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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Strongest Sage, Gives Order


"...What the hell happened? Didja use chantless magic?"

With my sword on his nape, Giruas sounded perplexed.
I deployed no magic in our match, no physical reinforcement, no advanced magic, no nothing.

I simply stepped forward, evaded his sword with pure [Techniques], and thrust my sword forward.
No mana was used in the least.
Since there's a high chance of the demon finding us were I used any magic except for Physical Reinforcement.

"Not at all. That was merely a swordsmanship technique."

I held back on purpose the last time I fought Giruas, and also partly for teaching him the might of chantless magic.
In reality, swordsmanship alone is more than enough for me to win against Giruas.

"So I still can't make you get serious even now huh..."

Giruas has grown stronger than the last time we met.
I can see that very well just from that instantaneous match.

And it's not only on magic side, his swordsmanship has seen a major improvement as well.
He must have undergone a massive amount of training since our last encounter.

And the results clearly show.
He's gotten much more powerful incomparable to his previous self.

That's precisely why Giruas understands very well the vast gap between us.
The more powerful a combatant becomes, the easier for them to grasp the difference in capabilities between them and their opponent.

"You got that right... And even I would have a hard time fighting against the demon lurking in this town in a frontal battle... Do you get the degree of this demon's strength if I tell you that?"

"...Well dang, I definitely ain't a match that's for sure. Gotta get more training first."

Looks like he's given up.
However... I can't have him leave now.
I need Giruas to do something.

"Hold on. Did you forget about my request?"
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"...Shoot it. I'll do anything within my power."

Giruas halted and asked me back when I said that.
Looks like he's willing to do it.

"I'd like you to help us acquiring a weapon."


"Yeah. There's a valuable weapon hidden in this town lord's mansion... The demon is staying in this town to guard that weapon."

Hearing that... Giruas looked like he got what was going on.
Then he grinned... and spoke.

"I got ya. I'm gonna act as a decoy and fight the demon while you guys go grab that weapon, am I right?"

...Almost there.
The plan is correct, but he's got the roles mixed up.

"It's the opposite. Us four will fight the demon attracting its attention away. In the meantime, you fetch a coffin where the weapon is inside the mansion and hand it over to me... I'll fill you on the weapon's location after this."

"Fetch a coffin... Ya tellin' me to let you guys have all the fun fightin' while I'm stuck carrying some luggage?"

Giruas asked me back with a perplexed look on his face.
But that's exactly what I'm asking.

"Yeah... You said you'd do anything right?"

"Well yeah, but y'know... Can't ya let me in a bit of the fight?"

"You're dead meat if you did. It won't even be a fight."

Then I take a stance with my sword again.
Giruas recalled how he was soundly beaten when he saw that.

"Dangit, so I'm that powerless... Eh fine, I'm gonna fetch ya that coffin sword or something."

Looks like he gets the plan.
[Coffin of Sealing] is pretty heavy... But he should be able to carry it somehow.

The movement jamming of [Coffin of Sealing] won't activate as long as it's within 50 meters of its initial installed location, so even brute force can carry it.
Once Giruas brings me the coffin, I will take care of the rest.

"Sorry about this, you're a big help."

"...Imma make you carry my luggage next time. Just you wait."

"Yeah. I'll look forward to it."

I really do look forward to his next growth.
Not many people as blessed as Giruas in swordsmanship.
Hence I can't let him die here.

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