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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-37

17-37. Nether Gate


Satou here. I believe the only ways to get through unexpected circumstances are by either having enough experience, or by having a predefined manual which describes methods to cope with any situation. In my opinion, the ability to instantaneously and perfectly deal with any suddenness only exists in fictions.

"Encroaching Netherworld!? That sounds really really bad!"

Arisa shouted out loud when she heard god Tenion's oracle.

"Don't worry. I won't let human world be fused with Netherworld."

It's like a malignant cancerous tissue.
We just have to surgically remove it real quick.

"We're here to seal away the gate that connects to Netherworld anyway, our objective remains unchanged."

I guess it's not sealing, more like completely severing it off.
I've never tested it, but from my experience of crossing over parallel worlds, I believe it's doable.

"That's a good point! Let's do this, Red (Arisa-chan)!"
"Alrighty! It's time to save the whole world!"

Arisa raised her fist to reply to Hikaru.
She's as heroic as ever.

"OK then, let's pick up the pace. You girls with me?"

After nodding to me, Liza turned toward the girls.

"Let's go, Yellow (Pochi), Pink (Tama), White (Nana)."
"Roger nanodesu!"
"Aye aye sir~?"
"Yes Orange (Liza)!"

Golden Members went on to assist silver members annihilating the huge army of vanguard monsters.

"The Nether Gate should come into view once we get out of that cave over there!"

I told the girls while backing them up with support magic from behind the line.
There's only a few vanguard monsters in front of Nether Gate--Oh? There are some demons now.

I navigate through my Menu to confirm their identities.

Special Ability users?

--And their levels are way high!

Just as I closed the Menu, I saw the girls rushing into the cave.

--Oh no.

A moment later, a flash of light intense enough to evaporate orichalcum blinded my vision.

"Are you okay, Nana!"
"Yes, Master. Succeeded deploying Paladin Kingdom. Since it has been overloaded by the attack from enemy unit, I require a cool down for a while, so I report."

It would have been disastrous were I late at fetching the girls with space magic.
I made it in time somehow thanks to Nana's emergency deployment of [Paladin Kingdom].

"It's coming nodesu!"

Two demons cut apart the leftover vestiges of Paladin Kingdom as they jumped out of the explosion.
Both are holding purple colored great swords.
One is dual wielding, while the other has a shield.

I rushed right in front of the two demons with Ground Shrink, ambushing them with my self-made holy swords in both hands.

The three incoming blades are from the shield user's thrust attack. I parried the supersonic thrust with the holy sword in my right hand. Meanwhile, the dual wielding demon comes slashing down diagonally. Just as planned. I blocked it with the holy sword in my left--geh, my holy sword got cut?
I bent my body backward to dodge the dual wielder, and then blow it away with chantless [Explosion] before it could recover--tch, the shield user blocked it. And it's unharmed.

Rain of blue rays poured down on the approaching dual wielder. It's Lulu's bombardment.
The dual wielder dodged all the hyper accelerated bullets that should have been unavoidable. No, that's not it. The bullets had their trajectories shifted. As if the bullets themselves are avoiding the demon.

"--Meiko's skill?"

I could hear Lady Ringrande's voice in slow motion from behind, probably because my thought process had entered an accelerated state.

The dual wielder is coming for me. I parried a down slash coming from upper right, and shifted my body to dodge a horizontal slash coming from the left. Fast. The right sword has come back already. I sacrificed my holy sword to ward off the attack and clad myself in mana armor to block the thrust from the shield user at my flank--it pierced through? I immediately discarded my mana armor, knocking the shield user back with the shockwave produced.

Then I used Ground Shrink to dodge the dual wielder that had made use of that opportunity to draw close to me.


Arisa's plan was transmitted to me through Familiar Link.
I caused an explosion using chantless [Explosion] at point blank range, before retreating back using Ground Shrink in between the explosion.

Right afterward, Arisa's and Hikaru's lesser anti-god magic burst apart.
Intense flashes and roaring sounds produced a cloud of dust that covered the area.

"Hehheenda. Didcha forget you're up against us too."
"Ichirou-nii, are you hurt anywhere?"

--Crisis Perception.

The dual wielding demon jumped out of the flash.
Looks like the shield user managed to block those two's lesser version of anti-god magic.

Unique Skills are really unfair, aren't they.

"Pochi won't let you nodesu!"
"Nin nin~"

Pochi and Tama intercepted the dual wielder.

The dual wielder dodged the two's dragon fang sword's finishers by stepping oddly.

"--That's Meiko's skill for sure."

AR readings showed me the dual-wielding demon's Unique Skills. [Absolute Slash], [Absolute Avoidance], [Future Prediction] and [Create Weapon].

The names aren't exactly the same as Meiko's Unique Skills, but they're extremely similar in effect.


From beyond the numbers displayed in my AR readings, the shield user slashed the dust cloud apart as it leaped out.
Surprisingly, it can still move even after taking a direct hit from Arisa's and Hikaru's anti-god magic. It's suffered some damage, but it's already being healed at an incredible rate.

"I won't let you!"

Liza rushed next to the shield user at a tremendous speed.
The shield user gave up trying to reach me, turning its shield toward Liza instead.

Magic spear Douma was stopped by the shield just as the shield user's great sword approached Liza.
Liza quickly retracted her spear and quickly thrust back at the great sword.

Looks like it's used up all its luck for it to expose its shield-less side to me.

--Photon Laser.

A shield clad in a purple light manifested over the demon's side, a layer of purple light diffused my Photon Laser in all directions.
Well, that's such an unfair skill.

"It's as if I'm looking at Hayato's shield."

I could faintly heard princess Maryest's murmur.

AR readings show me the demon's Unique Skills just as it stopped moving.
This one's got [Absolute Piercing], [Absolute Shield] and [Infinite Heal] Unique Skills.

"My spear..."

I heard Liza's tragic grief-stricken voice.
The tip of magic spear Douma has been cut in two. Looks like the demon's great sword had done a number on it.

Right above her, the dual wielding demon that had managed to shake off Tama's and Pochi's fierce assault came swooping down.

"Protecting Orange (Liza) so I announce!"

Nana stepped in between the two with Flickering Motion and blocked the dual wielder's slash with [Paladin Castle].

"Gununu. --Heavy, so I report."

The dual wielder's great swords are sinking into Paladin Castle's barrier, vermilion and dark purple sparks are flying everywhere.
They were only equal for an instant as the great swords gradually delved deeper.

The shield user is closing in on Nana as well.

A thrust clad in a dark purple aura assaulted Nana.

"Phalanx, multi deployment, nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi rushed out and tried to stop the shield user's thrust, however their phalanxes broke into pieces as if they were made of thin glass.

--But it's enough.

Making use of the time the two bought me, I got in front of the shield user with Ground Shrink.


It probably intends to skewer me and Nana together.
The shield user grinned devilishly.

A white light and a dark purple light intersected as its blade ran through my body.


The shield user raised a howl of victory.
My body vanished like a haze before its very eyes.

"That is but an afterimage!"

The one who said that triumphantly was not me.
Arisa watching from behind did.

I created a clone with mass using True Ninjutsu and let it get run through the shield user's blade, all the while I got around behind the shield user and cut it in two using a dragon fang sword.


The shield user's body is reattaching back.

That is within my calculations.

Using space magic, I expelled the slowed down shield user to beyond the cave.


Aiming for when I stopped moving as I cast space magic, the dual wielder came slashing at me.
However, the dual wielding demon wasn't the only one waiting for an opening.


Arisa cast her space magic, dropping the dual wielder into an overlapping labyrinth of sub-space.

"I knew it, even the weakness's the same as Meiko."

Looks like the dual wielder's dodging Unique Skill has the same trait as Meiko's [Unrivaled Mobility (Nothing can Hit)] including its inability to dodge wide area attacks.

Now's our chance too--.

I positioned myself in front of the great cave with Ground Shrink.

--Here it comes.

It's a nuclear explosion-type forbidden spell.

I clashed anticipated attack with my own [Mythology Down].
Shakings and explosions orders of magnitude bigger than the one before shook the great cave's ceilings, collapsing the walls and ceilings down, exposing a weird sub-space beyond them.

The shield user survived, shockingly enough.
Looks like a mage-type demon in the back had covered for it.

"Well, it's a checkmate."

I successively unleash three kinds of anti-god magic I had put in standby.

The shield user was the only one left floating in the former great cave that had completely turned into a weird sub-space with a gate floating inside.
Two dark purple lights that appear to be [God's Fragments] are floating nearby. Seems like the mage-type demon who was protecting the shield user had fallen victim to my anti-god magic.


The now near-jet black, dark purple aura pulsed unstably over the shield user's body.

The shield user demon started getting bigger as its entire body convulsed.

『Isn't it turning into a demon lord?』
『Nope, all under control.』

No matter how superior these Demon God's Unique Skills are, Soul Vessels of the demons that are using it have their limits.
Consecutive usage of Unique Skills capable of defending against anti-god magic will almost assuredly put an enormous strain on their Soul Vessel.

The now gigantic shield user demon convulsed even more intensely as jet black mist overflowed out of its joints, eyes and nose.

