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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 248

248 Running


"Have you never ridden one? Hmm, then you'd better not push yourself. First, you have to get familiar with the peculiar vibration unique to riding Grudos or else you'd get thrown off right away."

Looks like Minya has ridden them before. Then it's simple.

"Minya, you get on them. I'll run after you on foot. No need to worry about getting attacked by beasts along the way with these guys right? I'll catch up with you later."

"Come again? What are you on about? Running after me on foot, really, that doesn't even pass as a joke."

Her words sounded a bit thorny, proof that she's gotten used with me somewhat, I guess that's a good thing?

"There's five Grudos here. You can keep alternating between them to maintain the pace no? I'm sure you can get there before evening. Aren't you worried about your gramps?"

Minya took a deep breath after I mentioned her gramps and replied.

"I understand. I will go on ahead. Please follow behind me. Ah, I'll set up our campsite once I get there, may I borrow your magic bag?"

That's a good idea ordinarily. Thus I handed over my bag. Though that ends in vain.

"Now then, guess I'll take a spin 'for real' this time!"

I stretched myself as a warm up. After bending and stretching my ankles, I'm ready.

'I will be off.' Minya said as she took rein of the Grudos. They quickly reached top speed as their figures quickly turned smaller in the horizon. I started running as well after a bit.

Now then, as I was just running, there was nothing of note.
Let me get straight to the result. I ran past Minya halfway through the course. How her eyeballs looked like they were about to pop out of sockets was the most striking impression I had.
Apparently, she was on the third Grudos by that point, while I kept running without stopping.
I arrived at the abandoned mine town's gate late at noon, followed by Minya a long bit after.

Minya had a complicated look on her face as she muttered, 'I can't believe it...' also with a complicated sounding tone. I don't get it.
Feeling good from the exercise, I made a suggestion for our next step.

"Now then, we're finally here and all but first thing first, we've got to set up our base camp, afterward, have a late lunch."
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"Right yes, understood. We did ran all the way here without taking a break after all. I've got to feed these boys as well."

We got past the dilapidated town gate into the ruined town. To look for a building or a storehouse we could use. I'm sure Minya would love to go look for her gramps right away, but we can't really start until we've established a base.
Then we found a small tattered hut.

"That hut looks nice. There's even shades under trees we can tie Grudos on."

I agreed with her and opened the door to the hut. Minya went on to tie Grudos and feed them.
And the first thing that jumped into my vision was traces of someone living inside recently.





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