy mother--if she doesn't talk.

"She's so fluffy, and soft nano desu. Master, I want to have a young organism too."
"Let's talk about that after this journey is over."
"It's my nickname."
<TLN: Nana says "Master" in English (Masuta), not "Goshujin-sama" like the other girls.>

Afterwards, the Toruma couple were interested with Nana's eccentric way of speaking, but when I told them that she lived a sheltered life in a distant land which made her poor at Shiga language, they assented. I told them that her meal was only water because her body was weak. Toruma couple seem to be thinking that Nana and I are a married couple. I leave that misunderstand alone since there's no particular harm anyway.

"This is delicious. It's full of rural taste, but the abundant meat is nice, and it even has peppers on top of salt!"
"Thanks to the chopped peppers put in the fried food, my body is warming up."

These two, even though they're saying things as if they're reporters from gourmet program, they're eating intensely. I guess it can't be helped that they're greedy since they probably haven't had good food at the thieves' hideout.
Pochi and Tama are quiet today. They would usually go, "Another please nano desu~". I peek at them, they eat slowly while chewing thoroughly today. They've only eat about half their portions.

Huh? They stand up after finishing half their meal and go toward here. Was it not tasty?

"Meal sharing~?"
"I'm giving half nodesu."

The two offer their plates to Hayuna-san. I wonder why they're presenting it while having very earnest, if not painful, faces.

"Oi oi, no matter how delicious, we won't eat scrapes from demi-human slaves you know?"

Toruma-shi's jeer aren't exactly loud, but the timing is quite bad making it permeate through them.

Hearing that, Pochi's and Tama's ears fall down.

Toruma-shi's remark might not be as harsh if it didn't contain discrimination against demi-human.

However, I cannot let his jeer toward the two who had good-will pass.
Let's ignore this KY Ossan who can't read the atmosphere around him. I won't call him Toruma-shi anymore, from now on he's Ossan.
<TLN: KY=Kuuki Yomenai=can't read the atmosphere. A Japanese slang, it's written in alphabet. Ossan means middle-aged man.>

Oops, rather than talking about Ossan, it's Pochi and Tama.

"What's wrong?"
"It's for the sake of the breast milk for the baby nodesu."
"If she doesn't eat a lot~ the baby will die~?"

I don't quite understand what they're saying, but the reason why they look gloomy since some times ago is this huh.

"Master, there was a baby of a leopard-head woman at the previous owner's place back then. The mother's milk didn't come out because we rarely got food, so the baby died of starvation. During that time, the demi-human slaves were cooperating together to share half of their food, these two remember it."
"I see, Pochi and Tama are kind. There's no need to worry, we have enough food, so you two go ahead and eat. You can ask for another serving like always too."

I understand after listening to Liza's explanation. Considering how the people from that brown rat guild were, I wouldn't be surprised with that treatment.
After hearing my words, Pochi and Tama look at each other and say, "Yatta", happily, while holding their plates with both of their hands on top of their heads. As expected of them for not dropping the vegetable pieces.

Hayuna-san says, "Thank you for worrying.", to Pochi and Tama, but the KY guy is saying, "Then, I will help myself with another serving too." Of course, not only Liza, Lulu also splendidly ignores him. Ossan is wandering around unsteadily with his plate, but since no one responses, he dejectedly get out of the stage. It's pitiful that even Hayuna-san didn't back him up.

It doesn't seem like he's reflecting on it though, when Hayuna-san asks for another serving, he also puts his plate together, asking for another. I give it to him, not out of sympathy but because it's annoying hearing him grumbling on the sideline.

After the meal I go inside the wagon with Nana since Hayuna-san is going to breastfeed the baby. Nana had wanted to go see the breastfeeding, but since it's embarrassing for me, I take her along.
I'm going to replenish Nana with magic power now.

"What is it?"
"I also want to give breast milk to the young organism."
"It won't come out right?"

I could see Nana touching her own breasts since I'm currently supplying her with magic power from behind. Yu~p, they're big.
The milk should comes out when she has a child, but I don't know if a homonculus like Nana could give birth.

"What should I do?"

After we're finished with the replenishment, Nana turns around while asking that question.


This is, good things.

I inadvertently extend my hand, but I suddenly get swatted from behind and fail to do so.

"W, what are you doing, you two!"

It's Arisa and Mia. Still, when did Arisa make a paper fan anyway.

"'What' you say, I'm just supplying her with magic power."
"That's right, didn't we decide that you'd be doing magic replenishment on her back."
"Of course, I did it on her back. Nana had suddenly turned around."
"Is that so?"
"Is it true?"
"Yes, affirmative. I was requesting master to make me produces breast milk."

W, wait Nana-san? If you said such turbulent words...


