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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 254

254 Calm Decision


Just like the goblin cave from back then, the insides are brightly lit with the walls shining the way.
I slowly advance ahead with a sword in hand, being careful.

(Wait a minute... My head was in disarray cause of this sudden dungeon appearance, but I gotta keep template stuff in mind.)

I halted my step and cooled off. I couldn't contain my excitement even though I'm doing this to look for the gramps. I may have the 'power' but dungeon delving alone is undeniably a risky action.
Gotta remember 'safety first' now that I'm inside. Even with this power by my side, who knows what danger lurks ahead.
All the classics in dungeons. I squeezed my memory looking for them. First, this place is pretty much a tunnel.
Potential cave-in should be the most dangerous. Next up, pitfalls. The ground giving in when you step on it. Standard stuff.
The last cave-type dungeon I went in was structured like a simple straight path.
However, this was originally a mine, there must be many junctions they dug out.
I'm pretty much a beginner against these high difficulty stages. I'll definitely get lost.
I guess I should be thankful there's no complex traps like 'wall spears', 'ambush arrows', or 'ceiling falls'.
I took a deep breath and resumed my step, then I found myself in a fork on the path.

(Figured. Right, no left? For now let's take a memo...)

Bringing the magic bag with me was the correct choice. I could see a future mummy me if I'd just kept going without a plan.
I had this memo prepared when I heard it would be a tunnel, knowing we'd likely get lost looking for gramps since we had no map of the mine.
It'd have been for naught if it was a straight tunnel, but this confirms it's full of forks. Even more terrifying now that it's turned into a dungeon.
I could only pray it hadn't gotten any more complicated deeper inside.

I took the right path and walked for a bit before coming into a dome shaped open space.
It's a big baseball stadium sized space. A boulder about as tall as an average man is sitting in the center of this space.

"What's that...? A trap? A huge boulder for a trap? ...Maybe some sort of mechanism? But this dungeon is fresh from the oven, how is there a gimmick already..."
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My monologue echoed. Nobody here to give me an answer.
No, the answer springs up on its own.

Clack clack clack, that sound came from the ground before a huge number of skeletons rose up all at once.

"Are you for real! An army of skeletons!? Hold up! They're scary!"

Honestly the sight of this army coming at me all at once is simply horrifying.
I mean there's so many of them they're occupying half of the space here. My mental fortitude couldn't stand it anymore, I turned tail and ran off.
I could have one punched these small fry, heck even if they weren't small fry, if I just entered 'Acceleration'.
However, my mind wasn't up to snuff. I wasn't mentally prepared for it.

The skeletons are chasing me down in a narrow passage.
I got back to the fork earlier. And finally realized. Too late a realization.

"Dammit! Those things are nothing if I hadn't lost my jet! Should have just crushed them all! My 'power' can clean them up in a jiffy!"

Being unable to choose the right decision on the spur of the moment when you're in shock happens, but that emotion turned into instant anger for me now.

I forgot to use Acceleration once again, rushed out and swung my sword at an oncoming Skeleton, splitting it in half. Cleanly from the cranium down.
It disappeared into flickering particles of light as it died.

"Dammit! That scared me to death! They looked so spooky I ran out of reflex. Thinking again, Skeletons are just small fry monsters you encounter at the start! Gimme, dammit! Gimme back my fright!"

I kept cutting down the incoming clacking Skeletons one by one in anger.
After what seemed like an endless stream of skulls and bones, it finally came to an end.

"Aah, I can't take it anymore... What is this empty feeling with no target to vent on..."

I went back to the dome shaped space from earlier as I muttered that.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 253

253 Emergence


The morning after, Minya and I got woken up at the same time. By the loud roaring sounds of rumbling grounds.

"Wha! What's going on!? It's like there was a huge landslide..."

I could hazard a guess from the smell of soil drifting into the hut.
A cave in of an enormous scale, that flashed in my mind.

"Panicking will do us no good. Let's calm down."

I stopped Minya who looked like she was going to rush out of the hut right away.

"Gramps! ...Ah... No..."

"We can't conclude he's dead yet. Regardless of whether he got caught in it or not, us rushing out without any preparations would accomplish nothing. Compose yourself."

I may have taken up this commission, but I'm still a stranger at the end of the day. I can afford to keep my cool. But not Minya, so the job falls on me.

Minya clenched her fists while looking downcast to endure. First thing first, we had a simple breakfast. The cloud of dust hadn't settled down outside.
That was when Minya muttered in wonder.

"...Mana flow...? Why? It's not an ordinary landslide?"

Something clicked in my head hearing the word mana.

(Could it be, but really? At this timing? You can't be serious...)

Goblins, cave and mana crystallization immediately crossed my mind.

We carefully approached the source of this cave in.
Minya brought this town's map with her, her steps were steadfast as we made our way there.
We arrived at the site to verify by sight.
There was no sign of any landslide despite all that loud noise, instead we found a huge cave.
I'm convinced after seeing this abnormality.

"Dungeon, we just witnessed the birth of a new dungeon huh... well damn, nothing to this but well damn."

"Wha!? Then what about gramps!?"
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There were traces of people around this cave entrance. A campfire and remains of someone having meals.
Proof that the gramps has gone inside for sure.

"At worst, he's dead. Got caught in the dungeon emergence. Or he might be killed by something inside."

"N-no... Gramps..."

"It's too early to tell. That's the worst possible outcome, not the only one. He might barely scrape by."

I tried to console Minya, but it wasn't enough as she fell down on the ground.

"I'm going inside. You stay here. Chimera. Keep Minya safe."

I couldn't see Chimera but I spoke to it nonetheless knowing it must be nearby.
Sure enough, it showed up next to me in Tiger Mode.
'Gau', it cried once and plopped down next to Minya.
I saw that as a confirmation and left the place slowly treading into the dungeon.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 252

252 Looking Back at This Day


"It's so good, aah, so tasty..."

Minya doesn't seem to have 'come back' as she sips her soup.
We're back in the hut to have lunch. Meanwhile, Minya is escaping reality.
I don't think she can even taste the flavor. Her mind must be full a lot of stuff right now.
She got like that after I explained to her about the orcs.

I ran into six orcs while I was exploring outside and annihilated them. When I came back to the hut to ensure her safety, a group of 30 orcs showed up aiming for our steed beasts. I disposed of them all.
She was terrified by that fact and started imagining the worst possible outcome.
Then once she realized it never came to pass, she found out about how 'unusual' my strength is.
She couldn't just overlook it this time. It buffer overflowed and she started muttering to herself, 'But', 'Just how', 'How does he', 'Who is he?', then just when she finally seemed to get over it, Chimera turned up in Lion Mode.
After all this chain of 'unbelievable-ness', she started speaking to herself, 'I must be dreaming, I'm sleeping in my bed and having a nightmare from fatigue', I worry about her mental state.

Minya who had no choice but to accept this reality is mechanically putting soup into her mouth. Like an automaton looking dangerously close to breaking down.

Once she was done eating, she stared at me with eyes that reflected no light, which scared me.

"Err, is there something on my face?"

That was the only thing I could ask back, yet it was the impetus for Minya.

"Just who are you really? What is up with your strength, how are you able to defeat so many orcs? That giant magic beast looks like it's under your command. Just what is all this? Why would someone like you at the capital? Why would you accept my commission? Why does someone who hails from a rural area seek this katana object? What exactly is your goal?"

This is the first time someone ever questioned me so much. But I'm not going to give a straight answer.
Not like I can. I pretty much don't have the answer myself.

"Just like I told you earlier, I'm a 'wanted man'. I can't answer your questions. Doing so would likely cause you trouble Minya. Please don't pursue this matter, it's for your sake."

My circumstance is quite complex. But I don't think it's that dangerous, I only worded it like a threat to make her listen.
Minya quieted down when she heard that.
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"...Please excuse me. I won't ask any more. However, will you please stay away from us once your business with katana is over?"

Looks like she took my threat seriously and chose rejection here.
However, she's still going to see to the end of her bargain it seems.
I'm thankful she's got a sense of obligation. But it would be better if she's not high strung all the time.

"Remember what I told you? I'm not a criminal despite using 'wanted man' term. I've got a lot on my plate so not like I can assure you everything will be alright. But at the very least, neither me nor Chimera is gonna harm you. That applies to your gramps as well. You can rest easy on that point."

After this, Minya finally took a deep breath and relaxed.

"I also said before. You didn't seem like a bad person. So I will trust you. Of course I'll also help persuading gramps. You're my savior after all."

"It's not that big a deal really. I only took this bodyguard job for my own selfish reason. All for a katana."

"But there's no denying I would have been abducted and enslaved by Dento if not for you. It's all thanks to you I avoided that fate, right?"

Minya is likely unaware of Dento's death. It must have looked like he simply disappeared to her. Thus the question mark.

"That's also partly because of my own reason, think nothing of it. I mean without you there'd be no commission and no way to ask the gramps for a katana, no?"

