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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.13


A strong sense of rejection welled up from within Lecan.

He'd rather not go to the capital where Yacklubend is.

(Cool it.)

(Gotta calm myself.)

Lecan sipped the strong liquor and slowly washed it down his throat.

He yielded himself to the throat burning sensation.

Then he sighed out loud.

(Eda is practically their hostage now.)

(Abandoning her is never an option.)

(Yet taking her back by force from the capital should prove difficult.)

(Even if I could, we would lose our place in this country.)

(And Norma and Manfrey would be condemned.)

(I got to steel myself here.)


(Come what may, to the capital I go.)

(That said, I'd better think up ways to reduce the risk.)

Lecan raised his face after a while.

Every single person in the room looked at Lecan, waiting for his reply.

"Okay. I'll go."

The room's atmosphere instantly softened.

Knight Rigan wiped his sweat. He wouldn't be able to look at his master in the face had Lecan refused here.

"Norma. Make our stay at the capital as short as possible."

"Yup. I understand. Lecan will be staying at Wazrof Mansion, he will only get into the palace in the day of the royal audience, after that he's to leave the capital right away, I'll make the arrangement for all that."

"Do so. Also, can you make my coming to the royal palace confidential?"

"Lecan. That's a tall order. Or rather, it's impossible. We have no way to control how much the royal palace side intends to publicize this event. We have no idea how vast the information network Lord Tomato has under them either. On the contrary, we should go at it openly."


"I think you should be treated as a member of Wazrof surrounded by Wazrof guards as you go into the palace and as you go back to Mashajain. I'm sure not even lord Tomato can meddle in if we do that. Just make it so Lecan, me and Eda always be around our guards. Then we brazenly make our way to the audience chamber."

"Brazenly huh. I see. If you think that's for the best, Norma."

"Lecan-dono. I will be heading back to Mashajain to deliver this news to my master as well as prepare for Lecan-dono's coming."

"You do that."

"Norma-sama. Is there anything you would like to entrust me with."

"Please tell Manfrey-sama to prepare guards who have as high standings as possible."

"Acknowledged. If you would excuse me."

Knight Rigan stood up, bowed and left the room.

(He's departing this late at night?)

Lecan enjoyed his meal afterward.

He went back to the annex near the pond once it was late. Along with Norma.

Jericho was there as he opened the door.

"Hey, Jericho. I'm back."


"Got a gift for you."


"Here. Take it."

Lecan produced a red round fruit and handed it over to Jericho. It's a rare fruit he found out from his consultation with Manfrey. He could only get one since it was sudden.

"What do you think. This is a fruit called Morgon from the south, said Longarm Apes would cry with tears of joy for one of these. That one's a bit small but should be enough for you... Ah."

Lecan noticed Yurika standing behind Jericho. He completely forgot about her.


Yurika greeted him quietly.

"Y-yea. I'm back."

Yurika sorrowfully looked at the Morgon on Jericho's hand.

Jericho hugged Yurika shoulder to comfort her and pushed the Morgon at Yurika.

Yurika pushed it back at Jericho. Jericho pushed it right back to Yurika. Yurika looked at Jericho with eyes full of gratitude. Still hugging Yurika's shoulder, Jericho turned around and led her back to their room.
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Lecan tried to say something with his right hand half raised. But he couldn't find the right word.

Jericho stopped walking and looked back over his shoulder, smiling gently at Lecan.


While Lecan pondering if that was a thanks or him saying good night, Norma spoke from behind Lecan.

"Good night, Jericho, Yurika."


Yurika also turned around and said good night.

Norma's palm warmed Lecan's back as he stood there dumbfounded.

The two went upstairs and Lecan went in his room.

As he laid sideways on his bed, unable to sleep, he felt like something was calling him.

He raised his upper body on the bed and probed the surroundings with <Life Detection> to discover a gigantic red dot. Located around Rikonen District.

(Is Shira calling for me?)

Lecan put on his clothes and cast <Concealment> on himself, then he danced in the night sky.

"Hey there, sorry about this. Calling you so late."

"You need something from me?"

"About the replacement for <Diadem of Divine Rotwood>, what do you think about this?"

Shira presented a small box.

Lecan took and opened it, a small red and blue jewels were placed inside.

"What's this?"

"Go ahead and appraise them."

Lecan took his thin wand, carefully spun preliminary casting and cast <Appraisal>.

"What? Can't read it."

"I see, so not even the you now can. Those jewels have been inserted with an Appraisal Void spell formula."

"What the heck are these anyway?"

"They're called <Magic Mirror of Ryin>. By mounting them on a metal shield or metal armor and reciting a spell, they allow its user to reflect their opponent's magic for a period of ten heart beats. You'll have to wait three days once used but they're capable of reflecting even ceremonial magic."

"What? Are these Grace Gear?"

"No that's not it. Those were made by Guide Ryin Estir, one of my masters."

"A master of Shira huh. So magic tools like this exist here."

It's similar to <Grant> in Lecan's original world. Its ability is outstanding.

"You don't see stuff like these around nowadays. I am unable to create anything like them either. So, what's the verdict? If you're taking, get a metal shield or armor out."

"Can these be mounted on Grace Gear?"

"Yes it can. But there is a slight probability of the process failing. In which case, both the Grace Gear and this Magic Mirror will be lost."

"Then put them on this."

Lecan took <Shield of Wolkan>.

"Figured you'd choose that. Leave that shield on the table now."

Lecan did as told, then Shira put the red jewel on top of the shield and recited a spell. Mana poured out of Shira's outstretched hands, then the red jewel shined bright before melting inside the shield.

"Oh dear, that went well. Now you only need to grab onto that blue jewel and recite <Waldona>. Which means <Reflect>, see. Oh and, make sure this shield is hitting the attack it's reflecting."

"Got something real good. Much obliged."

Lecan has <Necklace of Intuador> on him. But against foes on the level of Argent Flame Wolf, its protective barrier gets instantly shredded. This will be his last resort then.

He's finally forced to go to the capital.

He's absolutely no plan to go see Yacklubend. The thing is probably a monster on Shira's level who sees Lecan as the ideal lab rat. Nothing good would come from meeting them.

But he's got a bad feeling about all this.

And bad feelings are usually proven true.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.12


Norma welcomed Lecan at Goncourt Mansion. The young male aide stood behind her but Jinga was nowhere to be seen.

"Welcome back, Lecan."

"Yea, I'm back."

"I know you just got back and all, but you're just in the nick of time. There's something important we need to talk about."

"That's fine, but I'm starving. Could we chat while I'm having my meal."

"I understand. I'll have it ready right away. I'm sorry but do you mind if you eat at the main building this time? And we will have another person present there besides me, Jinga and Findin."

"Hou? Who."

"It's Knight Rigan Notz."

"What? Why's that guy here."

Knight Rigan is a high ranking knight of Wazrof, one of Manfrey's aides. Lecan has met him many times before.

"He's here as a messenger of Wazrof. Jinga is talking with him right now. We've got a situation at hands, see."

"Did something happen to Eda?"

"She's not in any danger. It's the opposite even. But it might not be what you'd like to hear."

The dining table was arranged at once, Lecan, Norma, knight Rigan and Jinga had their seats. While Findin stood in the back.

Lecan picked a strong liquor. He drank it down and ate his fill until he was satisfied.

"Now then Norma. What's going on."

"Okay. According to Rigan-dono, the Royal Family has dispatched an envoy to Wazrof, calling for adventurer Lecan's presence at the Royal Palace. A Royal Envoy."

"What? What does the royal family want with me."

"One day, Eda and Heles-dono went shopping at a tableware store at the capital. They came across a priestess of Main Yuminos Temple by chance. She was one of the priestesses accompanying Herb Saint's entourage back then. She was elated to see Eda and invited her to the temple."

"Hmph? And then?"

"Eda declined the invitation with careful wording. Heles-dono also brought up Rainzats name to tell the priestess that Eda is not to visit any particular temple at the capital. That was the end of it at the time."

"So something happened later."

"The priestess reported to the Head of Main Yuminos Temple and Skalabel-sama about <Healing Hand of Herb Saint>'s presence in the capital. Then Guide Skalabel went and paid Rainzats mansion a visit along with gifts. He wished to express his gratitude to his savior, Eda-dono, apparently."

"What a dutiful old man."

"On the other hand, Head of Main Yuminos Temple investigated what kind of items Eda and Heles-dono picked at the tableware store. Heles-dono was in fact looking for a present for our wedding. The Temple Head found out that Eda was going to get married."

"Must be a luxury store, some loose tongue they got huh."

"Well the other party is a temple. Moreso since it's the temple head of Main Yuminos Temple, standing-wise only Elex Temple head is higher. Of course their tongue would be loose. Now then, the temple head found out how Eda performed a Ritual of Blessing at Mashajain's Yuminos temple. The issue here is the relationship between Mashajain Yuminos Temple head and the capital Main Yuminos Temple head."

"Hm? Their positions seem clear cut."

"Hierarchical-wise, of course the main temple head is higher. However, the capital houses nine main temples and Main Yuminos Temple head is only one among those. Contrasting to that, Mashajain's temple head is the topmost priest of the metropolis Mashajain, with a vast sphere of influence and riches. Hence these two are constantly in opposition with each other. No, that's too strong a word. They have a rivalry."