Just as I thought, it's nearing its limit soon.


After that last howl, the shield user demon burst open into a jet black mist with dark purple light outline.
Its defeat is signified by the three dark purple lights appearing out of the mist.

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『--N-no way! No! Master, behind you!』


The dual wielding demon cut open the [Labyrinth] Arisa created.
Looks like it's been really pushing itself, near-jet black, dark purple lights are pulsing over its body.


Mia sent a Lesser Fenrir created from lesser anti-god magic she cast, but the dual wielding demon stopped it on its track by sending a flying shockwave with a slash.

"Hyper Deracinator."

The dual wielding demon cut apart one layer of barrier I created with an advanced level space magic before charging toward me.

"--Divine Dancing Armor."

A purple barrier appeared before me and blocked the dual wielding demon's Unique Skill-powered great swords.

This stuff is pretty nice.

"Mythology Down."

I unleashed an area attack magic on the dual wielding demon.
No matter how good it is at protecting itself by dodging, its defense is paper thin when it can't.

Defeating this demon is a simple matter if I don't have to worry about collateral damage.
The Lesser Fenrir got caught in the spell though, gotta remember to apologize to Mia later.

Shockwaves created from Mythology Down were stopped by another instance of Hyper Deracinator's barrier I put anew.

『Master, it's not over yet!』


Looks like the dual wielder has regenerated.
It's probably been transformed into a demon lord.

"<<Dragonic Penetrator>>"

Liza flew off at a tremendous speed once she activated her finishing move, rapidly approaching the dual wielding demon.


Dark purple lights streamed over the dual wielder's great swords.
Seems like the demon chose to intercept her instead of dodging.


The dual wielding demon's great swords clashed fiercely with Liza's dragon spear.
The [Absolute Slash] Great swords that sever all and the dragon spear that [Pierces All] fight over supremacy of their concepts each.

However, the demon raised its other sword above, and swung it down toward Liza's neck.

"Get away, Liza!"

Zena-san's scream resounded in the battlefield.

--Oh there's no need to worry, Zena-san.

After all--.

"<<Dragonic Eater>>"
"<<Dragonic Acceleration>>"

Two reliable reinforcements have already made their way into the battlefield.

Tama blocked the great sword that was coming for Liza's neck with her twin dragon fang swords, while Pochi's dragon fang sword pierced the great sword blocking Liza's spear from the side.

Freed from the deadlock as the blade broke into purple splinters, Liza's spear gets clad in orange light.

"--<<Dragonic Devil Slayer>>"

The dual wielding demon was going to stream a dark purple light over its body, but it's already way late.
There's no way it could activate Unique Skill faster than Liza could get it at that distance.

Orange and white light ran through the near jet black dark purple body of the demon, dragon breath that slays evil burst out from within its body.
The scattered pieces of demon's body vanished into black mist.

"Good work, Liza. You too Pochi, and Tama, well done."

I told so to Liza who was still in high alert with her spear at the ready in the air.
The four [God's Fragments] that appeared from within the mist is proof of that.

『Theygotus, realbad』
『Knewit, demonsare, fragile』
『Regenerated, onlyonce, wayfragile』

I put away my dragon fang sword and drew the Divine Sword to eliminate the [God's Fragments].
I had already done the same to the three [God's Fragments] earlier while Liza was putting her everything.

"Okay, sealing the gate is all that's left now."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Strongest Sage, Realizes Enemy's Tricks


"Did something happen?"

Alma asked me as I immediately started checking Dragon Vein after suddenly falling.
Ruli is looking at me with a worried look.

"Some really huge mana poured out of Dragon Vein for a second, then Mathi-kun fell down..."

"Yeah... You noticed huh, Ruli."

I checked Dragon Vein once again after saying that.
No mistake about it.

The mana mixed in Dragon Vein closely resembles mana pattern of [Demon of Destruction] Zadokilgias.
I'm sure the past me had erased that demon without a trace... But then why is this mana pattern here.

Perhaps, Zadokilgias didn't really perish back then...?

I can't say the possibility is nil.
I fought Zadokilgias when I was still young and lacking magic knowledge.

That demon could have fooled me if it employed an ingenious ploy to fake its death.
Even the me now could easily fake my death against the me at that point of time.

"What was the mana that flowed out of Dragon Vein earlier anyway?"

"That's a demon's mana... Apparently the demon they were trying to awaken had been revived just now."

That much mana don't get mixed in Dragon Vein even when demons interfere with Dragon Vein or communicate through it.
There must have been some sort of special magic behind it.
It could have been resurrection magic by way of [Broken Star]... But from the sensation of mana mixed in Dragon Vein earlier, it probably has nothing to do with [Supra-Natural Art].

I look over Dragon Vein.
Its mana has gotten considerably more stable compared to before.
Right now is the best timing for analysis.

"Ruli, help me analyze this. Can you stabilize Dragon Vein's mana for a little while?"

"I understand! Err... Will [Dragon Vein Stabilizer] do?"
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"Yeah. Counting on you."

Once I said that, Ruli fetched a magic stone and augmented it with [Dragon Vein Stabilizer].
It's a magic that does exactly what it says on the tin, stabilizes mana flowing in Dragon Vein.

Of course it can't hope to cover the whole thing due to the enormity of mana flowing in Dragon Vein, but it's better than nothing.
This is usually used in the preliminary step before the use of other magic tools.

"Here I go!"

Ruli activated the magic tool... the mana in the surrounding Dragon Veins started slightly stabilizing.
It's still rough compared to its normal state, but good enough for analysis.

"Alright, good going."

I gripped the [Dragon Vein Sword] as I said that.
Then... I made a new connection to Dragon Vein.

"...Good, this will do."

Even after connecting to Dragon Vein, no control-losing amount of mana flowed in.
At times, sometimes more mana than usual flowed into me when Dragon Vein got stormy, but the [Dragon Vein Stabilizer] helped settling down it to a controllable state.

I can precisely analyze the mana mixed in Dragon Vein now.
Uniting your body with Dragon Vein is a better way to do that compared to external monitoring.

"This is..."

I got a good grasp on the situation after reading the connected Dragon Vein mana.
The mana pattern resembles Zadokilgias indeed... But this is most likely not its original body.

--Mana pattern is influenced not only by the host body, but also the individuality of that body.
The story of amnesiac mages having completely different mana reaction than before their memory loss was quite well known.

And this Zadokilgias's mana mixed in Dragon Vein--is most likely the reverse of that.
Zadokilgias's individuality is inhabiting the body of a different demon.

Due to the difference of Crests between the past and present me, my mana reaction isn't the same... But since demons don't have Crests, mana reactions between demons can be quite similar depending on individuality.
Hence, a demon with Zadokilgias individuality possessing similar mana pattern as Zadokilgias itself is not exactly out of this world.

The problem is... How was a demon with the individuality of Zadokilgias came into being...
The answer to that is most likely the same as me.

Zadokilgias must have set up a magic that would preserve its soul before it was killed off.
The past me succeeded in defeating Zadokilgias yet failed at noticing the existence of this Soul Preserving magic... that must be it.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Strongest Sage, Confuses


It's a very simple magic that simply produces hands made of mana out of ground.
The strength of these hands depends on the user--and at the hands of a skilled user, the [Hand of Dragon Vein] boasts extremely dense form and high resistance against magic.
Due to its cast speed, and a wide range of applications, this is probably the most famous dragon vein magic in the past era.

I produced several more hands out of ground and restrained demon Giwald with them.

"You're severely mistaken if you think mere [Hands of Dragon Vein] can overpower me--"

Demon Giwald cast magic and twisted its body in an attempt to escape the restraint.
However, it's unable to break free from the [Hands of Dragon Vein].
In the blink of an eye, [Hands of Dragon Vein] grabbed demon Giwald's entire body, not even giving it any chance to cast magic.

[Hand of Dragon Vein] is the most basic of Dragon Vein magic.
As such, it ties closely to the user's capability and experience.

Number, density, magic resistance, grip strength.
There's a world of difference between a veteran magic combatant's [Hand of Dragon Vein] to that of an intermediate mage.
Beginners can't even invoke this magic.

In other words, this is the most effective magic that makes use of my past life's experience.
I actually never used this magic much--but I'm glad I practiced on it a bit.

While I was thinking--demon Giwald had begun constructing an attack magic.

Looks like it's trying to launch a counteroffensive.
The [Hand of Dragon Vein] I'm using is ill suited for attacking.
I need to cast attack magic in order to defeat demon Giwald.

This demon must be planning to launch that magic just right when I switch from [Hand of Dragon Vein] to attack magic.
That's never happening though.

"Now then... How many seconds will it last."

I poured my mana into Dragon Vein as I murmured.
Then the spot where demon Giwald is--flares up.

--[Flame of Dragon Vein]
An attack magic that was as popular as [Hand of Dragon Vein] in the past.

Its effect is extremely simple.
The magic converts Dragon Vein's mana into a flame that burns its target down.

"Madness! Simultaneous execution of dragon vein magic!? That's suicidal!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Demon Giwald sounded confused within the restraint.

Dragon Vein's magic require a precise mana control.
Controlling two at once is difficult indeed.