"I understand. You're a kind man. Ordinary mercenaries would have jumped on the chance to ask remuneration in exchange for the favor."

It wasn't probably Minya's intention, but I took that as her saying 'you're not ordinary' which hurt a tad.

(Yeah well I'd rather be ordinary. Though I wouldn't be here then.)

It got dark out while we were talking. With all the accumulated fatigue we had today including the express travel, we decided to go to bed early, into our sleeping bags.
The gramps never came back that day.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 251

251 Realization


"I-is everything alright!? You look really pale! Are you hurt anywhere!? Actually after a closer look, I don't see any wound..."

"I just barfed from seeing a nasty scene, just give me a bit... ugh..."

I lay down in the hut and shut my eyes to calm myself.
Minya helped rubbing my back.

"Ah, sorry for the trouble. I'm good now let's head outside and check things out."

After a five minute rest, I asked Minya to go outside the hut to confirm some things.

"...What is this!? Those are...? Did you really do all this by yourself...? But even a single orc supposedly needs around five mercenaries to defeat. It's said they have so much physical strength and stamina, killing one is an ordeal... and yet you did all this, alone?"

After hearing Minya, one thing is clear now.

(Some of the 'fantasy' are shared between this world and that world... A weird 'coincidence' no matter how you look at it.)

Both worlds are completely separate, therefore common points should not be this pronounced.
The tales in that world are all nothing more than 'imaginations'. Yet it's a 'reality' here.
It's not that the reality here is affecting the imaginations in that world. No, the reality here has been modeled after the imaginations in that world.
Thus how commonalities are made. Otherwise there's no way some beings share the exact same traits down their names.

I should have noticed sooner with the elves and the goblins back then. But my head was too preoccupied I just didn't have the time to think about it.
I stop thinking further about the truth of this world. I mean it's not like I need to know about it for my future plan. Not like I want to overturn or change this fact. I'm still going to live in this world regardless at the end of the day.
What's important is the present and future, what happened in the beginning bears no meaning.

(Now, gotta ask about that...)
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"Hey so, are orcs edible?"

"W-what are you saying? Well since you asked... I have heard stories of eccentric people treating orc meat as a delicacy... but why would anyone want to eat these repulsive monsters? Like, I'd question the mental state of such people..."

"Ah, sorry. I hail from a rural area see, I'm still learning about common sense in this world. So I'm not sure if these things are classified as 'magic beasts' including their meat or not."

"Ah, so that's where you're coming from. You'd better not you hear me? These things are monsters. They're an existence that attacks people on sight leaving no room for reason. You'd have to be a madman to even consider eating them."

That's +1 to my Wisdom after learning a new common sense of this world.

(So that's how they see it... Still... Orcs really are pigs now that I look again.)

Thinking about pork reminded me of ginger pork dish resulting in a grumbling of my stomach.

"Right, we haven't had lunch yet, have we. The soup is ready, let's get back to the hut. We can clean this up after we have our meal."

Chimera showed up right after Minya finished speaking. In 'Lion' mode at that.
I got dizzy at its sudden appearance. At its sheer size. Even though I knew that it was Chimera, the timing was so sudden I still got startled. Maybe I've gotta remind it to take it easy with the abruptness.

But the shock I had was nothing compared to what Minya experienced.
She's frozen solid with sweat dripping down her forehead while her entire body trembling hard.
Her eyes are open wide, her mouth flaps open and shut soundlessly.
She looks like she's even forgotten to breathe.

"Ah, this magic beast you see here is that same Chimera. Nothing to be afraid of."

My word had no effect. Minya remained as she was.
Then came another blow. Chimera started spewing flames.
Scattering them all over the area, roasting the 'pork'.

Multiple roast pork got served up in the blink of an eye as tasty smell wafted in the air.
Chimera started eating the pork in relish. Then it restarted the whole thing with the rest of the orcs.
Once it was done having its fill, Chimera plopped down right there and then and took a nap.
The pool of blood had been turned into charcoal ground from the flames, and smell of grilled meat replaced the blood odor.
And thus was how Chimera cleaned up the scene. Meanwhile, the two of us could only watch the whole thing with blank eyes.
Minya has stopped trembling but her face is now devoid of all emotions like she's 'given up', 'attained enlightenment'.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 250

250 Nauseating Scenery


A group of oink-oinking filthy bipedal pigs are there. About 30 of them.
They're coming for Grudos. They must see them as prey.
Judging from Minya's reaction earlier, these orcs must be an existence that only causes harm.
I'd already eliminated six orcs even before coming to that conclusion though.

(I mean, they could have been of different kinds here. Either monsters or demi-humans, whether they can communicate or not.)

Plenty of trending light novels nowadays have them depicted as 'good neighbors' kind.
But this world's orcs seem to be the 'brute' type, should be no issue getting rid of them.

(Then there's also... there's no way, but... meat...)
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Yeah, these things are pigs. Meaning pork. Some literary works treat them as meat.
I had no time to ask Minya if that's how it goes here too or not.
Is it forbidden because they're demi-humans, or do people see them as foodstuff.

(Though the people here got the perfect cattle in Mahon, I don't think they're desperate for other type of meat, or do they?)

My brain couldn't process well after encountering another fantasy here.
I got a bit dejected, am I never gonna get accustomed to this?
I thought I would after coming across so many fantasy, but I could only see a future where I kept getting confused every time.

The orcs had walked up right in front of me as I was relishing in that helpless feeling.

"Gotta be careful not to mince them into powder like with those mercenaries."

I said out loud to remind myself and grabbed my sword. Then I went straight and cut an orc that was going for the helpless tied up Grudos.
I had entered Accelerated state when I drew my sword. No slipping up.

I slashed all the orcs one by one. All while taking the correct posture and stance.

(Learning how to handle a sword right should come in handy when push comes to shove, right?)

That sounds vague and all, but running into way too many of these events is a reality I live in.
Nobody can tell what's gonna happen. I've gotta make use of the time I have well.
And thus I keep swinging the sword in all kinds of positions while imagining their use cases.

I undid Acceleration once I curtailed the last orc. And immediately regretted it but it was too late.

"Ah! And I'd just perfected ways to avoid splatter too... blood pool... oee...."

It was as if this place had turned into a slaughterhouse. It was so grotesque I couldn't help myself from vomiting.

"Uoeeee, barf barf barf~"

Fortunately I hadn't eaten yet so nothing came out.
Scene of carnage, nasty smell, pool of blood. It's just all too much.
The Grudos seemed to have gotten excited from the smell of blood they started making loud noises.

(Ah, gotta go inform Minya... and deal with this... oeee...)

Thus my mood fell down hard after exterminating the orcs. As I walked back to the hut, a question popped up in my mind.

(Minya seemed to get the word orcs, but what if it's not the same thing I have in mind?)

Are this world's orcs the beings I just genocided? Or is it an entirely different being?
Are my 'orcs' the same as this world's 'orcs'? Do the 'orcs' Minya has in mind the same as mine?
My brain was not working right after this huge mess and yet I could calmly think about that which surprised me as I opened the hut's door.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 249

249 Traces Vestiges


(There's no dust build up. The stove looks like it's just been used too. Then it must be...)

My guess should be correct. The gramps has just been here earlier. It might be someone else, but that possibility is low considering the lack of lived-in feels here.
I was relieved to find he's still alive.

(Would have been quite disheartening if he weren't. Good. Looks like I can commission the katana.)

"What's the matter? Did you find something...?"

Minya came in too so I explained to her about her gramps likely having been here.

"Thank god, thank goodness... I don't know what I'd do if gramps died..."

I reminded Minya who got tearful.

"It's too early to celebrate. There's still a chance of him not coming back. We can't let our guard down until after we found him."

Am I being heartless here? But I mean who knows if that gramps got in trouble and died while out there?
Getting doused with water just when you think everything is going all right would be quite a shock.
We should keep our mental state flat for now.
That's what I had in mind when I warned Minya, but it seems she's already dropped her tension.

"We should stay here and wait for your gramps today. If he's still not back by tomorrow, we'll set out. Is that okay with you?"

I suggested Minya that we should hold off on searching for now.
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"Yes, that is fine. It would be bad if we left and passed by gramps returning here."

And so we're gonna stay overnight in this hut. Which is good and all, but damn, I must really be cursed, I got under attack while I was exploring out while Minya was making our late lunch.

"Ah sheesh, sheesh! Pig men! What are those even, orcs?! Really now! Why do troubles always find their way to me!?"

Six pigs are enclosing me. Bipedal pigs. They're holding makeshift shaved clubs in their hands.
They're all butt naked too, with their filthy nether regions dangling out in the open.

I've found no unusual footsteps in this abandoned mine town. That includes the area around our hut.

(Did they show up out of nowhere? And what's with the excessive sniffing...)

The orcs are sniffing around all while glaring at me, seemingly looking for something.