"I got it."
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"During which a <Purification> user known as <Saintess of the North> visited Mashajain and performed a Ritual of Blessing."

"He's thinking he ought to get her do that at his temple too."

"That's right. But none dares to strong hand Rainzats. That's where the temple head looked to the Prime Minister Office. He made them sent an invitation to a Celebration Ceremony performed at royal palace for his majesty the king to grant a commemoration to the <Saintess> Eda-dono who helped regain Herb Saint-sama's well being for her marriage. Of course, he only borrowed the king's name there."

"But there's no way to refuse that since they invoked the king's name."

"Indeed. The Celebration Ceremony was to be led by Main Yuminos Temple head. He probably thought that things would proceed smoothly so long as he could get Eda at the palace."

"So Eda went to the royal palace."

"She didn't end up to at this point. Wazrof Household intervened. After receiving a message from Rainzats about it, their House Aide, Fujisur-dono, was dispatched to the capital. Fujisur-dono marched into Prime Minister Office, saying that Eda-dono along with the cousin of Wazrof Head, lady Norma are supposed to be busying themselves in preparation for their wedding at Mashajain Yuminos Temple, if his majesty wished to congratulate them, he should send his messenger with congratulatory word to Mashajain instead."

"Hm? I don't get it."

"In short, 'A lady of Wazrof is getting married, what do you think you're doing calling them like they're some petty officials, come yourself or send a royal envoy to the marquis family head if you want to say your pieces.'"

"I see. Got it now."

"Main Yuminos Temple head was panicking because he didn't expect Wazrof Household themselves to be involved. But this was when an unforeseen situation arose. The news reached his majesty the king's ears."

"Wait, shouldn't he have known in the first place since he was inviting?"

"Apparently not so. It might have been lost in other reports, or perhaps something as trivial as such is usually handled by officials. At any rate, the king found out about how the girl who saved Skalabel was at the capital and it caught his attention. One day, he asked the prime minister thus. For what reason is this girl who helped Skalabel be here now. The PM had no choice but to answer that as such."

"'She's going to get married soon', huh."

"Yep. And also about the palatial invitation to congratulate her under the king's name. His majesty was also familiar with the name of her partner in marriage, adventurer Lecan. Thus he spoke. Is that perhaps the same adventurer who conquered both the Grand Dungeons of Tsubolt and Palcimo?"

"Information about that got there too huh."

"It's a feel good story after all. Or rather, you really should be more aware just how great an achievement is that. This was the point where his majesty's interest shifted to Lecan. And then he decreed. Summon adventurer Lecan as well as his fiancees here to the royal palace. I shall personally congratulate them myself."


"A Royal Envoy came to Wazrof to deliver a summon by the king for me, you and Eda. I know you really don't want to go to the capital. But there is no declining this. Will you go to the capital with me?"





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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.11


It was a head ornament made of metal.

It has the shape of a twirling branch adorned with leaves, reflecting greenish silver lights. It's so much more stylish looking than any Genesiac Grace Gear Lecan has seen thus far. That said, it doesn't look to be especially of worth. Yet the pattern engraved on it looks similar to the ones on <Ring of Undying King>, <Talisman of Darkness Demon> and <Leg Bands of White Devil>.

Lecan took a thin wand, adjusted his breathing, recited the preliminary casting Termin taught him and cast <Appraisal> spell.

<Name: Diadem of Divine Rotwood>

<Type: Circlet>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Palcimo Floor 151>

<Depth: 151>

<Grace: Emptiness>

※Emptiness: Over a period of ten inner heart beats, the defensive power of opponents targeted by the user of this Grace Gear will be erased. 100 steps range. Activation Spell is <Nicola Reword>. This Grace can only be activated once a day. This Grace can only be activated by women. This Grace can only affect living beings and their equipment.

"Oy, you old crone."

"Is that any way to address your master?"

"This passage <This Grace can only be activated by women>, is this some kind of joke?"

"I don't think it is."

"Can't men use this Grace Gear."

"At the very least, His Majesty King Mahazar could not. That was the very reason he bestowed it to me, see."

King Mahazar was the Sage King of Wapud Kingdom that guided the kingdom to its height of prosperity, as well as the foolish king that brought upon its downfall. He's also Shira's lord and probably the only person she's ever looked up to.

"What's the point of me holding onto this thing then."

"Don't ask me that. It's you who made the demand."

All Grace Gear he got so far didn't have limitation on its user by sex. Hence he never even considered such a pitfall.

Lecan suppressed his anger and agitation, and endeavored to regain his composure.

(It's still unmistakably a valuable object.)

(Its ability is unsurpassed.)

(Nothing to lose from having this around.)

(I could let Eda equip this.)
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(Eda can make use of it.)

(It'd grant her tremendous breakthrough power when push comes to shove.)

(It might even save Eda's life.)

However, this Grace Gear is not a defensive item, it's a strictly offensive one. A weapon of slaughter. He's got a feeling that its usage would come with ghastly results.


(This isn't something Eda should use.)

His disappointment was directly proportional to his expectations. He couldn't control the swelling resentment within.

Shira could have told him that the Grace Gear can only be used by women so you can't use it. Yet she didn't. Doesn't that mean she deceived him.


(What'd you have to say.)

(If you were here.)

(It's probably, 'Have another sip first then you can talk.')

There's a wine-filled glass in front of him. Lecan lifted it up and slowly drank it down.

It's a good wine. Lecan closed his eye as he slowly savored the fragrance lingering in his mouth, the freshness going down the throat, and the warmth deposited in his belly. The tipsiness permeating his entire body feels so comforting.

Then he bit on a piece of jerky and had another sip.

His mind had completely calmed down before he realized.

(It looked to me Shira was hesitant to part with it.)

(Shira is probably still holding King Mahazar in high esteem even now.)

(And it's a keepsake from that king.)

(It was me who demanded the item without even considering Shira's circumstance or her feeling on the matter.)

(That might have offended her.)

He sipped his wine once more before pushing the <Diadem of Divine Rotwood> at Shira.

"It's my blunder. This Grace Gear is unusable to me. I should have asked for an appraisal before asking it for the trade. And I should have asked you first if this item is suitable for the trade. The fault lies on me. You can have it back. As for Barifoa's magic stone's compensation, I'll leave it to you to decide."

Shira had a look of surprise on her face.

"You... You've changed a bit."

"Have I."

"Hang on a bit there. I'll bring the next wine out."

The two kept chatting until near dusk. Four bottles of wine were emptied by the end. Most of which drank by Lecan.

He reported what happened at Palcimo. Shira laughed out loud when she heard about Jiza's big rampage. She was in awe when Lecan told her about Eda's quick wit during her conversation with Jiza.

He showed her <Leg Bands of White Devil> and the circumstances that afforded him them. Shira nodded in agreement when it got to the part of Chaney's anger as she gleefully sipped her wine.

It was an enjoyable evening.

Afterward, Lecan said his goodbye and jumped between roofs and walls while feeling tipsy.

Ignorant of the nightmarish news waiting for him at Goncourt Mansion.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.10


"Would love to get my hands on one of those swords."

"I knew you'd say that. Here, take it with you."

Shira produced a sword out of thin air.

"No sheath?"

"You can work that out yourself."

"Well guess I could get one from Chaney if he's selling these. Hmph. Those thorns turned into such an exquisite sword huh."

"As you can see, the edges aren't sharp but it can still stab well. And best of all, it's very sturdy."

"One of those thorns should be enough to make several of swords this size."

"Even the smaller thorns nets four swords per thorn. The bigger ones could net you seven to nine. For spears, you get two to four."

"Four? You'd get more if it's just spear tips no."

"That's gonna reduce their magic defense."

"Ah, I see."

Lecan put the sword in <Storage>.

"So, is it all right if I tell Chaney about it?"

"About what?"

"That these Toron's thorns are gifts from yours truly."

"There's no need for that."

"Is there now. So what is this about?"

Shira pointed at the <Chaotic Magic Wolf>'s magic stone left on the desk.

"I told you, it's a present from Guide Jiza Morfes for you."

Lecan told Shira the circumstances that brought it.

"Hmph. Well, I guess it's fine. I'm not going to refuse a present."

"Oh yeah, got a favor to ask you."

"Hee. What is it now. I'm in a good mood today, I'll probably listen to most things."

Lecan took the Argent Flame Wolf's pelt out. There's no vacant spot left on top of the table near him. He asked with the pelt in his hand.

"Could you make a leather armor out of this pelt for me."

"Ah, figured you'd get that. Have you gotten attacked yet?"

"So you knew! Why didn't you tell me."

"For the time being, put that pelt on the table in that room over there. I'll make the leather armor for you. Oh, and I'll grab the leftovers for me."

Lecan put the the pelt in the room as pointed by Shira and went back to the veranda. Then he sat down and drank his wine to calm himself.

"So, what should I have told you again?"

"That you'd get raided by Argent Flame Wolf if you have this pelt on you. I barely escaped with my life."

"Aren't you glad you survived."
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"What the hell is that thing. Is it seeking vengeance or something?"

"That, you see, is a wolf looking for a playmate."


