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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 240

240 Morning Scenery


I woke up feeling refreshed the morning after. Got out the bed after stretching.
Glancing at the window, seems we have a nice weather today. Good for a trip.
Opening the window let in fresh morning air filling the room and brightening my mood.
But that was short lived when I recalled yesterday evening.

(Those guys are coming after us for sure. I mean they got to know where I'm staying.)

I won't be able to stay in the kingdom for long now if news about my magic bag got out.
The more the rumor spreads, the more scoundrels definitely come my way demanding the bag.
Gotta get out of this country before it comes to that annoying point.

"Good morning. Are you awake yet?"

Minya knocked on the door before asking. She's here here to fetch me.
The sun hasn't even risen yet, meaning she must have left her house even earlier.
Her hastiness is understandable. She must be worried sick about her grandfather.

"Aah, wait for me downstairs. I'll be right there."

Once her presence behind the door vanished, I looked at Chimera. It's still sleeping peacefully.

(Hmm, wonder if it's still gonna sleep more? But I'm checking out this inn, guess I gotta wake it up?)

I gently pat its back, Chimera reacted to that, got up and stretched.
Then it let out a grand yawn and rubbed its face with its fore paws.

"Morning. I'm planning to head out now, how are you feeling?"

Even if Chimera understood my words, it could only reply with 'meow' so I still don't get what it's saying in the end.

(If only there was a way to translate Chimera's meows.)

I brushed that idle thought aside and left my room.
I went downstairs and asked the clerk for breakfast. For Minya too.

"Have you eaten yet? Let's have breakfast together if you haven't."

"Yes well, I have not. I'll help myself if you don't mind."

That's the whole exchange and yet the clerk got it and brought meals for us both.
I paid for her share. Minya went quiet for a bit.

"...Is this your treat?"
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Her voice sounded infinitesimally low and apologetic.

"You don't have goods for sale since your grampa was gone, do you? Must have been hard, just see this as part of the cost to help me persuade your gramps."

From yesterday, I figured she must have bought lots of food and tools to help her in the search.
It must have cost quite a lot.
Judging from her financial, having breakfast here must not come cheap.
All while trying to save up money to hire mercenaries. She must be at her wit's end.
Helping her a bit in that regard here is the humane thing to do. My wallet has more than enough leeway anyway.

(When did I even become a humanitarian anyway? Helping people and being emphatic doesn't suit me.)

Must be cause of my current monetary situation.
Whenever I had pocket change in my past life, I wouldn't even think about treating someone and go straight to game centers instead.
But this world has no 'video games'. The biggest gap from my former life.
With nothing to sink in, all the money I amass goes nowhere.
Thus, I don't really think about using them. Which translates to me treating people willy-nilly. Nothing to lose.

"Ah, clerk-san. Get me another portion please."

Minya looked quizzical at that. The breakfast this inn serves is more than plentiful for one person after all.
The clerk cheerfully replied, 'Gotcha!', and brought the portion.
After paying, I put it on the floor. Yep, it's for Chimera.
And Minya who was looking at it in wonder gradually had her eyes open wide.
She noticed Chimera who gradually turned visible chomping on the food.
I put it outside the clerk's line of vision, but it was in plain sight to Minya.

"Aah, I'll tell you about this little fella later, for now you'd better off focusing on your meal no?"

Minya looked at me then Chimera then back at me before going back to her meal looking obviously worried.





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