"Ah wait a minute? Are these orcs 'that type'? Minya's in danger!?"

My intuition was being sharp for once, I decided to rush back to the hut.
It's a classic in this kind of fantasy. A disgusting development where monsters assault women. I quickly ran back to ensure Minya's safety.
What about the orcs? I had punched them all in the face each right after entering Acceleration as I ran off. Their heads would definitely pop open the instant I got out of Acceleration.

I undid Acceleration after arriving at the hut and flung open the door.

"Minya, you all right!? ...Huh?"

"Ah, what's wrong? That surprised me. The food is not ready yet, see?"

My mind froze for a moment when I saw Minya stirring soup. Out of relief.

"Ah, good. I saw some orcs out there so I ran back in a hurry thinking you might be in danger."

"Eh! Did you say orcs!? A-are you okay!? N-no, we must get away! We have to leave this place quick!"

Minya stood up in a panic and grabbed the magic bag.
I calmed her down.

"It's fine now. I've already taken care of all the six orcs I came across to before running here."

"...Wha? By yourself? Are you telling the truth? Six orcs...!? There's no way..."

I don't get what makes Minya so agape. But it's really one thing after another, this time I'm hearing weird cries, like 'Gyaosu, gyaosu'.

"What? What what? Eh, what's this sound?"

"The Grudos are telling us there's something wrong!"

"Minya, you wait inside! Keep yourself safe! I'll go look outside!"

I immediately accelerated and went to back of our hut where the Grudos are.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 248

248 Running


"Have you never ridden one? Hmm, then you'd better not push yourself. First, you have to get familiar with the peculiar vibration unique to riding Grudos or else you'd get thrown off right away."

Looks like Minya has ridden them before. Then it's simple.

"Minya, you get on them. I'll run after you on foot. No need to worry about getting attacked by beasts along the way with these guys right? I'll catch up with you later."

"Come again? What are you on about? Running after me on foot, really, that doesn't even pass as a joke."

Her words sounded a bit thorny, proof that she's gotten used with me somewhat, I guess that's a good thing?

"There's five Grudos here. You can keep alternating between them to maintain the pace no? I'm sure you can get there before evening. Aren't you worried about your gramps?"

Minya took a deep breath after I mentioned her gramps and replied.

"I understand. I will go on ahead. Please follow behind me. Ah, I'll set up our campsite once I get there, may I borrow your magic bag?"

That's a good idea ordinarily. Thus I handed over my bag. Though that ends in vain.

"Now then, guess I'll take a spin 'for real' this time!"

I stretched myself as a warm up. After bending and stretching my ankles, I'm ready.

'I will be off.' Minya said as she took rein of the Grudos. They quickly reached top speed as their figures quickly turned smaller in the horizon. I started running as well after a bit.

Now then, as I was just running, there was nothing of note.
Let me get straight to the result. I ran past Minya halfway through the course. How her eyeballs looked like they were about to pop out of sockets was the most striking impression I had.
Apparently, she was on the third Grudos by that point, while I kept running without stopping.
I arrived at the abandoned mine town's gate late at noon, followed by Minya a long bit after.

Minya had a complicated look on her face as she muttered, 'I can't believe it...' also with a complicated sounding tone. I don't get it.
Feeling good from the exercise, I made a suggestion for our next step.

"Now then, we're finally here and all but first thing first, we've got to set up our base camp, afterward, have a late lunch."
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"Right yes, understood. We did ran all the way here without taking a break after all. I've got to feed these boys as well."

We got past the dilapidated town gate into the ruined town. To look for a building or a storehouse we could use. I'm sure Minya would love to go look for her gramps right away, but we can't really start until we've established a base.
Then we found a small tattered hut.

"That hut looks nice. There's even shades under trees we can tie Grudos on."

I agreed with her and opened the door to the hut. Minya went on to tie Grudos and feed them.
And the first thing that jumped into my vision was traces of someone living inside recently.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 247

247 This and That


Steed beasts Grudos froze. Why?

"Hiie! Wait! Hey! What! Why? Next to me!?"

Because Chimera showed up. The Grudos were clearly relaxing before.
But they're now stopped dead on their tracks.

"W-w-w-w-wh! Why won't it go away?!"

Chimera lay low next to Minya's legs while yawning. Made worse with her not moving due to fear.

"Ah, looks like Chimera's been protecting you all this time, Minya. I'm guessing that's what it's doing now."

I approached Chimera and brushed it gratefully.

"Thanks about this. Ah, why don't you try giving it a good brush too, Minya. Listen, hear that purring? This indicates that it's in a good mood. It's been keeping you safe in the dark, so just regard it as your token of appreciation."

"Eh? Huh? Err... Umm..."

Minya timidly reached out to Chimera's back.
I moved my hand to Chimera's head to let Minya have that spot.
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"Ah, incredible... Its fur feels so smooth and nice to the touch..."

The bat wings are slightly in the way, but that doesn't stop Minya from getting entranced by Chimera's fur.
This surely will make her tolerate Chimera better.
Or rather, she's stuck on its back. Is she getting addicted now?

(Man this fluffy atmosphere belies the fact that five people had just been sent to hell.)

Minya forgot about her goal for a while before she eventually snapped back to reality and stood up in a hurry.

"That's not it! Just what's going on here!? This and that, everything! Aaah! I don't even know where to begin!"

She yelled out all of a sudden. Her mind must be a mess right now, everything was just unbelievable.
I reminded her our objective to calm her down.

"We've still got a long ways to go don't we? To that abandoned mine. This isn't the time to loaf around. There's five Grudos here and all. Let's put them to good use."

I'm totally not trying to avoid Minya's inquiry because it's a pain or anything.
I simply judged that there's no point in explaining.
Also, how am I even supposed to explain my power?

(Not even me myself understand this power. How could I expect other people to. Even attempting to is a complete waste of time.)

Minya looked dumbfounded for a moment before switching to an expression that fit the word 'Gununu...' well.

"I get it... I did say I wouldn't probe further earlier. You're right, I'm here to look for gramps. Let's go. We should be able to arrive at our destination before evening with Grudos."

Thankfully I managed to avoid the 'tragedy of blood' this time around. Had I slipped on piling grass on top of those guys, I wouldn't be able to eat meat for a while again.
To Minya, it must have looked like those fives got replaced by five heaps of grass.
Otherwise, she'd likely lose her mind and we'd have to postpone our departure.

I took reins of the five Grudos, unmoving due to Chimera's presence.
And thus we gained unexpected transports in steed beasts, but one huge problem also popped up.

"...I have zero experience in horse riding... Oh crap..."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 246

246 Growing is Hard


"You lot only bring harm to people trying to live a honest life. Meaning I don't need to hold back. Minya, keep what you're about to witness to yourself. Promise me that."

I accelerated after making that declaration. No point in talking with these guys anymore.
They're nothing but trash. I've lost my restraint against evil after coming to this world and gaining this power.

The four thugs are responsible for intimidation and murder-robbery. The latter may still be an attempt, but there's no doubt they would have done that without hesitation had I been unarmed. No mercy to these trash.
As for Dento, he's dealing in human trafficking and I guess defrauding the gramps? There's probably more too.

These people don't warrant pity.

Minya is the sole witness here. Then might as well letting out all my pent-up stress and irritation on these guys.
Not like Minya could see what I'm doing in Accelerated state though.

The five people have been sliced and minced all while I'm thinking the above.
More chopped than even Goddel I dueled at the empire. And just like that time, I got too much into it again, going too far. Like finely minced onion.

Despite being aware how haphazard my mental state during Accelerated became, it was too late when I realized.

(Wonder if my brain received an excess intake of dopamine or something? I immediately regain my sense after undoing this state too...)

At this rate, Minya would be first in row for a splatter show. One that will put her out of commission at that I'm sure. It's just too shocking a scene. I know after what happened to the princess back then, I've gotta prevent it.
Fortunately, my brain still had enough room to consider that before undoing Acceleration, thus I cut off all the grass around us and put piles of them over the minced guys.

Naturally, I got too much into this deed, again.
Thanks to that, the previously thicket heavy terrain turned into a prairie with a nice sprawling view.
Leaving only five piles of grass behind.
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(I went and overdid it... How many times is this now, I really never learn...)

Once I undid Acceleration, the sound of splashing water could be heard and the heaps of grass fell down the ground before silence wrapped the surroundings.
Only the peculiar thick smell of cut grass and a slight tinge of blood and iron remained.

"Wha? What just happened!? ...No, what did you do!?"

From Minya's point of view, it must have felt like she's been transported to a completely different location.
Her surroundings have suddenly turned into a prairie immediately after I told her to keep it a secret, with the five people in front of us missing. In their spots now lie five mysterious heaps of grass.
Any explanation I give her would sound like a 'horror' to her. So much so that there's no way she could ever believe it.
Next to her Chimera showed up, unknown whether it perceived Minya's mental state or not as it let out a "Meoww" that got carried into the sprawling meadow by the wind.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 245

245 Mental Health, Unwell


So here's the deal. They went ahead of us riding on Grudos.
I'm talking about that group of four thugs. The same group who tried to take my bag by force.
But there's another familiar face with them. Dento.