"There have been cases of Argent Flame Wolf's offshoot making an appearance on the last floor of Dungeon Palcimo if someone with sufficient strength entered the dungeon. The main body will sometimes show up to play with the one who beat that offshoot and took the pelt with them. It probably thinks that someone strong enough to beat its offshoot should make for a good playmate."

"So you're saying it's gonna show up again."

"Think it'll come at you by hook or by crook."

"Will it stop if I let go of that pelt?"

"It's probably too late now. You've been marked already."

"You don't go into dungeons now, but you surely did into all kinds of dungeons in the past."

"Hee? Have I ever mentioned that before."

"Yet you never went in Dungeon Palcimo. Did you?"

"Yep, never."

"And that's because you'd get yourself marked by Argent Flame Wolf if you conquered the dungeon. Am I wrong?"

"This master of yours is so glad to see her pupil getting wiser by the day."

"Oh yeah, the <Demon Wolf Cutter> I got from Tsubolt didn't work on Argent Flame Wolf."

"Argent Flame Wolf Grof is a Divine Beast. It's not classified as a Demon Wolf. So of course it doesn't work."

"Oh yeah? Hold it. Does that mean there's dragons <Myriad Dragon Cutter> is ineffective against?"

"I think <Myriad Dragon Cutter> only works on ordinary Earth Dragons, Soaring Dragons, and Flame Dragons. It shouldn't have any effect on unique dragons. Those are more akin to Divine Beasts in a broad sense after all."

"What? So <Myriad Dragon Cutter> wouldn't have worked on Earth Dragon Toron?"

"I don't believe so."

"So Grof is the Argent Flame Wolf's name. What should I do to stop that thing's attack?"

"Who knows. I've heard tales of those who met gruesome deaths after getting marked by that thing. As well as tales of those who survived and grew stronger to become kings and heroes. But I've never heard of any ways to stop it from coming back. Now, wait. There is one way."

"A way to stop its raid?"

"Since Argent Flame Wolf loathes to be seen by people, it probably won't come out again if you stay inside a town and surround yourself with people all the time. Maybe."

"Yeah I'm not gonna live that life, but I see, it won't come out if I'm with someone."

"It's nothing concrete, just you know. That thing is a big box of mystery."

"Didn't think anything could be a mystery to you."

"The more you research and understand things, the more things you don't know. This world is full of mysteries once you've lived as long life as mine."

"Long life huh."

"What's up now."

"So you're no longer an undead."

"That's right."

"How long you'll be around now?"

"Who knows. I have my <Purification>. And my knowledge as an apothecary. I might last another 30 or maybe even 50 years."

"I see. Oh yeah, I'm sure Skalabel's gonna be elated if you tell him you can use <Purification> now."

"Oh that's unusually attentive of you. I do plan to pay Skalabel a visit soon."

"What? So you're going to the capital?"

"Sure am. Wanna come along?"

"No I don't. Now then, we have one last most important matter."

"Hee? What will that be."

"<Diadem of Divine Rotwood>. Have you finished your business with the thing?"

"Ah. To a point, yes."

"I'll take it off you then."

"I get it."

Shira produced the item out of thin air.

"This is the <Diadem of Divine Rotwood>."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.9


Lecan made a long deep sigh as he sank down his chair.

Then he grabbed his cup and sipped the cold tea.

It's cold yet deeply flavorful.

"A success huh? I see. So that's how. Still that's quite a fine line you straddled on."

"Sure is. But I won."

"Against whom?"

"You, duh."


"Let me ask you this once again. I was born and raised as a human and even today, I still possess memory, mind, emotion and even physical body of a human. And I'm sure I'm displayed as a red dot in your <Life Detection>. Am I wrong?"

"Yea. It's red."

"Of course it is. And <Purification> doesn't harm me now. It heals me. So am I human or not by your standard?"

After a some moments of silence, Lecan squeezed a word.

"You're human."

Shira laughed. Smiling full of satisfaction.

"I wanted to hear that word straight out of your mouth."

"Doesn't matter if you're red or blue, you're still my master, someone I owe a great deal of debt."

"That's a whole other matter. You were the sole living human who dared to tell me I'm an apparition straight to my face. I made it my mission to absolutely make you recognize me as human. And that mission was accomplished. It also got me closer to the secret of life. This moment calls for a celebration. Ah, right, your left eye is still missing, isn't it. Should I cast <Purification> as a gift?"

Shira produced a thin wand and pointed it at Lecan.

"Lookie here. It's the zenith of <Purification>, see. Probably gonna cure that eye of yours. Aren't you happy."

She twirled the wand around while keeping it pointed at Lecan.

"You must want a cast, no? Eh? Come again? Oh my, but of course. You're waiting for Eda-chan's growth, aren't you. But oh look, my hand slipped. <Purification>."

A blue light emerged at the tip of her wand. That light flew and stopped right in front of Lecan's face and started to go round and round there.

"Uri, uri."

Shira looked so gleeful.

Her smile irritated Lecan.

(You damn hag.)

(Forget sympathies.)

(I ain't got one for you ever.)

(Not with her top class obstinacy and mischief.)

"Ahahaha. Truly a wonderful day today. Now then. I'm in the mood for some drink. Hang on a bit."

Shira went in and then back with a wine bottle and glasses on a tray. The wine has already got its cork off. Must be to aerate it. There's also jerky, beans and stuff on the tray.

Shira poured the wine on the two glasses.

"And now, cheers."

Lecan lifted his glass to match Shira.

"To my return as human. Jo Jood."

"To the rebirth of Grand Mage Erushira. Jo Jood."

Shira drank down an entire glass of wine.

"This is really good."

Lecan poured wine in Shira's glass.

"What happened to Barifoa's magic stone."

"Broken down to dust."

"I see. What about Vurs?"

"It's alive. Pretty small though."

"Hou. Where's it at."
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"Well now. I wonder where."

"What did you use Earth Dragon Toron's magic stone for. Don't tell me you resurrected that one too."

"Ah, yeah that's it. You lied to me."

"I did not. I might have not told you everything however."

"You said there was nothing left of Toron mats."

"Yea. I took the magic stone before the mats."

"But there were thorns left."

"What? Ah, thorns huh. Didn't those disappear when the main body did?"

"Of course not, the rule is for the thorns to be left intact when they're shot out by the body while it's still alive."

"There's one such rule? So how'd you know about those thorns anyway."

"A messenger from Zaidmahl came and sold those things to Chaney, see. Chaney recognized them as profitable, but he couldn't tell a thing about them. You can't simply Appraise them after all. Thus he came to me for a consultation."

Meaning Chaney has some means to contact Shira. Or perhaps it's Shira who's been regularly getting in touch with him.

"Those thorns turn into first-class weapons, and most importantly, they've got the best possible magic defense. Get enough of them and it'll turn into a monster of equipment."

"Magic defense?"

"You must know about it since you fought Toron and all. The one thing that made that so tough is its magic void."

"Magic void?"

"Did you really fight Toron at all?"

"I couldn't use offensive magic at the time."

"Ah right, right you were. You see here. Magic don't work on Toron. Shoot a magic and it's just gonna vanish before it touches Toron's body. Toron's thorns are especially destructive toward magic. Scrape down those thorns into a sword or a spear and it'll erase most magic or at least reduce their power by half."

"Hou. Really."

His <Gust> did disappear instantly when a thorn hit his abdomen back then. And strength got sapped out of his body.

"There's a lot of Grace Gear and Magic Tools that can defend against magic, but they let attacks over certain power level pass through, also, running out of mana means the end of them. But since Toron's thorns don't actually put up a barrier, instead simply erasing magic itself, they work against even some pretty strong magic and these effects persist even without mana."

"Sounds like it's gonna sell for a lot."

"They do. But you must be picky about the buyers. It's gotta be someone affluent who know the true value of the goods and how to make good use of them."

"Speaking of, Chaney said he was allowed to trade with Wazrof. Said it was thanks to me or something, guy was probably there to sell those thorns to Wazrof."

Lecan never spoke of his battle against Toron to Zaidmahl people. He just discovered it by chance. Toron should have shot out quite a lot of thorns back then. If those turn into a source of income to Zaidmahl, all the better.

"Used as weapons, they're better made into swords or spears as you can make a lot per thorn. That said, there's no craftsmen who can process those things. So it was up to me to turn them into swords and spears. I received a few thorns in exchange. I've always wanted those even way back. Oh I also gave some to Yacklubend. Really ecstatic about it."

Lecan pretended he never heard that, he wasn't eager to hear more.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.8


"You resurrected Vurs?!"

"Of course not in its complete form. Only a very small and weak superficial form of it. But as it has the same exact property as its original form, it was perfect as a test subject."

"Resurrecting a magic beast from a magic stone, is that even possible?"

"That's what you're asking? Common magic stones are vestiges of their original magic beasts. They're like a sort of remnants left behind. But with magic beasts that are above a certain stratum, though in reality it's pretty much limited to high ranking dragons, all information pertaining that magic beast remains inside a magic stone with a certain level of mana amount and density."


"In short, high ranking dragons' magic stones are their eggs. Leave one alone and it'll gradually absorb the surrounding mana, and get resurrected once the condition is right. Letting it to naturally revive itself would have taken a very long time, but I forcibly supplied it with mana and created an artificial environment that fits the condition to resurrect it."

"I've got absolutely no clue what any of that means, I just know that you're someone extraordinary that just achieved something out of this world."

