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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.9


"Did you say Zeahad?"

Rintos looked surprised. Same with his little sister Maina and the six former employees who have gathered here.

"You know him?"

Rintos looked at the most senior looking man among the former employees. The elderly man spoke.

"The man known as Zeahad once worked as a head clerk of Septema Firm. He resigned to retire after the incident. I thought he did it to lessen the load of the firm, but he never got in touch thereafter, and never informed us on his whereabouts, I did think it was odd."

"Hmph. So you're sure it's the same man?"

"Now that you mention it, Nuga's face does look like Zeahad's. How could I overlook that."

"Have you met the guy yourself."

"I only peered from afar. Nuga, no Zeahad never saw my face."

"Good. What about this Keibun guy."

"There was a man called Keibun who worked as a head clerk of Mace Firm in the past. He was in charge of his workplace's business relationship with Septema Firm. I have heard that the man also resigned after the incident. I have seen Hotan's face as well, and they do indeed look alike."

"I see. It's all coming together. Now then, Rintos."


"We're going to the townlord's mansion. Two other attendants are allowed to go with me and Chaney. Your pick."

"Yes. One will be me. And the other."

Rintos looked at the senior former employee.

"Hotor. Will you come with me?"

"Yes. Allow me to accompany you. Speaking of, Rintos-sama."


"Should we go get people from Chada here?"

Some former employees are staying at Chada to care for their store and gather intel.

"No. It is still too soon. We will definitely call them here once it is time to settle the matter."

"Yes. Thank you very much."

On the 32rd of month nine, Lecan and Chaney paid Rotor townlord, Naris Kandros, a visit.

"Earl Rotor-sama. This gentleman here is adventurer Lecan-sama. Lecan-sama. His lordship is Earl of Rotor, Naris Kandros-sama."

"Lecan is it, well met. Glad I could see the conqueror of Dungeon Tsubolt in person. And you even managed to obtain a <Comet Cutter>, wonderful. Do bring your good fortune to this town of Rotor."

"I'm Lecan. Nice to meet you."

"On top of it, the recent conquest of Dungeon Palcimo is apparently your handiwork. Unbelievable. You must be one of the strongest adventurers in this country huh."

"I was blessed with party members at Palcimo. The presence of Great Guide Jiza Morfes was especially huge. Could have never done it without Guide Morfes's participation."

"Hahaha. You're unexpectedly modest for a visual embodiment of boldness. This town's got good food and booze. Do enjoy yourself."

"For sure, the food and booze are all good. The inn bath is decent too."

"Hahaha. I see you've been enjoying yourself. What about the women. Or do you got companionship already?"

"They're not with me right now, but I've got two fiancees."
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"Earl-sama. One of Lecan-sama's fiancees is the cousin of Marquis of Mashajain-sama."

"What. No way. Ah, pardon me. But could a lady of Mashajain be engaged to an adventurer. Hang on, did you say two?"

"Yes, Earl-sama. The other fiancee is Eda-sama of Vouka."

"Eda, of Vouka. Isn't Vouka your hometown, Chaney. Eda. I've heard that name before."

"She was the one who cast <Purification> on <Herb Saint> Skalabel-sama."

"<Saintess of the North>! The rumor about her has even spread far into the south. But if you have two fiancees, are you, no, could you be... Right, I've heard rumble about adventurer Lecan being a <Descender>. Were you perhaps of a noble origin at your original world?"

"Well yeah, something like that."

"Pardon my manners. I would like to formally invite you to a banquet tomorrow or perhaps the day after tomorrow."

"I'm grateful for the invitation. But, before that, I'd like to finish our business."

"Ah, right you would. Well then I shall take my leave here. Do make yourself at home. Our chamberlain shall remain. You are merchants who have neither brought in nor out anything."

"Sorry for this. We'll leave after a short break. We'll see you again later."

"I look forward to the occasion."

Rintos and Hotor in attendant outfits are standing behind the sofa Lecan and Chaney sit down on. Vandam is standing by outside. As for Nirfut, he's officially absent, investigating something in concealment. With Nirfut possessing mana, Lecan can easily tell where he is. But it might be difficult to locate him if he lost him once. Since there's quite a lot of people with Nirfut-level mana in this mansion.

Hotor wouldn't avert his line of sight from a vase put near the wall. That mus be the object in question. Hotor is an <Appraisal> user, he was appraising the vase. Lecan appraised it too.

The group left the mansion, and then Hotor spoke inside their wagon.

"The vase was one of the stolen goods. There is no doubt about it. The maker could testify for it as it was a custom ordered vase by Septema Firm. Their atelier had a good relationship with our firm for years. And above all, it is simply not an object that can be mistaken for something else."



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