(How is this world so full of scumbags... Are mercenaries just a gathering for 'scoundrels' or something?)

I almost couldn't hide my irritation looking at them blocking our way.
I never would have thought that something this worthless would irk me so much even in my past life.

"What do you need? Please make it quick, we have no business with you. If you understand, please move out of our way."

Minya spoke calmly. Firmly standing her ground against these mercenaries.
But I knew her legs were trembling slightly.

(Ah, so she too noticed this is 'that kind' of thing.)

"Sure thing. Right after we're done with you."

Dento slowly started walking up to us, I spoke up when he took his first step.

"Sorry, get any closer and I'll deem you a danger and react accordingly. This is a warning. I repeat. Stay back."

I stepped up ahead of Minya, hiding her behind me. Dento spat out looking annoyed.

"Quit standing in my way you bastard. Why'd you always get between me and Minya? This got nothing to do with you."

"No no, how is it 'always'? I mean this would only be the third time no? Also, you haven't even cleared the condition Minya put forth, aren't you ashamed of yourself as a man? Or have you got the permission from gramps? Say so and I'll gladly make way for you."

Not backing down, I talked back. With just a bit of provocation.

"Hmph. There's been nothing from that geezer ever since he went to that abandoned mine. He's as good as dead. All according to my plan."

Dento said some troubling words as he sighed. Naturally, Minya reacted to that.

"What do you mean by that? There's no way gramps would fall for words coming out of a lowlife like you?!"

Minya's emotional outburst made her lose all restraint on courtesy.
Well I am in agreement with the 'lowlife' part though. This guy is beyond saving.
And considering the four grinning men behind him, they all must be on the same level.

"Sure did, it was me who gave that geezer news about leftover mithril at the mine. A bold faced lie of a news. That geezer was a complete disaster at managing the store, wasn't he? Also told him, a fistful of mithril is enough to 'save' his store and grandkid. After all, your financial woe was so bad you were on the verge of getting thrown into the street!"
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"Why would you do that? What's the point of going all the trouble?"

Something didn't sit right with his story. There's no connection to him stalking Minya with that reason.
But the guy readily confessed. Like it was the most obvious thing.

"Somebody's got an eye on that store. Nothing more nothing less. You heard at the mercenary inn, didn't you? There's plenty of blacksmiths around. We don't need one that doesn't sell with bad reps. On top of that, Minya's a dwarf. Some noble with a 'special inclination' would buy her for a nice sum as a slave!"

"Feels like you've got another reason for stalking her though? Also, those four behind you seem to have a beef with me."

Dento is apparently feeling chatty. Must have believed the two of us can't possibly flee from them five. They even have steed beasts Grudos for an easy catch up.

"Well she'll need some training, won't she? I could train her well while enjoying myself, she'd fetch more in the end! But no more of that. I did say I'm not gonna play nice anymore, remember?"

"Dunno how you got away from us yesterday, but there ain't no witnesses here. We're gonna grind you to dust! Gonna take our time! We'll make you regret ever crossing us!"

The four thugs added to Dento.
Next to me, Minya is trembling with anger or maybe fear. I dunno what to say to her.
Also, the fact that Minya is a dwarf coming to light here clears away the nagging I had.

"So to sum it up, Dento-san? You're here to kidnap Minya and sell her as a slave yes? As for those four. You guys are planning to kill me and steal my magic bag."

I'm checking again to make sure I'm not 'mistaken'. For the sake of avoiding 'regret' for what I'm about to do.

"Yeah that's about right. Once the geezer and the grandkid are out of the picture, their contract at bond office will be annulled. Meaning I'm gonna get my pay from my client. Just stay put, it'll make things easier for you yeah?"

"We're gonna slowly grill you down for all the shame you put us through. Ain't you happy eh, you scrawny brat!"

"Were you guys in cahoots from the start?"

I blurted out the last question I had in mind.

"We hit it off at the Kingdom's gate. Comical don'tcha think? I get to have Minya. And these fine folk get to have your magic bag once you're dead. We both each get to do our 'job'. So here we are together."

"Man said he don't need the bag 'fter all. We don't care 'bout the girl."

"Ah, it's all clear now. I can do this with a clear conscience. What were you guys saying again, 'there's no witnesses here' was it."

They all looked baffled, 'Hahn?', but it's far too late.
I took a sword out of my magic bag and drew it out its sheath.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 244

244 A Bit of Lie, 'Outsider' Motive


I got up early the next morning. Not because of anything in particular. I just got up early.
Leaving the tent, I was greeted with the fresh morning air rousing me.

It's my chance to finish morning business. Minya isn't awake yet.
Brushing teeth, washing face and body with a wet towel.
I put up a partitioning screen a bit away from our tents and relieved myself.

Minya got up once I was all done. The sun was just about rising.

"Good morning... Ah, thank you for this."

She still looked half-awake so I handed her another set of towel and water which she took back into her tent.
She was bowing when she came out again. And spoke apologetically.

"You've done so much... Please let me take care of cooking at least."

"Ah sure, I've left that screen hanging over there, so maybe after you're done with your business?"

I shut down immediately when I noticed my lack of delicacy.
Had this been in modern world, she'd scream 'sexual harassment', instead Minya briskly walked in the direction I pointed.

(Oh right, we're in another world... With a highly alien civilization, common sense, and also, this is a life risking camp excursion.)

I recalled things I'd almost forgotten.
But that also meant I saw myself as an 'outsider', which is a good thing.
As I got stuff ready to be cooked, I looked at the sleeping Chimera who had turned back into 'Kitten Mode'.
I poured in water into the pot as I soothed myself with its cuteness.

When Minya came back, I asked her to pack up our tents when she suddenly asked me.

"Umm, I realize it's weird to ask now after all this time, but may I have your name? My circumstance as it was, I forgot to ask back then but now, do you mind?"

I decided to lie here. A bit of lie that's so obvious and doubtful.
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"I'm actually a wanted person y'see. Oh don't worry, it's not because I'm a criminal or anything. I used 'wanted' only because it's the most straightforward term to express the situation I'm in. So I'm gonna have to refrain from sharing my name."

Sure enough, Minya stared hard at me for that sorry excuse but apparently she decided not to probe further.

"It would be shameless of me to demand more after all your hospitality. I won't inquire further. From what I've seen of you, I don't believe you're a bad person."

"Yep yep, all's well if you found your gramps. Ends well if I could get your gramps make a katana for me. That's it. That's all it needs be."

'All's well ends well?' she looked puzzled which I ignored. Some idioms don't translate well in this world. Previously coup d'etat did. But this one doesn't it seems. I still don't get if the language here is complex or not.

We finished eating while chatting. Chimera got the same soup as yesterday.
Danger seemed so far away when we spent such a carefree morning like this.
All without realizing how 'those guys' are waiting to ambush us on the second day.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 243

243 Random Speech


By the time we set up camp on day one, we managed to cover the scheduled distance. Then as we were smoothly preparing dinner.
Chimera suddenly showed up. In 'Tiger Mode' at that.

"Hii! Hiiee! Ma-ma! Magic beast!"

A scream echoed in the meadow. Minya's.
But I wasn't particularly shocked. Because Chimera doesn't look threatening.
It's sprawling in a relaxed manner while yawning, looking cute.

"Ah, I forgot to explain. Let me introduce you. It's a magic beast that accompanies me in my travel."

"Ho! Ho! Hold it right there! You! Wasn't it! Smaller!?"

I get she's speaking about Chimera she saw in the inn this morning. Thus I explain.

"That's the same being. This guy has three forms as far as I know currently. The morning one, the one you see now, and another. They're all this guy here. It can transform as it likes."

Minya glared really hard at me, as if saying, 'I can't believe you'.
I don't get the mechanism behind it either, so you won't get an answer out of me.
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"Rest assured. This guy understands our words and won't indiscriminately attack. It's not hostile, promise."

I approached Chimera, rubbed behind its ear and brushed its chin.
Chimera starts purring with squinted eyes in bliss, it looks like a 'big cat' to me. Though I won't deny it's got an overwhelming presence.
Minya's face twitched as she saw me doing that. Seemingly imagining Chimera would chomp on me and attack her anytime.

She's got guts to finish making fire for the hot pot despite her fear, I give her that.
I almost forgot that even common people can use magic to ignite fire in this world.
And then, dinner is served.

'Thanks for the food', I sipped on the soup. It's got lots of meat and vegetable as well as salt and pepper for the full flavor.

"Normally you'd only expect a slightly charred piece of jerky and a hard bread, at most some cheap wine afterward when you camp out... A meal this luxurious for camping is not really normal."