I obediently sit in seiza while objecting, but they don't let it pass. It might be because they noticed my gaze to one part of Nana's body midway.
I was almost made to rub Mia and Arisa breasts in order to make them grow big, but I evaded it somehow. That was dangerous. I prefer fighting wagahai-kun to this.

After I've finally been released from Arisa and the girls, I go back to where the couple are. It seems the feeding is over.
Looks like the baby was locked in the cellar since her crying was noisy back in the thieves hideout.

When were chatting, Lulu brought tea for the three of us. It's not the blue tea like usual, but herb tea. Lulu says that the blue tea is not good for the mother, or rather, the mother's milk given to the baby.

Hayuna-san and me say thanks to Lulu while receiving the tea, but Ossan asks "What's this, it's not a sake? Is there no wine? Ale is fine too", instead of thanking her. He looks like a drunken old man who harasses a cabin attendant. When he's told that there's no one who drink here, he looks disappointed.

"Still, there sure are a lot of thieves in this territory."
"You're right, we've met many even before we got caught by those guys. At that time, they were outnumbered so they ran away before they fought."

So it's true that thieves would avoid you if they can see mercenaries' presence.

"Furthermore, I was surprised at how many villagers were trying to sell themselves."
"If the harvest is bad, isn't it normal?"
"They said that they didn't have bad harvest."

I tell him that the cause is the wedding of the baron's daughter, but Ossan says something unexpected.

"Hee~, that day dreaming Soruna is getting married huh. Which noble is her partner? He must be quite manly to take a bride from cousin-dono."
"Her partner is the hero-sama it seems."

Hearing that Ossan bursts into laughter while rolling on the sheet like there's something funny.
Even so, I think there would be many noble who would want to marry a lord's daughter, even if he's just a baron. I want to ask what he means by manly, but it'll be going off topic, so let's ignore it.

Hayuna-san who can read the atmosphere reminds Ossan. I wonder how did she marry this person.

"Dear, what are you finding interesting? We don't understand if you just laugh."
"Ha, ha, no well, cousin-dono is famous for liking hero, but I never expect that he would have his daughter marrying hero. This will be a good tie with Saga empire."
"Is Baron-sama fond hero?"
"Yeah, his hobby is collecting books about heroes' tales. There was even a rumor among merchants that he specially built theater in Muno city just to have theatricals about hero."

I see, so that fondness for hero is used.

"Actually I have a merchant acquaintance close to royalty who has meet the hero directly, and the face, figure and features of the hero that he has told me don't match with the hero who's currently staying with baron-sama."
"Hoo? Then Satou-dono, are you saying that cousin-dono has been deceived by a fraud?"
"I'm not saying that much. I cannot think why would a hero be away from Saga empire beside for subjugating the demon lord in this time nearing the demon lord season. Furthermore, there was even a public disturbance in Seryuu city involving sir silver mask who resembled the hero. I'm worried that baron-sama might receive damage too."

I don't actually have a shred of concern, but it's fine like this.
Next, I should naturally mix the thing about the demon in our talk.

"I've also heard rumors about a demon with bat wings appearing near Muno city. Back when I stayed in Seryuu city, a senior demon attacked there, so the rumor 『Isn't Muno city also being targeted by demon』 is floating around among the merchants."

Mix lies in the truth, even a Russian novelist said so.

"So there was such rumor huh. That explains why we never pass by merchants' carriage as soon as we entered this territory."

Ossan looks convinced while saying so, but I say that's because of the bad public order. On top of that, if you hire people like those at the border, people will avoid this territory which has nothing but bad things. People who don't have urgent business in the dukedom are probably going to avoid passing here right?

I wonder if this talk would reach some influential person, even though it's in the form of rumors. I can't expect anything from this unreliable Ossan, but since Hayuna-san has also heard it, I'm anticipating that it'd flows well through the wifes network.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-17

6-17. People of Baron Muno Territory (8)


Satou's here. During the time when I was working, I've won intense arguments when we had difference for the requested source, but now that I'm living a calm life in this world, I've grown a bit dull.
However, I wonder if living humanly is nothing but illusion for the people who lives in this brutal world.

"Here's the luggage we have recovered from the thieves."
"Oh dear, you even got our luggage on top of helping us."

Hayuna-san says thank you while receiving the luggage. Toruma-shi peeks into the luggage, and asks after hesitating.

"Have you seen a dagger inside the luggage?"
"Those were the only things in the hideout. But there should be many of that from the thieves' belongings."
"It's a dagger with white leather sheath..."
"If it's that one, it was held by the leader-like bearded daruma. Wait a minute."

