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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 87

Chapter 87 No no good, no no good!


"Alright! All done!!"

I'm working in the mansion once again today. What about dungeon expeditions you ask? Well y'see, I don't feel good leaving those three girls, what's with that one time and all, so I've been staying behind while the other members go off to raise their levels. We do go wild in the night whenever they get back though. Once things have settled down after a few days, I plan to go on a long expedition.

I've finished making a simple Levelitt's shrine.
Weird. This was supposed to look like the solemn Grand Shrine of Izumo.

It somehow turned into a 1/10,000 scale model of Tokyo B*g Sight instead while I was focused in its creation. The thing looks more like a diorama than a shrine. Its base is even fully furnished with handles so it can be carried like a portable shrine. It's been labeled as [Levelitt's Shrine] though, so there should be no problem. I think. I mean that place's a sacred ground in a way.

I've already set up an altar like thing to put the shrine in my room, so I just need to put it there. Oh yeah, how do you summon her again. Guess I'll just put down some offerings and recite some random chants or something.

"Eloim, Essaim, Eloim, Essaim. I beseech upon you victory. Come forth, no-goddess!!"

I piled up some random chants. By the way, the offerings are some lightly pickled cucumbers.

A needlessly huge amount of mana turned into a torrent that ran through my room. More and more mana is coming out of my body as if it's getting sucked out. Curtains were swaying, birds looking for prey ran away all at once as they sensed the unusual atmosphere.


A sound like something popped out could be heard in front of the quasi shrine. Smoke goes up, a small shadow is floating inside.

What lies there is...

A long glamorous flaxen hair.
Sapphire-like inviting pupils.
Baby-like soft skin.

Bearing those qualities... is the no-goddess in a 2D super-deformed slack mascot-like form.
Part-wise, they do hit all the checklists for a beauty, but how she somehow managed to make it comical is just how this no-goddess rolls I suppose. Simply amazing, she never betrays expectations.

"Nobusada-kun, I'm not some random apostle from somewhere you knooow."

Ah, now she's making a claim. I wanted to quip back at how she found problem at that part of all things, but decided not to.

"Looks like it went well. I mean, you never did tell me how to summon you in the first place, not my fault."

"Gunuu, and the pickles you got for my offerings are really souuur, *chew chew*."

"Well yeah of course, they're pickles. And you're eating them anyway."

"But of course, I always eat all my offerings. Next one's got to be sweets! Please make the next one be sweets okay."

This no-goddess dares to request her offerings. How about I get you some sweetener instead? But this goddess's prob gonna eat it nonetheless. I'll make it Russian Roulette dumplings. And put a real extra spicy one among them!

"So so, what do you need today~?"

"Ah yeah, now that things have calmed down, there's some things I need to ask you."

"Okay~, just note that there are things I can't answers."

"By the way, what are those things?"

No-goddess began fidgeting while blushing. Ah, I know where this is going.

"Three siz--ebushi!"

I drive in a chop on her head no question. She's looking at me with resentful but teary eyes.

"I'm against violence! What kind of demon would chop a maiden's head anyway~"

"It's okay. It's 45 degree tilted, a chop should fix it."

"I'm not some old television you knowww. Punpun."

Now then, let's stop clowning around and get to the point.

"O goddess who rules over growth and talent. What are Class Caps. And how do you break through these caps?"

"Mufun? Ooh, right, you've hit a cap on one of your Classes haven't you~. This particular point highly depends on one's soul and body. And in your case, it's because Fighter Class isn't really suited to you Nobusada-kun~. And unless your soul and body mutate, there's no way to overcome these caps, you see~. Otherwise it would disturb one's very existence itself."

Fumu, it's a serious one for once. Hitting the cap at level 30 is way low. Is disturbing one's very existence something like turning into liquid once you lose the A*-Field.

For now, finding one Class I'm good at and letting it grow without swapping it out sounds like a good idea. Getting more extra Classes I can set seems like it'd be better for growth after all.

"Okay then, another question. Can the you in your state now baptize people? And is it possible to baptize those who are lumped together with demons?"

"It's Yes to both~. But I'm gonna need to consume mana every time~. Oh and that lumping up with demons stuff is all made up by general humans, it doesn't matter to me~. I watch over each and every one of you regardless of their standing."

Feels more like monitoring in my case though? Well whatever. I'd like to ask her about stuff like Singularity or the fact that there are many people around me who have goddesses protections, but she's probably just going to dodge these topics.

"I can't tell you about those~. Cause they're tied tightly to classified information, see~. If I blurted it out without thinking, Nobusada-kun's very existence may even be in peril."

Don't read my mind you! I mean, then you shouldn't have given me any hint about those. I wouldn't have thought about those things if you never told me in the first place...


I grab no-goddess's face in my grip. Then I gradually put more strength into my grip.

"Gyaasu. Nobusada-kun, I'm still a goddess you know, eagle gripping a lady's face, don't you think that's way crueeel?"

Wonder if boiling a no-goddess will get me something? She's probably leading an idyllic life anyway, I'd probably get something good out of it.

"Herpumii! Goddesses are friends, they're not at all scary. Ah, I mean no, sorry sorry. I'll even give those girls my protections, okay, okay!?"

Well, I'm just joking. This no-goddess tends to get ahead of herself, and ends up getting the short end of a sad quip.

"Oh look at the time, I should head back soon, work waiting. Anyway, I'm so grateful for all the new believers~."

"Ou, good work. Ah, would you like to take these trial-run tea leaved dumplings with you?"

"Ah, yes please. So you did have some, didn't you. I was afraid my tea time would end up disastrous for a minute there. Well then, chara bye~!"


No-goddess raised a smokescreen like some manga ninja as she went back.
Phew, feels like she took a lot of my mana. Checking the amount, the initial summoning took 500,000, afterward it took 100,000 every few minutes. As expected of no-goddess, the maintenance costs are unparalleled. Huh wait, wonder how much would part of her real body would cost then. Kinda want to see it, though her personality leaves a lot to be desired.

Now then, in the end I got the answers I wanted and even protections for the three girls. Result-wise, it's all good.

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『Ah, Nobusada-kun.』

Ah!? How'd you get to directly talk to me??

『These mitarashi dango are a bit lacking in sweetness departments. Ah, this is an Oracle.』

Wait a minute, is this really how you use Oracle?! I mean, I haven't even learned...

Tettere~♪ Acquired Oracle Skill.

Ex post facto?!!

『Green bean, roasted bean, red bean, sesame seeds. Prepare all kinds for the next offerings purizu~』

I'm not some dumpling delivery service! Okay I gotcha. Look forward to a full course of habanero, semburi, noni and pontegi for your next offerings.

『But that's just a punishment game then~』

Pssh, beep, beep, beep.

The Oracle hung up like a phone line. Considering the one on the opposite line, the other goddesses must have found her out or something. Like when a high school girl got found out talking too long on the phone. Geez.

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