But it's not something experience can't overcome.
Casting multiple magic that were far more difficult than these in parallel were pretty much everyday occurrences to the past me.
--It's quite burdensome on the magic circuits though.

"I wonder about that."

I gradually increase the firepower while monitoring the load on my magic circuits.
Seeing that, demon Giwald--smirked.

"...If you're so eager to die, allow me the honor."

Looks like demon Giwald has abandoned the idea of casting attack magic.
The demon halted its magic construction and began pouring its mana into Dragon Vein instead.

This is the exact opposite of what happened earlier.
I'm attacking through Dragon Vein, demon Giwald is trying to interfere with it.

The difference is demon Giwald only made use of Dragon Vein while I'm connected to Dragon Vein right now.
It's easier to control Dragon Vein when you're connected to it--but conversely, any lapse in control will instantly destroy your entire body's magic circuits, resulting in death.
And this demon must be trying to make that a reality.

However, my magic control is steadfast.
Heck, [Flame of Dragon Vein]'s firepower is steadily increasing even.
And then...

"...I see, so this is how."

I finally got the knack for Dragon Vein magic after not using it for so long.
This will work.

I push a large quantity of mana into Dragon Vein all at once.
A moment later--[Flame of Dragon Vein] completely covered demon Giwald.

"T-this can't be..."

Demon Giwald muttered in confusion.

[Flame of Dragon Vein] is burning down the sturdy body of a high-class demon.
Even the solid build of demon cannot stand against this much thermal power.

--A while later.
Demon Giwald has fallen, leaving only a carbonized body on the ground.

"...That lasted longer than expected."

After confirming demon Giwald's death, I was about to cut off my connection to Dragon Vein.
Right at that moment--I felt an enormous load on my magic circuits as I fell down on my knee with an intense pain.



Ruli ran up to me when she saw me suddenly falling.
I analyzed the situation while repairing my magic circuits.

The overload was due to Dragon Vein.
Of course, I didn't make such a basic mistake as losing control right before severing the connection.
There was a vast amount of mana pushed into me from the Dragon Vein.

I considered the possibility of demon Giwald using up the last of its mana--but such a little amount wouldn't have been enough to make me lose control.
The cause must lie in another spot.

I probe inside the Dragon Vein with that in mind.
And--I found the culprit.

"...Why is that demon?"

I reflexively said that out loud.
The information I got from Dragon Vein was just that shocking.

--[Demon of Destruction] Zadokilgias.
Mana reaction from a demon who was feared as the worst even in the past era was mixed in Dragon Vein.

Don't tell me... This [Chaotic Demon] that was getting awakened refers to Zadokilgias.
If that's true then [Man-eating Blade] won't make a difference.

But there's no way that thing can be resurrected.
Even considering the power [Broken Star], it's just impossible.
After all, the past me had completely annihilated this [Demon of Destruction] Zadokilgias, leaving absolutely no trace of it behind.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.10_11


"Oh good. Poltim-san. You're looking a lot better."

"Yes. It's all thanks to you doctor."

"I've brought two assistants with wonderful powers with me today. You're very lucky Poltim-san. Since they're still under training, these two will use <Recovery> on you free of charge."


"Hahaha. You don't have to worry about it. I'll be sure to lead them right. Besides, your illness won't worsen even if a <Recovery> is used wrongly. Now then, Lecan."


"Can you use your power of observation to tell which part of Poltim-san is ailing?"

"His lower body has been weakened. He's barely got meat on his waist. I don't think he can walk. Judging from his complexions and breath's smell, I believe it's a problem with entrails. Probably it's the entrails that are supposed to take food into his body."

"Now this is surprising. Lecan, are you actually educated in this stuff?"

"Nah. I didn't have a formal education or anything."

"But you're correct. Alright then, first, put a weak <Recovery> over Poltim-san's entire body. Do it like you're trying to clean out garbage in his body. The treatment won't work well if we don't clean the body first."

"Got it."

"And also, this might be difficult, but keep at it even if you feel a resistance. With a weak <Recovery>, the patient will feel a recoil. We're going to determine where the problem is by looking at that recoil. That's the ABCs of a medic."

"Got it."

"OK then, give it a try."



Since he was told to do it lightly, Lecan cast an extremely weak <Recovery> on Poltim's body. As he wasn't sure where to begin, he put it from head, then slowly going down to his arms then legs.

Once Lecan is done, he looked at Norma who was struck dumbfounded with both eyes and mouth wide open.

"There's something wrong around the belly. I couldn't tell more than that."

"I can't believe how intense that light was. Putting that level of <Recovery> over his whole body, Lecan you must have an incredible amount of mana. I mean, where's your wand?"

Lecan is able to tell mana amounts of humans and magic beasts within a range with his <Life Detection>. He can also get more details by using <Mana Detection>. However, those abilities aren't well known in this world. Even those who possess mana can't tell how much mana other people possess.

"Poltim-san. How are you feeling? Any change with your body?"

"W-warm lights warmed me up from my head to the tips of my feet, was so steamy and warm and so so nice. My body kinda feels light. Like I could get up."

"Err, I don't think you can get up. No wait. How far can you raise your body?"

Poltim raised his whole body off bed, he even started walking. Poltim's wife weeped when she saw that.

"Honey! Honey! You're walking. Look at you walking!"

Afterward, Norma put Poltim back to bed and examined him.

Poltim was saying that he was hungry, so she told him to eat something easy to the stomach, and finished the examination.

Once they left the house, Norma spoke to Lecan in amazement.

"Do you feel any symptom of mana deficiency? Are you okay?"

"I used <Recovery> with a minimum amount of mana as told."

"What's minimum about that! If that was minimum, your full power would be enough to blow away the entire Ceres Temple!"

"Blowing it all in one shot would prove difficult considering how vast that place is. However, I might be able to destroy the whole place with the advanced level magic I learned yesterday."

"A-advanced level magic? Y-You, j-just who are you?"

"A mere swordsman adventurer."

"...Why would a swordsman even capable of casting advanced level magic."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Matsugi-san. Is your arm still hurting?"

"Oh no. It's gotten a lot better thanks to you doctor."

"Really. Matsugi-san, consider yourself lucky. We've got two proper user of <Recovery> in training here. So you can get <Recovery> for free today."

"O-ok. That's uh."

"Hahaha. Don't worry about a thing. I'll be watching over them. Now then, Eda."


"Matsugi-san broke his right arm during a job two months ago."


"The bone broke in a bad way, many bone fragments went in his arm as a result."


"I've managed to remove those fragments after spending a lot of time. However, the bone couldn't get back to its original state, and even bending elbow is painful to him. Small fine fragments also still remain in his arm, with no way to take them out."


"Fist of all, we need a treatment to relieve his pain. Then try to restore the arm back to its healthy state as much as you can."


"Then first, go examine Matsugi-san's left arm. Without chanting a spell, softly wrap the arm in mana, then check the its condition, especially the part above the elbow."

"Yes. I'll give it a try."

"Huh? Where's your wand?"

"Ah. I don't have one."


"Do I have to hold a wand?"

"W-well, I'm not complaining if you can do it without one."

"I'll do it."

"Un. That's it. You're good at this. Keep it up. Then next, carefully touch Matsugi-san's right arm, softly wrap it in mana, and check its condition. And then analyze the difference between it and the left arm."


"Meaning compare it in your mind. Just make it so the states of left and right arm get closer."

"I-I see."

"Carefully, gently. Think of someone dear to you suffering, then wholeheartedly look for what's wrong."

"Someone... dear to me, suffering in pain."

"Right right. Good going."

"Gotta save him. <Recovery>."


"Uwa. It's dazzling."

"W-what's happening?"

A huge green ball manifested, emitting light for a while.

Then the light died down.

"Ah, the pain. The pain has gone away, doctor!"


"I can move it! I can move my right arm! Look! I can even turn it around. My job, I can keep my job now!"


Norma examined Matsugi.

Afterward she declined an invitation to lunch from Matsugi's daughter who was moved to tears, before leaving the house with Lecan and Eda.

"Let's eat our lunch at the square."

Her voice sounded tired somehow.

"Umm, you look fatigued. Would you like me cast <Recovery> on you?"

"<Recovery>? Haven't you just cast one, you can use it already?"

"Oh if it's only that much, I can even manage a hundred a day."


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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Employee Training


Afterward, I brought the three girls to the mansion and introduced them to everyone else.

Gana looked a bit flustered when Tino-chan took quite a liking on her, and her tsundere-ness showed. Her dere rate is improving it seems.
Ortea called Kagura-san ane-san the moment she saw her. Their skins may be of different colors, but Kagura-san's got horns after all. They exchanged fists as befitting of fighter kins, and Ortea's eyes changed to that of complete admiration as a result. Ah, I also participated in it and ended up getting called Nii-san myself. So glad I trained myself.
As for Mashu, being similar to Sefi-san in having their own pace, the two quickly got along. But listen here, okay? You two've got to work when you need to work, okay.

When I asked Sefi-san to teach the three girls transformation art, she was so shocked and asked me back when did I notice.  When I told her I did from the very beginning, she pushed me down for some reason. We blacked out for around an hour. I was able to recover quickly and do rapid discharge ever since I got that skill, so of course the last one standing was me in the end.