While saying so, I take out a dagger from the toolbox on the edge of the wagon. Of course, I took it out from the storage. The dagger's shear is relatively simple, but there's a beautiful family crest design placed at one point, it's quite fashionable. The blade is not a magic tool, but it's made from mithril forged by dwarves.

"Is this it?"
"Yes, that's it!"

Toruma-shi who's going to receive the dagger from me is stopped by Arisa's words.

"Wait, that's our appropriate reward for exterminating the thieves. We've even acquired permission from the knights. If you want it, you have to present something with equal value."

"This has a crest of my family engraved. I can't hand it to others."
"So what? You, I know that you're emotional from the reunion, but you haven't even said thank you for the saving right? Moreover, you even have the gall to claim other people's possession?"
"You need to be more polite toward adults."
"Sorry, but that's for when the negotiation is over. During a negotiation, I'll talk in equal term even if the opponent is a king, that's my style."

It really does look like she'd talk in that tone even to a king.

Toruma-shi cannot retort to Arisa's harsh words.
Hayuna-san who's unable to watch this is putting a good word for Toruma-shi.

"Dear, first, please say thank you to them. This person had used expensive magic potion to save the dying you. Furthermore, he protected me from knights and thieves' sword saving my life. On top of that, they sneaked into the dangerous thieves' hideout, and even saved Mayuna. Now, let's tell them words of gratitude."
"You're right Hayuna. I was wrong. Merchant-dono, this Toruma am truly grateful for your kindness."

Toruma couple bow together.

"However, I'd like you to return this dagger no matter what. Of course, I'll give anything I'm able to."

It seems he has recognized that the property right belongs to me, but it's still, "Return it to me.", rather than, "Please give it to me."

"Is anything alright?"
"M, my daughter and wife are off limit."

Toruma-shi frantically covers his wife and daughter. I think it's rude that he covers even my line of sight. Perhaps, he's thinking that I'm a man without honor.
Though I guess it can't be helped if he thinks like that to a person who's journeying together with seven girls of different types.

"Right then, you don't have money or jewelries right?"
"Umu, everything was taken away by the thieves."
"What about magic tools?"
"Those were also taken away by the thieves."

Arisa shrugs exaggeratedly.
She's probably aware of that from the start, but she knows about his connection to the duke--in other words, a nephew of big noble, so she's probably attempting to weasel rewards from his parent's house.

"It's impossible right now, but if we get to the dukedom... no, I'll pay if you let us go with you until the castle of baron Muno."
"What? Are you acquainted with the baron?"
"Yeah, he's my second cousin from my father's side. You, I can't commend your calling, add the 'sama' suffix."

Arisa plainly ignores Toruma-shi's words.

"Then, how much is this dagger worth?"
"It's an important heirloom, so it has never been valued. As a gratitude, I'll give you 5 gold coins."

Arisa glances to me, exchanging looks for a second.
By the way, the dagger's market price is 30 gold coins. The price is extraordinary among non-magic tools. For now let's exaggerate the information I've got from the AR.

"Toruma-san, I've evaluated this dagger just before, with the nicely designed sheath along with the beautiful mithril-made blade forged by the famous dwarven artisan, Dohar-shi, it would not worth less than 30 gold coins."
"If we get it to a connoisseur duke, or other nobles who like to compete for their interest, it could be more expensive right."

Arisa is speaking quite a vicious thing.

"T, that would be troubling. However, even nobles would have hard time raising such large amount of gold coins.
"Right~, since our master doesn't have money problem, you could pay it with non-cash."
"We ran away from house, so even if I go back to my parent's house, I have no great item to give you."
"Oh right, I've heard from your wife that you were using scroll to defend yourself from the thieves right?"
"Yeah, my parent is managing a scroll workshop. When I was leaving my house, I was given many scrolls to protect ourselves."
"Hoo, scroll workshop huh, I'd like to observe it by all mean."
"Yes, If you pay a visit to the capital of the dukedom--Oyugock city, please visit us."

I unintentionally cut myself between the talk, Arisa is glancing at me as if saying, "Don't disturb the negotiation."
Still, scroll workshop huh, if I learn how to make them, I could mass produce them myself. It's probably full of secret, so normally they would refuse a visit, I'm lucky for this.
When Arisa asks the price of scroll, '3-5 silver coins' comes back as the answer.

"Our master is a collector of scrolls. He could chant spell for magic himself, so when we get back to our mansion, he would explain about scrolls like from what age or from which workshop this and that scrolls are to the servants."

Arisa is quite a good talker huh. If I'm a magician then I have no need for scrolls to cast magic, and if I'm a collector then I probably wouldn't resell it. Moreover, he wouldn't give me only the same kind of scrolls.

