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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 243

243 Random Speech


By the time we set up camp on day one, we managed to cover the scheduled distance. Then as we were smoothly preparing dinner.
Chimera suddenly showed up. In 'Tiger Mode' at that.

"Hii! Hiiee! Ma-ma! Magic beast!"

A scream echoed in the meadow. Minya's.
But I wasn't particularly shocked. Because Chimera doesn't look threatening.
It's sprawling in a relaxed manner while yawning, looking cute.

"Ah, I forgot to explain. Let me introduce you. It's a magic beast that accompanies me in my travel."

"Ho! Ho! Hold it right there! You! Wasn't it! Smaller!?"

I get she's speaking about Chimera she saw in the inn this morning. Thus I explain.

"That's the same being. This guy has three forms as far as I know currently. The morning one, the one you see now, and another. They're all this guy here. It can transform as it likes."

Minya glared really hard at me, as if saying, 'I can't believe you'.
I don't get the mechanism behind it either, so you won't get an answer out of me.
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"Rest assured. This guy understands our words and won't indiscriminately attack. It's not hostile, promise."

I approached Chimera, rubbed behind its ear and brushed its chin.
Chimera starts purring with squinted eyes in bliss, it looks like a 'big cat' to me. Though I won't deny it's got an overwhelming presence.
Minya's face twitched as she saw me doing that. Seemingly imagining Chimera would chomp on me and attack her anytime.

She's got guts to finish making fire for the hot pot despite her fear, I give her that.
I almost forgot that even common people can use magic to ignite fire in this world.
And then, dinner is served.

'Thanks for the food', I sipped on the soup. It's got lots of meat and vegetable as well as salt and pepper for the full flavor.

"Normally you'd only expect a slightly charred piece of jerky and a hard bread, at most some cheap wine afterward when you camp out... A meal this luxurious for camping is not really normal."

Minya looked like she had some objection as she sipped on her soup.
I provided this meal. That includes table, chairs, pot, kitchen knife, chopping board and the ingredients taken from my magic bag. Yeah, I'm pretty much fully dependent on the magic bag now.
There are good and bad in getting bound by this world's common sense. What I'm saying is that magic bags are on the good side. I can have good warm soup thanks to it.

I gave Chimera the soup too. With some huge chunks of meat and vegetable inside.

"It's hot, wait till it's cooled down first. You'd burn your tongue. Huh? Can magic beasts even suffer from that? Huh?"

I finished my meal with that silly question popping up. I helped myself with a cup of water and took a breather.
Going to bed once you have a full stomach after dinner is normal in this world. If you don't, you probably have a nighttime job like night patrol, tavern or brothel-related.

"What should we do about night watch? Um, personally, having that magic beast around is far more distressing to me..."

Minya is quite honest to outright tell that she'd rather be with wild beasts than Chimera.
But I tell her that Chimera is the reason we were free of trouble.

"It's all thanks to this guy's presence we didn't bump into any animal along the way. I mean, remember what you said yourself, Minya? Beasts frequently appear here. Yet, did you see even the smallest animal on our way here?"

"...No, not even once. I thought we just had a lucky streak."

Well that may be true too. To begin with, I have absolutely no clue what 'presence' even is. I just blurted it out randomly.
However, Chimera's overwhelming aura is the real deal. And I don't think it only works on humans. Even animals should go by 'wise men approach not danger' ethos.

We did the dishes while engaging in an after meal chat. Chimera is done with its soup as well, currently licking its mouth.
I took its dish and lightly washed it with water. We're ready for bedtime now.

"You can sleep in that tent over there, Minya. This one's for me."

The tents are the same ones I had in my travel with elves. Two considerably big tents. Each of us gets one. Quite extravagant if I say myself.

"A tent this big and such a comfy looking sleeping bag. To be frank with you, it's far more luxurious than even my bed at home you know?"

She's saying something but I leave her alone. Thus far, we haven't used a single thing she prepared.
No foodstuff no nothing, not even a grain of salt.
I told Chimera, 'Let me know if anything happened okay', and incessantly brushed its chin to perk up its mood.





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