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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 233

233 The Past and The Future


I don't want to have any lingering regret. Recalling them would only worsen my mood every time.
Even the slightest bit of regret would spoil a tranquil life whenever you recalled one.
My end goal is a recluse life of retirement. Lost in reminiscences of important 'games' with nobody disturbing.
No place for even the most trivial regret in there. That's why I don't want to leave any.

I am capable of sympathizing when I see people who need help, I also have the 'power' to make it happen.
What if I don't extend a lending hand there? What if I just look the other way despite pitying them?
I'm sure someday the thoughts, 'Should I have helped them back then?', and 'What ifs' would pop up in my mind.
I absolutely must prevent any such 'regrets' creeping in my retirement life plan.
That's why I've resolved myself to help those who seek my aid, or deal with problems I can solve when faced with one.
It's a bit late, but not having that resolve is the reason why I kept lamenting all the people and trouble I ran into as annoyances.
An indispensable part of life. You just cannot avoid it all. 'Meeting' with other people is a phenomenon you just can't be abstain from in life.

(Truth is stranger than fiction and all that jazz, but the frequency of me running into trouble so far is so obviously abnormal... Something's definitely not right.)

I mean an event turned up the instant I opened the door to this inn. It's just too much, it's turned into a conviction.

(Once I get in my room, the door will be knocked for sure.)

And I was right. But in an entirely different direction. A cute 'meoow' echoed.
It's Chimera of course. I opened the door a bit and an unusual looking kitten slipped in through the gap.

"How'd you know where I am anyway? Is it that? You've got a sharp nose and traced my smell or something?"

Chimera didn't reply back and kept staring at a basket instead.
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"Aah, that's a present for you, a nice steak as thanks for all you've done this time."

It's cold already nevertheless I put it on a plate on the floor and Chimera started nibbling on it, relishing on the flavor.

"Oh, look at you going at it. Wonder if that's how I looked back then too."

I muttered to myself in whisper. As someone who think Chimera looks cute, I'm getting healed just watching it.
I've confirmed that Chimera is stronger than the 'hero' in this world. Dunno just how strong is a 'hero' but Chimera is stronger than that Zoldak guy at least.
Considering that Zoldak is supposed to be the strongest independent force in Kingdom or something, this is a highly pressing matter.
I could make excuse, 'This guy's following me on its own', all I want but people likely won't easily accept that.

(It's probably not going to follow me around forever...)

As I was thinking that, someone knocked on my room's door.

"Excuse me, may I have a bit of your time?"

It was the voice of that girl who was desperately calling for help in the tavern below.

(Ah, I knew she'd come here...)

The chain of event seemed like it was going out of order with Chimera's return so I was hoping nothing would crop up, but the girl then resumed as if ridiculing me for even thinking that.

"Please help me in my search for gramps. I beg of you!"

Despite the low volume, I could tell that her voice contained a mix of anxiety and fluster from behind the door.




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