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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 238

238 Under That Fate


I'm in Minya's house, it's a living space on the second floor of a blacksmith store.
Her grandfather being a blacksmith, naturally the granddaughter is living with him. The first floor had a desolate feeling to it with only few ware on display.
I'm getting a bit anxious with how smooth we got here, there was no trouble on the way.

(And I was sure we'd bump into another classic.)

After everything that happened so far, I just knew we would but apparently the event quota has been used up for today.
I've left Chimera in the inn, it's probably sleeping in my bed on its own anyway. It looked so content after wolfing down the steak, I don't believe it'd make a mess.

"Could you please put the luggage here inside your bag? Sorry for the trouble."

She's packed up a lot of stuff. It's normal considering it'd be a round trip, each taking two days. Also, she's planning to look for her gramps. That must be included in this supply. And if she can't find him right away, it's gonna take at least a few days for the search. Enough food and water here for that.
This much load is not something you can lug around by yourself. She must have been panicking so much she couldn't think straight.
And then we have this magic bag that can hold it all easily. I'm getting reminded just how convenient it is.

"Okay then, double check as I put them."

I opened the magic bag and put her luggage in one by one.
I can't look directly as those items get sucked in the moment the slightest part of them is inside. It's disgusting.
It didn't take long to put everything inside.
The bag's still not quite full despite all the load.

(Amazing... Earth science just can't match up to this. Magic is terrifying...)
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"Well, I should go back to my inn now. Feel free to bring more tomorrow if you need."

"...It can still hold more after storing that much... What is that bag's rank anyway? ...Ah, no excuse me."

"? Dunno why you apologized, but I've got no clue either. I mean someone gave it to me, never checked."

"Such a luxurious object, given to you? I really can't tell who you are anymore..."

"Let's talk about that later, I should head back soon. See you again tomorrow."

"Yes, I'll be counting on you. I have to thanks my good fortune that has allowed me to meet you and your magic bag."

Minya bowed deeply while exaggerating.
'Good fortune' huh, I'm sure it is for her. While it's pretty much a 'misfortune' to me.
Here I am trying to change my mind set so I don't think about that, but hearing Minya saying 'good fortune' rustled the corner of my mind.

I said 'good night' and left her house right after. The door has a 'Closed' sign put up. Naturally it's due to her grandfather leaving for the abandoned mine a month ago, she couldn't open the store even if she wanted to. There has been no sign of him coming back either. Living expenses don't just stop. Yet she had no ware to sell.

(She must have wanted to go but her hands were tied. And just when she resolved to actually do it, she ran into me, dunno if that was for the best or not.)

At worst, the gramps might have died already. He's in abandoned mine, who can say if he's got into an accident, attacked by something or suffered illness, it's been a month too, there's a high chance his fate might not be favorable.

As I was thinking that, I reached the main street. It's dark out. Past bedtime already. But you could still hear tumults and lights seeping out of taverns along this street.
I know the way back. The road to the inn isn't really winding, I simply need to retrace it.

But some people are blocking my way. The mercenaries who picked a fight with me at noon.

"Oy bastard. You got guts throwing mud in our faces this noon. I'mma beat the crap outta you here!"

(Man, I must be cursed.)

I half joked to Minya about being born 'Under That Fate' but I'm convinced that I am actually cursed by 'something of unknown quality' which resulted in this stuff keep happening.





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