Minya looked like she had some objection as she sipped on her soup.
I provided this meal. That includes table, chairs, pot, kitchen knife, chopping board and the ingredients taken from my magic bag. Yeah, I'm pretty much fully dependent on the magic bag now.
There are good and bad in getting bound by this world's common sense. What I'm saying is that magic bags are on the good side. I can have good warm soup thanks to it.

I gave Chimera the soup too. With some huge chunks of meat and vegetable inside.

"It's hot, wait till it's cooled down first. You'd burn your tongue. Huh? Can magic beasts even suffer from that? Huh?"

I finished my meal with that silly question popping up. I helped myself with a cup of water and took a breather.
Going to bed once you have a full stomach after dinner is normal in this world. If you don't, you probably have a nighttime job like night patrol, tavern or brothel-related.

"What should we do about night watch? Um, personally, having that magic beast around is far more distressing to me..."

Minya is quite honest to outright tell that she'd rather be with wild beasts than Chimera.
But I tell her that Chimera is the reason we were free of trouble.

"It's all thanks to this guy's presence we didn't bump into any animal along the way. I mean, remember what you said yourself, Minya? Beasts frequently appear here. Yet, did you see even the smallest animal on our way here?"

"...No, not even once. I thought we just had a lucky streak."

Well that may be true too. To begin with, I have absolutely no clue what 'presence' even is. I just blurted it out randomly.
However, Chimera's overwhelming aura is the real deal. And I don't think it only works on humans. Even animals should go by 'wise men approach not danger' ethos.

We did the dishes while engaging in an after meal chat. Chimera is done with its soup as well, currently licking its mouth.
I took its dish and lightly washed it with water. We're ready for bedtime now.

"You can sleep in that tent over there, Minya. This one's for me."

The tents are the same ones I had in my travel with elves. Two considerably big tents. Each of us gets one. Quite extravagant if I say myself.

"A tent this big and such a comfy looking sleeping bag. To be frank with you, it's far more luxurious than even my bed at home you know?"

She's saying something but I leave her alone. Thus far, we haven't used a single thing she prepared.
No foodstuff no nothing, not even a grain of salt.
I told Chimera, 'Let me know if anything happened okay', and incessantly brushed its chin to perk up its mood.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 242

242 Excessive Dopa-Dopa In Brain


Things were going well at first. The road was a bit arid but easy to step on.
But that didn't last long. Tall grass everywhere, there's not even an animal trail, completely swallowed by nature.

"How many years has it been since this road was used? Two days to get there seem optimistic don't you think?"

"My apologies. I was too naive. That was how long it took back then. But I never would have guessed the path would turn this bad so quickly."

According to Minya, the mine was deemed 'completely exhausted' about half a year ago and abandoned.
Up until then, it had been used in a mining operation for many years to the point they even built a town around it.
Thus, she thought people would keep going to that town even after it was abandoned, yet in actuality the path has been claimed by nature.

"Are people still living in that town? Wouldn't that make them isolated? Doesn't sound safe."

"From what I heard, they had quickly reclaimed all resources there including people. The houses had been dismantled too, so I don't believe anyone is still there. There have been no news about bandits settling down or magic beasts causing damage however, it should be relatively safe."

She must have gathered some intel. But that's all old intel. No way to tell if it's safe now. Not until we've gone there ourselves.
I mean seeing how bad the path that leads there. Who knows what's going on with the town.

"But man, you just can't help admiring the power of nature huh. Look at how tall the grass is."

We're slowing down. I can't see ourselves following the schedule unless we do something about all this tall grass.

"It's only a matter of time till we get lost at this rate. You can't even make out the road anymore. Minya could you close your eyes for a bit? Just for a teensy bit."

She looked troubled at my request.
But after sending one doubtful glance my way, she closed her eyes.

I took a shovel out of magic bag and Accelerated. Bought the shovel thinking it'd come in handy.
Now then, what I'm about to do is.

(Just gotta trace along this neglected road and...)

I stabbed the ground shallow with the shovel and ran in a straight line.
I keep running while scooping out only the thin topmost portion of the ground like it's made of pudding.
The road is getting shaved down nicely like a planed wood.
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(Hyoo! This is actually kinda fun! Fyuu! Interesting!)

I came to forget my goal as I kept dashing ahead forgetting even the time.
As I experienced the ecstasy of neatly shaving down ground without any resistance for the first time in my life, reality came crashing.

(Ah, don't tell me that's? Oh crap! It's definitely the entrance!)

By the time I got back to my sense, I had already arrived at the remains of the mining town's gate.
I've really gotten dumber in this world.

(Let's go back... I got too much into it...)

The soil I had scooped out is floating still in mid air. Yep, I did all this at maximum Acceleration level.
I ran past the soil tracing back to Minya. I had made sure to scoop the ground diagonally so it wouldn't fall back down burying the road again.
I had just lost myself running across an entire trail that would have taken two days normally.
It's beyond stupid. I was filled with regret as I ran back the same distance.

Once I got back to the starting point, I immediately undid Acceleration. Quite a long time has passed for me. I may have been running, but it's still a long track. Dunno how many hours precisely, I just know it's quite long.
However, the actual time elapsed in the 'world' is not even a flash. My brain rejected thinking about it due to how terrifying it's all.

(This 'power' is just way too excessive... Way dangerous.)

I never thought much about it since I never spent too long in Accelerated state, but the 'terror' I felt this time was massive enough to freeze me.
Running over that long distance, and then back. Yet the 'world' did not experience that even for a moment. How else can you call this but terror?
Regardless of how I feel, the soil I scooped out flew high up into the sky after I undid Acceleration.
After which, a neatly tiled road that extends ahead as far as eyes can see is revealed.

"You can open your eyes now. Come on, let's keep moving."

I went ahead avoiding to see Minya's face. Trying my hardest to overlook trifling matters that have come to pass.

"Wha? Eh? Just what? ...What's happening here? ...Eeeh!? Ah, wait! Wait! E-explain! Explain to me!? Wa-wait, don't leave me behind! Hold it!"

I don't have the answer to that. Not even I understand myself.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 241

241 Decisive Blow


We've left the inn and arrived at the gate that connects to the path to the abandoned mine.
There's no problem so far. Like a calm before the storm.
To me this feels like the prelude before a 'showy' act.

(Those thugs from yesterday can't have given up. My hunch is telling me they're definitely coming.)

"Hold it, Minya. Where are you heading off to? Going with that skinny guy is suicidal, you're just gonna become fodder for beasts. I ain't gonna let that happen yeah?"

Dento, the annoying mercenary from yesterday called out to us.  This early in the morning. He's been waiting at the gate before us. It's pretty much an ambush.
He slowly approached step by step. Toward Minya.
An alarm rang in my head. Letting him get closer is just gonna waste our time. Even just driving him away already is.

"Are you here to see us off or are you gonna come with us? Which is it? Don't bother trying to stop us. Move outta the way. Otherwise I'm gonna have to resort to force."

I won't stand getting irate so early in the morning. This is the time to use my power.
Feel free to boo at my reckless action. But I really can't be bothered to waste time on this worthless man. Even though I only know about this guy from his short entrance yesterday, he's already shot up to the very top of the list of people 'I don't wanna get involved with'.

I stood in front of Minya and glared at him. But it was for nothing. The man isn't even looking at me.

"Oy oy oy Minya. Forget about this guy, you have me. How long are you gonna make me wait huh?"

A continuation from yesterday. He still doesn't get it even after getting told off so much yesterday.

(That's not it, this guy only thinks about himself in his head. A total 'freak'.)

"You can discuss among the three of you later once the grandpa's back. We gotta leave now. Move out. I'm warning you again, do not get in the way."

There's no point in even attempting to communicate. It's a waste of energy.
So I was surprised to see Minya opening her mouth as Dento tried to get past me. 'Don't entertain him', I thought.
But her words surprised me more. But then I get it, she's asking for the impossible.

"I don't mind becoming yours if gramps 'approves' you."
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Afterward, Minya briskly walked in the gate's direction.
I dunno what Minya's gramps like but I just can't see him approve Dento. That was the clue.
This mercenary guy, Dento is an existence so worthless she could afford to say that.
It's also the most effective method to shoo him away.
After all, the first requirement is to find the gramps.
And if by any chance this gramps has died, then that requirement can never be sated.

Dento should offer his help here if he understands that.
Yet, he spat out incoherent stuff instead.

"Oy, Minya. That's the last straw you hear me? I'll make you regret those words."

Minya kept walking to the gate like his words never reached her.

(...What's his deal? Doesn't seem like he's given up. He's been stalking Minya since yesterday, no, way before that. Yet he pulled back so readily here...)

Despite feeling doubtful, I walked toward the gatekeeper to finish the gate departure procedure.
Dento didn't even bother to see us off, he immediately left like he had no more business here.

(Oh man, he's definitely plotting something...)

