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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.7



"So, that skill of yours that generates winds."

"Ah. You mean <Gust>."

"I've seen you using that <Gust> a few times before. That's a magic spell no matter how you look at it."

"No. <Gust> uses up mana yeah, but it's not a magic. It's a skill."

"That might be the case in your world. But that's magic in this world. And you even recited a spell. <Wizel> or something."

"Yea. It means <Wind>."

"In short, it's a skill that gets activated by reciting a spell, consuming mana to induce a phenomenon. That's, magic no matter how you slice it. To this world at least. Hence you were designated as a mage by this world when you used that skill. No, that might be from when you used another skill."


Lecan couldn't really get it. As long as he can keep using his skills, stuff like natural law or how things works is ultimately whatever to Lecan. And he got to learn magic in this world, which was previously impossible in his world. That's more than satisfactory to him. Hence, while he didn't really understand Shira's explanation, he didn't think it was crucial for him to either.

"You've got this 'whatever' look on your face. Well I guess that's fine. Now then, we're finally getting to the main topic. Your skills aren't the only things that were rewritten by this adaptation. Some other too like say, your body."


"Your body must have been remade to fit this world's law of nature. That process probably also caused some sort of strengthening or additions. This is the reason why Descenders are said to possess mighty strength  and special abilities."

"Now that you mention it, my body did feel light when I first woke up in this world."

"I figured it would. Now let's get back to the topic at hand, on the 31st of month one, shortly after our talk, I had been going through experiments after experiments to ascertain the differences between apparitions and humans."
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"Your <Life Detection> shows magic beasts and apparitions as blue, insects, birds, fish, and animals as green while humans as red. Which suggests magic beasts and apparitions are living beings."

"I've no clue why this skill got called <Life Detection>."

"Any and all fields of research on this continent currently agree on apparitions, especially Soul Ogre-type, be classified as unliving."

"Yeah, no wonder."

"There are some magic beasts who can't be called life forms as well. In fact, you can't really say Rock-type magic beasts as living. The term magic beasts usually cover apparitions, however, not all magic beasts are said to be living beings, at least not in the same sense as humans."

"Humans and apparitions aren't the same."

"Yet they get displayed all the same on <Life Detection>."

"Well, yeah."

"Once upon a time, the top researchers of Wapud Kingdom defined all humans, animals, insects and magic beasts, which included Soul Ogre apparitions, as life forms."


"Or more like, they looked at them in their smallest, yet still big enough to distinguish them from stones or minerals, components, they found out that all of them shares the same components. Their sizes and the way they connect to each other are different, but they qualitatively mirror each other to the point of being indistinguishable. Wapud Kingdom researchers called those Life Elements."

"Life Elements?"

"In the sense of being the Grains of Life. And thus, the idea that anything that has Life Elements be seen as life forms was accepted between those researchers."


"But they could not find what makes them different. Hollow Shrieks and humans are clearly separate beings. Humans have physical bodies and sustain themselves through eating food, but Hollow Shrieks are a phantom-like being that floats like a mist and requires no sustenance through eating. Therefore, there must be something that differentiate Hollow Shrieks and humans's Life Elements. Yet they could not find those differences."

"Can't see where this is going."

"Oh bear with me for a little bit more now. At any rate, finding the clear differences between Life Elements and the ultimate truth to Life were extremely important subject matters. I have been researching on those matters over many many years. Yet, I was never even close to finding an answer. And just when I started to consider they might not exist, I met you. And learned about the distinguishing colors of blue, green and red. Meaning those differences do exist. I cut open all kinds of materials and experimented on them. Yet, the answer was nowhere to be found."

"I felt like I just heard something terrible just now."

"That was when it hit me. If I cannot observe these differences when they've already preexisted, then I simply need to observe the moment those differences come into being."

"Moment, come into being?"

"Fortunately enough, I had the magic stone of an otherwordly dragon handy at the time. Or rather, I was promised one. Thus I went to Tsubolt to fetch Vurs magic stone from you. Let me just say, that was truly a wonderful object. A magic stone of a high ranking dragon that has yet to be classified in this world. I prepared all monitoring and recording equipment I could get and resurrected Vurs."




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