The girls got used to things here relatively quick since we were composed of many races to begin with. Eleanor-san looked like she had a cramp on her face at first, but I'm not sure if that's because of the stuff with demons or because I bought three girls. Yet she secured the position of Ortea's onee-san after the two exchanged fists. Doesn't seem like she minds them in a bad sense.

And right now I'm currently training the newbies.

"Well then. I will now explain our manufacturing process to you."

Dilt-san as the field supervisor, Tino-san as an employee, and the three girls are sitting straight in front of me.
Since there's no white board or anything, I made a stone wall and wrote on it using charcoal. Fortunately, they've all been taught reading and writing at the [Beastfolks Expansion], so this works without a hitch. Kirishna-san's pretty good.

I may have said manufacturing process but it's actually just a complete busywork.
1: Sort out containers in accordance to the type of product.
2: Pour the finished product Sefi-san and I made beforehand to their corresponding containers using a ladle and funnel.
3: Check if there are drips on the containers, wipe if so, otherwise put a cap to close it.
4: Do that over and over.

The containers have different shapes and sizes depending on the content. I've made the ladles to fit one container full for each type as well, so it should be simple. We have no idea how much these will sell until they're known, so we're doing a limited production run for the time being. Since things should not get that busy in the beginning, I plan to gradually teach the girls in basic arithmetic operations and self-defense.

"Muu, Nobu-niisan. I don't think this suits me, do I really have to do it?"

We got straight to practicing, and Ortea immediately had a hard time before complaining. Fast, way fast.

"Ortea, stop complaining and move your hands. Show master that we are all dependable women."


Gana-san seem to have taken the leader position of these three. She's doing her job briskly affording him time to mind the other girls. As for Mashu... her hands are working properly while the person herself is fast asleep!? Is this even at the level of mere dexterity, I wonder.

I was worried whether Dilt-san and Tino-chan would feel reluctant to work with these girls with them being bunched up with demons and all, but there doesn't to be any problem on the surface at least. I don't know how they think inside, but I'd like to believe that they're fine. And in case they don't no matter what... Yup, I'd have to take the three's side then. I would take Dilt-san and Tino-chan to their hometown if they wished. But these girls don't have other place they can go to, so I won't compromise on this matter. I pray that it won't come to that though.

Afterward, we all have meals together. The three girls jumped at all the to them unknown dishes. Hey now, you girls are some not lunchless school kids, manners please. Having to wipe food scraps off Ortea's mouth, and giving seconds to Mashu who was eating very slowly yet snatching up snacks left and right made me feel like a waiter or a nursemaid instead. Even now Gana is behaving calmly like an onee-san would. I considered she was just an unfussy kid, but I felt something's off. Only ever so slightly though, not necessitating a talk.

The three girls sleep in a detached building like Dilt-san. I asked Futsuno-san and other girls to buy bed sheets and change of clothing while I was training the newbies. Their eyes were gleaming again when they saw their new clothes and bed sheets. Right now they're sleeping on a bedding laid on the floor, maybe I could make them a bunk bed later. We don't have that much space after all.

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At the dread of night when even plants are asleep. I got up due to a sudden urge of nature's call.
Geez, it's really dark without electricity here. I produced a light ball using light magic and floated it ahead of me. I'm not too keen on Western-style house personally. Hence why I'm desperately trying to recall Japanese-style architectures. My father was an architect, thus I had many opportunities to see blueprints and actual sites, so now I'm trying to draw up those memories. I'm gonna build my own home sweet home, my castle. And if I ever get to build a town, I'm gonna build my own castle, like Winds and Clouds Nobusada Castle. The trap would be a Dragon King Pond. You're gonna get eaten by the dragon king if a stone fall on it.

...Sob sob, sniff, sob...

On my way back while thinking that. I could heard some sort of sobbing voice. It'd really be a ghost in this world if that comes out, that's bad. No no wait, this never happened before, just what's going on?

It comes from around the warehouse huh. Did something weird get put in?


Opening the door, I saw a small shadow. No, the one inside is... Gana?
She's holding her knees while sobbing. Her eyes are shining red befitting of a vampira.

"Is that... you master?"

"Yeah, what's the matter? It's midnight. Did you see a scary dream or something?"

I sat beside Gana and asked her quietly. "Eh....ah...", she sounded hesitant at first but then, she eventually calmed down and started talking.

"Master, you... won't abandon us?"

Gana's face was grim when she uttered that.

"We were already in that store by the time we were aware of our surroundings. We don't even know how our parents look. I could only slightly recall the warmth of a person who held the bloodied me. Until then, we were living with Asa, I-I mean Kirishna-sama's former slaves while helping out with chores. I also bore witness to many getting sold off. Some sent us letters depicting their happy lives, but the majority never even call back. Often I couldn't get a wink of sleep, fearing if the next one would be Otana, or Mashu or maybe even me."

She took a deep breath after saying that far.

"And then, it was finally my turn to get called. I could only feel dread at that moment. I calmed down a bit after two more names were called, but I couldn't stop trembling not knowing what kind of person would we work under. And then we were welcomed so warmly like this... but this happiness, could it be a dream. That before I knew it... I would be looked down by frightening adults inside a cage. My tears wouldn't stop falling when I thought that..."

This was a complete blunder on my side. I thought Gana was an unfussy kid. But she's still just a kid no matter how hard she tries to act like an adult. I should have known better about her feelings, the feelings of being sold to someone unknown.
I put my hand on Gana's head, she flinched. I slowly pat her head as I gently talk to her to ease her fear.

"Gana. I think of you and the other two as family. I can't let you go out until you can transform for now, but I promise that I'll take you three to Kirishna-san's place once you can defend yourself.  Kirishna-san believed in me enough to entrust you girls to me. I also intend to release you from slavery one day. So there's no need to worry. You girls can just stay here."

She was tearing up again while I was talking. But I don't believe those are sorrowful tears this time.


She squeezed out that small sheepish voice, buried her face in me and cried out. I pat her head while holding her until she calmed down.

She eventually cried herself to sleep. I carry her back to the detached building while being careful not to wake her up. Do your best [Seclusion]! I'm doing my best not to wake everyone, it's tiptoeing time!!

Alright, the other two are fast asleep. I put Gana next to them and put a sheet over her.

As I quietly went out of the room... Dilt-san found me for some reason, and I found myself in a sermon session for acting suspiciously. I wasn't treated like a lolicon since she looked 15 outwardly, but I was told of being too enthusiastic. Dilt-san apologized deeply when the misunderstandings were cleared though.
But now I'm worried if this is all due to our voices at the main building getting heard from here when it got too intense. I swore in my mind to develop soundproof or muffler magic next time.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-36

17-36. Offenses and Defenses at Purple Towers (3)


Satou here. There were times I found myself plunging straight into crunches when I discovered unexpected mistakes while taking care of last few remaining jobs with the last bit of my willpower. As otherwise, it would come back requiring far more effort to take care of later if I looked the other way and pretended I never saw those, hence I had no choice but to tearfully plow through it.

"S-swarm of Evil Dragons..."

From beyond a vast cavern unthinkable inside a tower, a huge swarm of <<Evil Dragon Vanguard>> is drawing near.
Silver members and Hayato's attendants who just got through a fierce battle against one Evil Dragon trembled when they saw the swarm.

"Pochi's itching for a fight nodesu."
"Uy uy~?"

Pochi and Tama spun their arms round and round when they saw the swarm.

"These dragons look like it will be worth defeating."
"They will be adequate as our opponents so I inform."
"Yes, let's do our best!"
"Nn, annihilate."

Other golden members are raring to go as well.

"Y-you're really going to do this?"
"Yes, just leave it to us."

Liza took a stance with her trusty magic spear Douma.

Looks like she's still planning to keep the new dragon spear I've given her out of action.
Even if magic spear Douma has seen many improvements, its penetrating and offensive power falls far behind the dragon spear. Logically speaking, you'd think the dragon spear fits best against powerful enemies, and yet she chooses her trusty spear instead.

"I shall join the fight too."
『Hold it, Karina-dono. We will only get in their way.』

Lady Karina the battle hyena was going to stand next to Tama and Pochi, but her partner [Intelligent Item] Raka stopped her.

"You girls, please get some rest as you prepare for your next battle. You can leave this to these girls."

Judging from my Map, once we get past this swarm of evil dragons, the only other place with powerful enemies is right in front of the Netherworld Gate.
There are still many spots where lady Karina and the rest could get in actions until then.

"Powered Exoskeleton, deploy!"

With Arisa's command, the golden members equip their powered exoskeletons stored in the adjacent sub-spaces.
These powered suits are basically like the ones you see in many western SF, with one addition of extra units developed from Lulu's Floating Fort for the rear guards. These units fall short compared to Gunboats and Shield Ships, but they're just right for combat inside a tower.

"<<Golden Knight Red (Arisa)>>, please release <<Yellow Wing (Lyuryu)>> from the cage nodesu."

Pochi's voice gets altered by the function installed on her golden armor.

"OK! Cage Release."