"Oh stop it with the flattery now. Ah, right. Forgot to ask, but I'm guessing magic stones aren't shown in <Life Detection>, are they."

"Yeah, they're not. <Mana Detection> can see them though."

"I'm sure it could. That's how it should work. Magic stones don't have Life Elements on them. Now then after observing the record of Vurs's rebirth many times over, I finally found the answer I sought."


"It's helix."


"A three dimensional object that goes round and round like a tornado. Life Elements consist of these helix components as their building blocks. Those helices came into being the moment Vurs was born. Sinistrorsal helices."


"I couldn't help but yelped when this came into my attention. Afterward, I went on to investigate the direction of helices on all kinds of Life Elements. Then I found out that magic beasts' helices are sinistrorsal, humans' are dextrorsal, while animals, fish, insects and birds have both. It's a very simple matter."

"Hou, simple huh. And here I'm utterly lost."

"How could I fail to notice such a simple thing. The answer had always been right in front of my eyes. I had witnessed them an innumerable amount of times, who could have thought the answer lies there of all places."

"Good for you."

"None of this matters to you in the least eh? Anyway, my research thus progressed by leaps and bounds. I examined my own Life Element's Helix. It was sinistrorse."

"Magic beast, or apparition then."

"You really are refreshingly frank. You might fit well as a researcher. Now then, I made my resolve to get to the next phase."

"Next phase?"
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"To reverse the direction of the helices."


"As I mentioned earlier, animals, insects, fish and birds have their life elements in both sinistrorsal and dextrorsal directions. Turning them all to sinistrorsal is a simple matter."

"Could that really be done?"

"Rewriting Life Element of even the smallest insect requires a shocking amount of mana. Yet I made it happen. However, living beings who have their Life Elements rewritten don't survive long. I found out that this is because they lost a certain power borne from the combination of both sinistrorsal and dextrosal helices existing. That power is probably recognized as green color by your <Life Detection>."


"However, I could not find much success trying to reverse sinistrorsal Life Elements to dextrorsal. Then I got an idea and tested using a magic wand that had an ordinary mage's mana stored within. It was a success."


"Now that I've got a grip on a clue, the subsequent verification process was a breeze. Reversing sinistrorsal helix to dextrorsal can't be done with mana from magic stones, but goes well with human's mana. However, human's mana that has been stored in a magic stone even once was no good. And the success rate fell if the mana was sourced from multiple mages. The more mana the test subject has, the more mana required in the rewriting process."

"Is there a difference in mana quality between magic stone's mana and human's?"

"It's more to do with the power's direction than quality. Anyway, mana output from those colored blue in <Life Detection> cannot be used to reverse sinistrorsal helix to dextrorsal."

"I'm getting a headache. Is there more to this?"

"To sum it up, I needed mana from a singular source on the level of a high ranking dragon that is not a magic beast if I wanted to return the direction of my Life Elements back to dextrorse."

"What. You were thinking about that? But there's no humans out there who got mana rivaling high ranking dragons'. Unless you're counted."

"But my mana couldn't be used. And the quantity must far surpass my own in order to make it happen."

"Yeah, that's impossible."

"It really is. If we're talking about this world that is. But I had Barifoa's magic stone from you."

"That's a magic beast."

"It was yet to be designated as a magic beast in this world. A power that had not been associated to any kind of phenomenon in this world slept within that magic stone. I believed that would be my ticket to reverse my Life Element's direction to dextrorse. And my hypothesis was proven correct. The trial was a success."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.7



"So, that skill of yours that generates winds."

"Ah. You mean <Gust>."

"I've seen you using that <Gust> a few times before. That's a magic spell no matter how you look at it."

"No. <Gust> uses up mana yeah, but it's not a magic. It's a skill."

"That might be the case in your world. But that's magic in this world. And you even recited a spell. <Wizel> or something."

"Yea. It means <Wind>."

"In short, it's a skill that gets activated by reciting a spell, consuming mana to induce a phenomenon. That's, magic no matter how you slice it. To this world at least. Hence you were designated as a mage by this world when you used that skill. No, that might be from when you used another skill."


Lecan couldn't really get it. As long as he can keep using his skills, stuff like natural law or how things works is ultimately whatever to Lecan. And he got to learn magic in this world, which was previously impossible in his world. That's more than satisfactory to him. Hence, while he didn't really understand Shira's explanation, he didn't think it was crucial for him to either.

"You've got this 'whatever' look on your face. Well I guess that's fine. Now then, we're finally getting to the main topic. Your skills aren't the only things that were rewritten by this adaptation. Some other too like say, your body."


"Your body must have been remade to fit this world's law of nature. That process probably also caused some sort of strengthening or additions. This is the reason why Descenders are said to possess mighty strength  and special abilities."

"Now that you mention it, my body did feel light when I first woke up in this world."

"I figured it would. Now let's get back to the topic at hand, on the 31st of month one, shortly after our talk, I had been going through experiments after experiments to ascertain the differences between apparitions and humans."
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"Your <Life Detection> shows magic beasts and apparitions as blue, insects, birds, fish, and animals as green while humans as red. Which suggests magic beasts and apparitions are living beings."

"I've no clue why this skill got called <Life Detection>."

"Any and all fields of research on this continent currently agree on apparitions, especially Soul Ogre-type, be classified as unliving."

"Yeah, no wonder."

"There are some magic beasts who can't be called life forms as well. In fact, you can't really say Rock-type magic beasts as living. The term magic beasts usually cover apparitions, however, not all magic beasts are said to be living beings, at least not in the same sense as humans."

"Humans and apparitions aren't the same."

"Yet they get displayed all the same on <Life Detection>."

"Well, yeah."

"Once upon a time, the top researchers of Wapud Kingdom defined all humans, animals, insects and magic beasts, which included Soul Ogre apparitions, as life forms."


"Or more like, they looked at them in their smallest, yet still big enough to distinguish them from stones or minerals, components, they found out that all of them shares the same components. Their sizes and the way they connect to each other are different, but they qualitatively mirror each other to the point of being indistinguishable. Wapud Kingdom researchers called those Life Elements."

"Life Elements?"

"In the sense of being the Grains of Life. And thus, the idea that anything that has Life Elements be seen as life forms was accepted between those researchers."


"But they could not find what makes them different. Hollow Shrieks and humans are clearly separate beings. Humans have physical bodies and sustain themselves through eating food, but Hollow Shrieks are a phantom-like being that floats like a mist and requires no sustenance through eating. Therefore, there must be something that differentiate Hollow Shrieks and humans's Life Elements. Yet they could not find those differences."

"Can't see where this is going."

"Oh bear with me for a little bit more now. At any rate, finding the clear differences between Life Elements and the ultimate truth to Life were extremely important subject matters. I have been researching on those matters over many many years. Yet, I was never even close to finding an answer. And just when I started to consider they might not exist, I met you. And learned about the distinguishing colors of blue, green and red. Meaning those differences do exist. I cut open all kinds of materials and experimented on them. Yet, the answer was nowhere to be found."

"I felt like I just heard something terrible just now."

"That was when it hit me. If I cannot observe these differences when they've already preexisted, then I simply need to observe the moment those differences come into being."

"Moment, come into being?"

"Fortunately enough, I had the magic stone of an otherwordly dragon handy at the time. Or rather, I was promised one. Thus I went to Tsubolt to fetch Vurs magic stone from you. Let me just say, that was truly a wonderful object. A magic stone of a high ranking dragon that has yet to be classified in this world. I prepared all monitoring and recording equipment I could get and resurrected Vurs."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.6


"No. There's no difference."

"Humans who possess mana and humans who don't, they both exist in this world. Or rather, ordinary humans do not have mana. Those who do are the unusual ones."

"You mean people who don't have enough mana to cast magic. No mana means no life. No human exists that's lifeless. Something like that can't be called human anymore."

"That conviction, or more like assumption is likely what brought us to this amusing situation. I'm not so sure though."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You came across humans that can't be sensed by <Life Detection> when you first fell into this world, didn't you?"


"On top of that, one among them is quite strong, as in they have a strong life force."


"'This can't be right', thus you thought to yourself. Then you made <Mana Detection> go into full throttle when you came very close to them. After which, you became able to detect their mana, as in life forces. After that point on, your <Life Detection> became able to detect them as well."

"What a surprise. Didn't think you'd remember."

"Of course I would. I can't possibly forget such an important clue. I even have it recorded."


"To begin with, the same colors being shared between <Life Detection> and <Mana Detection> is weird. Those two abilities are of different types. At least by this world's rules. And yet they are treated like one and the same. That is not right."

"I wasn't born in this world."

"But you're here in this world now. Just be quiet and listen for now. Your world and this world are extremely alike. I believe the passages connecting two worlds won't open if they are too dissimilar. But no matter how similar two worlds are, they are ultimately separate worlds. How matters are structured and how phenomena come to be are not the same. Hence, a readjustment, or rather, an adaptation occurred."

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"Your abilities have been altered to follow this world's rules."

"I have no idea what you're going on about. I've been using abilities from my previous world in this world just fine."

"The first time you used <Life Detection> in this world, it could not detect any human."

"No. It caught two. Both were mages."