"Oh, I thought that you were a merchant, turned out you're a magician are you."
"I'm still an amateur who could only use a few magic arts. Rather, I'm more active as a merchant."
"Scrolls distribution is regulated by law, so I can't sell you one if you're going to resell them, but if you're a magician then there's no problem. I'm saying this just to be clear, but it's impossible to sell intermediate magic scrolls as decreed by the army."
"Yes, it's enough with beginner class. However, since I'm a collector, I wouldn't be pleased if you only give me the same type of scrolls, so I prefer that you give various type."
"It might be difficult to find as much as 30 gold coins worth of scrolls with no duplicate, since we usually only make the well-selling ones of around 20 types, I might have look in the warehouse."
"Ara, we could just ask the people from scroll workshop to make one with the requested spell right."
"Ah, that's right. Of course, it would take several days. Satou-dono, are you fine with that?"
"Yes, the contract is established then."

I nod to Toruma-shi, and is going to give him the dagger, but Arisa stops us again.

"Verbal promise is no good. I'll make a written contract, please put your signature and make an inscription wax from the seal on that dagger's pommel."

Arisa holds out the written contract to Toruma-shi. Written there are, [As compensation for the dagger, Toruma-shi is to pay Satou with scrolls worth 30 gold coins],[The price of the scrolls shall follow its retail price], [The scrolls cannot be duplicate], [If there is not enough variant, Satou will choose beginner spell to be made into scroll], [In case the scroll need to be made, Toruma-shi will be bear the cost for the order], and lastly, [In case of contract breach, Toruma-shi and his family will serve Satou as slaves for 30 years].

"Would you erase this last entry?"

Toruma-shi puts a bitter expression, but Arisa persists.

"No, but, okay then. Is the present head of your parent's house a viscount? Or a baron?
"It's viscount. Viscount Shimen."
"Then how about, 『In case of contract breach, in the name of viscount Shimen, Toruma-shi will pay 90 gold coins』, that?"
"90 gold coins?! That's too much."
"Ara, it's just a what if scenario. When you fulfill the contract by giving 30-40 scrolls, that'd be the end of story. Or are you going to give up the dagger?"

Arisa is smiling very badly. She's really enjoying it. Arisa is surely an S. No doubt.

"It can't be helped, the latter is fine."

In the end, after groaning for a while, Toruma-shi signs the contract that Arisa has written. She even prepared a marked copy. In her previous life, I wonder if she worked in the law firm?

"Prey are few nodesu."

Pochi and Tama brought back two birds about the size of pigeons, and five small eggs. They also brought beech fruits, wild grasses, and edible wild plants inside the bag.  I wonder if they were taught by the old people and the children, they brought back more variety of wild grasses. I give appreciation for the two who are dropping their shoulders since they cannot find many prey. I'm going to boil the eggs and give half for each members.

"All of your slaves look strong."
"Yes, according to the soldier of Seryuu city, they're comparable to senior knights."
"That's amazing. But, if that so, then I could understand how you could exterminate that many thieves."
"That's because there were two real knights with us today."
"Those knights! Are their your acquaintances?"

As expected, even a mild, or rather a weak-willed person would lose their cool when it's about the people who've almost killed him.

"No, it was our first meeting. Seems that they were knights of baron Muno."
"What, they were knights of cousin-dono huh, I can't believe that a knight would go after person from behind even in my wildest dream."
"Yes, they also almost killed the madam."
"Is that true?"
"Yes, it was good that I made it in time."

While we are having that chat, the meal's preparation has finished.  We arrange the seating for the meal like usual. Without the large platter, the menu today are fried bird meat with vegetables on individual tureens, potato soup inside the mugs, and two boiled potatoes for each.

"Hoo, these are quite grand."

Toruma-shi licks his lips dropping his cheeks, but it seems he's not pleased with the plates' number.

"Huh? Are you going to let the slaves and servants eat together with the master?"
"Yes, they're my journey companions. We'd deepen our solidarity by eating together. Isn't it also like that in the army?"
"However, what if we catch illness by eating together with slaves."
"Dear, these children are quite clean. We ourselves smell of sweats."

I've never been in an army though.
Toruma-shi looks dissatisfied, but he's convinced by Hayuna-san. I didn't think of it because Zena-san acted like normal, but a noble-related person would not want to eat together with slaves after all huh.

Still, saying things like catching illness if we eat together is rude.

I divide the seating during meal into two. Rather than for Toruma, I did it because it seemed that our girls wouldn't be able to enjoy their meal.
Since it'd be rude for me as a host to isolate Toruma couple, together with Nana, I sit with the couple.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-16

6-16. People of Baron Muno Territory (7)


Satou's here. In my childhood, I couldn't help but found magnet which floated because it's meeting another magnet with the same polarity to be mysterious. Magic show was popular back then, so I thought for a while that the floating magnet was magic.
In a parallel world, magnet might be considered to be a magic stone.