Lesser dragon Lyuryu got out of a sub-space created by Arisa's space magic she used to carry Lyuryu into the tower.
Lyuryu is equipped with the same golden equipment, matching Pochi's. Their identities are obvious to all, but it's way too late to care about that.

"Alright then, rear units! We're starting out with full power right ahead!"

Arisa points her World Tree's wand toward the swarm of Evil Dragons.
Matching her move, floating fort support units connected to her exoskeleton also turned toward the evil dragons.

"<<Lesser Mythology Down>>"
"<<Lesser Mythology Extinction>>"

Arisa and Hikaru cast their anti-demon lord magic.
Flash of light blew the evil dragons away, thundering sounds and impacts coming slightly later shook my body.
The two purposely de-focused their aim to maximize the spells' range, a great majority of evil dragons took the hit, half of them received huge damage.


As I watched over several dots vanishing, next to me Arisa shouted out loud while fist pumping up high.

"I leveled uuuuuuuuup!"

--Oh, for real?!

Arisa has finally broken through the so-called [Humanity's Limit] level 99 and reached level 100. She's got a new title [One who Breaks the Limit of Man] which I don't have.

Everyone stopped their attack and congratulated Arisa.
And despite not knowing what was going on, Hayato's attendants also gave a round of applause to Arisa even while looking confused.

Of course the Evil Dragons weren't going to wait for us, hence I secretly bought us time with space magic [Labyrinth].

『Congratulations on breaking the limit, Arisa.』
『Ehehehe~ thanks. Now I've just gotta give it my all to catch up to Master.』

That's going to take some heavy NEXT exp points.

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"They should be coming out anytime now."

Right just as the girls have re-taken up their positions, the Evil Dragons broke out of Labyrinth.

"Think we got around 20% of them so far, no?"
"I believe so."

Their job was to break through the thick multi-layered defensive barriers protecting those dragons, shaving down their enormous stamina, and they've done a great job at it.

"It's Lulu-oneesama's turn next."

Arisa passed the baton to Lulu next.

『Mult-Target, Lock-on. Burst Mode Ready.』
"Launching Saturation Attack!"

Lulu pressed the trigger extending out of her Powered Exoskeleton's extra unit.

A moment later, all 24 acceleration cannons and magic cannons on her Powered Exoskeleton and extra units unleashed their barrage.
The blue holy bullets hyper-accelerated by acceleration circles rained down upon the swarm while leaving laser-like trails on their tracks, shooting through the dragons' bodies and wings before boring holes on the ground.

Thanks to Arisa and Hikaru's actions, there were more fallen evil dragons than anticipated.

"Sortieing out."

A blue light flashed out of Liza's body as she ran through the battlefield, wrapping other girls in blue lights.
Must be the Unique Skill [Hero Heart] loaned by god Garleon.

Of course, the reinforcement magic I put on them is still on effect as well.

"Charge, nanodesu!"
"Aye aye sir~"

Pochi and Tama riding on Lyuryu's back followed after her.

Seemingly feeling threatened by them, the evil dragons shot out their breaths all at once.

"White (Nana), defensive maneuver!"
"Yes, Orange (Liza). You disgusting repulsive evil dragons! I shall be your opponent, so I declare!"

Vermilion light streamed over Nana's body as she shouted out loud with the usage of Provocation skill, uniting Unique Skill [Paladin Shield] with the highly mobile [<<Absolute Throne>>] into [Paladin Domain].

The all-swallowing muddy stream-like dark purple breaths shot by the evil dragons swooped down on the girls.

Dark purple flames clashed with Nana's barrier with a vermilion outline.
The blocked flames went up toward the ceiling, transforming  it into lava.

"That's some firepower alright."
"Yep. Nana's barrier still comes out on top though."

Just as Arisa said, even flames that turned ceilings and grounds into lava could not break through Nana's Unique Skill-reinforced barrier.

"The flames are so intense Pochi can't rush in nodesu."
"Want a short cut cut through shadows~?"
"Let's go with that. Can you make the exit on the shadow of those stalactites hanging above?"
"Offu course~?"

The beastkin girls and Lyuryu jumped in the shadow gate Tama created with her ninjutsu, appearing right above the evil dragon swarm.

"These evil dragons are exhausted. Let's each get them."
"Aye aye sir~"
"Roger nanodesu!"

Tama vanished as she was falling down before coming out of shadow below the evil dragons.

"An opening~? 『<<Dragonic Eater>>』"

Ninja Tama created countless clones of herself to mercilessly cut up evil dragon's abdomens using the twin small dragon fang swords in her hands.
Other evil dragons who noticed that unleashed their breaths toward Tama, but there was no more Tama at that spot. Ninjas come and go in unexpected places at unexpected moments.

"After Burner Full Throttle."

Liza produced magic edge cannons inside her acceleration part's exhaust vents, generating an even greater acceleration for her.

"<<Dragonic Penetrator>>"

With her finisher deployed, Liza landed on an evil dragon's back at tremendous speed.
She went through the back and came out of its abdomen.

The ground sunk greatly, a donut-shaped cloud of dust spread out of the impact point.

Such crash would have harmed her normally, but thanks to the force magic [<<Inertia Control>>] put on her Powered Exoskeleton, the force from the impact was converted into horizontal energy.

Liza pierced through the defenseless abdomens of one Evil Dragon after another while maintaining a speed that exceeded Flickering Motion.

"Liza is a lightning nanodesu."

The way Liza went for evil dragons in a zig-zag pattern must have looked like a lightning from Pochi's position flying high near the ceiling..

"Pochi and Lyuryu won't lose either nodesuyo!"

As Pochi and Lyuryu went around and got behind the evil dragons, she shout out loud.

"Lyuryu, full speed ahead nanodesu!"


The large-scale acceleration parts attached below Lyuryu's wings produced super sonic speed.
They closed in the distance to the evil dragons at speed rivaling Liza's afterburner.

"<<Dragonic Acceleration>> nanodesu!"

Pochi grabbed on white dragon Lyuryu tightly, took a stance with her dragon fang sword, and charged ahead using her powered exoskeleton's accelerated circle, skewering several evil dragons at once.

Other evil dragons turned their heads toward Pochi to let out breaths.

"Won't let you~?"

A voice appearing out of nowhere was heard, then a lines ran through those evil dragons' necks.
A moment later, dark purple flame sprouted out of those lines.

--It's Tama.

Tama moves between evil dragons with her ninjutsu, severing a neck every time she hopped.

Right at the moment, mana swelled up behind me.

"... ■ <<Create Lesser Fenrir>>"

Mia finished her long chant, manifesting the anti-demon lord artificial spirit, Lesser Fenrir.


Lesser Fenrir rushed toward remnants of evil dragons that had survived the beastkin girls' assault.

"Chantless not fair."
"Well, I also think it's unfair, but it's not something you can just learn, gotta do it through exploiting 『Self-Status』 you know~"


Perhaps we can make a [Blessing Orb] for learning [Self-Status] skill at the Phantasmal Labyrinth?
I'd feel bad if it turned out to be no-go though, I should save telling Mia this after confirming it myself once we're done with sealing the Netherworld Gate.

I could afford thinking all this stuff while watching over the evil dragon extermination campaign led by the girls.

"Hyahhaa, nanodesu!"

After exterminating the <<Evil Dragon Vanguard>> swarm, we're currently advancing through a spiral staircase with Pochi and Tama leading the way.
Initially the girls were trying to compete which one get the vanguard whenever one appeared, but now they've settled with golden members taking care of <<Mutant Dragon Vanguards>> while the silver members and Hayato's attendants going for mid-class vanguards like manticores and hydras.

I'm in charge of replenishing everyone's mana, and navigation.

"Paladin Castle so I inform!"

Nana's barrier blocked a breath coming out of a passage next to us.

"Master, a wild metallic scales appeared!"

Arisa is correct, the one who shot that breath Nana blocked is a sub-species of evil dragon boasting metallic scales.

It goes by the name of <<Evil Dragon Apostle>>, it's clad in a dark purple aura.
At first I thought it had Unique Skills, but turned out it was simply an enemy that would revive several times before you could kill them for real, so we face no problem in particular.
The beastkin girls are driving their finishers into it right now.

That's fine and all, however--.

"Did it show up out of nowhere again?"

I gave an affirmation to Hikaru's question.

That Evil Dragon Apostle just now suddenly appeared on my Radar.
I considered the possibility of Mana Camouflage skill, but these dragons had no such skill.

『Arisa, could you take a look at the space around this area?』
『OK, just leave it to the pro of space magic, Super Arisa-chan!』

I know that there are several spots where space is distorted, but I have no idea why.

『So there's a gate to Netherworld at the end right?』
『Yeah, it's like this.』

I send her Map info through Familiar Link.
Turn out you can send simple images through it.

『I figured as much. That gate is the root. It's hard to tell since the connections are interrupted all over the place, but if you connect them like here and here you get this, see.』

Indeed, once you connect the lines Arisa pointed out, root-like distortions are spreading from the gate.


Mia pulled my clothes.


Indigo blue light blinked over Mia's outline.
Looks like she used the Unique Skill loaned by god Urion, Sanctuary Guard.

