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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 249

249 Traces Vestiges


(There's no dust build up. The stove looks like it's just been used too. Then it must be...)

My guess should be correct. The gramps has just been here earlier. It might be someone else, but that possibility is low considering the lack of lived-in feels here.
I was relieved to find he's still alive.

(Would have been quite disheartening if he weren't. Good. Looks like I can commission the katana.)

"What's the matter? Did you find something...?"

Minya came in too so I explained to her about her gramps likely having been here.

"Thank god, thank goodness... I don't know what I'd do if gramps died..."

I reminded Minya who got tearful.

"It's too early to celebrate. There's still a chance of him not coming back. We can't let our guard down until after we found him."

Am I being heartless here? But I mean who knows if that gramps got in trouble and died while out there?
Getting doused with water just when you think everything is going all right would be quite a shock.
We should keep our mental state flat for now.
That's what I had in mind when I warned Minya, but it seems she's already dropped her tension.

"We should stay here and wait for your gramps today. If he's still not back by tomorrow, we'll set out. Is that okay with you?"

I suggested Minya that we should hold off on searching for now.
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"Yes, that is fine. It would be bad if we left and passed by gramps returning here."

And so we're gonna stay overnight in this hut. Which is good and all, but damn, I must really be cursed, I got under attack while I was exploring out while Minya was making our late lunch.

"Ah sheesh, sheesh! Pig men! What are those even, orcs?! Really now! Why do troubles always find their way to me!?"

Six pigs are enclosing me. Bipedal pigs. They're holding makeshift shaved clubs in their hands.
They're all butt naked too, with their filthy nether regions dangling out in the open.

I've found no unusual footsteps in this abandoned mine town. That includes the area around our hut.

(Did they show up out of nowhere? And what's with the excessive sniffing...)

The orcs are sniffing around all while glaring at me, seemingly looking for something.

"Ah wait a minute? Are these orcs 'that type'? Minya's in danger!?"

My intuition was being sharp for once, I decided to rush back to the hut.
It's a classic in this kind of fantasy. A disgusting development where monsters assault women. I quickly ran back to ensure Minya's safety.
What about the orcs? I had punched them all in the face each right after entering Acceleration as I ran off. Their heads would definitely pop open the instant I got out of Acceleration.

I undid Acceleration after arriving at the hut and flung open the door.

"Minya, you all right!? ...Huh?"

"Ah, what's wrong? That surprised me. The food is not ready yet, see?"

My mind froze for a moment when I saw Minya stirring soup. Out of relief.

"Ah, good. I saw some orcs out there so I ran back in a hurry thinking you might be in danger."

"Eh! Did you say orcs!? A-are you okay!? N-no, we must get away! We have to leave this place quick!"

Minya stood up in a panic and grabbed the magic bag.
I calmed her down.

"It's fine now. I've already taken care of all the six orcs I came across to before running here."

"...Wha? By yourself? Are you telling the truth? Six orcs...!? There's no way..."

I don't get what makes Minya so agape. But it's really one thing after another, this time I'm hearing weird cries, like 'Gyaosu, gyaosu'.

"What? What what? Eh, what's this sound?"

"The Grudos are telling us there's something wrong!"

"Minya, you wait inside! Keep yourself safe! I'll go look outside!"

I immediately accelerated and went to back of our hut where the Grudos are.




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