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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 231

231 Turnabout


I strolled aimlessly as I took in the sights.
Most things I saw was novel to me.
Can't be helped, I am a country bumpkin unfamiliar with the world after all. It's only been about a month since I left my rustic quiet village in fact. Of course I know nothing.
Someone who still lacks a lot like me thinking he could live 'ordinarily' in this world was really foolish. Not when I can't even understand common sense and sense of value of this world.
And the result was a total failure, piqued the princess's interest.
I must have looked like a clueless hick as I was resolving on changing my perspective on the middle of the street.
And of course some thugs caught on to that. Trying to broaden my horizon by looking at everything backfired.

(I can't be 'ordinary' yet. But I don't want to stand out. With my 'power' that is. What other option do I have then?)

"Oy! Whaddya think yer' lookin' at huh!? Did you just glare at me? That ain't gonna do, ain't gonna do at all."

Why do these types exist everywhere anyway? Template? No, it's pretty much hall of fame now.

"Somebody! Save me! Call the guards please! I'm being mugged! Anyone please!"

I shouted out loud before they could get close. Then I kept repeating it endlessly.

"B-bastard! Shut the hell up! Shut it! Oy! Are you deaf?!"

The thug yelled. But I refuse. No stopping this train.

(Even if I stand out now, I'm leaving this kingdom soon anyway, unlike these guys who should be living here. Have at it, bask in all the attention. See how well it goes for you.)

To me the shame would be temporary, but these local thugs would carry it with them everywhere so long they stay here.
My shouting was super effective. I have my face hidden under my hood unlike these thugs so the longer this goes on, the more attention they draw.
Seems like it's a group of four thugs, as more and more people gather, all kinds of glances are being directed at them.
With little to no fun activity around, everybody who flocked here seemed to be the busybody type.

In the center of the crowd are me and the four thugs. They have swords hanging on their waists and leather protector on their chests. They're probably mercenaries.
I saw few people with similar equipment when I went to Mercenary Guild with Aryl, so it must be true.

"You bastard! What're you playing at!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Shut up! Shut yer' trap!"
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I apologized even louder than the yelling thug.

"I just left my village, I don't know anything! Please forgive me if I offend you! Please! Please! I beg of you please!"

I proceeded to prostrate myself. I bobbed my head up and down while shouting, 'Please forgive me'.
There's no stopping me. It's like I can't even hear them.

(I call this the prostrating strategy! The guards should show up after hearing the commotion. I just gotta buy time until then.)

How were I able to so easily do all this? That's because I don't accept this world.
You live your life through your own subjectivity. But to me everything is hazily between objective and subjective.
Yes, this is not my world, this isn't me. Therefore, it's got nothing to do with me. I can do anything.

My mindset had a complete shift again after coming here and running into another set of fantasy, hero? blade of light? a gigantic castle?
I'm no longer able to perceive myself.

(Might as well enjoy it then yeah? How about just living life to the fullest until I achieve my end goal?)

My previous way of thinking had always led me to loss, the frequency of getting into trouble was just too high. It's been nothing but minus, so painfully obvious.
Then all I need to do is to turn that mindset around. It's the Egg of Columbus.
By doing so, I can act unlike my usual self.

The thugs seemed to feel disgusted at me who kept repeating like a broken toy, they looked at me like I'm a filth and yelled their way out.

"Oy! Move outta the way! Get away! Tch! What a waste of our time..."

An old man came up to me who kept apologizing even after the thugs left.

"Hey, it's okay, it's all right now. Those guys are gone already."

I stopped prostrating at once and stood up like it never happened.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I beg your pardon for this ruckus."

I bowed at the crowd. And made a plea.

"I have just arrived in this kingdom and have no idea left from right. I would like to stay at an inn, does anybody know of a nice one?"

The crowd was taken aback by my complete change of demeanor.

"...Hahahaha! You got us good! Interesting! Come, let me take you there myself!"

It's the old man who approached me.
Seeing that, the crowd dispersed at once each with their own impressions, 'He sure got them', 'That was funny', 'Guy's got guts.'




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