"It's dangerous, ahead."

Right after Mia said that, this danger was conveyed to my mind.
Must be the power [Detect approaching wickedness, and make it known] from Sanctuary Guard.

"This is..."

I can feel a presence similar to the one I felt during the [Demon God's Offshoot] incident at Shiga Kingdom's capital.
It's also similar to when god Zaikuon used the [Forbidden Power Deprived from Demon God].

The root of this presence is one and the same as the distortions in space.

"Seems like this gate is more dangerous than I thought."

--That said, I can't just turn tail and leave the Netherworld Gate as is.

"Let's strengthen our defense from here on."

I put the perceptive Tama and Mia to be on guard, in addition to Arisa with her space magic and Zena-san with her wind magic as we advanced through the passages.

"It's really getting thicker..."

The presence of Demon God's Offshoot is getting stronger the more we progress further, the evil dragons are also getting more powerful.
As the distortion in space got even worse, we even found stuff like part of evil dragons such as heads and tails growing out of walls.
The gate is just a bit further ahead, but maybe I should let the girls out of this tower for their safety.


Sera who was healing wounded silver members called out to me.

"I have received an oracle from god Tenion!"

Another trouble I reckon.

"T-the Netherworld is encroaching the human world! Tenion-sama said the Netherworld and human world might fuse into one at the rate it's going!"

Whoa, that sure sounds like a bit of a pickle alright.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 321

Chapter 321 Strongest Sage, Controls Dragon Vein


"His mana reading is still intact... What does this mean?"

Few seconds since the magic was cast.
It was demon Giwald who threw that question.

"It means I'm alive of course."

The mana-made needles disappeared as I said that.
Demon Giwald sounded perplexed when it saw me.

"You're unharmed!? You... couldn't possibly have blocked those needles, could you!?"

"Yea... I mean I blocked your other attack magic. Why couldn't I mere needles."

I check the surrounding mana while replying to the demon.
--Giruas's mana reaction is coming closer.
Looks like we're nearly done buying time here.

"No... You did not block those needles. They moved like they intentionally missed the spot you were at--"

Demon Giwald scanned over the ground below me.
There's absolutely no damage around it.
Even though all other spots have needles completely burying them.

"I see... No wonder you're trying to take [Dragon Vein Sword]."

Looks like the demon has realized the real reason of the needles missing me.

I was controlling Dragon Vein.
Unlike human's magic circuit, controlling Dragon Vein externally is a simple task.
You can attack through Dragon Vein thanks to that... And conversely, you can defend against those attacks yourself.

Right before the demon invoked its magic, I interfered with the Dragon Vein below me and slightly altered the manifestation range of those needles.
As a result, the area around me turned into a safe zone.

"However... A mage of your caliber must have realized by now. You have no chance of victory."

Demon Giwald looked surprised for a moment before regaining its composure.
Apparently this demon found out that I had no means to defeat it.
Though that's going to change very soon.

"...Good work."
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Right after I said that.
The wall next to me broke apart--as a huge lump of metal showed up through the hole.

It's the thing I've been waiting for.
--[Coffin of Sealing].
Giruas carried it and threw it to where I was.

"What the crap's up with that shitty thing's weight! Anyone else woulda been crushed to death by that!"

I could hear Giruas beyond the broken wall.
Giruas has done his role well.

"I see. You were waiting for that... But what are you planning to do with that box? What use is a locked box, no better than a blunt instrument indeed."

Demon Giwald sneered when it saw me touching the coffin.

I don't have the [Key] to the [Coffin of Sealing] indeed.
And [Coffin of Sealing] is practically indestructible.


"You do it like this."

I pour my mana into the coffin.

Not ordinary mana of course.
But mana with a special pattern.

Then--the [Coffin of Sealing] came undone with a dull sound.
The pattern was correct.


Demon Giwald opened its eyes wide in surprise to see the [Coffin of Sealing] opening.
It must have never occurred in its mind.

But of course it would open.
The magic put in this [Coffin of Sealing] originated from something I developed myself.
Why wouldn't the designer of a lock know how to open it.

"You... Just who are you?"

Demon Giwald asked in blank amazement as I took the [Man-eating Blade] in my hand.
I won't answer that.

Instead, I activate [Man-eating Blade] and establish a connection between my magic circuits and the Dragon Vein.
I feel an enormous load on my magic circuits along with the peculiar sensation from getting connected to Dragon Vein.
But the me right now can bear it.

"Iris, get back."

"Got it!"

Iris retreated back.
Demon Giwald tried to hinder her--but a hand appearing out of ground blocked the magic the demon shot.

"That's... [Hand of Dragon Vein]!"

...It knew this magic huh.
Demon Giwald is indeed correct, right now I'm using a magic called [Hand of Dragon Vein].

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Strongest Sage, Receives Dragon Vein's Magic


In contrast to that, this time Iris is acting as a vanguard, while I'm standing by on the verge of Disqualified Crest's range, with Alma and Ruli guarding the rear.
We're unable to deploy special attack magic or disturb the enemy with ebb and flow in this formation.
But in exchange, the enemy's attacks won't get past Iris either.

"I see, that girl... is quite a sturdy one, but can she take this one?"

Looks like the demon Giwald has comprehended the fact that its attacks won't reach us unless Iris is defeated.
The demon stops using high speed attack magic and starts constructing a high-powered attack magic instead.

Barriers can't block that much power.
Changing its trajectory won't stop it from damaging us either at this range.
However--of course I've prepared ways to deal with such cases.



With my command, Iris thrust her spear toward the demon.
The demon kept constructing the magic even while dodging her attack--at the cost of its stance.
I use that chance to construct an interference magic.


"Take this!"

The moment the demon cast its attack magic, I too cast my interference magic.
The effect of my magic is a reduction in the demon's magic's power.

Even after getting weakened, the magic is still powerful enough to instantly kill ordinary people, however...

"...This sensation... It feels like the times when some rocks hit me during a volcanic eruption!"

It's nothing to Iris.
Even Iris wouldn't have escaped unscathed were she took a direct hit of a full powered magic unleashed by a demon of this class... But I won't let that comes to pass.

"Don't dragons usually move to another mountain after an eruption?"

"We do that sometimes since it gets hot... But rocks falling from an eruption work really well on stiff shoulders, you know."
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...So dragons can get stiff shoulders too.

For the time being, our formation is working nicely.
To the point it afforded us this trivial conversation.
It'd be nice if we could keep this up until Giruas came back... But I guess it won't go so well.

"Then... How about this?"

Giwald rapidly unleashes attack magic one after another.
Aiming for--Ruli and Alma.

Half-baked magic won't work on Iris.
Shooting magic at me will only get it dodged.
As such, naturally you'd want to aim for easier targets, Ruli and Alma in this case.

Of course, I won't let that happen.
I repelled every last one of the magic flying toward Ruli and Alma.

However... Demon Giwald kept on shooting the attack magic even while dodging Iris's spear without minding my action.
Because this demon's aim is not to land a hit with that magic.

Its real attack is the other magic it's constructing in parallel with the rapid-fire magic it's shooting.
A peculiar attack magic invoked through the Dragon Vein.

--This magic that makes use of Dragon Vein is close to [Man-eating Blade] in principle.
However, unlike [Man-eating Blade] this magic does not draw mana from Dragon Vein.
The magic simply gets invoked at the location of a Dragon Vein.

...Makes no mistake, it's still quite a potent magic.
After all, you can directly send your magic right below your opponent.

At our current positions--Ruli and Alma are fine, but a thick line of Dragon Vein is running right below me.
Giwald must have constructed this magic knowing that.

Since its magic has been built with a very thorough spell formula, interference magic doesn't work on it.
Dodging it is a simple matter if I get away from the ground above Dragon Vein... But I have reasons not to.

Which means... That method is the only way out huh.
It carries a considerable risk, but it's not like there's any safe means to get out of this situation to begin with.

"Dodging this many attack magic... Quite a dexterous one, aren't you."

Demon Giwald continued constructing his magic even while saying that.
A few seconds later.

Giwald cast the magic soundlessly.

--A moment later.
Countless needles made of mana manifested all around me.

There is no escape.
All possible paths of escape are within the range of these needles.
And to top it off, the tips of these needles are furnished with barrier-destroying augments.


Ruli was going to run out toward me when she saw that.
But there's no way she would make it in time. And even if she did, there would be nothing she could do.

The entirety of my vision is completely covered in needles.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.8_9


The morning after, Lecan went to the rented house.

The front gate is open.

As he went inside, he almost mistook the house for someone else's; there was a neatly put together little garden.

"Ah, Lecan. Good morning."


"Lecan, your room will be in the farthest back, okay?"

"Got it."

"I still haven't finished cleaning some rooms. I'm gonna work on it whenever I can."

"You, are you really Eda."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Hmm. The face, voice and presence are all indeed Eda's."

"I've always thought that you're really a weird one, aren't you Lecan."

Lecan felt an indescribable sense of loneliness.

He didn't dislike that energetic try-hard-to-sound-like-a-boy speech of her.

"Want to grab a bite for breakfast?"


"Okay then, I'll whip up one quick for you, hold on."