The inside of the wagon which usually has a lot of space is now full of luggage.

I make this camouflage in order to prevent Hayuna and the man become suspicious. I lay around cookwares, boxes and barrels containing two days worth of food inside the wagon. Keeping them from collapsing was hard.
During this time, I feel thankful for having Item Box.

Of course I've made sure to leave space just enough for people. Mia complains, "Cramped.", but this is probably still pretty spacious compared to a normal carriage.

As expected, even the indifferent Mia asked, "Where did you take those from?", after this, but I showed her magic bag <<Holding Bag>>.
Putting aside Mia who will part way with us in Bornean forest, I don't mind telling other members about Item Box, but I want to avoid situation where our girls get kidnapped because the rumor floats around, I'd rather the harm comes my way. Of course, I don't think that these girls would spread the rumor, but there's no denying the possibility of someone overhearing them when they're talking between themselves.
It'd be safer to keep this a secret until everyone becomes strong enough to fend themselves even if they get into trouble.

In that respect, if it's magic bag <<Holding Bag>>, then the aim would be the item, so even if it got stolen, it wouldn't be particularly troubling.

"Should we wake them soon?"
"Right, let's leave them alone until the next camp. If they're weird people, let's leave them before we get to Muno city."

For the time being, we're not going to encounter thieves or beasts, so I leave the driving to Lulu. Liza is training horse riding. Mia is on her side, she teaches Liza how to handle a horse. Of course, Liza is riding the horse with saddle.

"Master, I want to touch the cheeks of this young organism. I request permission."
"Don't touch the baby."
"I appeal for reconsideration, master."

Nana fixes her eyes on the baby while asking, but it's NG to touch the baby without the guardian's permission.
When I prohibit it, she strongly turns her face toward me in protest.
Her impact is reminiscent of horror, so let's postpone the problem.

"Let's ask for permission when the mother wakes up."
"Master, I request permission to stimulate the wakening of the mother."
"No, don't wake her until she naturally does."
"...Yes, master."

Nana consents while looking a bit sorrowful, but when she looks at the baby, she sits on the floor, hugging her knees, and she puts her chin on her kneecap while looking ecstatically at the baby.
Arisa is not here, she's with Lulu on the driver's stand. It seems she doesn't want to be near Toruma with his sweaty smell.
Pochi and Tama look quite interested with the baby, but they don't get close to her. The two seem to be a bit gloomy somehow, I wonder if they're not good with babies?
When I asked what's wrong, they only answered back with, "It's nothing nodesu."
It doesn't look like nothing at all, so I'll got talk to them after the meal later. When you're full, you'd feel better, and your worries would become lighter.

Pochi and Tama who have been looking down earlier rush off in high spirit after we get to the camping ground while saying, "We will hunt big prey today nodesu." Do they want to show off to the baby?

Arisa and Mia are going to gather firewoods.

"Arisa, the long cane would be a hindrance when you're gathering firewoods."
"I want to test some new magic, it's hard to use new magic for the first time with a short cane you know."
"Finally huh, what kind of magic have you decided to learn?"
"I'm still undecided. I've narrowed my pick to three magic, so I thought of picking one after trying them. Since it's a wasteland beyond that cliff, I won't set the forest in fire even if I fail at it right?"
"It's alright." <Mia>
"Even if it burns, Mia will extinguish it she said."
"Leave it to me."
"Be careful not to get Pochi and Tama caught on it."

I give the permission while feeling exhausted toward Mia who's giving V-sign with her expressionless face. Nah, I guess she's not expressionless, her cheeks look a bit red, she might feels a bit embarrassed.
It seems that she's still minding the failure of magic testing yesterday which had gotten the camp flooded.

Today's meal are being prepared by Lulu and Nana, I'm going to teach Liza how to take care of the horses. From what I've read in some manga or magazine, you would bond with your horse if you brush it after riding on it. I'm also thinking that Liza should learn horseback for the sake of warding the thieves.

"Liza, are you doing well with the horse riding?"
"Yes, I've done something similar to a mount beast called Lineback back in my hometown."

I could somehow can and cannot imagine the creature from the subtle name. Let's not pursue it.
I tie the horses on the tree nearby and give them some grains and straws. The three of them eat quite heartily. I don't think it's because of hunger since they're not that thin. It might unexpectedly be because of the fodder.

Since we've gotten more horses, I'm thinking of putting them in practical use.

I've thought of putting more pulling horses for the wagon, but I'm worried with the suspension system of this second-hand wagon if it becomes faster. I'm afraid that the axle would break since the road is rough. I've also thought of making suspension, but I don't have the equipment for making large-scale spring, so I give up.

