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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Strongest Sage, Confuses


It's a very simple magic that simply produces hands made of mana out of ground.
The strength of these hands depends on the user--and at the hands of a skilled user, the [Hand of Dragon Vein] boasts extremely dense form and high resistance against magic.
Due to its cast speed, and a wide range of applications, this is probably the most famous dragon vein magic in the past era.

I produced several more hands out of ground and restrained demon Giwald with them.

"You're severely mistaken if you think mere [Hands of Dragon Vein] can overpower me--"

Demon Giwald cast magic and twisted its body in an attempt to escape the restraint.
However, it's unable to break free from the [Hands of Dragon Vein].
In the blink of an eye, [Hands of Dragon Vein] grabbed demon Giwald's entire body, not even giving it any chance to cast magic.

[Hand of Dragon Vein] is the most basic of Dragon Vein magic.
As such, it ties closely to the user's capability and experience.

Number, density, magic resistance, grip strength.
There's a world of difference between a veteran magic combatant's [Hand of Dragon Vein] to that of an intermediate mage.
Beginners can't even invoke this magic.

In other words, this is the most effective magic that makes use of my past life's experience.
I actually never used this magic much--but I'm glad I practiced on it a bit.

While I was thinking--demon Giwald had begun constructing an attack magic.

Looks like it's trying to launch a counteroffensive.
The [Hand of Dragon Vein] I'm using is ill suited for attacking.
I need to cast attack magic in order to defeat demon Giwald.

This demon must be planning to launch that magic just right when I switch from [Hand of Dragon Vein] to attack magic.
That's never happening though.

"Now then... How many seconds will it last."

I poured my mana into Dragon Vein as I murmured.
Then the spot where demon Giwald is--flares up.

--[Flame of Dragon Vein]
An attack magic that was as popular as [Hand of Dragon Vein] in the past.

Its effect is extremely simple.
The magic converts Dragon Vein's mana into a flame that burns its target down.

"Madness! Simultaneous execution of dragon vein magic!? That's suicidal!"
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Demon Giwald sounded confused within the restraint.

Dragon Vein's magic require a precise mana control.
Controlling two at once is difficult indeed.

But it's not something experience can't overcome.
Casting multiple magic that were far more difficult than these in parallel were pretty much everyday occurrences to the past me.
--It's quite burdensome on the magic circuits though.

"I wonder about that."

I gradually increase the firepower while monitoring the load on my magic circuits.
Seeing that, demon Giwald--smirked.

"...If you're so eager to die, allow me the honor."

Looks like demon Giwald has abandoned the idea of casting attack magic.
The demon halted its magic construction and began pouring its mana into Dragon Vein instead.

This is the exact opposite of what happened earlier.
I'm attacking through Dragon Vein, demon Giwald is trying to interfere with it.

The difference is demon Giwald only made use of Dragon Vein while I'm connected to Dragon Vein right now.
It's easier to control Dragon Vein when you're connected to it--but conversely, any lapse in control will instantly destroy your entire body's magic circuits, resulting in death.
And this demon must be trying to make that a reality.

However, my magic control is steadfast.
Heck, [Flame of Dragon Vein]'s firepower is steadily increasing even.
And then...

"...I see, so this is how."

I finally got the knack for Dragon Vein magic after not using it for so long.
This will work.

I push a large quantity of mana into Dragon Vein all at once.
A moment later--[Flame of Dragon Vein] completely covered demon Giwald.

"T-this can't be..."

Demon Giwald muttered in confusion.

[Flame of Dragon Vein] is burning down the sturdy body of a high-class demon.
Even the solid build of demon cannot stand against this much thermal power.

--A while later.
Demon Giwald has fallen, leaving only a carbonized body on the ground.

"...That lasted longer than expected."

After confirming demon Giwald's death, I was about to cut off my connection to Dragon Vein.
Right at that moment--I felt an enormous load on my magic circuits as I fell down on my knee with an intense pain.



Ruli ran up to me when she saw me suddenly falling.
I analyzed the situation while repairing my magic circuits.

The overload was due to Dragon Vein.
Of course, I didn't make such a basic mistake as losing control right before severing the connection.
There was a vast amount of mana pushed into me from the Dragon Vein.

I considered the possibility of demon Giwald using up the last of its mana--but such a little amount wouldn't have been enough to make me lose control.
The cause must lie in another spot.

I probe inside the Dragon Vein with that in mind.
And--I found the culprit.

"...Why is that demon?"

I reflexively said that out loud.
The information I got from Dragon Vein was just that shocking.

--[Demon of Destruction] Zadokilgias.
Mana reaction from a demon who was feared as the worst even in the past era was mixed in Dragon Vein.

Don't tell me... This [Chaotic Demon] that was getting awakened refers to Zadokilgias.
If that's true then [Man-eating Blade] won't make a difference.

But there's no way that thing can be resurrected.
Even considering the power [Broken Star], it's just impossible.
After all, the past me had completely annihilated this [Demon of Destruction] Zadokilgias, leaving absolutely no trace of it behind.

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