Considering all the events I went through so far, I can almost guarantee the man's gonna show up again later.
After a sigh, I showed the gatekeeper my 'Second Class' pass, which was met with yet another shock.

(Just how incredible is this thing anyway? It's getting seriously eerie now... Eltross...)

As I was trembling at how impactful a pass issued at the Commercial City be even in Kingdom, we finally left the gate.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 240

240 Morning Scenery


I woke up feeling refreshed the morning after. Got out the bed after stretching.
Glancing at the window, seems we have a nice weather today. Good for a trip.
Opening the window let in fresh morning air filling the room and brightening my mood.
But that was short lived when I recalled yesterday evening.

(Those guys are coming after us for sure. I mean they got to know where I'm staying.)

I won't be able to stay in the kingdom for long now if news about my magic bag got out.
The more the rumor spreads, the more scoundrels definitely come my way demanding the bag.
Gotta get out of this country before it comes to that annoying point.

"Good morning. Are you awake yet?"

Minya knocked on the door before asking. She's here here to fetch me.
The sun hasn't even risen yet, meaning she must have left her house even earlier.
Her hastiness is understandable. She must be worried sick about her grandfather.

"Aah, wait for me downstairs. I'll be right there."

Once her presence behind the door vanished, I looked at Chimera. It's still sleeping peacefully.

(Hmm, wonder if it's still gonna sleep more? But I'm checking out this inn, guess I gotta wake it up?)

I gently pat its back, Chimera reacted to that, got up and stretched.
Then it let out a grand yawn and rubbed its face with its fore paws.

"Morning. I'm planning to head out now, how are you feeling?"

Even if Chimera understood my words, it could only reply with 'meow' so I still don't get what it's saying in the end.

(If only there was a way to translate Chimera's meows.)

I brushed that idle thought aside and left my room.
I went downstairs and asked the clerk for breakfast. For Minya too.

"Have you eaten yet? Let's have breakfast together if you haven't."

"Yes well, I have not. I'll help myself if you don't mind."

That's the whole exchange and yet the clerk got it and brought meals for us both.
I paid for her share. Minya went quiet for a bit.

"...Is this your treat?"
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Her voice sounded infinitesimally low and apologetic.

"You don't have goods for sale since your grampa was gone, do you? Must have been hard, just see this as part of the cost to help me persuade your gramps."

From yesterday, I figured she must have bought lots of food and tools to help her in the search.
It must have cost quite a lot.
Judging from her financial, having breakfast here must not come cheap.
All while trying to save up money to hire mercenaries. She must be at her wit's end.
Helping her a bit in that regard here is the humane thing to do. My wallet has more than enough leeway anyway.

(When did I even become a humanitarian anyway? Helping people and being emphatic doesn't suit me.)

Must be cause of my current monetary situation.
Whenever I had pocket change in my past life, I wouldn't even think about treating someone and go straight to game centers instead.
But this world has no 'video games'. The biggest gap from my former life.
With nothing to sink in, all the money I amass goes nowhere.
Thus, I don't really think about using them. Which translates to me treating people willy-nilly. Nothing to lose.

"Ah, clerk-san. Get me another portion please."

Minya looked quizzical at that. The breakfast this inn serves is more than plentiful for one person after all.
The clerk cheerfully replied, 'Gotcha!', and brought the portion.
After paying, I put it on the floor. Yep, it's for Chimera.
And Minya who was looking at it in wonder gradually had her eyes open wide.
She noticed Chimera who gradually turned visible chomping on the food.
I put it outside the clerk's line of vision, but it was in plain sight to Minya.

"Aah, I'll tell you about this little fella later, for now you'd better off focusing on your meal no?"

Minya looked at me then Chimera then back at me before going back to her meal looking obviously worried.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 239

239 Choices, Unpicked


There are times when you're faced with 'choices' in life. Yes, choices you can see floating in front of you, awaiting to be picked.
Like say, right now for me. The content of which is extremely worthless.

1. Beat up these mercenaries and make them understand the gap in our strength
2. Defeat them by wailing apologies like noon
3. Way bothersome, just scram outta here

Those are my choices right now. However, there's only one true answer in reality.

"Oy! Cry all you want this time, we ain't gonna let you off no more. People kept staring at us everywhere we went after that, a huge pain in the ass. We're gonna make you pay for the humiliation!"

Option 2 is out with that.
And I don't want to stand out, therefore I'm not picking option 1 either.
Well, I'm not gonna hold back if I need to but now's not the time.

"Don't think you can run now. Hand over your bag and we might let it slide. With one punch that is. Otherwise, we just hafta hit you till you croak and snatch it up."

"Well, woulda prefer you put up a fight though yeah?"

'Gyahaha', these mercenaries laughed annoyingly. Is it because these guys in particular are trash or are all mercenaries like this?

Yep, my only choice has only ever been number 3. Getting beaten up by these people isn't my idea of fun.
I could have accelerated and poked them on the forehead here and there, but I really don't want to mindlessly kill people like I'm some homicidal maniac.

(Well if they went 'Kill 'im', that'd be enough justification for me though.)

That alone should create enough gap. I'm not a psychopath who derives pleasure or ecstasy from killing people.
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"Oy, the hell you shutting down for? Eeh? Speak up! Are you mute?!"

The mercenaries did their best threatening act to fish up my reaction.
But I'm already nowhere to be seen by that point.
Yep, I accelerated and walked past them to my inn. I only undid the state once I arrived at the entrance.
Those thugs must be in shock now. 'He's gone' or something.

I wiped that off my mind and went to my room. But the tavern part of this inn is still full of customers.
I was worried the noise would disrupt my sleep.
We're probably leaving early tomorrow. Gotta get up early. But my fear turned out unfounded.
That old man who guided me here really knew his stuff. Once I closed the door, the noise vanished like it was never there.
I got on my bed thinking I could rest well.

(...Wait did they say hand over my bag? Not all my belongings?)

That must mean that they listened in to my conversation at the inn.
That was the only time I uttered 'magic bag' words. After which those thugs showed up. No matter how you look at it.

(Ahh, man they're definitely gonna keep trying. What do?)

I caught sight of Chimera sleeping soundly in the corner of the room. After watching that, I gave up thinking further, a waste of time anyway, and fell into slumber.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 238

238 Under That Fate


I'm in Minya's house, it's a living space on the second floor of a blacksmith store.
Her grandfather being a blacksmith, naturally the granddaughter is living with him. The first floor had a desolate feeling to it with only few ware on display.
I'm getting a bit anxious with how smooth we got here, there was no trouble on the way.

(And I was sure we'd bump into another classic.)

After everything that happened so far, I just knew we would but apparently the event quota has been used up for today.
I've left Chimera in the inn, it's probably sleeping in my bed on its own anyway. It looked so content after wolfing down the steak, I don't believe it'd make a mess.

"Could you please put the luggage here inside your bag? Sorry for the trouble."

She's packed up a lot of stuff. It's normal considering it'd be a round trip, each taking two days. Also, she's planning to look for her gramps. That must be included in this supply. And if she can't find him right away, it's gonna take at least a few days for the search. Enough food and water here for that.
This much load is not something you can lug around by yourself. She must have been panicking so much she couldn't think straight.
And then we have this magic bag that can hold it all easily. I'm getting reminded just how convenient it is.

"Okay then, double check as I put them."

I opened the magic bag and put her luggage in one by one.
I can't look directly as those items get sucked in the moment the slightest part of them is inside. It's disgusting.
It didn't take long to put everything inside.
The bag's still not quite full despite all the load.

(Amazing... Earth science just can't match up to this. Magic is terrifying...)
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"Well, I should go back to my inn now. Feel free to bring more tomorrow if you need."

"...It can still hold more after storing that much... What is that bag's rank anyway? ...Ah, no excuse me."

"? Dunno why you apologized, but I've got no clue either. I mean someone gave it to me, never checked."

"Such a luxurious object, given to you? I really can't tell who you are anymore..."

"Let's talk about that later, I should head back soon. See you again tomorrow."

"Yes, I'll be counting on you. I have to thanks my good fortune that has allowed me to meet you and your magic bag."

Minya bowed deeply while exaggerating.
'Good fortune' huh, I'm sure it is for her. While it's pretty much a 'misfortune' to me.
Here I am trying to change my mind set so I don't think about that, but hearing Minya saying 'good fortune' rustled the corner of my mind.

I said 'good night' and left her house right after. The door has a 'Closed' sign put up. Naturally it's due to her grandfather leaving for the abandoned mine a month ago, she couldn't open the store even if she wanted to. There has been no sign of him coming back either. Living expenses don't just stop. Yet she had no ware to sell.

(She must have wanted to go but her hands were tied. And just when she resolved to actually do it, she ran into me, dunno if that was for the best or not.)

At worst, the gramps might have died already. He's in abandoned mine, who can say if he's got into an accident, attacked by something or suffered illness, it's been a month too, there's a high chance his fate might not be favorable.

