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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.14


And lastly, Lecan himself has made the <Leg Bands of White Devil> his own from all this hustle and bustle. The best possible result to him. <Genesiac Grace Gear> aren't something you can find even if you actively look. Even if he did find one, the owner might refuse handing it over if they knew its value. And yet he managed to get one so agreeably like this. One platinum coin is nothing for it. Nirfut returned all the leftover money to Lecan, but Lecan gave it all back to Chaney. Chaney then gave it to Nirfut in Lecan's presence, saying its his now. Lecan asked Nirfut what he wants as a reward for his good job. Nirfut asked Lecan if he could sell him one Stamina Restorative, so Lecan sent five pills to Nirfut via Chaney.

(Luck worked in my favor this time.)

(Or maybe this is a handiwork of <Rainbow Pebbles of Happines>.)

On top of that Lecan even gained unexpected fame.

The following was how Rintos explained it to Chada townlord.

"Lecan-sama not only saved me and my little sister's lives from a bandit attack, he even granted our wish to uncover our father's murderers. And Lecan-sama only asked for a pair of worn out gaiters as his reward for that."

What kind of items are those gaiters, thus Chada townlord, Nina Cogcroix asked.

Lecan showed the gaiters. Since there's no way anyone could discern it as a <Genesiac Grace Gear>, he's got nothing to worry about.

Sure enough, nobody present thought of them as anything more than some shoddy beaten down gaiters.

The head clerk Hotor's words were especially impactful. He's well known as a skilled appraiser even to Chada townlord.

"I am unable to appraise these gaiters, nevertheless my long years of experience and knowledge under my belt allow me to confidently assert that those gaiters do not have any special value whatsoever."

Rintos then added.

"As you can see. They are nothing more than gaiters. And yet, Lecan-sama even lied to us, insisting that they worth so much for being Grace Gear. He even told us that he would take care of everything to clear away our father's regret. I asked thus. 'Why would you go so far?' And this is how Lecan-sama replied thus."

The hall fell dead silence. Rintos's words broke that silence.

"Cause I want those gaiters you have. Those gaiters are objects of extreme worth to me. I absolutely must have them to get me, an adventurer, even stronger. Your father left you those. So just think of it as your father lending a helping hand."

Rintos relived the deep emotion washing over him then.

It seemed to have leave a deep impression on Chada townlord's servants standing in the hall as well, some even started sobbing.

Chada townlord thus spoke with a voice trembling in awe.

"Items that would get himself stronger as an adventurer. Lecan-dono is saying that it was fate for him to dispel the regret the late Septema Firm head must have felt."

No, I never said that, thought Lecan, but he kept that to himself. He's read the room.

"And that 'just think of it as your father lending a helping hand'. Ah, such noble words."

Nina bowed deeply to Lecan and expressed her gratitude.

"Adventurer Lecan-dono. Fiance of the lady of Mashajain. Your valor has saved my life. And your nobility has also saved my heart. Us Cogcroix Household shall never forget our debt and respect we hold toward you forevermore."

Chada townlord servants also bowed to Lecan altogether.

Unable to stand it any longer, Lecan tried to change the topic.

"Oh yeah, you over there. You're the man who was watching us from a distant hill when Rintos got attacked by bandits, yeah."
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"I saw a glimpse of your face and the mana's just about yours. It's you right? What were you doing back then?"

"D-dammit all!"

The man took his wand and tried to recite something, but the soldiers around immediately arrested him.

This man was one of the mages in charge of guarding Chada townlord, but he sold his loyalty to the previous lord's brother and betrayed the townlord. When the lord's brother found out about how Septema Firm's orphans were trying to investigate the culprits behind the old incident, he ordered some soldiers dressed in bandit getup to kill Rintos and Maina, a ploy Lecan stopped. The man was hiding himself in his home during the insurrection, but once he found out it ended in failure, he came back to his job with a nonchalant look on his face. Lecan's fame got further boosted after seeing through this cowardly traitor.

Chada townlord rewarded Lecan handsomely. And since his involvement came to be from his quest to help Rintos and Maina, they both also received a huge amount of reward.

Chada townlord attempted to invite Lecan and Chaney to a banquet, but Lecan declined.

"Gotta go report to Wazrof."

"I am obliged to do the same as well."

Chaney also took the opportunity to bail out.

The two departed Chada together.

"Now then, gonna make myself scarce now. Take care."

"Oh no, you're not getting away."


"We shall go give our apology to Marquis of Mashajain-sama together."

"No. You should be fine by yourself."

"I am not fine at all, not in the least. I will have your presence, Lecan-sama. Am I clear?"


"Am I clear?"

"...I got it."

They stopped by a certain diner along the way.

Then Chubby nonchalantly took a seat next to Lecan.

"Well done."

Chubby smugly raised his nose as Lecan gave him a sincere thanks.

Lecan stood up, walked up next to Chubby and put five Stamina Restorative pills on his table.

"They're specially made Stamina Restoratives. One is enough to keep your stamina recharged for half a day."

Chubby took the five pills on both his palms facing upward, bowed his head and started muttering inaudibly. He must be thanking the god he believes in. Probably a shady one at that.




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