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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.13


"Was there really a need to state my name out loud?"

"I thought that was for the best then. Sorry."

"Thanks to that, I received a summon from Earl Chada-sama. Addressed to Wazrof Merchant Chaney-dono, it says."

"Those guys must have heard wrong. Sorry."

"Despite how it seems, I'm actually a pretty busy man, you see. I don't have time to go galloping around in a town with no business prospects like Chada."

"There's none?"

"Of course not. Where in northern region can you find goods that can be sold in the prosperous and more technologically advanced southern towns?"

"What about woodwork and pelts?"

"Yufu mountain range is much closer for that. Just how far apart do you think Vouka is to this region."

"Sorry. But that medal was super effective."

"Lecan-sama could have just asked and Wazrof would give you dozens of such medals. You could have shown that medal and named yourself instead. Say, 'I'm adventurer Lecan, conqueror of Dungeon Tsubolt and Dungeon Palcimo'. That would have been met with a much better reception than naming some shabby merchant from the northern region."

"Right, could have done that. Didn't hit me. Sorry."

"Or better yet, you could have just named yourself a member of Wazrof."

"I'm not a member of Wazrof."

"Lecan-sama is very much one seeing as you are a fiance of the cousin of the head of Wazrof. If Lecan-sama don't think that's right, you could simply lodge your refusal to Wazrof later. At the very least, that would have been much closer to the truth than announcing me as a Wazrof merchant."

"I'm telling you they misheard."

"Lecan-sama. There are merchants who do prefer to involve themselves in the affairs of elite class out there. However, I am not one of such merchants."

"So you are. Sorry."

"And yet, Chaney Company ended up not only interfering in a succession race of Earl of Chada but even tilted the scale to one side through the use of force."

"That wasn't my intention. Sorry."

"And of all things, you mentioned Wazrof name before members of Cogcroix Household."

"Cogcroix Household?"

"It's the family name of Chada townlord. For your information, the present head is Earl Nina Cogcroix-sama."

"Ah, so she really is a woman. So what's so bad about saying Wazrof in front of Cogcroix people?"

"Because they are relatives. I am not well informed on the matter myself, but after a lady of Wazrof married into Cogcroix Household, Wazrof has supposedly showered them with support, and they likely act as a protector of Cogcroix Household at the Royal Court. Cogcroix Household themselves should see Wazrof as an upper ranking relative they're extremely careful about. And also."

Chaney turned all smiles. Scary smiles. This is how this man's like when he's seriously angry.

"When did you become my escort exactly?"

"When we first met."

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"You don't believe you could slip away just because you keep saying sorry, do you?"

"No, that's not what I'm thinking."

"Aren't you itching to flee this place and give a whirl on the shiny new Grace Gear you just acquired?"

"W-what are you."

"You will not get away."


"We will go to Chada together."

"No. You'll have no use of me there."

"Oh I sure will. Stay next to me. And then simply say, 'Chaney is right', whenever I asked, 'Isn't that right, Lecan-sama?'"


"I shall have your company."



"...I got it."

Despite one such scene, the whole incident is closing in on the finale.

First of all, to Rotor Townlord, a high ranking adventurer, conqueror of two grand dungeons has gone out of his way to conquer Dungeon Rotor and even presented the dungeon boss's material intact to him. That in itself is already profitable and prestigious enough, but having dragon materials in his disposal would hugely improve the townlord's standing among the neighboring southern towns. Naris Kandros refrained from selling the Petitfire Dragon's husk, and connected the cut neck to the body instead, fully intending to adorn his mansion's banquet hall with the full dragon's majestic figure in all its glory.

Additionally, as he succeeded in exposing two merchants who were responsible for a big crime in another town before changing their faces and names to slip into Rotor, it added another point to his prestige.

For Chada townlord, it was a huge relief as well since she almost lost her life along with her retainers. On top of that, as she was saved not by another townlord, which would have incurred them a huge debt, but an adventurer working under a merchant whom they could temporarily hire, they would be seen as the one settling the incident instead. They gained honor in a situation where they were close to losing face.

As a result of the interrogation performed on the little brother of the previous townlord and Ceras of Mace Firm, it was found out that the previous lord's eldest son was assassinated by Ceras. The second son also ended up dying due to a scheme plotted up by the little brother. Both of them were promptly executed. In order to prevent those who had supported them from making their moves. As they rounded up all the treacherous dissenters in one go, it was another huge gain.

Rotor townlord also delivered Keibun and Zeahad along with all the proof to Chada townlord, relenting the right to punish them to her. As the great criminals who once managed to escape her territory got to be punished in her territory, Chada townlord could save her face. Rotor townlord also profited from getting Chada townnlord's gratitude.

Next, Rintos, Maina and employees of Septema Firm received back all the stolen goods Ceras hid, and was granted permission to revive Setpema Firm by the townlord. A result far above Rintos and co. expectations.

Ceras was planning to use the stolen goods to reinforce their military strength that would then aid them in the planned revolt, but that never came to pass due to the sudden turn of the situation.

All the more unique things among the stolen goods were surprisingly found in Chada townlord's treasury.

They were apparently planning to frame Chada townlord as the perpetrator of the raid 12 years ago.




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