If I could make a magic tool that could replicate the floating magic that the magic shop girl have demonstrated, our transportation capability would go up. It'd be like a linear motor somehow.
There is a method to make magic tools that could reproduce similar magic inside the books from Trazayuya, but since it needs large-scale facility and nature magic user, it's unreachable. It looks like the blocks at the maze were moving by using the same principle.

In the end, all the three horses are to become mounts. If the beastkin girls ride on it while armed, it likely would ward off thieves.

First, I decide to try making harnesses for horseback riding. Fortunately I have a lot of leather, so I make them while checking the sewing and cutting method from textbook. I shave woods for the stirrups since it's can't be made with just leather. I have samples, so it's easy.
I've completed it in 30 minutes, and I immediately try putting it on the horse to check the fit. Yup, there doesn't seem to have any problem.
I should make small harnesses for Pochi and Tama.

When I'm taking off the harness, Nana calls for me. Seems Hayuna-san has woken up.

"Thank you very much. You even used magic potion for the sake of Toruma."
"I don't mind it, there's no substitute for human life after all."

Although it was a magic potion, the one I used was the cheapest to make, but that doesn't need to be said.

Hayuna-san takes of her hood while saying thank you. She's a woman with reddish blond hair. She's relatively beautiful, but she doesn't look like a 25 years old with her childish eyes. Even so, she looks like a proper mother as she cuddle the baby. Her breast are larger than most, but she couldn't be called "Kyonyuu", though her waist lines are nice. Her level is 3, she has [Cleaning] skill.

The man who's sleeping beside her, Toruma-shi, is a 30 year man with unreliable looking impression due to his tall and thin figure. His hair is light brown, no beard. His level is 4, he has [Social] skill.

When I'm having a quiet friendly chat with Hayuna-san, Arisa sits beside and asks me in whisper with anxious-looking face. She's wearing her hood, probably because Hayuna-san and the man are here today. Her hair which could be peeked from the hood looks to be golden-colored. Since she isn't going through some kind of awakening, it's probably a wig or magic.

"You don't have interest with married women right?"
"I don't, adultery is fruitless."
"T, that's right huh! You understand don't you."

I face toward Hayuna-san since it's rude to talk in private.

"It looks like you're going on a journey, where are you heading?"
"Yes, we were eloping, but we had been forgiven by the parent's house, so we were going back to the capital city of the dukedom."

Isn't eloping a word you'd want to hide?
Oh yes, this Toruma-shi, is a nephew of the duke. Arisa shouted, "Template, kita", when she looked at this person. I was glad that it happened when they were sleeping.

"Ufufu, you guys are really intimate."
"Today, they're strangely attached."

Hayuna-san is smiling while looking at us. Arisa and Mia are sitting on my sides since some times ago for some reason. At first, it was only Arisa, but midway, Mia imitated Arisa and also joined. What are you girls plotting.

The chat with Hayuna-san moves to when she was caught by the thieves. Apparently, they were captured three days ago.

"Yes, I didn't think that we would be alive. The merchant who was driving was killed and the five mercenaries we hired as escort escaped as soon as they saw the thieves."
"That was harsh. Even though the thieves number was a lot, the ones in this area aren't that strong."
"We disparaged the mercenaries, 'Betrayers', many times at that time, but it was too reckless to challenge dozens of opponents... "

Normally you wouldn't know how strong your opponent is until you fight, so I guess it can't be helped. It would look like you'd lose against armed people double your number.

"Even so, it's good that you come out safe."
"Yes, Toruma used a self-protection scroll to cast magic."
"Hoo, that's amazing. What kind of magic was it?"
"It was really amazing, after the magic was used, wall of light appeared covering the carriage, the thieves weren't able to get close."

So the one that Toruma-shi had used huh was the Shelter scroll from the thieves' hideout. That means, the Remote Arrow scroll that came together with it might also be Toruma-shi's belonging. Although I don't intend to give it back in the first place. According to Arisa and Liza, the things taken from thieves elimination are to be divided to the people who participate on the elimination. In this case, it's fine officially too since the knights have given the permission.

"Did you not escape after you put up the wall of light?"
"The magic didn't allow us to escape from that place, so it became a staring contest with the thieves for two hours."

Naturally, that would make you feel more dead than alive. During that time, they survived after they frantically persuade the thieves, "You can get ransom money." They were forced to became hostages since the opponents were knights at that time.

"Ransom money is it?"
"Yes, Toruma's parents are noble, so Toruma wrote letter asking for ransom and gave it to the thieves along with his ID."

I see, so the luggage only contains Hayuna-san ID.

