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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 229

229 *** of Solitude


Now then the way back is super simple. It's literally a straight path.
Walking straight out of the castle gets me to the main street, which is another straight road to the gate.
Initially I was planning to start over in this kingdom and yet here I am now heading for the gate.

(Oh yeah, I left Chimera again. Or more like, it sure was quick at turning invisible.)

As my head was filled with pointless thoughts, I focused on what to do now.
First, a review is in order. I've largely washed my hands off the royal family problems. Princess, the PM and their friends can take care of the rest now.
The castle will definitely be thrown into chaos as the princess undergoes class change into a 'Queen', I should be able to stay in this kingdom for a while. But the moment I see the earliest sign of them looking for me, I'm gonna run away pronto.
Well, I should have plenty of time until then though, the princess probably can't afford to mind me as she piles up achievements anyway.
She's pretty much guaranteed to accomplish stuff nobody would complain about. The PM and his friends are capable people after all. With them on her side and no opposition, the end result is crystal clear.

(Ah, what was that plump minister all about anyway? I saw the guy passed out foaming by the mouth when Chimera came out.)

I had no idea that was a minister whose sole job is to be a 'clown'. Can't blame me there. How would I know what those politicians are thinking.
All the more politicians in a fantasy world based on medieval Europe, there's just no way a mere commoner could even hope to imagine all the intricacies.

I pushed aside all pointless thoughts and began planning my next step.
But first, gotta fill my stomach to clear my head. Meal is important. Also, you can gather info in taverns and such.

"You can't fight on an empty stomach. This is no battlefield though. Now that I'm here, might as well have a taste of Kingdom's local cuisine."
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I can't help myself having these monologues. I am lonely. There are two possible ends for people who spend a long time on their own.
Either, 'Cease to speak', or 'Speak to themselves as a distraction.'
Apparently I'm the second type. I've always been accompanied by someone thus far. No denying that. My family at my village, then Aryl, Eltros, elven attendants, Chimera at the empire and then the princess here. I count Chimera even though it's a magic beast. It seems to understand my words, it being able to react is huge.
However I am 'alone'. In solitude. Due to me being an irregular in this world.
I almost forgot, but that fact would never leave me. For as long as I'm unable to come to term with this world, I live in solitude.
Living for my own sake may be a lonesome thing, but that's the only way I know how. Because there is nothing in this world I 'want to do'.
People may call it a despair, but it's not like I've got a choice but to keep walking forward. The reason for my recluse life plan.

I got to the main streets where many people are promoting their stores.
I asked a gatekeeper when I was having a monologue earlier. He suggested me to go to the main street for meal.
It goes without saying he commented on my black hair, 'That's pretty rare', he smiled wryly as I left. Gatekeepers are bound by their duty to protect public order. He must have called out to me for that reason. But that soldier sure is nonchalant about it. No, everybody who talked to me had the same attitude. Despite saying, 'unusual', there was never a nuance of 'suspicious' in their words.
They're quite placid, or you could say they have no sense of crisis. But what occupied their mind was probably, 'no point in dwelling over it'. As long as it doesn't bring them trouble, the matter is only good as a topic of conversation. A perfectly normal attitude to have.

"Come on in, come on in! Have a feast at our diner! Today's special is limited time meat! We only have little left! Feast your eyes on this Great Boar meat smeared with plentiful sweet lard! Witness it transform into mouth melting tender meat by the hand of our master cook! But wait there's more! The richness that leaves a lasting impression! You'd want to savor it forever! Swallow it! And once it passes by your throat and settles down in your belly, who knows when you can have another! We guarantee no regret! Come now, those who wish to feast on this bliss, get behind me! To the 'Belly Less Diner'!"

That unique promotional yell caught my attention. Not to mention that naming sense for the store.
I couldn't help but smile at the description of that meat.
I walked through the door before I realized.
Somebody spoke behind me as I did. It's the lad who was doing promotion in front of the store.

"Welcome! Please take your time to enjoy the supreme bliss!"




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