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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 235

235 Cause of Fatigue


"I did try to commission Mercenary Guild. However they would not accept it. Left with no other choice, I have come here to personally hire a mercenary."

I don't buy her reason. There's no way the guild would refuse a request like that. There must be another reason behind it.
I'm thinking that this old man she's looking for might be in bad terms with the guild or there might be some sort of scheme going on behind the scene.

"Would you accept my commission? The pay will be eight silver coins. Please I beg of you."

I still don't really get the equivalent value of life for money in this world. Proof my common sense has still not aligned.
Is that too cheap, expensive, or apt for a job where you risk your life to protect other. I only have a vague idea on it.

"Minya, quit looking for that geezer and just get hitched with me, I'll make you happy, forget about this random guy."

A hopeless looking man butted in from the side. He's got this obvious no hoper aura coiling around him.

(I'm trying to be positive but no matter how you look at it... the aura around this guy...)

"This has nothing to do with you, Dento-san. Please stay away from me."

Whoa she went straight to 'stay away'. Minya curtly cut this Dento guy with a sharp tongue.
But the man didn't back down.
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"Oh c'mon, how long have we known each other, why don't you be a bit more gentler with me? I mean I've always visited your shop worrying about you and all, haven't I?"

"...You mean window shopping, and never once have you bought our ware, have you? You also never showed up whenever gramps tended the store. Not only that, you never even tried to talk with gramps and always avoided looking him in the eyes out of fear. Words of worry you directed at me always ring hollow, always full about yourself, all superficial. I cannot put my trust on someone who's so obviously duplicitous like you. When I was working my side jobs to support myself because our store didn't have ware to sell, you would always come and get in the way, saying 'I'm worried about you' while chattering and trying to flirt non stop without caring about my circumstances. Could you get lost and never show your face in front of me ever again?"

"Oy oy, aren't you talkative today, where'd your usual coldness go!? I knew it, you've been thinking about me all this time yeah? Come and be honest with yourself, I'm always welcome."

(Oh crap, that's some seriously bad wires cross... no, guy's not even listening!? He's beyond saving.)

Running into another type of ultimate 'pain in the rear' now of all time. Life is so harsh.
All that lambasting Minya said to his face and this Dento guy didn't even get a hint. It's like in one ear and out the other. Heck, I'm doubting he can understand words.

(How do you even supposed to deal with guys like this? I haven't exchanged so much as one word with him. And yet I'm already super tired.)

I can't figure out any ways to deal with this, not when my fed up meter reached MAX just from listening to their short exchange.
We won't get anywhere at this rate. I'm gonna get dragged into this if I don't pacify them.

"How about you take on her commission if you're so worried about her?"

That was my sole hope to escape this scene. Taking this guy along would definitely be hell. But that was the only way to end this conversation asap.
But then I recalled that I haven't formally accepted this job.

(Will Minya be safe if this guy went with her alone? Judging from their conversation, he probably refused already, but what if he does now and attacks her later?)

I'd never stop regretting if something that repulsive happened.
She may be a stranger. But there's no way I could just turn a blind eye to a risk of a woman possibly getting violated.
I'd rather shoulder the burden of 'a pain' than that regret.

But Dento's next words pushed away my worry.

"Nope, can't do. It's the rule to not accept a job unless it's through the guild. That's just common sense with everybody."

So he said. Which means the mercenaries here, no in the entire country won't ever accept her commission no matter how much she appealed to them.
Minya had a frustrated look on her face. But it's the 'she knew about it' look.
She knew and yet she went for it anyway. She had no other choice. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"Then you've got no place here. The two of us are having a discussion. And I am going to accept her commission. You're in the way. You have no right to be here if you're not gonna take the job. You get it as a mercenary no? You can't tell us you don't, can you? Or what, you don't know the rule in this line of work? Mind getting lost now if you understand?"

I said random things just shoo this Dento guy away. To be honest, I'm just betting it applies.
I can't help myself. I couldn't bear just watching her desperately pleading for help from the mercenaries.
And thus, this was the first time I'm proactively trying to save someone in this world.
Our debate has drawn the attention of all the mercenaries in the tavern, away from their meals and booze, before I realized.
Under their gazes, Dento spat out his parting words before leaving.

"Come and tell me if you're troubled with anything okay? I'm always here to help."

The exact opposite of what he said earlier. If he were actually being serious, he would have done so right here and now.

(So this is what you call a 'nice guy'...)

'This is my chance to prove my worth to the woman I'm wooing!'
Then using 'rule' as an excuse to shirk, a hypocrite.
I was assaulted by a sudden wave of fatigue after coming across this type of person for the first time in my life.




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