"Yea. And this."

"What's this?"

"Money for the shopping."

"This is too much for me."

"Just hold on to it for now and spend them whenever you need something."

"Okay, I'll do just that. Thanks."

Lecan waited for Eda's cooking while sipping on the tea Eda prepared.

Then he told her about going to Norma's house and that he was shown the location of her house yesterday.

"Oh, okay then, I'll go get changed once I'm done with breakfast."

Lecan had no idea why would she even need to change when they're just going to Norma's house, but neither is he bothered to ask why.

"Can you even move well in that getup? And where's your bow?"

"Are you planning to go on battle or help a medic?"

Eda left her camping tools and stuff in the house though she was carrying the <Box (Luuf)> with the <Bow of Isya> in. Now that Lecan thinks about it, that's just how it is in this world.

Once Eda shut the front door, Lecan bolted it shut using <Move>.

"Hey wait a minute. What did you do just now?"

"I bolted it shut."

"With that heavy bolt? From outside the door?"


"How am I supposed to get in then?"

"I'll open it."

"What if when you're not around?"

"Jump over it."

"Like I can! No wait, it's not like I can't, but don't you think it's sad how I've got to do all that just to get in my own home?"

"That small lock alone is insecure."

"Remove the bolt, please."

In the end, the bolt would only be used whenever they're going out of town.

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"You must be Lecan. Wow, you really are big. Haven't meet someone I had to look up to for quite sometime. And you're Eda then. Nice to meet you."

Norma was a tall woman wearing mostly white attires. She's got a slender build and androgynously beautiful. Bearing an excellent posture, and a sturdy frame. Her brisk, straight to the point mannerisms give off an impression of a swordswoman. It's very obvious at a glance that she's not well versed in martial arts however, she's probably got a low fighting prowess.

"Norma-sama. Would they be our guests?"

"Ah, Jinga. The two <Recovery> users Shira-san referred to us are here. They will be helping this medical clinic for a month starting today. I will be teaching you guys on the ways of treating diseases and wounds, you don't need to pay tuition fees in exchange for no wages. Lecan, Eda. This elderly man is Jinga. He's in charge of supporting everything going on behind the scene in this medical clinic."

"Please call me Jinga. I look forward to working with you."


"This man here is Lecan. And I'm Eda. We will be in your care."

This Jinga person is either a former high-ranking soldier or an ex-knight. He's on the thin side, but there is no opening in the way he walks and his muscles have traces of tenacity on them. He's purposely breaking his postures, but Lecan can tell the old man is used to moving sharply.

Probably a swordsman.

Lecan could only felt little amount of mana on him. But the mana leaking out doesn't feel like that of a mere martial artist, but more peculiar, like that of someone who has overcome numerous harsh battles over the years.

"Okay so, I've heard that Lecan studied in pharmacology for a bit. Could I trouble you two to get to the garden please."

It was a magnificent inner garden.

The vast garden located inside the house is filled to the brim with medicinal plants.

On that point, though old this house is quite grand itself with many rooms. The rooms used for treating patients were probably former parlor and waiting room.



"Please tell me the names and effects of plants growing in this garden. I'd like to know just how deep your knowledge is."

"Got it."

Lecan said out loud names and effects of plants he knew to Norma as he walked around in the garden.

Afterward, the three went back to the medical room and sipped tea Jinga prepared.

"That's impressive, Lecan. You know around two thirds of all plants growing in our garden. There's supposed to be lots of rare plants in there, some you won't ever see in the wild even. And I can't believe you even knew about Speck Grass, Dragon's Breath and Hell Pair."

"Shira got those three plants in her house's garden."

"Eh? That's dangerous."

"The plants growing in Shira house's garden are mostly poisonous, so those without any resistance can't even go in. Medicinal herbs and poisonous plants are all mixed up in this garden though."

That was when Lecan noticed a certain fact.

Jericho is resistant to poison. Undoubtedly.

(Just what is that ape?)

"Hahaha. It's because only Jinga or me are allowed to get in. But I see, it looks like I can count on you to care and gather these herbs then. Your knowledge in this subject is really impressive. How long have you been studying under Shira-san again?"

"Started in the first 10 days of this year's second month, so it would be two months and a half."

"Hee? And you've learned that much already in that span of time? It must have been quite a strenuous study."

Lecan was knowledgeable about medicinal plants in his former world. Hence, he had a basic understanding on effects and combinations of herbs already. Though now that he's actually learning under a real apothecary, he understood the number of herbs he knew before was truly few.

"Well then, today is a house call day. I will be visiting around my patients' houses. Have you two got your own lunchboxes?"

"I carry my food with me. Eda. I've got your shares too."

"Thank you."

"Very well. Then first thing first, wash your hands well. There's cleansing powder next to the well, make sure to thoroughly wash your hand with it. Not just your fingers, but everything down the elbows. Also, do you have a clean towel with you?"

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Secured Additional Employees


"Ane-yan, we're 'ere to play~"

No no no, I'm here for a business talk Futsuno-san.

Us three; me, Futsuno-san and Mitama are visiting the slave trader [Beastfolk Expansion] right now. That's right, we're here to look for slaves that will be employees.
I plan to use the N-capital to fund the purchase. We still haven't got sales from our goods currently. Just think of it as an investment that will quickly make itself back.

"Ara ara, I'm glad to see you so lively Futsuno-chan. You too Mitama-chan. And you, I've been hearing a lot of things about you lately. I also heard you got quite some nicknames on you now?"

"T-that stuff is outside of my power to influence..."

"...Kirishna-neesan, don't be mean to Nobu."

"Ara, Mitama-chan scolded me. Fufufu, you must be loved dearly. So, what do you need today?"

"Oh yes, you see we're currently looking for employees to work at [Shut-in Lamia]. However, since we don't want to let our production process be known, we're thinking of hiring slaves for the roles. As for ages, there's no special requirements since even children can do the job. I'd prefer if they're girls. As the work needs fine control and most importantly, because our other employees are all girls. If I had to be picky, I'd like those who can work patiently."

Everyone there including employees are all women except me. I don't actually mind hiring a man, but it would complicate many things, like room assignments and stuff. Two will stay in one room to ascertain their characters. Can't use Discerning-sense to tell me about personalities and stuff after all.

"I see. If it's you, I'm sure those girls won't be treated unjustly. Would you wait a minute. I'm bringing just the right kids for you."

A few minutes of waiting later. Kirishna-san brought three girls. Think they're around 10-13 year old. That's fine and all, but what piqued my interest is their races. They're neither general humans nor beastfolks. All these girls are of races consolidated as 'demons' in this world.

"These girls were all brought here by some random adventurers and powerful men as a sort of loot. They may be treated as demons, but they have proper racial names, and none of these girls is aggressive. I believe in you, you won't treat them differently just because of their races, right?"

She asked me in a really provocative manner. Gununu, by this point I've already lost the match. Feels like I'm being toyed with in the palm of her hand. It's like she's making me believe that I can do it.

"Weird. Aren't I a guest here, why am I getting threatened. Yes, we will take these girls. You two are fine with that right?"
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"S'fine. Cuz I'm a wife obedient to her husband, y'see."

Why are you emphasizing on the obedient part there. Oh is she trying to act the virtuous wife part or something?

"...Nn, no probs. I'm these kids's oneesan now. Right?"

Mitama said so while petting the three girls' heads. She did that to Tino-chan too. Wonder if she yearns being an older sister.

"From the right, it's Gana, Oltea and Mashu. All three will be 500,000 mani."

A surprise bargain price!? No no wait, aren't you selling them way short just because they're little girls?

"Eeeh, isn't it too cheap no matter how you look at it!?"

"Ara, I didn't think you would complain about that. It's fine. I don't have anybody in mind who could take care of these girls anyway. But in exchange, please don't make them work in a harsh environment."

"...Why are you going so far."

"There were times when I was a slave, you know. I'm fully aware there's no way we can abolish slavery with the way things are right now. The only thing I can do is to get them good masters. So they can live even a little bit happier life. And these kids are having it rough even compared to other slaves. After all, only eccentric customers would look for those regarded as demons."

So she's saying I'm an eccentric customer huh. It's sad how I cannot deny that.

Let's look at these girls once again. Unlike Sefi-san and her transformation, these girls are in their bare racial forms.
That said, I have no idea what races are which. I only know that they're not general humans from stuff like their horns and fangs. Well then, it's time for your turn Discerning-sensei.

Name: Gana - Gender: Female - Age: 11 - Race: Vampira
Class: Vampira Lv5 - State: Cursed
Title: None
Grappling Lv2 - Dark Magic Lv2 (Unusable due to Curse)
【Racial Skill】
Bloodsuck Lv2

A halfling of vampires and general humans. Being a halfling, they are more durable against sunlight said to be vampires' weakness, they are able to move around in daytime despite reduced physical ability. However, they have lost racial abilities of vampires; transformation and creating familiars. Often despised by either race. They are able to recover their health and mana by sucking blood.