"Hee, did it really. So it showed humans with mana. Yet it didn't display humans without mana. Which was something completely unthinkable to you. Because living humans will without fail be shown by <Life Detection>. Thus you strongly willed for them to be displayed as you cast <Mana Detection>. You used <Mana Detection> in that situation because it's more accurate than <Life Detection>."

"That's true. <Mana Detection> is only usable within a limited area, but I can raise its accuracy way high."

"By willing for it, you're praying. Your prayer reached this world's gods."

"I did not pray to gods."

"Okay then, let's say that you urged the Root of this world's Law of Nature to do its job. Anyway, as a result your abilities got adapted, altered if you may."

"My ability adapted?"

"<Life Detection> and <Mana Detection> are abilities to display beings with mana. They don't show those without. All living beings have mana in your world. Therefore <Life Detection> and <Mana Detection> will always show living humans. Yet, manaless humans exist in this world. This world's rules run counter with your abilities. That's when the readjustment occurred, resulting in humans without mana being shown as pale dots of light. You interpreted that as small amounts of mana. But that was never the truth. Your abilities simply adapted themselves to this world's rules."


Lecan doesn't truly comprehend everything Shira said, but a part of him clicked with it. Lecan always found it strange. <Mana Detection> succeeded in sensing Ezak only after he fully activated it right in front of Ezak, after which his <Mana Detection> and <Life Detection> could sense all humans. But why didn't it work from the start. That mismatch always bothered him.

"This adaptation also occurs with other stuff. Like say, magic."


"Magic in your world are abilities acquired from dungeon-borne magic beasts, aren't they."

"That's right."

"You've surely gone into many dungeons, defeating all kinds of magic beasts there. And yet, you told me you couldn't use magic."

"Yea. Some people can never get magic no matter how many magic beasts that tend to drop magic they beat. They've got a low aptitude on magic. This is unrelated to one's own mana pool."

"Hee, really now. Magic Aptitude in this world is more about which types of magic you can learn more easily. Being incapable of learning any magic at all despite possessing plentiful of mana just doesn't happen."

"Thanks to that, I finally managed to learn magic."

"When did you think you used your first magic in this world?"

"Back when you taught me magic. Should be <Ignition> spell, yeah."

"Wrong answer."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.5


"Now then. I believe that was a month after you entered into my apprenticeship. You said I'm Erushira the witch, didn't you."


"You said this then. That you noticed my presence the moment you walked through this town's gate, and that I was no human."


"You possess an ability to detect life forms over a wide area, with humans shown as red, animals as green and magic beasts as well as apparitions as blue. You discovered a strong blue dot of light not unlike the boss of a grand dungeon when you arrived at this town, and that was me."

"Yeah. A light which rivals that of a dragon kind."

"I'm sure you have no clue just how much of a shock those words gave me."

"You didn't look like you were at all."

"It was enough to nearly stop my beating heart, you know. Listen now. I am for sure not an ordinary human. I had been turned into an undying human by way of an immortalization art. Yet I am a human. That was the one truth I never even questioned."

"Hold it. You said this at the time. 'Some Revenant-type apparitions are originally humans. I'm one among such cases.' Or something like that."

"You really have a good memory, don't you. That was me trying to be self-deprecating."

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"Yep. I wanted you to deny me there. Like, 'No you're no apparition.'"

"But, you couldn't use <Purification> on yourself anymore after turning into an undead. Those words came out of your mouth."

"Yep. That's exactly correct. I could no longer cast <Purification> after becoming an undead. Because the light <Purification> is the light of ruins to undead. But you know. I have a physical body unlike Soul Ogre-type Apparitions such as Hollow Shrieks, White Ice Princess and Dark Spirits. I retain my memory and will unlike Specters-type Apparitions like White Spectres, Cursed Imps, or Carrion King. I have mind and heart. My body is also a living breathing one unlike Specters or Apparitions. Yes, just like humans."

"Humans don't get erased by <Purification> though."

"Are you really branding me an Apparition by fixating on that one point?"

"Dunno if apparition is right or not, but non-human existences can only be Apparitions or Magic Beasts. At least that's how it's deemed by <Life Detection>."

"Alright. Let us put that aside for now. Now then, after finding out about all that from you, I started looking at it from a new angle. That <Life Detection> of yours depicted me in blue color. This implies that there is a fundamental difference which objectively separates humans to animals to magic beasts and apparitions. Objective disparities of their existences."

"Hold it. There's no way to tell that difference without <Life Detection>."

"If those means did not previously exist, as long as you know that those differences exist, you simply develop one such means yourself. Doesn't matter how long it takes. Magic and magic tools capable of replicating your <Life Detection> capability can definitely be made. Dont'cha make light the inquisitive minds of scholars, mages and magic tool engineers."

"There's no mages or magic tool engineers who's aware of that difference."

"You're looking at one now. I was made aware of that. There is just no way for me to ever forget that. So I won't avert my gaze from that truth. There are fundamental differences between magic beasts, apparitions, and humans. And those differences made me be classified into magic beasts and apparitions. I had to investigate that no matter the cost. As that should be a big clue that will get me closer to the truth of life."

"You're one natural born researcher huh."

"I sure am. Just like how you're a natural born adventurer. I kept doing experiment after experiment, posit after posit. Yet, I could never find the answer I seek. But the differences do exist. Your <Life Detection> shows different colors after all. I kept turning over your words in my mind, scrutinizing them over and over again. And then I finally realized an important clue."


"You said this then. 'Lives with a huge amount of mana emits strong lights, and those with a small amount emit weak lights.'"

"Yea. That's what I told you early on."

"I found that odd. You seem to have mixed up mana and life forces. But that was because you were lacking words. And that realization was what prompted me to notice a fundamental tidbit."

"Fundamental tidbit?"

"Indeed. The fact that you are an Otherworlder."

"I am indeed, but what's that got to do with this topic."

"Quiet and just listen for now. After noticing that tidbit, I went to check on you about how <Life Detection> works once again."

"Ah, that time huh. When was that again. Think it was when I was asking you about <Talisman of Darkness Demon>. That's it. That was when I asked you about Genesiac Grace Gear. Around month one or two this year then."

"It was on 31st of month 1 Continental year 118. A day that should be celebrated by every life-related researchers on this entire continent. This is how you answered my question. Mana is the root of life. All life forms have mana. Even insects no matter how small. Hence, any and all humans must be shown by <Life Detection>."

"That's right. That's a fact."



"That might be the rule in the world you came from. But that's not how it works in this world."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.4


Lecan was restless over the issue but calmed down once he arrived back at Vouka.

(Shira is undoubtedly old.)

(Should be more than 300 years since her country was destroyed.)

(She's probably around 350 or so now.)

(She might try to put on a bravado, but in reality she must be getting decrepit with age.)

(Not to mention solitude.)

(People she knew must have all passed on.)

(She's been living all alone as a non-human monster all while avoiding public eye.)

(Gotta treat her gentler.)

Lecan went to Shira's hideout at Rikonen District of Vouka. His <Life Detection> didn't catch Shira's presence but she's someone capable of evading <Life Detection> and <3D Perception> so this is normal.

He landed on the veranda and probed deeper with <3D Perception>.

There's someone inside. Raising <3D Perception> intensity further convinced him it was Shira.

Lecan sat down on a chair.

Shira has surely noticed Lecan's arrival.

He waited a bit before Shira showed up with her tea set.

"Hey there, welcome back."


"Stay still while I brew your tea now."

"Yea, sorry for the trouble."

Shira was going to pour hot water into the tea pot when her hand slipped.

The hot water splashed onto her left hand.

"Ouch, ouch."

Lecan was shocked.

He never witnessed Shira made one such a trivial mistake before.

(She's getting senile.)

The Shira seen through his bare eye looks aged. Same with the Shira shown in <3D Perception>. This matchless witch is slowly heading toward ruin.

Lecan's mood turned slightly somber.

"Oh my, my. I got scalded there. Would you look at this wound on my beautiful skin. Now that won't do, will it. <Purification (Fira)>."

Shira's right hand had a thin wand in it before Lecan realized. A pure white exquisite ball of light manifested at the tip of that wand and healed her scalded left hand.

It's nothing like Eda's <Purification>. Even compared to Skalabel's, hers is on a whole new height. That's probably the zenith of <Purification>.

Afterward, Shira brewed Lecan's tea, gave it to him and sat down on her chair like it was nothing.

Lecan thanked Shira for the tea, took the magic stone of <Chaotic Magic Wolf> from <Storage> and put it on the table.

"It's a gift from Guide Jiza Morfes of Palcimo."

This was when Lecan realized the oddity he just witnessed.


Lecan's right eye opened wide at Shira.

"You just used <Purification>."
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"I sure did."

"But it shouldn't be possible for you to cast <Purification>."

"Oh my, really now?"

"Being an Apparition, you'd get destroyed casting <Purification> on yourself. Thus, you couldn't have used it even once in the past 300 years."

"Actually I did this one time, see. Only a teensy little bit. Almost got myself erased there."

"Yet you used it just now. Probably the highest order of <Purification> that surpasses even Skalabel's. How. How come an Apparition like you cast <Purification>!"

"Sheesh, I can't think of many people who would be so rude before their teacher. Well, I guess that's part of your charm."

"Is this, an illusion? Are you showing me an illusion?"

