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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.2


The Argent Flame Wolf opened its jaws and shot out a blue fireball.

The fireball zoomed toward Lecan at tremendous speed and exploded when it came into contact with <Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier.

Lecan crouched down, grabbed Overking Bear Overcoat and turned around before breaking into run.

The second fireball hit the barrier behind him, causing another explosion.

Lecan frantically ran in the dark night forest.

Fighting did not even cross his mind.

There's no way to win against that thing.

His necklace is still managing to block its attack since it's been nothing but magic-based ones, but even that barrier won't last much longer against barrage of such immensely powerful attacks.

What's more, Argent Flame Wolf's physical attacks are far more terrifying than its magical attacks. Lecan may be wearing dragon leather armor now, but Argent Flame Wolf's fangs and claws would instantly tear it to pieces.

"<Zoruas Kurt Vendar>!"

As he recited the spell while leaping forward, his body disappeared and re-emerged in a spot more than 100 steps away.

He tripped as his feet touched the ground, but managed to regain his balance somehow and continued running.

Once he had enough momentum, he recited the spell once again.

"<Zoruas Kurt Vendar>!"

This time he tripped for real, but he quickly get up to his feet from rolling position and kept running.

Another spell recited.

"<Zoruas Kurt Vendar>!"

Lecan vanished and emerged in a spot 100 steps away.

His feet tumbled again as he landed, but he quickly got up and ran.

Getting attacked during the night is a silver lining.

<Leg Bands of White Devil> are only usable three times a day, but the reset time is sunset. Perhaps ancient humans regarded nightfall as a new day. As Lecan hadn't tested out the leg bands today, he got three uses out of it.

He enlarged the scope of <Life Detection> to maximum and found no reaction of Argent Flame Wolf. Meaning they're more than 2500 steps apart. He should be able to get away if he just keeps running now.

That was when Argent Flame Wolf emerged in front of him.


Lecan funneled as much mana as he could into <Gust> to slide next to Argent Flame Wolf, attempting to run past it.

But the wolf shot out a blue fireball from its mouth and blew away Lecan's foothold as a retaliation.


As a huge gaping hole suddenly formed on the ground he was about to step on, not even Lecan could prevent himself tumbling down hard.

Another blue fireball flew a second later, colliding and exploding against the necklace's barrier.


(Forgot this thing's a <Warp> user.)

(How'd it get this far straight up!)

Lecan cursed inwardly as he got up.

Looks like running is not an option.

His only choice is to fight.

The Argent Flame Wolf stopped its attack and squinted at Lecan.

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It's looking at his necklace.


Lecan recited that to heal his sprained ankle.

Argent Flame Wolf howled four times.

Four different colored magic circles manifested above it.

Lecan took the <Warp Sword> and held it in his left hand.

Each of the four magic circles continued to shoot out magic attack which got stopped by the necklace's barrier. The amount of mana put into them is tremendous. It seems Argent Flame Wolf has opted for a saturation attack in an attempt to erase the bothersome barrier.

Lecan grabbed the <Comet Cutter>, and poured his mana to generate its magic blade. At twice the length, the lowest. Presently, this length is the most stable and longest he could manage.

<Demon Wolf Cutter> proved useless against Argent Flame Wolf. <Sword of Agost> can likely damage it, but it's too heavy and too long, unfit against such a swift opponent like this in a one-on-one combat.

His bare eye can't be used to see anything inside the unending barrage of magic unleashed by the wolf. Only raging lights and heat danced before his eye.

The barrier got erased before Lecan could think further.

Lecan swung the <Warp Sword> in his left hand.

The spot he was just at got demolished by the magic attack.

Lecan emerged to the right of the Argent Flame Wolf and swung down <Comet Cutter>.

The wolf quickly turned to face it with its jaws open.

<Comet Cutter> struck those jaws.

Lecan felt an intense feedback.

(Got it!)

(That did some damage!)

Lecan threw away the <Warp Sword> and raised <Comet Cutter> high above with both his hands for another strike.

However, Argent Flame Wolf dodged that with a surprising nimbleness.

Lecan's sword pursued the Argent Flame Wolf.

The wolf dodged once again at speed belying its giant frame.

This Divine Beast boasts the speed that would shame every single foe Lecan has ever fought.

A moment later, Lecan-swung <Comet Cutter> finally hit the Argent Flame Wolf's head.

Yet the wolf just stared at the wide-eyed Lecan without so much a reaction.


(No damage this time?)

(No. Far from that even.)

Looking closer, <Comet Cutter>'s blade has been stopped in its track by the bluish white flame wrapping the Argent Flame Wolf's body. Normally, the magic blade would either cut apart or slip past the enemy. If there's one exception, it was during Zoltan's fight, when another magic blade of equal mana density clashed.

(This thing.)

(Its body is protected by as much mana as <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade!)

In their previous fight, Argent Flame Wolf did put up an anti-magic barrier, but that kind of barriers usually don't work in close range and Lecan never gave it any chance to put up one this time. Yet as it turned out, the wolf is capable of such defensive measures.

How in the blaze do you even fight this thing.

Lecan was dumbfounded if only for a moment.

A fatal mistake in high speed battles like this.

Argent Flame Wolf spat out a blue fireball from just a step apart.





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