Name: Ortea - Gender: Female - Age: 11 - Race: Ogrefolk
Class: Ogrefolk Lv5 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Grappling Lv3 - Body Reinforcement Lv1

A race similar to onifolk with horns on foreheads and green or blue skins. They boast great physical strength like onifolk, but they prefer bare handed combat instead of carrying weapons. A lot of them have rough and belligerent manners, but they're in no way unintelligent. They are not the same as monsters with similar names that spawn in dungeons.

Name: Mashu - Gender: Female - Age: 10 - Race: Hakutaku
Class: Hakutaku Lv3 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Alchemy Lv1 - Pharmacology Lv1 - Flora and Fauna Lv1

【Racial Skill】
Well of Wisdom Lv1

A unique clan living in the far east. They're easy to mix up with minotaurs, but they're in fact, a completely different race. Possessing Well of Wisdom that is said to know everything in universe, which is in fact their racial skill. By consuming mana, they are able to access a shared information database-like network where they can draw knowledge from. They also have high aptitudes in magic and science. Conversely, they vastly fall behind on physical side of things, unable to learn most martial art skills.

...Oy, it's really far too cheap. Are you even aware just how capable these kids are--. Mashu-chan in particular, she probably could work her magic right away at our shop.

Gana is a tsurupeta loli with curly short-cut light blue hair and red eyes. Ortea is... almost taller than me already, I'm tearing up. She's got green skin, brown horns and unkempt blue hair. It's long enough to reach her waist. Especially of note would be the reversal of the white and black portions of her eyes. Mashu has bull horns that grow from her temple sidewards, a fluffy tail and fluffy fur below her knees. Her hair is pure white.

For now, unfortunately they're prohibited to go out until they learn the art of transformation from Sefi-san. They'd stand out way too much in the middle of the town otherwise.

"Hi there. I will be taking you in from today on. The name's Nobusada. Nice to meet you all."

"H-hmph. No need to act all niceties with me."

"Anchan, yer' strong. Okay then, I'll be your follower. So let's spar next time, yeah?"

"Ah yes, nice to meet you desuyou. Kukaa~"

Oy, Mashu, don't sleep on me now. I'm getting a bit worried of the future. I'm their master for once right?

After making the contract, I put the three girls and their fiercely unique personalities on Model Hakumai and ran back to our mansion.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 319

Chapter 319 Strongest Sage, Buys Time


I'm keeping an eye on the demon while putting up a [Wait] hand signal.
Then--the demon cast Material Detection magic.
A peculiar mana was discharged before flying off into the distance.

"What was that magic?"

While saying that... I calculate the object of the spell from its mana pattern.
And it's exactly what I predicted it would be.

--The [Key] to the [Coffin of Sealing].
Without the [Key], we won't be able to open the [Coffin of Sealing] nor can we carry it far.
The demon used that spell in order to ascertain that.

"Oh that was to clear people off. It would be a bother were someone to trespass in the heat of battle, don't you think?"

The demon looked satisfied while lying through its teeth.
Looks like it didn't find the [Key].

While keeping an eye on it... I made a gesture toward Giruas.
The route to the hidden room has been wrenched open thanks to the destruction we caused.

"...Got it."

Giruas, visibly upset to be stuck with his luggage carrier role in front of a powerful opponent, was heading inside a hole in the wall when--
A high speed attack magic was shot chantlessly.

--High speed attack magic.
A magic that pursues cast speed above all else at the expense of power and accuracy.
However--when used by a demon of this class, the magic's power and accuracy exceeds that of magic cast by ordinary demons.


Ordinary human can't even react to this magic.
Giruas noticed and reacted to it--but perceiving that he couldn't dodge it, he moved his center of mass to avoid a direct hit to his vital.
A moment later, the defensive magic I had cast took effect, repelling the high speed attack magic.

"Hou... You blocked that."

Demon Giwald sounded impressed.
It probably didn't think its magic would be blocked.

"Go now, hurry."
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Looks like the exchange just now has made Giruas realize that this battle is beyond his capability.
He ran toward the hidden room without looking back.

I shoot [Mana Jammer] at demon Giwald while taking a sidelong glance at that.
It's a magic to disarray mana control resulting in casting failure.
This magic usually gets augmented on arrows to compensate for range...  But I shoot at it directly this time.

[Mana Jammer] won't work well on demons of this class.
It'll only make their magic construction 0.5 seconds longer at most.

That would have been enough time to deal great damage on ordinary demons... But against this demon, that much time gets us virtually nothing.
But it should give us enough time for Giruas to bring back the [Coffin of Sealing].


Following after me, Iris thrust her spear toward demon Giwald.
The demon gripped her spear and stared at me.

"I see... Buying time for your thieving friend huh."

--It found out our goals.
However, demon Giwald shows no sign of panicking.
Neither does it makes a move to deal with Giruas.

The demon understands that we don't possess the [Key] to the [Coffin of Sealing].
Hence, it must have chosen to slowly but surely kill us.

No matter how high up a demon on the ladder, a moment carelessness could still bring their ruin... by way of peculiar magic.
I have no means for such right now, but this demon Giwald has no way of knowing that fact.

Hence, it's going to make full use of its advantage in mana and stamina to surely kill us in a protracted battle...
That must be this demon's plan.
It's going as I anticipated so far.

As I analyzed the flow of battle, Alma's arrow flew off.
With the hand that didn't grab Iris's spear, demon Giwald caught the arrow.

"...Another jamming magic huh."

The demon shot a high speed attack magic over Iris's shoulder toward Ruli and Alma.
I clashed it with my own attack magic I instantaneously cast, diverting its trajectory.

"...What an annoying formation."

After having so many of its attack magic repelled.
Demon Giwald muttered in vexation.

Our formation this time specializes in buying time.

Usually, I'd take the advance position, Iris the support, while Alma and Ruli are holding the rear position.
Since I'm in charge of deciding our strategy at the forefront, this affords us aggressive yet flexible tactics to be deployed at will.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Strongest Sage, Confronts Demon


--A little while later.
After forming up a plan with Giruas and the girls, we got back to the lord's mansion.

"There's only... the demon inside the mansion. Guess we can go all out without worry."

Apparently the demon doesn't trust its human subordinates.
It's alone in the mansion now.

That demon... is on the second floor.
No matter how much it disguises itself, you can tell its location when you get this close.
As for its strength... Gotta see it myself before I could be certain.

After confirming that, I ask the four.

"Are you ready?"


"When you are!"

"Ready smeady, hell if a luggage carrier need to."

All looks good.
...The demon is letting its guard down at a room in the corner... Or so it makes itself look like, in reality it's closely watching over adjacent rooms.
We need to create a loud and dramatic diversion if we want to steal the [Coffin of Sealing].

This is where... Iris's turn comes.

"Alright, make it flashy."


As she said that, Iris kicked at the door to the lord's mansion.

Then... The door flew off.
Its hinges have been completely pulverized, splinters from the smashed door scattered everywhere in the mansion.

"Excuse me! I'm looking for a demon, is there one inside?"

While saying that, Iris randomly swings her spear around and kicks stuff everywhere she goes.
The mansion's luxurious interior is swiftly getting demolished into nothingness.

"Ooh! This is kinda fun!"
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"Don't break any pillar, it'd be a bother if the mansion collapsed."

"I got it!"

I joined Iris in this act of destruction while saying that.
She's right, destroying the building where our enemy lurks feels kind of exhilarating.

...That said, it's not like I'm doing this for fun.
We'd need to take an extremely long walk if we take the honest way toward the room where the [Coffin of Sealing] is seemingly being hidden.

So by destroying the mansion, we'd get the shortest... not the shortest route, but a much less longer one.
Iris's act of wanton destruction is merely a camouflage toward that end.
...Naturally, the demon won't put up having his house destroyed like this.

"Iris, above!"

A moment after my warning--the ceiling broke apart as a demon's claw tried to grab Iris's arm--no, it did.

"...This level huh."

I've got a grasp on our enemy's strength after seeing that claw.

This demon--is not an opponent I could hope of winning in a one-on-one fight.
Though it's not at the level of greater demons in the past era, it should be around mid-class.

With the support of the three girls, I could probably manage to put in some damage... But we would likely run out of mana before we could defeat it.
It's the next strongest demon after Zaridias in this era.

Claws of demons belonging to this class boast vastly higher hardness than magic metal such as mithril.
A slight graze from it would tear an arm off an ordinary human.
For ordinary humans that is.


Iris swung her grabbed arm, thrusting her spear at the demon along with the ceiling.
The demon dodged the attack... and stood between us and the hidden room.

"...I thought I sensed a weird mana reading, to think that was coming from such a monster. I suppose that's only right seeing you are here to steal that object."

Looks like it knows our goal of taking the [Coffin of Sealing].
I'm keeping an eye on the demon's movement while thinking that... then it opens its mouth.

"...I am the lord of this house... Giwald. You barged in here and started destroying everything... Your barbaric act shan't be forgiven. I will be calling the guards."

"A demon calling the guards? Is this a joke?"

I replied back to demon Giwald.

...Of course this demon has no plan to actually do that.
Its true goal is--buying time.

The demon may look like it's merely standing still, but it's really constructing a spell.
A spell for--material detection.
An advanced one that can even detect objects inside Storage magic at that.
I can't believe this demon is using that spell, makes things easier for me.

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