"You really should trust your sense better. Then, how about this?"

Shira whispered a spell. Then Shira's dot of light showed up in Lecan's <Life Detection>. It's as humongous as ever. However, there exists a difference than previously.

It's red.

"It's, red? That, cannot be."

<Life Detection> shows humans as red dots. Animals and insects as green dots. And magic beasts' dots are blue colored. The reason why Lecan could see through Shira as a kind of powerful Apparition instead of ordinary human when they first met was because her light dot was colored blue.

Could it be that Shira has come up with a technique to deceive Lecan's <Life Detection>. But is that even possible?


(Even if that is so.)

(It doesn't explain the thing with <Purification>.)

"Your tea is getting cold, have a drink now."


Lecan sipped his tea. The warmth and rich flavor spreading in his mouth had a mysterious calming effect on his mind.

"Will you tell me just what in the world is going on here."

"Of course. It is something you, my savior, has the right to know."


"Sure is."

Shira sipped her tea and sighed out.

"Now then. I'll start from the beginning."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.3


Lecan reflexively drew <Comet Cutter> to guard against the attack.

The blue fireball collided with <Comet Cutter>, creating an explosion and changing its trajectory, flinging it right past Lecan.

It felt as if his face had been scooped out even though the fireball never hit him.

A direct hit from this attack would spell instant death.

Lecan leaped backward.

Argent Flame Wolf was making an inhaling gesture then it opened its mouth.

A bluish white flame swirled inside its mouth.

(Fireball spewing is likely this thing's forte.)

(Planning to finish me off with your favorite magic huh.)

With an admirable level of composure, Argent Flame Wolf shot out a blue fireball.

Lecan took that head-on.

With <Comet Cutter>.

He hit the fireball and sent it right back at its shooter.

An explosion occurred from the clash, and the returned fireball landed straight on Argent Flame Wolf's face.

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Argent Flame Wolf yelped. Lecan heard that once before, but it's even louder this time. Must show how effective it was.

Argent Flame Wolf has stopped moving. Smoke rises out of its charred black face, a bizarre light wraps its golden eyes.

Then the wolf's mouth crooked.

It was laughing.

Lecan had no idea wolves could smile up until this very moment.

A savage ferocious smile.

Then the Argent Flame Wolf vanished just like that.

A serene silence came back to the night forest, the bone-chilling pressure dispersed away.

Lecan struggled to stay on his feet as he tried to catch up to his breath.

He breathed in and out roughly with his shoulders shaking heavily.

His palms are sticky with sweat.

He took a water flask from <Storage>, drank it and splashed it head down to wash his sweat.

As he regulated his breathing, Lecan recalled a conversation he once had with Shira.

"Oh dear. Well, no choice then. Be brave and <Sear it with the lit fire>."

"What the heck does that mean?"

"Oh it's a legend. A traveler once encountered a Flame Wolf (Banje) in the forest, a flame (Ban) spitting wolf (Je) see, he used the flame the wolf lit up to sear and devour it."

"So that kind of magic beasts exist."

"You're asking that? It's not a magic beast. It's a Divine Beast. The more correct name is Argent Flame Wolf (Surubanje). But no one has ever seen the being in reality. It is nothing more than a legend now."

Shira said legend, but this legend probably came to be based on an actual event.

There was once an adventurer who fought and drove back Argent Flame Wolf. Not sure how, but that adventurer managed to return the wolf's attack back at it.

Then does that mean that adventurer beat and ate Argent Flame Wolf's flesh?

(Devour here must be a metaphor.)

(It might mean in devouring its strength sense.)

(I'm also gonna devour that thing one day.)

(But how exactly did Argent Flame Wolf.)

(Track me down?)

To begin with, how come a dungeon boss showed up above ground.

He's never heard anything like that.

But seeing as the legend about a traveler encountering Argent Flame Wolf exists, the wolf must have been an above ground denizen.

(So does that mean.)

(The one that spawned in the dungeon back then a different individual?)

That would make the most sense.

However, Lecan's intuition tells him that's not true.

That was the same Argent Flame Wolf they encountered in Dungeon Palcimo.

But haven't they defeated that one?

So even if it did respawn, it should have been an entirely different wolf with no memory of the previous one.

At any rate, it's a fact that an Argent Flame Wolf suddenly showed itself before Lecan after he beat one in Dungeon Palcimo. This cannot be a coincidence. After all, this is a being so rare it's said no one has ever seen it in reality.

(Hang on.)

Lecan recalled the existence of Argent Flame Wolf's pelt in his <Storage>.

(Is that the cause?)

(That pelt?)

That Argent Flame Wolf earlier must have come here with that pelt as its guidepost. It dawned on him. Lecan has no ground to base that on, but the more he thinks about it the more he's convinced that guess is correct.

Obaba too handily gave the pelt up to Lecan.

He didn't second guess it at the time since he was really eager to get his hands on the pelt, but he did find it odd after thinking about it later on.

Argent Flame Wolf is a Divine Beast that holds a special meaning to Palcimo where Obaba lives. Pretty much its Guardian Deity. Even if that weren't the case, the pelt should have been something extremely fascinating to a researcher like Obaba. Yet she so easily gave it to Lecan.

Also, Obaba was surprised to see Argent Flame Wolf there, but she quickly accepted it as a fact. She even asked Arios if there was a condition for the dungeon boss to be replaced by Argent Flame Wolf.

The legend of Argent Flame Wolf must be passed down in Morfes Clan in some form. And the saying that holding onto the pelt would bring misfortune must be among them. Like say, getting marked by the revived Argent Flame Wolf kind of misfortune. Hence why she took advantage of the situation and handed it over to Lecan.

He knew that granny tends to take unconventional measures, but could it be that he has been set up here.

Gotta demand an answer the next time he's at Palcimo.

There's also another individual at Vouka he needs an answer from.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.2


The Argent Flame Wolf opened its jaws and shot out a blue fireball.

The fireball zoomed toward Lecan at tremendous speed and exploded when it came into contact with <Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier.

Lecan crouched down, grabbed Overking Bear Overcoat and turned around before breaking into run.

The second fireball hit the barrier behind him, causing another explosion.

Lecan frantically ran in the dark night forest.

Fighting did not even cross his mind.

There's no way to win against that thing.

His necklace is still managing to block its attack since it's been nothing but magic-based ones, but even that barrier won't last much longer against barrage of such immensely powerful attacks.

What's more, Argent Flame Wolf's physical attacks are far more terrifying than its magical attacks. Lecan may be wearing dragon leather armor now, but Argent Flame Wolf's fangs and claws would instantly tear it to pieces.

"<Zoruas Kurt Vendar>!"

As he recited the spell while leaping forward, his body disappeared and re-emerged in a spot more than 100 steps away.

He tripped as his feet touched the ground, but managed to regain his balance somehow and continued running.

Once he had enough momentum, he recited the spell once again.

"<Zoruas Kurt Vendar>!"

This time he tripped for real, but he quickly get up to his feet from rolling position and kept running.

Another spell recited.

"<Zoruas Kurt Vendar>!"

Lecan vanished and emerged in a spot 100 steps away.

His feet tumbled again as he landed, but he quickly got up and ran.

Getting attacked during the night is a silver lining.

<Leg Bands of White Devil> are only usable three times a day, but the reset time is sunset. Perhaps ancient humans regarded nightfall as a new day. As Lecan hadn't tested out the leg bands today, he got three uses out of it.

He enlarged the scope of <Life Detection> to maximum and found no reaction of Argent Flame Wolf. Meaning they're more than 2500 steps apart. He should be able to get away if he just keeps running now.

That was when Argent Flame Wolf emerged in front of him.


Lecan funneled as much mana as he could into <Gust> to slide next to Argent Flame Wolf, attempting to run past it.

But the wolf shot out a blue fireball from its mouth and blew away Lecan's foothold as a retaliation.


As a huge gaping hole suddenly formed on the ground he was about to step on, not even Lecan could prevent himself tumbling down hard.

Another blue fireball flew a second later, colliding and exploding against the necklace's barrier.


(Forgot this thing's a <Warp> user.)

(How'd it get this far straight up!)

Lecan cursed inwardly as he got up.

Looks like running is not an option.

His only choice is to fight.

The Argent Flame Wolf stopped its attack and squinted at Lecan.

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It's looking at his necklace.


Lecan recited that to heal his sprained ankle.

Argent Flame Wolf howled four times.

Four different colored magic circles manifested above it.

Lecan took the <Warp Sword> and held it in his left hand.

Each of the four magic circles continued to shoot out magic attack which got stopped by the necklace's barrier. The amount of mana put into them is tremendous. It seems Argent Flame Wolf has opted for a saturation attack in an attempt to erase the bothersome barrier.

Lecan grabbed the <Comet Cutter>, and poured his mana to generate its magic blade. At twice the length, the lowest. Presently, this length is the most stable and longest he could manage.

<Demon Wolf Cutter> proved useless against Argent Flame Wolf. <Sword of Agost> can likely damage it, but it's too heavy and too long, unfit against such a swift opponent like this in a one-on-one combat.

His bare eye can't be used to see anything inside the unending barrage of magic unleashed by the wolf. Only raging lights and heat danced before his eye.

The barrier got erased before Lecan could think further.

