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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.10_11


"Oh good. Poltim-san. You're looking a lot better."

"Yes. It's all thanks to you doctor."

"I've brought two assistants with wonderful powers with me today. You're very lucky Poltim-san. Since they're still under training, these two will use <Recovery> on you free of charge."


"Hahaha. You don't have to worry about it. I'll be sure to lead them right. Besides, your illness won't worsen even if a <Recovery> is used wrongly. Now then, Lecan."


"Can you use your power of observation to tell which part of Poltim-san is ailing?"

"His lower body has been weakened. He's barely got meat on his waist. I don't think he can walk. Judging from his complexions and breath's smell, I believe it's a problem with entrails. Probably it's the entrails that are supposed to take food into his body."

"Now this is surprising. Lecan, are you actually educated in this stuff?"

"Nah. I didn't have a formal education or anything."

"But you're correct. Alright then, first, put a weak <Recovery> over Poltim-san's entire body. Do it like you're trying to clean out garbage in his body. The treatment won't work well if we don't clean the body first."

"Got it."

"And also, this might be difficult, but keep at it even if you feel a resistance. With a weak <Recovery>, the patient will feel a recoil. We're going to determine where the problem is by looking at that recoil. That's the ABCs of a medic."

"Got it."

"OK then, give it a try."



Since he was told to do it lightly, Lecan cast an extremely weak <Recovery> on Poltim's body. As he wasn't sure where to begin, he put it from head, then slowly going down to his arms then legs.

Once Lecan is done, he looked at Norma who was struck dumbfounded with both eyes and mouth wide open.

"There's something wrong around the belly. I couldn't tell more than that."

"I can't believe how intense that light was. Putting that level of <Recovery> over his whole body, Lecan you must have an incredible amount of mana. I mean, where's your wand?"

Lecan is able to tell mana amounts of humans and magic beasts within a range with his <Life Detection>. He can also get more details by using <Mana Detection>. However, those abilities aren't well known in this world. Even those who possess mana can't tell how much mana other people possess.

"Poltim-san. How are you feeling? Any change with your body?"

"W-warm lights warmed me up from my head to the tips of my feet, was so steamy and warm and so so nice. My body kinda feels light. Like I could get up."

"Err, I don't think you can get up. No wait. How far can you raise your body?"

Poltim raised his whole body off bed, he even started walking. Poltim's wife weeped when she saw that.

"Honey! Honey! You're walking. Look at you walking!"

Afterward, Norma put Poltim back to bed and examined him.

Poltim was saying that he was hungry, so she told him to eat something easy to the stomach, and finished the examination.

Once they left the house, Norma spoke to Lecan in amazement.

"Do you feel any symptom of mana deficiency? Are you okay?"

"I used <Recovery> with a minimum amount of mana as told."

"What's minimum about that! If that was minimum, your full power would be enough to blow away the entire Ceres Temple!"

"Blowing it all in one shot would prove difficult considering how vast that place is. However, I might be able to destroy the whole place with the advanced level magic I learned yesterday."

"A-advanced level magic? Y-You, j-just who are you?"

"A mere swordsman adventurer."

"...Why would a swordsman even capable of casting advanced level magic."

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"Matsugi-san. Is your arm still hurting?"

"Oh no. It's gotten a lot better thanks to you doctor."

"Really. Matsugi-san, consider yourself lucky. We've got two proper user of <Recovery> in training here. So you can get <Recovery> for free today."

"O-ok. That's uh."

"Hahaha. Don't worry about a thing. I'll be watching over them. Now then, Eda."


"Matsugi-san broke his right arm during a job two months ago."


"The bone broke in a bad way, many bone fragments went in his arm as a result."


"I've managed to remove those fragments after spending a lot of time. However, the bone couldn't get back to its original state, and even bending elbow is painful to him. Small fine fragments also still remain in his arm, with no way to take them out."


"Fist of all, we need a treatment to relieve his pain. Then try to restore the arm back to its healthy state as much as you can."


"Then first, go examine Matsugi-san's left arm. Without chanting a spell, softly wrap the arm in mana, then check the its condition, especially the part above the elbow."

"Yes. I'll give it a try."

"Huh? Where's your wand?"

"Ah. I don't have one."


"Do I have to hold a wand?"

"W-well, I'm not complaining if you can do it without one."

"I'll do it."

"Un. That's it. You're good at this. Keep it up. Then next, carefully touch Matsugi-san's right arm, softly wrap it in mana, and check its condition. And then analyze the difference between it and the left arm."


"Meaning compare it in your mind. Just make it so the states of left and right arm get closer."

"I-I see."

"Carefully, gently. Think of someone dear to you suffering, then wholeheartedly look for what's wrong."

"Someone... dear to me, suffering in pain."

"Right right. Good going."

"Gotta save him. <Recovery>."


"Uwa. It's dazzling."

"W-what's happening?"

A huge green ball manifested, emitting light for a while.

Then the light died down.

"Ah, the pain. The pain has gone away, doctor!"


"I can move it! I can move my right arm! Look! I can even turn it around. My job, I can keep my job now!"


Norma examined Matsugi.

Afterward she declined an invitation to lunch from Matsugi's daughter who was moved to tears, before leaving the house with Lecan and Eda.

"Let's eat our lunch at the square."

Her voice sounded tired somehow.

"Umm, you look fatigued. Would you like me cast <Recovery> on you?"

"<Recovery>? Haven't you just cast one, you can use it already?"

"Oh if it's only that much, I can even manage a hundred a day."


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