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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 254

254 Calm Decision


Just like the goblin cave from back then, the insides are brightly lit with the walls shining the way.
I slowly advance ahead with a sword in hand, being careful.

(Wait a minute... My head was in disarray cause of this sudden dungeon appearance, but I gotta keep template stuff in mind.)

I halted my step and cooled off. I couldn't contain my excitement even though I'm doing this to look for the gramps. I may have the 'power' but dungeon delving alone is undeniably a risky action.
Gotta remember 'safety first' now that I'm inside. Even with this power by my side, who knows what danger lurks ahead.
All the classics in dungeons. I squeezed my memory looking for them. First, this place is pretty much a tunnel.
Potential cave-in should be the most dangerous. Next up, pitfalls. The ground giving in when you step on it. Standard stuff.
The last cave-type dungeon I went in was structured like a simple straight path.
However, this was originally a mine, there must be many junctions they dug out.
I'm pretty much a beginner against these high difficulty stages. I'll definitely get lost.
I guess I should be thankful there's no complex traps like 'wall spears', 'ambush arrows', or 'ceiling falls'.
I took a deep breath and resumed my step, then I found myself in a fork on the path.

(Figured. Right, no left? For now let's take a memo...)

Bringing the magic bag with me was the correct choice. I could see a future mummy me if I'd just kept going without a plan.
I had this memo prepared when I heard it would be a tunnel, knowing we'd likely get lost looking for gramps since we had no map of the mine.
It'd have been for naught if it was a straight tunnel, but this confirms it's full of forks. Even more terrifying now that it's turned into a dungeon.
I could only pray it hadn't gotten any more complicated deeper inside.

I took the right path and walked for a bit before coming into a dome shaped open space.
It's a big baseball stadium sized space. A boulder about as tall as an average man is sitting in the center of this space.

"What's that...? A trap? A huge boulder for a trap? ...Maybe some sort of mechanism? But this dungeon is fresh from the oven, how is there a gimmick already..."
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My monologue echoed. Nobody here to give me an answer.
No, the answer springs up on its own.

Clack clack clack, that sound came from the ground before a huge number of skeletons rose up all at once.

"Are you for real! An army of skeletons!? Hold up! They're scary!"

Honestly the sight of this army coming at me all at once is simply horrifying.
I mean there's so many of them they're occupying half of the space here. My mental fortitude couldn't stand it anymore, I turned tail and ran off.
I could have one punched these small fry, heck even if they weren't small fry, if I just entered 'Acceleration'.
However, my mind wasn't up to snuff. I wasn't mentally prepared for it.

The skeletons are chasing me down in a narrow passage.
I got back to the fork earlier. And finally realized. Too late a realization.

"Dammit! Those things are nothing if I hadn't lost my jet! Should have just crushed them all! My 'power' can clean them up in a jiffy!"

Being unable to choose the right decision on the spur of the moment when you're in shock happens, but that emotion turned into instant anger for me now.

I forgot to use Acceleration once again, rushed out and swung my sword at an oncoming Skeleton, splitting it in half. Cleanly from the cranium down.
It disappeared into flickering particles of light as it died.

"Dammit! That scared me to death! They looked so spooky I ran out of reflex. Thinking again, Skeletons are just small fry monsters you encounter at the start! Gimme, dammit! Gimme back my fright!"

I kept cutting down the incoming clacking Skeletons one by one in anger.
After what seemed like an endless stream of skulls and bones, it finally came to an end.

"Aah, I can't take it anymore... What is this empty feeling with no target to vent on..."

I went back to the dome shaped space from earlier as I muttered that.




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