Lecan swung the <Warp Sword> in his left hand.

The spot he was just at got demolished by the magic attack.

Lecan emerged to the right of the Argent Flame Wolf and swung down <Comet Cutter>.

The wolf quickly turned to face it with its jaws open.

<Comet Cutter> struck those jaws.

Lecan felt an intense feedback.

(Got it!)

(That did some damage!)

Lecan threw away the <Warp Sword> and raised <Comet Cutter> high above with both his hands for another strike.

However, Argent Flame Wolf dodged that with a surprising nimbleness.

Lecan's sword pursued the Argent Flame Wolf.

The wolf dodged once again at speed belying its giant frame.

This Divine Beast boasts the speed that would shame every single foe Lecan has ever fought.

A moment later, Lecan-swung <Comet Cutter> finally hit the Argent Flame Wolf's head.

Yet the wolf just stared at the wide-eyed Lecan without so much a reaction.


(No damage this time?)

(No. Far from that even.)

Looking closer, <Comet Cutter>'s blade has been stopped in its track by the bluish white flame wrapping the Argent Flame Wolf's body. Normally, the magic blade would either cut apart or slip past the enemy. If there's one exception, it was during Zoltan's fight, when another magic blade of equal mana density clashed.

(This thing.)

(Its body is protected by as much mana as <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade!)

In their previous fight, Argent Flame Wolf did put up an anti-magic barrier, but that kind of barriers usually don't work in close range and Lecan never gave it any chance to put up one this time. Yet as it turned out, the wolf is capable of such defensive measures.

How in the blaze do you even fight this thing.

Lecan was dumbfounded if only for a moment.

A fatal mistake in high speed battles like this.

Argent Flame Wolf spat out a blue fireball from just a step apart.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.1


Lecan was in a good mood.

Especially after finding out just how good <Leg Bands of White Devil> work.

The appraisal result of their Grace is as follows: 'Teleport to a spot 20 steps ahead. This teleportation is unhindered by obstacles. If there are objects at the destination, the user will avoid them as they teleport. Teleport distance will be increased in such cases. Activation spell is <Zoruas Kurt Vendar>. This Grace is usable three times a day.'

Its normal teleportation range is 20 steps. Teleporting while staying still teleports you 20 steps ahead.

<One Step> in this world is measured as a large full step of an adult, in practice <Ten Steps> equal to about 20 normal walking steps. According to Norma, apparently one step here is equal to a step by right leg and a step by left leg.

Moreover, just like <Talisman of Darkness Demon>, <One Step> as defined by <Genesiac Grace Gear> is about 40% larger than the modern definition.

In other word, <Leg Bands of White Devil> have an effective range of 14 times Lecan's height.

Lecan has <Warp Sword>. The sword possess the same <Teleportation> Grace, obtained in Dungeon Tsubolt. In this sword's case, its range is adjustable from one to five steps, and it has no usage limit. You'd think <Warp Sword> would be better in a melee and more convenient than <Leg Bands of White Devil>, but not so in practice.

As <Warp Sword> is in the form of a sword, it occupies one of your hands. That in itself is a big handicap, but its teleportation Grace won't active unless you make a full swing. Meaning you've gotta dedicate an entire attack worth of action for it. On top of all that, the Grace won't work if there's an obstacle in the way. Meaning you cannot teleport behind your opponent.

On the other hand, <Leg Bands of White Devil> only requires its user to recite the activation spell with them equipped on their feet, so it doesn't lower your offense. It can teleport over obstacles. Add a running start and the range expands greatly. After many tests, Lecan found out it could cover a distance of 100 steps. It could go even further than that, but he'd need to run faster to the point landing at the destination became problematic and risking bumping into objects at the end.

Mastering this Grace will allow him to instantly close a distance of 20 steps against powerful foes. He can carry out an ambush frontally.

Against a group of enemies, it allows him to emerge before their leader, killing them right away. It's even usable for three times a day, truly handy.

It can be used to infiltrate a building, or to escape from one.
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Should come in handy for fleeing as well.

Lecan lost himself testing <Leg Bands of White Devil> in all kinds of ways.

As a result, he found out this Grace Gear only permits its user to teleport in the direction of their front. You can't teleport behind. Also, it only lets you teleport to the plane that touches the ground. Running up a cliff and activating the Grace won't teleport you to the sky above. When he tried to lie on the ground and activate the Grace, he got teleported in the direction his legs were facing instead.

When there is an obstacle in the destination, you get teleported either to its front or behind. When the teleport destination is located farther to the back from the center of the obstacle, you get teleported beyond the obstacle, when it's closer to the front of the obstacle's center, you get teleported in front of it.

The teleportation Grace won't activate if the obstacle is too big. Yet its usage limit still gets used up.

From many testing, the Grace can get over really thick trees. Lecan plans to test it out on ramparts and stonewalls one of these days.

For the present, his goal is to master teleporting while immobile. Teleporting while running makes it hard to read the total distance and land properly without losing balance. Teleporting while staying still gets you at the destination still as well. Emerging very slightly above the ground. He's free to choose how to act once he lands.

Lecan possesses <3D Perception> and <Graph Make>. These two abilities integrate very well with <Leg Bands of White Devil>. Ordinary adventurers would need quite the courage to teleport inside a building. Since there's no telling what's beyond the wall. In addition, it must be difficult to ascertain your landing spot teleporting during a scuffle.

<Graph Make> gives you a bird-eye view on the structures of a dungeon floor or a building. <3D Perception> lets one probe inside a building from outside and discern gaps in a crowd in a precise manner.

Lecan tested out <Leg Bands of White Devil> as well as all other Grace Gear he had acquired thus far while slowly making his way to Vouka from Mashajain. He also reserved some time to practice wielding <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade.

He's not going through the highway. The highways to Vouka have a lot more foot traffic than ever now. He wishes to avoid attention.

One night, as he was preparing to go to bed.

(Ah, damn.)

(Forgot to ask Obaba.)

(The reason why <Comet Cutter> could slip past <Necklace of Intuador>.)

She'd probably tell him if he went back to Palcimo and asked.

However he's only gonna go back to Palcimo for the goal of conquering Dungeon Palcimo once again, yet the Lecan now would be hard pressed to prevail against Argent Flame Wolf.

Jiza most likely can't fight like she used to anymore, and Lecan has no plan to bring Jiza back into Dungeon Palcimo in the first place. They were only able to conquer the dungeon last time due to having Lecan, Jiza, Arios, Julius, Eda, and Ui in the team. Moreover, it's hard to say their fight last time ended in their victory. Weirdly enough, it felt to Lecan that the Argent Flame Wolf handed them victory. Or rather, it's as if it halted the fight because it had deemed their valor worthy.

(Well, that thing seems to be a hidden boss of the dungeon.)

(It's probably respawned there by now.)

(Gotta get stronger first before I take another shot.)

(Probably won't be for quite awhile.)

Right at this point, a gigantic presence of something showed up nearby out of the blue.

Something with overwhelming mana and life force.

Lecan sprang to his feet.

A lone giant wolf stood in the deep darkness of the night forest.

Golden glimmering eyes.

Exquisite silvery fur with a mystical luster to it.

An unimaginable amount of mana gushed out of its body wrapped in bluish white flames.

It's the Argent Flame Wolf.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.15


"Hahaha. I understand the situation now. Their side had a misunderstanding because Lecan called himself an escort of Wazrof merchant Chaney in an effort to guarantee his identity."


"I was unsure what to make of when messengers sent by Earl of Rotor and Earl of Chada came with an abundance of gifts all of a sudden. Earl of Rotor's messenger even spoke, 'We are truly honored to have been bestowed grace and mercy by Lecan-sama whom House of Wazrof has sent to House of Cogcroix.'"

"Sorry for the trouble."

"Nothing of sort, it's all gestures of appreciation toward Wazrof. Still, I'm glad to see the medal has been put to good use. Let me get you this. Use as you see fit."

"Hm? That's some luxurious looking silver medal."

"It's made from Diran Silver Steel. It has our family name and crest engraved. It's a mark of being my proxy."

"Hou. Much appreciated. I'll take it."

Lecan casually put the Diran Silver Steel medal in his <Storage>. Chaney turned wide eyed when he witnessed that.

"However, it's only inevitable for their side to harbor a misunderstanding. From where Nina-dono stands, it must look like Chaney was working under my directives."

"Oh yeah?"

"Think about it. Where in the world would you find a merchant hailing from another region sending an escort smack dab in the middle of a local noble succession war?"

Chaney nodded in agreement here.

"That supposed escort is also a match for thousands that has the capability to completely overturn the tide of the battle that was overwhelmingly in the rebel's favor on his own. His skill with a sword is peerless. He shoots magic of unrivaled power without the need of preliminary casting and even wields recovery magic. Although not impossible, such an individual can't have been employed by any average merchant. Then a little investigation reveals that escort is the fiance of the cousin of Wazrof Head. Even the biggest ignoramus would connect the dots by this point."

"What dots?"

"That it was the will of Wazrof Household. In other word, the one who sent that magic swordsman was none other than House of Wazrof itself. He disguised himself as an escort of a merchant so that both Cogcroix Household and Kandros Household could save their faces without owing Wazrof."

"Nobles are such a convoluted creature."

