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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.5


"Did he find the bandit gang."

"That is not the case. In the first place, it was no bandit gang that murdered my father and robbed us of everything, they were made to look like one by someone pulling the string behind the scene, the true culprit."

"So there's a mastermind."

"Everything surrounding that raid was not right. Father put out a decoy caravan that traversed the dungeon highways, while he himself led the true caravan with the goods through a narrow mountain path. The date of travel and even the route had been strictly keep confidential. And yet, the bandit gang ambushed the real caravan like they had been waiting for them."

"Leaked intel huh."

"Yes. And the majority of the goods plundered were very specifically ordered by father, so you could readily tell them apart if we ask the makers. And yet, none of those goods ever turned up in the circulation no matter how long we waited."

"Hmm. Just you know folks that deal in thievery have ways keep their tracks covered."

"That might be true. However, there are also ways to search for goods that have been lost in the dark. Our employees who dabble in such wiles have been looking for them in frenzy, and yet they fail to even find a trace, that is too unusual. It's also odd how we haven't heard a single rumor about the bandit gang even after such a large scale raid like that."

"Hmph. Yeah? I don't really get it. And?"

"Ceras-san has acquired information on how two merchants might have sold some of the stolen goods to a certain town lord recently. They are publicly treated as 'gifts' however."


"And it appears they will be delivering more gifts soon."

"So those two merchants are the culprits?"

"We have no idea if it's only one of them, or both, or if there's someone connected to them who's the true culprit."

These two merchants are called Hotan and Nuga, and the one buying the goods is Rotor townlord, Earl Naris Kandros.

"Both Hotan and Nuga showed up at Rotor around ten years ago, they are now both owners of large companies but their history before that is completely unknown."
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"Our employees are searching high and low for clues at Rotor currently, but as we have been unable to find any information, I was on my way back to Rotor with my little sister, to ask Ceras-san if he knows anything new."

"I see now. So what's the plan once you've identified the culprit?"

"We shall have our vengeance. Ceras-san had been working to get our Vengeance Permit from Chada townlord, it has been issued and approved."

"Vengeance Permit?"

"Yes. Hence once we find out who the culprit is, they will be slain, and we will report to Rotor Townlord-sama with the Vengeance Permit in tow."

"Hmm? So in short I just gotta kill the culprit then. Wait, or you want to do the deed yourself."

"That's not it. Ceras-san will dispatch his personal adventurer. I wish for Lecan-san to investigate the real culprit."


"Is it Hotan, Nuga or somebody else. I would like to know. And please get the evidence of their wrongdoing. This opportunity to associate with such a capable adventurer in Lecan-san must be have been the guidance of god Boa. Please grant us our wish."

"Me, investigate, the culprit?"

"Yes. Please if you could."

"We beg of you."

"Got it."

Despite saying that to the bowing Rintos and Maina, Lecan was perplexed.


(Finding the culprit?)

Lecan is a veteran adventurer, he's had his fair share of experience in escort and hunting missions. But those quests were all about protecting someone, looking for someone, or slaying or capturing someone, everything that involves brute force. He had never accepted requests that necessitate reasoning or evidence gathering, nor he ever planned to.

Yet Rintos and Maina are expecting brainpower work from Lecan. Lecan would have refused it in all other instance, but <Leg Bands of White Devil> hang on this. He could not say no here.

"Well, just leave it to me."

"Yes. It's all in your capable hands."

"Ah, Niisan. I can't believe we managed to find such a reassuring ally."

"Yup. It must have been the guidance of god of fate."

"The spirits of our father and mother must have lent their assistance as well."

"Right, they must be."

Lecan was at a loss as he watched over the fired up siblings.

The three got back at Rotor the following day. Lecan got introduced to six men, former employees of Septema Firm. Led by those men, Lecan found where Hotan and Nuga stores were located.

Employing <Concealment>, Lecan scouted Hotan's store for two days.

He took a day off before resuming his scouting at Nuga's store for the next two days.

"You sneaked in their store without being discovered by anyone for two days? That's amazing, Lecan-san."



Their gaze of awe hurts.

The former employees looked at Lecan with eyes full of expectations, turning things even more awkward.

As a matter of fact, the number of new information Lecan got in the last five days is exactly zero. He didn't get anything. He might stumble upon a clue if he just kept at it. But even if that clue did show up, he has no idea how to deal with it nor any way to discern it.

(Well, damn.)




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