As I was thinking that, I reached the main street. It's dark out. Past bedtime already. But you could still hear tumults and lights seeping out of taverns along this street.
I know the way back. The road to the inn isn't really winding, I simply need to retrace it.

But some people are blocking my way. The mercenaries who picked a fight with me at noon.

"Oy bastard. You got guts throwing mud in our faces this noon. I'mma beat the crap outta you here!"

(Man, I must be cursed.)

I half joked to Minya about being born 'Under That Fate' but I'm convinced that I am actually cursed by 'something of unknown quality' which resulted in this stuff keep happening.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 237

237 Yearning Passion


"You're... right. I likely will."

"Good thing you haven't huh. Now then, let's plan this out."

"...Why, why would you go out of your way to help some stranger you just met when you're not a mercenary?"

"Hmm? Well, let's just say that I was born under that fate."

"...That joke is not funny..."

Looks like Minya is starting to get suspicious of me. I guess that's understandable. Some random man of a doubtful origin readily agreed to help her, it's natural to think he's plotting something.
Commissioning a mercenary would cost her money, but someone who looks like the very picture of a commoner like me accompanying her would only add to her worry.

"I get why you're doubting me. Hmm? Then how about you do me a favor?"

"What is this favor? Just a reminder, I haven't formally agreed to hire you."

I put that forward to Minya who put on her guard.

"It's like, my justification to go with you. Your gramps is a blacksmith, isn't he? Apparently a skilled one at that. At least that's what I heard from the mercenaries here."

"Gramps is indeed one of the best blacksmiths in this kingdom... Do you want to put an order?"

"Oh! Quite sharp of you, sure do. I've got a personal order lined up for that gramps of yours, and that's why I'm tagging along in your search. How about that as my reason?"

"That does make you a bit more believable. But, what is this thing do you want gramps forge?"

"Ah, are you familiar with 'katana'? I want him to make me one!"
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I realized I was getting too excited and got embarrassed.
Serena the elf mentioned it once back then. That she's never seen a katana in this world.
I remember how she said dwarfs might know about it.
So now I'm getting a bit invested in this in hope of getting that blacksmith make me one.

(I mean all Japanese men yearn for katana right? It's romantic! Romance! Totally not chuunibyou.)

"No hesitation I see, still katana was it? What kind of thing is that?"

"Aah, guess it really doesn't exist in this world huh... That's a bit deflating."

She heard me muttering that. To begin with, I don't even know if that blacksmith is a dwarf. I'm getting ahead of myself.
Minya went, 'Come again?' and I could only say never mind in shame.

"It looks like I can trust you. It does seem that you are genuinely looking for that katana after all."

"So then, guess this isn't really a commission, I'm just tagging for the ride?"

"No, I will pay you. Please act as my escort."

"Hang on. Can you put that payment for when if that gramps of yours refuses to take my order, so you can help me persuade him?"

"...Are you truly okay with that? Or rather, what would you do if gramps doesn't know about this katana either?"

A reasonable doubt. Heck, high chance he doesn't know. But I'd like him to take on the challenge.
From what I heard in this inn, the image I have of this gramps is 'stubborn'. I'd probably need Minya's cooperation to break through that. Therefore, I want her 'persuasion' in exchange for my 'tag along'.

"I have a vague idea on its creation process, it'd be great if he could give it a go. Your persuasion and your 'please' would be my pay."

I believe that there's a not insignificant number of boys interested in katana who look into how to make one. Because I'm one of them. But only as far as the rough process go.
It would have been simple if we had internet here, but that's beyond impossible.
I can only hope that my surface level knowledge would suffice.
I'm getting excited at the idea of it possibly being the first katana made in this world.
Even if the finished product is a 'fake', I still want to take it in my hand.

"Understood. We have an agreement then. I will go fetch you tomorrow morning."

"Got it. So what do we need to prepare? Should we buy supply on our way to the gate tomorrow?"

"There is no need, I have everything ready."

Sounds like she really was going to head off alone tomorrow even if nobody came to her rescue.

"I've got a magic bag on me if you need to have them stored up, what do you say?"

Minya looked a bit surprised here.

"You have one at your age...? Then do you mind coming over to my house now and put them inside?"

"I might run off with your stuff. You sure?"

"I have a hunch you're not that kind of person. Besides, a genuine thief wouldn't say that and alert their target."

And thus, with her trust gained, I followed Minya back to her home as the sun set outside.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 236

236 Brooding Over


"I'll accept this job. I'll also help you look for your grandfather."

In the end I agreed. Without trying to find out the bad blood between her grandfather and Mercenary Guild first.

(Aah, another one of my 'bad habit' no thanks to this power.)

I'll manage somehow with this power on my side. That optimism will be my downfall someday. However, there's also no denying that some things can only be settled through power.
All the more with this kind of absurd power. It's still better than losing myself in it or getting over reliant.
Money, women, fame, authority, you can get anything you want with this power, the thought flashed in my mind. Even control over life and death.
But I never wished for any of that.
Even just helping people in need is too much for me.

"Are you sure!? Umm, it's hard to say... but you would be marked by the guild, you know? I know it's weird coming from me."

"Ah, I'm not a mercenary, no issue with me doing a favor for someone. I mean I've got the power to help and all, would leave a bad taste if I don't act, see?"


After a beat, Minya sounded surprised and stared at me from head to toes.

"Right, let's not treat this as a commission and just see me as someone that's offered his help to carry your luggage, easier for both us, don't you think?"

"Umm... Are you not a mercenary? I was sure you were one since you're staying in this inn..."

"Eh? Does this inn only accept mercenaries?"
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"No, it doesn't, but..."

Looks like Minya called out to me due to a misunderstanding. And I thought she knew I was a commoner.
This was where our wires slightly crossed. And that helped solve her problem.
Her misunderstanding resulted in me accepting her escort mission.

"Err, do you mind forgetting about what we just talked about?"

But then we're back to square one with that.

"? But why? Can I hear your reasoning?"

This after I resolved on helping her and all, the one asking for favor tried to back down.
I gotta hear her reason. But turned out it's quite reasonable.

"Aren't you a commoner? Many beasts infest the way to the mine, it's very dangerous. Having a frail looking young man like you, a non mercenary at that, as my escort is out of question."

"Ah, you're saying I lack the strength huh. Then how about I go find some random thugs and beat them up as a show of strength?"

I ignored Minya who was dumbfounded at my suggestion and recalled the men who picked a fight with me before I went to this inn.

(Will beating them to an inch of their life in front of her be enough to convince her?)

As I had that dangerous thought occupying my head, Minya awkwardly asked.

"Err, are you strong? What is your basis in that confidence?"

"Here's a question. Don't you think strong people that aren't necessarily mercenaries a dime a dozen in this world? Or am I wrong? I mean by your logic, every single strong men is a mercenary yeah? But shouldn't there be commoners far stronger than even mercenaries out there?"

I questioned Minya's logic. The idea that 'mercenary=strong' has been drilled in her head it seems.
It's an issue of image. After carrying that idea over many years, she's no longer able to think otherwise.
Hence, why she's ready to let go of her sole chance after many tries because it's different from what she imagined.
She was so desperate to save her grandfather and now she's pushing her potential helper away.
But it seemed she realized that and muttered while downcast.

"...Right. You're right. I was too panicked to see something so obvious..."

Judging from this, no one must have tried to help her,  no mercenary, no commoners or otherwise.
Even commoners could have formed a group to overcome lack of individual strength.
The fact that she couldn't gather a group is simply because those people weigh their daily life more than her problem. They may pity her but at the end of the day, their own lives are still more important to them.
That's probably why nobody has offered to help her. I can't really blame those people.
Nothing is more important than your own safety after all.

"Tell me, you were planning to head off alone tomorrow if I didn't take this job, weren't you?"





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 235

235 Cause of Fatigue


"I did try to commission Mercenary Guild. However they would not accept it. Left with no other choice, I have come here to personally hire a mercenary."

I don't buy her reason. There's no way the guild would refuse a request like that. There must be another reason behind it.
I'm thinking that this old man she's looking for might be in bad terms with the guild or there might be some sort of scheme going on behind the scene.

"Would you accept my commission? The pay will be eight silver coins. Please I beg of you."

I still don't really get the equivalent value of life for money in this world. Proof my common sense has still not aligned.
Is that too cheap, expensive, or apt for a job where you risk your life to protect other. I only have a vague idea on it.

"Minya, quit looking for that geezer and just get hitched with me, I'll make you happy, forget about this random guy."

A hopeless looking man butted in from the side. He's got this obvious no hoper aura coiling around him.

(I'm trying to be positive but no matter how you look at it... the aura around this guy...)

"This has nothing to do with you, Dento-san. Please stay away from me."

Whoa she went straight to 'stay away'. Minya curtly cut this Dento guy with a sharp tongue.
But the man didn't back down.
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"Oh c'mon, how long have we known each other, why don't you be a bit more gentler with me? I mean I've always visited your shop worrying about you and all, haven't I?"