"This particular one was your handiwork. From Kandros's perspective, they must think I was aiding my relative, Nina-dono. At any rate. The end result was nothing short of exemplary. A testimony of your strength. The strength that saved two townlords and one merchant house. This must be the so called honor of adventurers."

"Well yeah, I guess."

"One thing I do not understand."

"Hou. What is it?"

"Just what sort of objects are those gaiters?"

Manfrey knows Lecan's personality well. He saw through how Lecan was doing all that purely out of his desire for those gaiters. Hence his curiosity.

"Can't tell you."

Manfrey Wazrof is someone who could easily get ahold of intel on <Genesiac Grace Gear> or <Ancient Grace Gear>, nothing can be hidden from this man if he wishes to know something in earnest. Lecan has no intention to talk about <Genesiac Grace Gear> with Manfrey.

"Hou. Do you now. Then let us leave it at that. By the way, both Nina Cogcroix and Naris Kandros have indicated their desire to attend Lecan's wedding ceremony."


"And it will likely be both of them coming in person. I shall put their names on the invitee list."

"Ah, well, it's all yours."

"Leave it to me."

"Umm. Please pardon me for meddling in, but am I correct to assume Lecan-sama will hold his wedding ceremony?"

"Hahaha. That's what my cousin wants. Just the other day she told me she'd like to hold the ceremony at this town's Yuminos Temple. Naturally, all the bothersome preparations shall be taken care of by Wazrof."

"I-is that true then. Err, Lecan-sama."


"I believe not having the ceremony in Vouka would come as a huge shock to Crimus Ulban-sama and Ceres Temple."


"Ah, I've got that covered. I'm thinking of letting Mashajain's Yuminos Temple be the leading party with Vouka's Ceres Temple as the aiding party in the ceremony. And Crimus-dono shall be put on the VIP seating as Lecan's guardian. Of course, I plan to personally propose this matter to Crimus-dono and Vouka's Ceres Temple. What do you think, Lecan."

"All yours."

"I see. Then we will have to decide on the date, however right now is at the busiest period for my cousin."

"Hou. Really."

"Show some care to her will you. Well, and that's the reason the ceremony will not be any time close. Do discuss among yourself, Norma and Eda-dono until our house aide leaves for Vouka."

"Eda's at the capital now."

"I am aware. It was our house's retainers who sent her there after the <Purification Ritual> at Yuminos temple. Eda-dono will make a stop here in her journey back to Vouka later, our house aide shall accompany her then."

"Got it."

"Still, that was truly a perfect storm of treachery in this incident."


"Ceras believed that Muzz and his wife had betrayed him. Ceras and the previous townlord's brother betrayed the townlord and Muzz. That clerk Zeahad betrayed his employer, Muzz, to become Ceras's pawn then proceeded to betray Ceras by colluding with Keibun."

"Don't really remember all those names, but it's thanks to them selling some of the stolen goods to Rotor townlord that we found their trails."

"That's right."

"Ah, one thing I don't get as well. Why'd a merchant planning to raise a revolt tell Rintos about the intel on stolen goods. Guy's pretty much willingly walking toward his own gallows."

"I cannot fathom that either. Perhaps he was using Rintos in an attempt to get rid of the traitors. Perhaps he had full confidence it won't trace back to him. Either way, Ceras must be seeking Rintos's approval as his main motivation."

"His involvement gonna be obvious if he sold the stolen goods to fund the revolt. Only a matter of time for Rintos to find out."

"I think he had some plans on that. He would say that it was the townlord's brother who raided, sold off the goods, and funded the army before killing the brother."

"What. Sounds terrible."

"It is the truth that the soldiers faking as bandits were working under the previous townlord's brother, so he would have a case. However, that lie would some day laid bare. Well, I'm sure the townlord's brother himself must be planning to eliminate Ceras and his grandson once they succeeded with the revolt as well. It's clear as day the maneuvers he had been making was all to instate himself as the townlord."

"It's traitors' wholesale."

"Indeed. And in my belief, the biggest traitor of all was Ceras."


"No matter how you sugarcoat it, Ceras is Rintos's ultimate object of enmity. Putting Rintos under his care is akin to raising your nemesis. In other word."

Manfrey sipped the rest of his cold tea.

"Ceras was his own traitor."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.14


And lastly, Lecan himself has made the <Leg Bands of White Devil> his own from all this hustle and bustle. The best possible result to him. <Genesiac Grace Gear> aren't something you can find even if you actively look. Even if he did find one, the owner might refuse handing it over if they knew its value. And yet he managed to get one so agreeably like this. One platinum coin is nothing for it. Nirfut returned all the leftover money to Lecan, but Lecan gave it all back to Chaney. Chaney then gave it to Nirfut in Lecan's presence, saying its his now. Lecan asked Nirfut what he wants as a reward for his good job. Nirfut asked Lecan if he could sell him one Stamina Restorative, so Lecan sent five pills to Nirfut via Chaney.

(Luck worked in my favor this time.)

(Or maybe this is a handiwork of <Rainbow Pebbles of Happines>.)

On top of that Lecan even gained unexpected fame.

The following was how Rintos explained it to Chada townlord.

"Lecan-sama not only saved me and my little sister's lives from a bandit attack, he even granted our wish to uncover our father's murderers. And Lecan-sama only asked for a pair of worn out gaiters as his reward for that."

What kind of items are those gaiters, thus Chada townlord, Nina Cogcroix asked.

Lecan showed the gaiters. Since there's no way anyone could discern it as a <Genesiac Grace Gear>, he's got nothing to worry about.

Sure enough, nobody present thought of them as anything more than some shoddy beaten down gaiters.

The head clerk Hotor's words were especially impactful. He's well known as a skilled appraiser even to Chada townlord.

"I am unable to appraise these gaiters, nevertheless my long years of experience and knowledge under my belt allow me to confidently assert that those gaiters do not have any special value whatsoever."

Rintos then added.

"As you can see. They are nothing more than gaiters. And yet, Lecan-sama even lied to us, insisting that they worth so much for being Grace Gear. He even told us that he would take care of everything to clear away our father's regret. I asked thus. 'Why would you go so far?' And this is how Lecan-sama replied thus."

The hall fell dead silence. Rintos's words broke that silence.

"Cause I want those gaiters you have. Those gaiters are objects of extreme worth to me. I absolutely must have them to get me, an adventurer, even stronger. Your father left you those. So just think of it as your father lending a helping hand."

Rintos relived the deep emotion washing over him then.

It seemed to have leave a deep impression on Chada townlord's servants standing in the hall as well, some even started sobbing.

Chada townlord thus spoke with a voice trembling in awe.

"Items that would get himself stronger as an adventurer. Lecan-dono is saying that it was fate for him to dispel the regret the late Septema Firm head must have felt."

No, I never said that, thought Lecan, but he kept that to himself. He's read the room.

"And that 'just think of it as your father lending a helping hand'. Ah, such noble words."

Nina bowed deeply to Lecan and expressed her gratitude.

"Adventurer Lecan-dono. Fiance of the lady of Mashajain. Your valor has saved my life. And your nobility has also saved my heart. Us Cogcroix Household shall never forget our debt and respect we hold toward you forevermore."

Chada townlord servants also bowed to Lecan altogether.

Unable to stand it any longer, Lecan tried to change the topic.

"Oh yeah, you over there. You're the man who was watching us from a distant hill when Rintos got attacked by bandits, yeah."
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"I saw a glimpse of your face and the mana's just about yours. It's you right? What were you doing back then?"

"D-dammit all!"

The man took his wand and tried to recite something, but the soldiers around immediately arrested him.

This man was one of the mages in charge of guarding Chada townlord, but he sold his loyalty to the previous lord's brother and betrayed the townlord. When the lord's brother found out about how Septema Firm's orphans were trying to investigate the culprits behind the old incident, he ordered some soldiers dressed in bandit getup to kill Rintos and Maina, a ploy Lecan stopped. The man was hiding himself in his home during the insurrection, but once he found out it ended in failure, he came back to his job with a nonchalant look on his face. Lecan's fame got further boosted after seeing through this cowardly traitor.

Chada townlord rewarded Lecan handsomely. And since his involvement came to be from his quest to help Rintos and Maina, they both also received a huge amount of reward.

Chada townlord attempted to invite Lecan and Chaney to a banquet, but Lecan declined.

"Gotta go report to Wazrof."

"I am obliged to do the same as well."

Chaney also took the opportunity to bail out.

The two departed Chada together.

"Now then, gonna make myself scarce now. Take care."

"Oh no, you're not getting away."


"We shall go give our apology to Marquis of Mashajain-sama together."

"No. You should be fine by yourself."

"I am not fine at all, not in the least. I will have your presence, Lecan-sama. Am I clear?"


"Am I clear?"

"...I got it."

They stopped by a certain diner along the way.

Then Chubby nonchalantly took a seat next to Lecan.

"Well done."

Chubby smugly raised his nose as Lecan gave him a sincere thanks.

Lecan stood up, walked up next to Chubby and put five Stamina Restorative pills on his table.

"They're specially made Stamina Restoratives. One is enough to keep your stamina recharged for half a day."

Chubby took the five pills on both his palms facing upward, bowed his head and started muttering inaudibly. He must be thanking the god he believes in. Probably a shady one at that.




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