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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 232

232 Event Turns Up


I've started to see this game like a protagonist of an RPG, to enjoy it to the fullest with 'retiring' as my end goal.
Due to all the mess and trouble I have been dragged into. It wasn't fun at all because it was always a 'loss' for me by the end.
If I kept my old mindset and ran into another chain of 'problems', it would only thrust me into another spiral of 'unfun'. I've gotta sever that.
I'm going to accept whatever happens, perhaps things would change for good and I could finally live in peace from now on, but even if I come across a problem I just can't overlook, I'm gonna try to 'enjoy' it. That should prevent the whole thing into becoming a 'minus' to me at least.
I'm altering how I see and accept things on a fundamental level. Whether you can put it into practice may be hard as a human. But that resolve was immediately put to test at the inn the old man guided me to.

"Please! Would anyone please accept my commission? Anyone! You will be paid accordingly! I beg of you!"

That was the first speech I heard the moment I arrived at the inn. I wanna cry, there's really no escape from this fate, heck it's like I'll always get swallowed into this whirlpool whenever I go.

This inn is called 'Dragon's Back'. A place of repose for mercenaries. Combining both a tavern and an inn in the same building.
Of course, she's making the appeal in the tavern part where many mercenaries gather.
I parted ways with the old man in front of the inn, and this was the first thing that jumped into my eyes when I opened the door.

"Give it up. That geezer got a sharp tongue. There ain't nobody who's gonna take you up."
"He's got skill and his gear's good stuff fer' sure. But he shooed me away when I visited his store the first time."
"Yeah, yelling crap like, 'Yer' too green for that sword!', told him that's gonna put the wrong idea to his customers, guy gonna sell nuthin'."
"Then he'd say, 'Not my fault that guy died'."
"His stuff's cheaper than other stores yeah, but I ain't bothering going to bat for that geezer."
"Not like losing a blacksmith or two's gonna be felt to this kingdom anyway. Heck, nothing's gonna change for us. We just hafta go to other stores if he's gone."
"That geezer's gonna shittalk us even if we found him anyway."

"I only need an escort until the mine! Please anyone! Lend me your help!"

Judging from these reactions, it's about an old man blacksmith that's not popular with people. Standing in contrast to that is a girl who's desperately calling for help.

(Ah, I'm guessing this one's is about the plea of a girl worrying over her grandfather's well being? Another classic.)

Yes, I won't deny that I quickly liken this to something out of a game in my mind. In fact, I wanna ask how else is one supposed to take this?
As that thought vaguely crossed my mind, I headed for a counter in the corner and asked the clerk there.

"I'd like to book a room for a night. How much?"

Monetarily, I'm flush with cash. The fund I got from Eltros is in excess. Not to mention the gold I took from all the bandits I took care of.
I can easily afford expensive inns as long as I don't go overboard.

"That'll be two silver and three copper coins. Dinner is served on the first floor as you can see, so it's not included. Breakfast costs you four pennies surcharge."

I paid the fare and hurriedly went upstairs next to the counter.

"Your room's the furthest in the back to the right upstairs. Oh and breakfast can be taken anytime before noon."

I raised my right hand to signal the clerk and walked up to my room as indicated.





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