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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.11



"Yes. An employee of Mace Firm overheard Ceras calling Muzz that. However, there is also a possibility of Ceras using that word to refer to Muzz's wife instead."

"How are they traitor?"

"We have no idea. But it appears that Muzz's wife was once in a relationship with Ceras before she married Muzz."

"I see."

The spy Nirfut dispatched to Chada was highly skilled, they liberally used up the fund Lecan provided and managed to gain highly dense intel in a short amount of time.

When Cassandra of Boldrin was driven out of her family, many spies under Boldrin left. Nirfut who had started working under Chaney took three skilled spies among those as his subordinates, one of which he dispatched to Chada.

"And then things connect with the results of interrogations. Zeahad got the caravan's schedule, and gave it to Ceras for a huge sum before making himself scarce."

"Yes. Then during his hiding, he colluded with Keibun to snatch away some of the stolen goods with them."

"Then they changed their names and faces before settling in at Rotor."


"Quite a close town to pick as their hideaway."

"Yes. Apparently they were waiting for a chance to blackmail Ceras for money."

"Hmph. So they got some dirt on Ceras huh. Right, those two said Ceras harbors an ambition in their interrogation, what exactly is this ambition anyway?"

"We could not get a clear answer regarding that from the interrogation. We're currently investigating the matter. Please give us a bit more time."

"Where's the stolen goods at."

"We believe they're with Ceras. Although we are unsure if they're still at Chada or if they've been brought to someplace else."

"What's Ceras planning to do with those goods."

"I believe that is the central point in this incident."

"Also don't get why'd the townlord's soldiers take part in the raid. They're his citizens. The heck he's doing slaughtering 'em. Losing an influential company would be quite a blow for the town too."

"It appears that Chada townlord is not aware of this incident."


"We cannot say for sure at this point yet. Also."
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"There is no truth in Ceras asking Chada Townlord for a Vengeance Permit."

"Knew it. Figured that's the case. But I still don't get it"

"What don't you get, Lecan-sama?"

"Ceras believed either Muzz, a former co-worker, or Muzz's wife betrayed him. So far so good."


"He loathed Muzz to the point of raiding a caravan, butchering all the personnel and took away all the goods leaving nothing behind. He must have been seeking money for some sort of goal. So I can see why he planned out the raid."


"But what about after that. Why'd Ceras offered his aid to Muzz's widow and children when he's the killer? What he did to Muzz doesn't match up with what Rintos had to say about the guy."

"It seems Ceras would regularly visit the widow. He might still have some lingering affection. Or perhaps, it's not a matter of likes or dislikes, and he simply wanted to take back what was stolen from him. Only Ceras himself would have the answer to that. It's just, we have also obtained some intriguing intel."

"Hou, speak."

"Some people think Ceras see Rintos-dono as his own son."

"What. I see. So that's how it is."

"No. After taking all kinds of things into consideration, I don't believe there is a shred of truth in Rintos-dono being Ceras's son."

"What? So it's just Ceras's misunderstanding?"

"It might not be a misunderstanding, but what he wants to believe. That the son of a woman he loved, or thought he owned, must be his own as well."

"Uumu. I don't really get it."

"That's simply the nature of human's hearts, they are not easy to comprehend."

"For sure. Magic beasts are so much more honest and comprehensible."

"I'm afraid I cannot say yes to that assertion."

As they would have a follow-up report in a few days time, Lecan told the rough outline to Rintos before going back to his inn and went to bed. It's a high class inn referred by Rotor townlord, the same one Chaney is staying at.

Nirfut slipped in Lecan's room that night.

"What do you need, Nirfut."

"The situation has taken a turn for the worse."


"Ceras's daughter had a son with the previous lord of Chada. Instating this grandson as the earl of Chada was Ceras's goal all along."

"An insurrection huh."

"The little brother of the previous Chada townlord held a quarter of the town's military power under him. However, this quarter reserve force has no fixed duty and acts as a  free-moving unit. We initially had no intel on when they would stage the uprising, but that was no longer the case."


"It could happen as soon as by dawn tomorrow."


"Ceras found out about how Rotor townlord has arrested, interrogated and exposed Hotan and Nuga's true identities. He knew the information gathered from their interrogation would eventually be conveyed to Chada townlord, which will bring about his fall."

"So he chose to revolt."


Rintos has asked Lecan to help him in his quest for vengeance. That was the condition to transfer over <Leg Bands of White Devil> ownership. Rintos's true enemy turned out to be Ceras. Lecan doesn't give a hoot about Chada townlord's well being, but the townlord is the one who's going to hand down punishment to Ceras. As such, saving and making Chada townlord indebted to him would be the best course of action toward obtaining <Leg Bands of White Devil>.

"We're departing Rotor right away, can your legs get you to Chada before dawn?"

"That would be a tall order."

"I'll give you some Stamina Restorative. I'll also cast <Recovery> along the way."


"I'm coming along."




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