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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.11


It was a head ornament made of metal.

It has the shape of a twirling branch adorned with leaves, reflecting greenish silver lights. It's so much more stylish looking than any Genesiac Grace Gear Lecan has seen thus far. That said, it doesn't look to be especially of worth. Yet the pattern engraved on it looks similar to the ones on <Ring of Undying King>, <Talisman of Darkness Demon> and <Leg Bands of White Devil>.

Lecan took a thin wand, adjusted his breathing, recited the preliminary casting Termin taught him and cast <Appraisal> spell.

<Name: Diadem of Divine Rotwood>

<Type: Circlet>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Palcimo Floor 151>

<Depth: 151>

<Grace: Emptiness>

※Emptiness: Over a period of ten inner heart beats, the defensive power of opponents targeted by the user of this Grace Gear will be erased. 100 steps range. Activation Spell is <Nicola Reword>. This Grace can only be activated once a day. This Grace can only be activated by women. This Grace can only affect living beings and their equipment.

"Oy, you old crone."

"Is that any way to address your master?"

"This passage <This Grace can only be activated by women>, is this some kind of joke?"

"I don't think it is."

"Can't men use this Grace Gear."

"At the very least, His Majesty King Mahazar could not. That was the very reason he bestowed it to me, see."

King Mahazar was the Sage King of Wapud Kingdom that guided the kingdom to its height of prosperity, as well as the foolish king that brought upon its downfall. He's also Shira's lord and probably the only person she's ever looked up to.

"What's the point of me holding onto this thing then."

"Don't ask me that. It's you who made the demand."

All Grace Gear he got so far didn't have limitation on its user by sex. Hence he never even considered such a pitfall.

Lecan suppressed his anger and agitation, and endeavored to regain his composure.

(It's still unmistakably a valuable object.)

(Its ability is unsurpassed.)

(Nothing to lose from having this around.)

(I could let Eda equip this.)
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(Eda can make use of it.)

(It'd grant her tremendous breakthrough power when push comes to shove.)

(It might even save Eda's life.)

However, this Grace Gear is not a defensive item, it's a strictly offensive one. A weapon of slaughter. He's got a feeling that its usage would come with ghastly results.


(This isn't something Eda should use.)

His disappointment was directly proportional to his expectations. He couldn't control the swelling resentment within.

Shira could have told him that the Grace Gear can only be used by women so you can't use it. Yet she didn't. Doesn't that mean she deceived him.


(What'd you have to say.)

(If you were here.)

(It's probably, 'Have another sip first then you can talk.')

There's a wine-filled glass in front of him. Lecan lifted it up and slowly drank it down.

It's a good wine. Lecan closed his eye as he slowly savored the fragrance lingering in his mouth, the freshness going down the throat, and the warmth deposited in his belly. The tipsiness permeating his entire body feels so comforting.

Then he bit on a piece of jerky and had another sip.

His mind had completely calmed down before he realized.

(It looked to me Shira was hesitant to part with it.)

(Shira is probably still holding King Mahazar in high esteem even now.)

(And it's a keepsake from that king.)

(It was me who demanded the item without even considering Shira's circumstance or her feeling on the matter.)

(That might have offended her.)

He sipped his wine once more before pushing the <Diadem of Divine Rotwood> at Shira.

"It's my blunder. This Grace Gear is unusable to me. I should have asked for an appraisal before asking it for the trade. And I should have asked you first if this item is suitable for the trade. The fault lies on me. You can have it back. As for Barifoa's magic stone's compensation, I'll leave it to you to decide."

Shira had a look of surprise on her face.

"You... You've changed a bit."

"Have I."

"Hang on a bit there. I'll bring the next wine out."

The two kept chatting until near dusk. Four bottles of wine were emptied by the end. Most of which drank by Lecan.

He reported what happened at Palcimo. Shira laughed out loud when she heard about Jiza's big rampage. She was in awe when Lecan told her about Eda's quick wit during her conversation with Jiza.

He showed her <Leg Bands of White Devil> and the circumstances that afforded him them. Shira nodded in agreement when it got to the part of Chaney's anger as she gleefully sipped her wine.

It was an enjoyable evening.

Afterward, Lecan said his goodbye and jumped between roofs and walls while feeling tipsy.

Ignorant of the nightmarish news waiting for him at Goncourt Mansion.




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