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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 245

245 Mental Health, Unwell


So here's the deal. They went ahead of us riding on Grudos.
I'm talking about that group of four thugs. The same group who tried to take my bag by force.
But there's another familiar face with them. Dento.

(How is this world so full of scumbags... Are mercenaries just a gathering for 'scoundrels' or something?)

I almost couldn't hide my irritation looking at them blocking our way.
I never would have thought that something this worthless would irk me so much even in my past life.

"What do you need? Please make it quick, we have no business with you. If you understand, please move out of our way."

Minya spoke calmly. Firmly standing her ground against these mercenaries.
But I knew her legs were trembling slightly.

(Ah, so she too noticed this is 'that kind' of thing.)

"Sure thing. Right after we're done with you."

Dento slowly started walking up to us, I spoke up when he took his first step.

"Sorry, get any closer and I'll deem you a danger and react accordingly. This is a warning. I repeat. Stay back."

I stepped up ahead of Minya, hiding her behind me. Dento spat out looking annoyed.

"Quit standing in my way you bastard. Why'd you always get between me and Minya? This got nothing to do with you."

"No no, how is it 'always'? I mean this would only be the third time no? Also, you haven't even cleared the condition Minya put forth, aren't you ashamed of yourself as a man? Or have you got the permission from gramps? Say so and I'll gladly make way for you."

Not backing down, I talked back. With just a bit of provocation.

"Hmph. There's been nothing from that geezer ever since he went to that abandoned mine. He's as good as dead. All according to my plan."

Dento said some troubling words as he sighed. Naturally, Minya reacted to that.

"What do you mean by that? There's no way gramps would fall for words coming out of a lowlife like you?!"

Minya's emotional outburst made her lose all restraint on courtesy.
Well I am in agreement with the 'lowlife' part though. This guy is beyond saving.
And considering the four grinning men behind him, they all must be on the same level.

"Sure did, it was me who gave that geezer news about leftover mithril at the mine. A bold faced lie of a news. That geezer was a complete disaster at managing the store, wasn't he? Also told him, a fistful of mithril is enough to 'save' his store and grandkid. After all, your financial woe was so bad you were on the verge of getting thrown into the street!"
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"Why would you do that? What's the point of going all the trouble?"

Something didn't sit right with his story. There's no connection to him stalking Minya with that reason.
But the guy readily confessed. Like it was the most obvious thing.

"Somebody's got an eye on that store. Nothing more nothing less. You heard at the mercenary inn, didn't you? There's plenty of blacksmiths around. We don't need one that doesn't sell with bad reps. On top of that, Minya's a dwarf. Some noble with a 'special inclination' would buy her for a nice sum as a slave!"

"Feels like you've got another reason for stalking her though? Also, those four behind you seem to have a beef with me."

Dento is apparently feeling chatty. Must have believed the two of us can't possibly flee from them five. They even have steed beasts Grudos for an easy catch up.

"Well she'll need some training, won't she? I could train her well while enjoying myself, she'd fetch more in the end! But no more of that. I did say I'm not gonna play nice anymore, remember?"

"Dunno how you got away from us yesterday, but there ain't no witnesses here. We're gonna grind you to dust! Gonna take our time! We'll make you regret ever crossing us!"

The four thugs added to Dento.
Next to me, Minya is trembling with anger or maybe fear. I dunno what to say to her.
Also, the fact that Minya is a dwarf coming to light here clears away the nagging I had.

"So to sum it up, Dento-san? You're here to kidnap Minya and sell her as a slave yes? As for those four. You guys are planning to kill me and steal my magic bag."

I'm checking again to make sure I'm not 'mistaken'. For the sake of avoiding 'regret' for what I'm about to do.

"Yeah that's about right. Once the geezer and the grandkid are out of the picture, their contract at bond office will be annulled. Meaning I'm gonna get my pay from my client. Just stay put, it'll make things easier for you yeah?"

"We're gonna slowly grill you down for all the shame you put us through. Ain't you happy eh, you scrawny brat!"

"Were you guys in cahoots from the start?"

I blurted out the last question I had in mind.

"We hit it off at the Kingdom's gate. Comical don'tcha think? I get to have Minya. And these fine folk get to have your magic bag once you're dead. We both each get to do our 'job'. So here we are together."

"Man said he don't need the bag 'fter all. We don't care 'bout the girl."

"Ah, it's all clear now. I can do this with a clear conscience. What were you guys saying again, 'there's no witnesses here' was it."

They all looked baffled, 'Hahn?', but it's far too late.
I took a sword out of my magic bag and drew it out its sheath.




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