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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 239

239 Choices, Unpicked


There are times when you're faced with 'choices' in life. Yes, choices you can see floating in front of you, awaiting to be picked.
Like say, right now for me. The content of which is extremely worthless.

1. Beat up these mercenaries and make them understand the gap in our strength
2. Defeat them by wailing apologies like noon
3. Way bothersome, just scram outta here

Those are my choices right now. However, there's only one true answer in reality.

"Oy! Cry all you want this time, we ain't gonna let you off no more. People kept staring at us everywhere we went after that, a huge pain in the ass. We're gonna make you pay for the humiliation!"

Option 2 is out with that.
And I don't want to stand out, therefore I'm not picking option 1 either.
Well, I'm not gonna hold back if I need to but now's not the time.

"Don't think you can run now. Hand over your bag and we might let it slide. With one punch that is. Otherwise, we just hafta hit you till you croak and snatch it up."

"Well, woulda prefer you put up a fight though yeah?"

'Gyahaha', these mercenaries laughed annoyingly. Is it because these guys in particular are trash or are all mercenaries like this?

Yep, my only choice has only ever been number 3. Getting beaten up by these people isn't my idea of fun.
I could have accelerated and poked them on the forehead here and there, but I really don't want to mindlessly kill people like I'm some homicidal maniac.

(Well if they went 'Kill 'im', that'd be enough justification for me though.)

That alone should create enough gap. I'm not a psychopath who derives pleasure or ecstasy from killing people.
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"Oy, the hell you shutting down for? Eeh? Speak up! Are you mute?!"

The mercenaries did their best threatening act to fish up my reaction.
But I'm already nowhere to be seen by that point.
Yep, I accelerated and walked past them to my inn. I only undid the state once I arrived at the entrance.
Those thugs must be in shock now. 'He's gone' or something.

I wiped that off my mind and went to my room. But the tavern part of this inn is still full of customers.
I was worried the noise would disrupt my sleep.
We're probably leaving early tomorrow. Gotta get up early. But my fear turned out unfounded.
That old man who guided me here really knew his stuff. Once I closed the door, the noise vanished like it was never there.
I got on my bed thinking I could rest well.

(...Wait did they say hand over my bag? Not all my belongings?)

That must mean that they listened in to my conversation at the inn.
That was the only time I uttered 'magic bag' words. After which those thugs showed up. No matter how you look at it.

(Ahh, man they're definitely gonna keep trying. What do?)

I caught sight of Chimera sleeping soundly in the corner of the room. After watching that, I gave up thinking further, a waste of time anyway, and fell into slumber.




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