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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 251

251 Realization


"I-is everything alright!? You look really pale! Are you hurt anywhere!? Actually after a closer look, I don't see any wound..."

"I just barfed from seeing a nasty scene, just give me a bit... ugh..."

I lay down in the hut and shut my eyes to calm myself.
Minya helped rubbing my back.

"Ah, sorry for the trouble. I'm good now let's head outside and check things out."

After a five minute rest, I asked Minya to go outside the hut to confirm some things.

"...What is this!? Those are...? Did you really do all this by yourself...? But even a single orc supposedly needs around five mercenaries to defeat. It's said they have so much physical strength and stamina, killing one is an ordeal... and yet you did all this, alone?"

After hearing Minya, one thing is clear now.

(Some of the 'fantasy' are shared between this world and that world... A weird 'coincidence' no matter how you look at it.)

Both worlds are completely separate, therefore common points should not be this pronounced.
The tales in that world are all nothing more than 'imaginations'. Yet it's a 'reality' here.
It's not that the reality here is affecting the imaginations in that world. No, the reality here has been modeled after the imaginations in that world.
Thus how commonalities are made. Otherwise there's no way some beings share the exact same traits down their names.

I should have noticed sooner with the elves and the goblins back then. But my head was too preoccupied I just didn't have the time to think about it.
I stop thinking further about the truth of this world. I mean it's not like I need to know about it for my future plan. Not like I want to overturn or change this fact. I'm still going to live in this world regardless at the end of the day.
What's important is the present and future, what happened in the beginning bears no meaning.

(Now, gotta ask about that...)
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"Hey so, are orcs edible?"

"W-what are you saying? Well since you asked... I have heard stories of eccentric people treating orc meat as a delicacy... but why would anyone want to eat these repulsive monsters? Like, I'd question the mental state of such people..."

"Ah, sorry. I hail from a rural area see, I'm still learning about common sense in this world. So I'm not sure if these things are classified as 'magic beasts' including their meat or not."

"Ah, so that's where you're coming from. You'd better not you hear me? These things are monsters. They're an existence that attacks people on sight leaving no room for reason. You'd have to be a madman to even consider eating them."

That's +1 to my Wisdom after learning a new common sense of this world.

(So that's how they see it... Still... Orcs really are pigs now that I look again.)

Thinking about pork reminded me of ginger pork dish resulting in a grumbling of my stomach.

"Right, we haven't had lunch yet, have we. The soup is ready, let's get back to the hut. We can clean this up after we have our meal."

Chimera showed up right after Minya finished speaking. In 'Lion' mode at that.
I got dizzy at its sudden appearance. At its sheer size. Even though I knew that it was Chimera, the timing was so sudden I still got startled. Maybe I've gotta remind it to take it easy with the abruptness.

But the shock I had was nothing compared to what Minya experienced.
She's frozen solid with sweat dripping down her forehead while her entire body trembling hard.
Her eyes are open wide, her mouth flaps open and shut soundlessly.
She looks like she's even forgotten to breathe.

"Ah, this magic beast you see here is that same Chimera. Nothing to be afraid of."

My word had no effect. Minya remained as she was.
Then came another blow. Chimera started spewing flames.
Scattering them all over the area, roasting the 'pork'.

Multiple roast pork got served up in the blink of an eye as tasty smell wafted in the air.
Chimera started eating the pork in relish. Then it restarted the whole thing with the rest of the orcs.
Once it was done having its fill, Chimera plopped down right there and then and took a nap.
The pool of blood had been turned into charcoal ground from the flames, and smell of grilled meat replaced the blood odor.
And thus was how Chimera cleaned up the scene. Meanwhile, the two of us could only watch the whole thing with blank eyes.
Minya has stopped trembling but her face is now devoid of all emotions like she's 'given up', 'attained enlightenment'.




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