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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 237

237 Yearning Passion


"You're... right. I likely will."

"Good thing you haven't huh. Now then, let's plan this out."

"...Why, why would you go out of your way to help some stranger you just met when you're not a mercenary?"

"Hmm? Well, let's just say that I was born under that fate."

"...That joke is not funny..."

Looks like Minya is starting to get suspicious of me. I guess that's understandable. Some random man of a doubtful origin readily agreed to help her, it's natural to think he's plotting something.
Commissioning a mercenary would cost her money, but someone who looks like the very picture of a commoner like me accompanying her would only add to her worry.

"I get why you're doubting me. Hmm? Then how about you do me a favor?"

"What is this favor? Just a reminder, I haven't formally agreed to hire you."

I put that forward to Minya who put on her guard.

"It's like, my justification to go with you. Your gramps is a blacksmith, isn't he? Apparently a skilled one at that. At least that's what I heard from the mercenaries here."

"Gramps is indeed one of the best blacksmiths in this kingdom... Do you want to put an order?"

"Oh! Quite sharp of you, sure do. I've got a personal order lined up for that gramps of yours, and that's why I'm tagging along in your search. How about that as my reason?"

"That does make you a bit more believable. But, what is this thing do you want gramps forge?"

"Ah, are you familiar with 'katana'? I want him to make me one!"
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I realized I was getting too excited and got embarrassed.
Serena the elf mentioned it once back then. That she's never seen a katana in this world.
I remember how she said dwarfs might know about it.
So now I'm getting a bit invested in this in hope of getting that blacksmith make me one.

(I mean all Japanese men yearn for katana right? It's romantic! Romance! Totally not chuunibyou.)

"No hesitation I see, still katana was it? What kind of thing is that?"

"Aah, guess it really doesn't exist in this world huh... That's a bit deflating."

She heard me muttering that. To begin with, I don't even know if that blacksmith is a dwarf. I'm getting ahead of myself.
Minya went, 'Come again?' and I could only say never mind in shame.

"It looks like I can trust you. It does seem that you are genuinely looking for that katana after all."

"So then, guess this isn't really a commission, I'm just tagging for the ride?"

"No, I will pay you. Please act as my escort."

"Hang on. Can you put that payment for when if that gramps of yours refuses to take my order, so you can help me persuade him?"

"...Are you truly okay with that? Or rather, what would you do if gramps doesn't know about this katana either?"

A reasonable doubt. Heck, high chance he doesn't know. But I'd like him to take on the challenge.
From what I heard in this inn, the image I have of this gramps is 'stubborn'. I'd probably need Minya's cooperation to break through that. Therefore, I want her 'persuasion' in exchange for my 'tag along'.

"I have a vague idea on its creation process, it'd be great if he could give it a go. Your persuasion and your 'please' would be my pay."

I believe that there's a not insignificant number of boys interested in katana who look into how to make one. Because I'm one of them. But only as far as the rough process go.
It would have been simple if we had internet here, but that's beyond impossible.
I can only hope that my surface level knowledge would suffice.
I'm getting excited at the idea of it possibly being the first katana made in this world.
Even if the finished product is a 'fake', I still want to take it in my hand.

"Understood. We have an agreement then. I will go fetch you tomorrow morning."

"Got it. So what do we need to prepare? Should we buy supply on our way to the gate tomorrow?"

"There is no need, I have everything ready."

Sounds like she really was going to head off alone tomorrow even if nobody came to her rescue.

"I've got a magic bag on me if you need to have them stored up, what do you say?"

Minya looked a bit surprised here.

"You have one at your age...? Then do you mind coming over to my house now and put them inside?"

"I might run off with your stuff. You sure?"

"I have a hunch you're not that kind of person. Besides, a genuine thief wouldn't say that and alert their target."

And thus, with her trust gained, I followed Minya back to her home as the sun set outside.





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