"That reminds me, when you were held hostage, you didn't call for help to the knights?"
"The thieves threatened to kill our daughter if we uttered even a word."

However, I don't understand why they brought Toruma-shi along. They should made the delicate men in the hideout to do it. Well, whatever.
When we're having that talk, Toruma-shi wakes up.

"Ha, Hayuna!"
"Toruma, you've woken up. It's alright now. Look, Mayuna is also safe."
"I'm so glad, I'm so glad, Hayuna, Mayuna."

I have to say, please give more thought for your child's name.
Their reunion scene continues until Hayuna-san's baby bursts out crying.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-15

6-15. People of Baron Muno Territory (6)


Satou's here. When I tried western games for the first time, I was surprised how easily it was taking away other people's life. It's cute to call it culture gap, but it can't be taken lightly in parallel world.

Seems that the thieves toppled the knights with ropes and casting net, and attacked them. When the knights come into our view, they're desperately struggling to fight back from inside the net. The net looks easy to cut with sword, are they amateurs?

The thieves are also frantically attacking them, but since the knights are wearing full body armor, the attacks aren't quite getting through.

Since there are only three archers of the thieves, Pochi and me split up to take them down from the trees. I wonder why they're always on the tree. It's a mystery.

The thieves who have noticed us are coming toward us, but they've already been reduced by half when they're around 200 meters before us. Mia attacked with Mustard Mist, and the thieves who were coughing in fit got quickly incapacitated by the beastkin girls. Nobody seems to have died for the time being.
I leave the wagon to Lulu, and ask Nana whom I've casted with Shield to protect her.

I also use Shield on myself and head toward the battlefield along with the beastkin girls.
I cut the net restraining the knights with a dagger while the beastkin girls are keeping the thieves company.

"You did well, merchant! You damnable thieves, became prey for the great senior knight Eral-sama's strong sword!"
After the other knight silently nods, he follows the knight Eral, and they raise bloodbath with the thieves. Even though the two are only level 9, their equipments and battle skills are far apart, so it becomes one-sided slaughter. They make sure to kill the thieves who are lying on the ground after they've been neutralized by Liza and the others . They're really merciless.

"Oops, sir knight, stop right there."

A bearded daruma who seemed to be the thieves' leader came out of the forest. The minion on his side is holding a woman in traveling clothes hostage. The woman is tied with a rope.
<TLN: Daruma is a traditional Japanese doll, I can't think of any English equivalent. Try to google it and you'd be able to instantly imagine how the thief leader looks like.>

"Hum, a hostage huh."

What's this, my crisis perception is terribly warning me. Is there an ambush somewhere? I keep my attention on the surrounding.


It's coming from the knight Eral.

The knight Eral is going to stab the hostage woman together with the man behind her, I throw the dagger on my hand to repel his sword.

Fuh, I made it.

While confirming the safety of the woman, I avoid the blade of a thief who attacks from behind. It seems the knight Eral can't determine if he should attack me or the thieves.

Jeers are coming from the bearded daruma.

"Ceh, you don't care with hostages huh, are you really a knight?"

The bearded daruma, a thief, is more of a humanism than the knight...
The bearded daruma ward off the knight Eral's sword with his axe.

The other knight cuts the man who hold the hostage from behind. What's with the knight in this world?


That scream comes from the woman who was made hostage. What's this? Is the neutralized man not a thief. The knight who hears the man's name uttered seems to have judged that the woman is also a thief, the taciturn knight raises his sword toward her. I place myself between them, relying on Shield.

"Knight-sama, you're attacking the wrong opponent. This person is not a thief."

I don't know if the taciturn knight believes my word, but he leaves the woman alone.

The knight Eral's battle with the bearded Daruma ended in a flash after the taciturn knight went to help him. The other thieves are going to run when they see that the bearded daruma is going to lose, but Pochi and Tama throw stones at their feet, arresting them.

"You coward."
"Fuhn, fool. It's unthinkable for the honorable knight to fight mere thieves in equal footing. Good grief, they always spring up no matter how many of them we rid of."

After they're finished dealing with the thieves, the knights finish off the ones who are tied with ropes behind the wagon. I can only see this as excessive slaughter. I was going to protest at the knights, but I was stopped by Arisa who had came beside me before I knew it.

"Fuhn, it's a waste of food to let thieves alive. I thank you for your assistance. You can feel honored. I'll leave you with the thieves equipment, it'll be usable for your trade."

The knights went off after leaving words that didn't really feel like gratitude.

By the way Toruma-shi is alive. Since he didn't die instantly, I made him drank a health potion, and his complexion returned in a blink. This immediate effect is unpleasant even after seeing it so many times. His breath is steady even though he's still unconscious.

