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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 244

244 A Bit of Lie, 'Outsider' Motive


I got up early the next morning. Not because of anything in particular. I just got up early.
Leaving the tent, I was greeted with the fresh morning air rousing me.

It's my chance to finish morning business. Minya isn't awake yet.
Brushing teeth, washing face and body with a wet towel.
I put up a partitioning screen a bit away from our tents and relieved myself.

Minya got up once I was all done. The sun was just about rising.

"Good morning... Ah, thank you for this."

She still looked half-awake so I handed her another set of towel and water which she took back into her tent.
She was bowing when she came out again. And spoke apologetically.

"You've done so much... Please let me take care of cooking at least."

"Ah sure, I've left that screen hanging over there, so maybe after you're done with your business?"

I shut down immediately when I noticed my lack of delicacy.
Had this been in modern world, she'd scream 'sexual harassment', instead Minya briskly walked in the direction I pointed.

(Oh right, we're in another world... With a highly alien civilization, common sense, and also, this is a life risking camp excursion.)

I recalled things I'd almost forgotten.
But that also meant I saw myself as an 'outsider', which is a good thing.
As I got stuff ready to be cooked, I looked at the sleeping Chimera who had turned back into 'Kitten Mode'.
I poured in water into the pot as I soothed myself with its cuteness.

When Minya came back, I asked her to pack up our tents when she suddenly asked me.

"Umm, I realize it's weird to ask now after all this time, but may I have your name? My circumstance as it was, I forgot to ask back then but now, do you mind?"

I decided to lie here. A bit of lie that's so obvious and doubtful.
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"I'm actually a wanted person y'see. Oh don't worry, it's not because I'm a criminal or anything. I used 'wanted' only because it's the most straightforward term to express the situation I'm in. So I'm gonna have to refrain from sharing my name."

Sure enough, Minya stared hard at me for that sorry excuse but apparently she decided not to probe further.

"It would be shameless of me to demand more after all your hospitality. I won't inquire further. From what I've seen of you, I don't believe you're a bad person."

"Yep yep, all's well if you found your gramps. Ends well if I could get your gramps make a katana for me. That's it. That's all it needs be."

'All's well ends well?' she looked puzzled which I ignored. Some idioms don't translate well in this world. Previously coup d'etat did. But this one doesn't it seems. I still don't get if the language here is complex or not.

We finished eating while chatting. Chimera got the same soup as yesterday.
Danger seemed so far away when we spent such a carefree morning like this.
All without realizing how 'those guys' are waiting to ambush us on the second day.




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