"...You mean window shopping, and never once have you bought our ware, have you? You also never showed up whenever gramps tended the store. Not only that, you never even tried to talk with gramps and always avoided looking him in the eyes out of fear. Words of worry you directed at me always ring hollow, always full about yourself, all superficial. I cannot put my trust on someone who's so obviously duplicitous like you. When I was working my side jobs to support myself because our store didn't have ware to sell, you would always come and get in the way, saying 'I'm worried about you' while chattering and trying to flirt non stop without caring about my circumstances. Could you get lost and never show your face in front of me ever again?"

"Oy oy, aren't you talkative today, where'd your usual coldness go!? I knew it, you've been thinking about me all this time yeah? Come and be honest with yourself, I'm always welcome."

(Oh crap, that's some seriously bad wires cross... no, guy's not even listening!? He's beyond saving.)

Running into another type of ultimate 'pain in the rear' now of all time. Life is so harsh.
All that lambasting Minya said to his face and this Dento guy didn't even get a hint. It's like in one ear and out the other. Heck, I'm doubting he can understand words.

(How do you even supposed to deal with guys like this? I haven't exchanged so much as one word with him. And yet I'm already super tired.)

I can't figure out any ways to deal with this, not when my fed up meter reached MAX just from listening to their short exchange.
We won't get anywhere at this rate. I'm gonna get dragged into this if I don't pacify them.

"How about you take on her commission if you're so worried about her?"

That was my sole hope to escape this scene. Taking this guy along would definitely be hell. But that was the only way to end this conversation asap.
But then I recalled that I haven't formally accepted this job.

(Will Minya be safe if this guy went with her alone? Judging from their conversation, he probably refused already, but what if he does now and attacks her later?)

I'd never stop regretting if something that repulsive happened.
She may be a stranger. But there's no way I could just turn a blind eye to a risk of a woman possibly getting violated.
I'd rather shoulder the burden of 'a pain' than that regret.

But Dento's next words pushed away my worry.

"Nope, can't do. It's the rule to not accept a job unless it's through the guild. That's just common sense with everybody."

So he said. Which means the mercenaries here, no in the entire country won't ever accept her commission no matter how much she appealed to them.
Minya had a frustrated look on her face. But it's the 'she knew about it' look.
She knew and yet she went for it anyway. She had no other choice. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"Then you've got no place here. The two of us are having a discussion. And I am going to accept her commission. You're in the way. You have no right to be here if you're not gonna take the job. You get it as a mercenary no? You can't tell us you don't, can you? Or what, you don't know the rule in this line of work? Mind getting lost now if you understand?"

I said random things just shoo this Dento guy away. To be honest, I'm just betting it applies.
I can't help myself. I couldn't bear just watching her desperately pleading for help from the mercenaries.
And thus, this was the first time I'm proactively trying to save someone in this world.
Our debate has drawn the attention of all the mercenaries in the tavern, away from their meals and booze, before I realized.
Under their gazes, Dento spat out his parting words before leaving.

"Come and tell me if you're troubled with anything okay? I'm always here to help."

The exact opposite of what he said earlier. If he were actually being serious, he would have done so right here and now.

(So this is what you call a 'nice guy'...)

'This is my chance to prove my worth to the woman I'm wooing!'
Then using 'rule' as an excuse to shirk, a hypocrite.
I was assaulted by a sudden wave of fatigue after coming across this type of person for the first time in my life.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 234

234 Topic


I told her, 'Let's talk later on the first floor over dinner', and she left.
Then I saw her sitting quietly in the corner when I got down to eat later on.
I was holding the slightest hope of her leaving though.

(I told her we'll talk. Can't just ignore her now... I mean I said it myself. Ah, but man what a pain.)

The girl might have been randomly knocking on all the doors upstairs. Without checking if anyone was inside.
He might not recognize my face. Then I could just pretend that never happened, but doesn't seem like it.

(Ah, she looked over here and even bowed... No way to dodge this...)

All that stuff about resolve and yet I hesitated when it's time to put my foot down, what a pitiful man I am.

I sat down and ordered my share before paying in advance. 'Thank you!' the server's voice echoed loudly and got immediately drowned by the chatter here.
Apparently this is the usual time for mercenaries to come and drink, I could hear stuff like, 'Found a nice sword', 'My client's a tyrant', 'Stingy reward for that difficult mission', 'Made a killing today' and such.
Seeing as she waited for me for quite a while, she must have been at her wit's end. Like trying to grasp at straw. Looking for anyone who would hear her out.
Since I was the only one she could find, she waited quietly in the corner.
After a beat, I greeted her. Despite her desperateness, it's clear she still maintains a sense of courtesy.

"My name is Minya. I truly hope you would be willing to kindly accept my commission."

I thought she was still a kid due to her short stature, but her greeting had the obvious aura of a 'grown up'.

"The commission is to escort me to an abandoned mine situated in a mountain two days away from the Kingdom."

Red hair and brown eyes. Minya's traits are something I've never seen before.
People in this world are all blonds with blue eyes. Yet she looks like another race in comparison.

"I wish to look for my grandfather who has gone there one month ago. However, many beasts are reportedly prowling the way there, as such I would like you to protect me until destination."

"...Shouldn't that be something you commission Mercenary Guild for, like a search party not for you to go there yourself?"

My question was quite reasonable. I was sure it was something more pressing.
A simple escort mission. Then she could've just gone to the guild, but then I realized that this happened a month ago and how she'd been asking mercenaries without the guild's mediation, meaning there's a reason behind it.
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It was too late when I realized I made a mistake. Minya started narrating her life story... or not, she didn't.
I was bracing myself for another session of a long winded history lesson, and yet there was no sign of Minya doing that.


As I was taken aback by the lack of the 'expected', I found out why, the waiter had brought my meal.

"I shall refrain from spoiling your meal with a boorish tale. Please go ahead and enjoy your dinner first. I can attest the food here."

'Well then', I indulged on her consideration and ate the served dish which was good indeed.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 233

233 The Past and The Future


I don't want to have any lingering regret. Recalling them would only worsen my mood every time.
Even the slightest bit of regret would spoil a tranquil life whenever you recalled one.
My end goal is a recluse life of retirement. Lost in reminiscences of important 'games' with nobody disturbing.
No place for even the most trivial regret in there. That's why I don't want to leave any.

I am capable of sympathizing when I see people who need help, I also have the 'power' to make it happen.
What if I don't extend a lending hand there? What if I just look the other way despite pitying them?
I'm sure someday the thoughts, 'Should I have helped them back then?', and 'What ifs' would pop up in my mind.
I absolutely must prevent any such 'regrets' creeping in my retirement life plan.
That's why I've resolved myself to help those who seek my aid, or deal with problems I can solve when faced with one.
It's a bit late, but not having that resolve is the reason why I kept lamenting all the people and trouble I ran into as annoyances.
An indispensable part of life. You just cannot avoid it all. 'Meeting' with other people is a phenomenon you just can't be abstain from in life.

(Truth is stranger than fiction and all that jazz, but the frequency of me running into trouble so far is so obviously abnormal... Something's definitely not right.)

I mean an event turned up the instant I opened the door to this inn. It's just too much, it's turned into a conviction.

(Once I get in my room, the door will be knocked for sure.)

And I was right. But in an entirely different direction. A cute 'meoow' echoed.
It's Chimera of course. I opened the door a bit and an unusual looking kitten slipped in through the gap.

"How'd you know where I am anyway? Is it that? You've got a sharp nose and traced my smell or something?"

Chimera didn't reply back and kept staring at a basket instead.
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"Aah, that's a present for you, a nice steak as thanks for all you've done this time."

It's cold already nevertheless I put it on a plate on the floor and Chimera started nibbling on it, relishing on the flavor.

"Oh, look at you going at it. Wonder if that's how I looked back then too."

I muttered to myself in whisper. As someone who think Chimera looks cute, I'm getting healed just watching it.
I've confirmed that Chimera is stronger than the 'hero' in this world. Dunno just how strong is a 'hero' but Chimera is stronger than that Zoldak guy at least.
Considering that Zoldak is supposed to be the strongest independent force in Kingdom or something, this is a highly pressing matter.
I could make excuse, 'This guy's following me on its own', all I want but people likely won't easily accept that.

(It's probably not going to follow me around forever...)

As I was thinking that, someone knocked on my room's door.

"Excuse me, may I have a bit of your time?"

It was the voice of that girl who was desperately calling for help in the tavern below.

(Ah, I knew she'd come here...)

The chain of event seemed like it was going out of order with Chimera's return so I was hoping nothing would crop up, but the girl then resumed as if ridiculing me for even thinking that.

"Please help me in my search for gramps. I beg of you!"

Despite the low volume, I could tell that her voice contained a mix of anxiety and fluster from behind the door.




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