Hayuna-san--the name of the woman hostage--tells us that the baby of her and him is being kept in the hiding place of the thieves inside the forest. They couldn't go against the thieves since their baby was made hostage.

I make Hayuna-san who wants to go together to the hideout sleep with Arisa's magic.

Mia, Arisa and me are going to attack the thieves hideout.

I wanted to go to the hideout alone, but Arisa insisted on going together no matter what, and Mia who was feeling sick with the smell of blood took the opportunity, so it was decided that we're going together.

The hideout is only about 100 meters away from the highway. After we make the thieves sleep with Arisa's magic from the outside, we leisurely save Hayuna-san's baby.

"Al~right, baby rescue mission clear!"

I leave the baby to Mia since Arisa is calling me.

"That baby has a gift. It's quite rare."

The baby has an unusual skill, [Oracle].

"What kind of skill is it."
"The skill has the same effect as getting oracle from the gathering of a lot of priests and miko from the temple praying for hours."
"That's convenient."
"However, since you could die if you thoughtlessly use it too much, looks like it can't be abused."

I guess it's like some kind of god's hot channel. I somehow imagine a working salesman holding a cellphone.

"Now then, putting aside the baby, what do we do to these thieves."
"It's probably alright just taking the weapon and armor, and leaving them alone. They probably can't continue thieving business after their friends have been eliminated right?."

There were 3 thieves inside the hideout. I had thought that they were prisoners at first since they all delicate looking men who seemed to have never been in a fight, but their affiliations are the same thieves gang as with the bearded daruma earlier, so it's probably not wrong.

"You're sweet as always eh. Well, it's fine. Still, there are only delicate men huh. I wonder if they're lovers of the bearded daruma earlier? Since it somehow feels like BL, I'll forgive them."

I don't care with the thieves' preferences or virtues, so I leave the gathering of their equipments to Arisa who's letting her delusion comes out of her mouth.

"Found treasures."

I thought that it was some kind of erotic item since it was coming from Arisa, but it was just a normal necklace.
It has a small jewel that looks like lapis lazuli attached.

"It's an amulet. It's probably a stolen good, but it's quite good of a magic item. I don't know the type though."

The search is over soon, and we've collected not only normal sword, but also armors, daggers, arrows and bows among various things. As for the food stuff, we only take luxurious food like sake.

When I check the map, there's a storehouse hidden within the wall in the boss room.  When I check inside it, there are assorted jewelries and money totaling at 5 gold coins, a lot of high-grade liquor, and several ill-matched books.

"Heroes' tales isn't something that a thief should carry. And there's even a love story between a knight and a noble girl..."

Even though he was a bearded daruma, he could read words? If anything, these would probably sell well in shady pawn shop huh.

"Ja ja~n, look at these."
"Good job, Arisa."

Arisa shows me two scrolls wrapped in first-class looking cloth. They're Shelter and Remote Arrow, but unfortunately Shelter has already been used.
It's probably carried by a traveling merchant or a noble for self-protection.

"What, you're only seeing the scrolls? Notice this cloth too~."

I try to appraise it. Looks like it's a kind of magic tool. From what I understand, it's a material called Yuriha fiber which I haven't heard before, it has high defense against physical and magical attacks. If it doesn't have any strange effect, then I'd make something for Lulu from it, even though it was a man's.

"Looks like it has magical properties huh. Since I don't understand the explanation of the special effect, let's put a hold on making equipment from it."
"Uu~n, I wouldn't want if it's cursed and can't be taken off. Even though it's a waste, it can't be helped."

In addition, there are three horses tied in the back of the hideout. I look at the shed nearby, but I can only find one harness for the boss' share. I put the harness to one horse which has the only different breed.

"Ara, they were sure prosperous thieves."
"Looks like it, there's only one harness you know."
"I'll ride."

Mia rides on one of the horse without saddle. Seems that she's used with playing with wild horses in her birthplace.
Learning from Mia, I also mount the horse. Of course it's the horse with saddle. I put my foot on the stirrup and get on in one breath.

>[Horse-riding Skill Acquired]
>[Mount-riding Skill Acquired]

The latter seems to be skill for things besides horses. Since it's pitiful to let only Arisa walks, I put her in front of me. It's fine that you're leaning your head on my chest, but I want you to stop pressing your butt on me. Since Arisa is holding the baby, I'm only warning her, but it'll be punishment time when we get on the wagon. Of course, not in sexual way.

We get to the wagon while holding the baby in the arms, the thieves corpses are lined up on the roadside there. Looks like their equipments have been successfully retrieved.

"Master, I haven't cut the head of the corpses, what should I do?"
"It's fine to leave it alone, there's still two days before the next town, they'd smell bad if we take them."

I definitely do not want to journey with 30 severed heads.

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