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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.12


Norma welcomed Lecan at Goncourt Mansion. The young male aide stood behind her but Jinga was nowhere to be seen.

"Welcome back, Lecan."

"Yea, I'm back."

"I know you just got back and all, but you're just in the nick of time. There's something important we need to talk about."

"That's fine, but I'm starving. Could we chat while I'm having my meal."

"I understand. I'll have it ready right away. I'm sorry but do you mind if you eat at the main building this time? And we will have another person present there besides me, Jinga and Findin."

"Hou? Who."

"It's Knight Rigan Notz."

"What? Why's that guy here."

Knight Rigan is a high ranking knight of Wazrof, one of Manfrey's aides. Lecan has met him many times before.

"He's here as a messenger of Wazrof. Jinga is talking with him right now. We've got a situation at hands, see."

"Did something happen to Eda?"

"She's not in any danger. It's the opposite even. But it might not be what you'd like to hear."

The dining table was arranged at once, Lecan, Norma, knight Rigan and Jinga had their seats. While Findin stood in the back.

Lecan picked a strong liquor. He drank it down and ate his fill until he was satisfied.

"Now then Norma. What's going on."

"Okay. According to Rigan-dono, the Royal Family has dispatched an envoy to Wazrof, calling for adventurer Lecan's presence at the Royal Palace. A Royal Envoy."

"What? What does the royal family want with me."

"One day, Eda and Heles-dono went shopping at a tableware store at the capital. They came across a priestess of Main Yuminos Temple by chance. She was one of the priestesses accompanying Herb Saint's entourage back then. She was elated to see Eda and invited her to the temple."

"Hmph? And then?"

"Eda declined the invitation with careful wording. Heles-dono also brought up Rainzats name to tell the priestess that Eda is not to visit any particular temple at the capital. That was the end of it at the time."

"So something happened later."

"The priestess reported to the Head of Main Yuminos Temple and Skalabel-sama about <Healing Hand of Herb Saint>'s presence in the capital. Then Guide Skalabel went and paid Rainzats mansion a visit along with gifts. He wished to express his gratitude to his savior, Eda-dono, apparently."

"What a dutiful old man."

"On the other hand, Head of Main Yuminos Temple investigated what kind of items Eda and Heles-dono picked at the tableware store. Heles-dono was in fact looking for a present for our wedding. The Temple Head found out that Eda was going to get married."

"Must be a luxury store, some loose tongue they got huh."

"Well the other party is a temple. Moreso since it's the temple head of Main Yuminos Temple, standing-wise only Elex Temple head is higher. Of course their tongue would be loose. Now then, the temple head found out how Eda performed a Ritual of Blessing at Mashajain's Yuminos temple. The issue here is the relationship between Mashajain Yuminos Temple head and the capital Main Yuminos Temple head."

"Hm? Their positions seem clear cut."

"Hierarchical-wise, of course the main temple head is higher. However, the capital houses nine main temples and Main Yuminos Temple head is only one among those. Contrasting to that, Mashajain's temple head is the topmost priest of the metropolis Mashajain, with a vast sphere of influence and riches. Hence these two are constantly in opposition with each other. No, that's too strong a word. They have a rivalry."

"I got it."
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"During which a <Purification> user known as <Saintess of the North> visited Mashajain and performed a Ritual of Blessing."

"He's thinking he ought to get her do that at his temple too."

"That's right. But none dares to strong hand Rainzats. That's where the temple head looked to the Prime Minister Office. He made them sent an invitation to a Celebration Ceremony performed at royal palace for his majesty the king to grant a commemoration to the <Saintess> Eda-dono who helped regain Herb Saint-sama's well being for her marriage. Of course, he only borrowed the king's name there."

"But there's no way to refuse that since they invoked the king's name."

"Indeed. The Celebration Ceremony was to be led by Main Yuminos Temple head. He probably thought that things would proceed smoothly so long as he could get Eda at the palace."

"So Eda went to the royal palace."

"She didn't end up to at this point. Wazrof Household intervened. After receiving a message from Rainzats about it, their House Aide, Fujisur-dono, was dispatched to the capital. Fujisur-dono marched into Prime Minister Office, saying that Eda-dono along with the cousin of Wazrof Head, lady Norma are supposed to be busying themselves in preparation for their wedding at Mashajain Yuminos Temple, if his majesty wished to congratulate them, he should send his messenger with congratulatory word to Mashajain instead."

"Hm? I don't get it."

"In short, 'A lady of Wazrof is getting married, what do you think you're doing calling them like they're some petty officials, come yourself or send a royal envoy to the marquis family head if you want to say your pieces.'"

"I see. Got it now."

"Main Yuminos Temple head was panicking because he didn't expect Wazrof Household themselves to be involved. But this was when an unforeseen situation arose. The news reached his majesty the king's ears."

"Wait, shouldn't he have known in the first place since he was inviting?"

"Apparently not so. It might have been lost in other reports, or perhaps something as trivial as such is usually handled by officials. At any rate, the king found out about how the girl who saved Skalabel was at the capital and it caught his attention. One day, he asked the prime minister thus. For what reason is this girl who helped Skalabel be here now. The PM had no choice but to answer that as such."

"'She's going to get married soon', huh."

"Yep. And also about the palatial invitation to congratulate her under the king's name. His majesty was also familiar with the name of her partner in marriage, adventurer Lecan. Thus he spoke. Is that perhaps the same adventurer who conquered both the Grand Dungeons of Tsubolt and Palcimo?"

"Information about that got there too huh."

"It's a feel good story after all. Or rather, you really should be more aware just how great an achievement is that. This was the point where his majesty's interest shifted to Lecan. And then he decreed. Summon adventurer Lecan as well as his fiancees here to the royal palace. I shall personally congratulate them myself."


"A Royal Envoy came to Wazrof to deliver a summon by the king for me, you and Eda. I know you really don't want to go to the capital. But there is no declining this. Will you go to the capital with me?"





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