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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.8


"You resurrected Vurs?!"

"Of course not in its complete form. Only a very small and weak superficial form of it. But as it has the same exact property as its original form, it was perfect as a test subject."

"Resurrecting a magic beast from a magic stone, is that even possible?"

"That's what you're asking? Common magic stones are vestiges of their original magic beasts. They're like a sort of remnants left behind. But with magic beasts that are above a certain stratum, though in reality it's pretty much limited to high ranking dragons, all information pertaining that magic beast remains inside a magic stone with a certain level of mana amount and density."


"In short, high ranking dragons' magic stones are their eggs. Leave one alone and it'll gradually absorb the surrounding mana, and get resurrected once the condition is right. Letting it to naturally revive itself would have taken a very long time, but I forcibly supplied it with mana and created an artificial environment that fits the condition to resurrect it."

"I've got absolutely no clue what any of that means, I just know that you're someone extraordinary that just achieved something out of this world."

"Oh stop it with the flattery now. Ah, right. Forgot to ask, but I'm guessing magic stones aren't shown in <Life Detection>, are they."

"Yeah, they're not. <Mana Detection> can see them though."

"I'm sure it could. That's how it should work. Magic stones don't have Life Elements on them. Now then after observing the record of Vurs's rebirth many times over, I finally found the answer I sought."


"It's helix."


"A three dimensional object that goes round and round like a tornado. Life Elements consist of these helix components as their building blocks. Those helices came into being the moment Vurs was born. Sinistrorsal helices."


"I couldn't help but yelped when this came into my attention. Afterward, I went on to investigate the direction of helices on all kinds of Life Elements. Then I found out that magic beasts' helices are sinistrorsal, humans' are dextrorsal, while animals, fish, insects and birds have both. It's a very simple matter."

"Hou, simple huh. And here I'm utterly lost."

"How could I fail to notice such a simple thing. The answer had always been right in front of my eyes. I had witnessed them an innumerable amount of times, who could have thought the answer lies there of all places."

"Good for you."

"None of this matters to you in the least eh? Anyway, my research thus progressed by leaps and bounds. I examined my own Life Element's Helix. It was sinistrorse."

"Magic beast, or apparition then."

"You really are refreshingly frank. You might fit well as a researcher. Now then, I made my resolve to get to the next phase."

"Next phase?"
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"To reverse the direction of the helices."


"As I mentioned earlier, animals, insects, fish and birds have their life elements in both sinistrorsal and dextrorsal directions. Turning them all to sinistrorsal is a simple matter."

"Could that really be done?"

"Rewriting Life Element of even the smallest insect requires a shocking amount of mana. Yet I made it happen. However, living beings who have their Life Elements rewritten don't survive long. I found out that this is because they lost a certain power borne from the combination of both sinistrorsal and dextrosal helices existing. That power is probably recognized as green color by your <Life Detection>."


"However, I could not find much success trying to reverse sinistrorsal Life Elements to dextrorsal. Then I got an idea and tested using a magic wand that had an ordinary mage's mana stored within. It was a success."


"Now that I've got a grip on a clue, the subsequent verification process was a breeze. Reversing sinistrorsal helix to dextrorsal can't be done with mana from magic stones, but goes well with human's mana. However, human's mana that has been stored in a magic stone even once was no good. And the success rate fell if the mana was sourced from multiple mages. The more mana the test subject has, the more mana required in the rewriting process."

"Is there a difference in mana quality between magic stone's mana and human's?"

"It's more to do with the power's direction than quality. Anyway, mana output from those colored blue in <Life Detection> cannot be used to reverse sinistrorsal helix to dextrorsal."

"I'm getting a headache. Is there more to this?"

"To sum it up, I needed mana from a singular source on the level of a high ranking dragon that is not a magic beast if I wanted to return the direction of my Life Elements back to dextrorse."

"What. You were thinking about that? But there's no humans out there who got mana rivaling high ranking dragons'. Unless you're counted."

"But my mana couldn't be used. And the quantity must far surpass my own in order to make it happen."

"Yeah, that's impossible."

"It really is. If we're talking about this world that is. But I had Barifoa's magic stone from you."

"That's a magic beast."

"It was yet to be designated as a magic beast in this world. A power that had not been associated to any kind of phenomenon in this world slept within that magic stone. I believed that would be my ticket to reverse my Life Element's direction to dextrorse. And my hypothesis was proven correct. The trial was a success."




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