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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-5

16-5. Various Conclusions


Satou here. I've always been bad at gambling ever since I was a child, maybe I just don't have a talent for it. I got invited to horse-racing and mahjong in my college days, but I still don't get their appeal even now. Perhaps you need the aptitude for it to enjoy gambling.

"Are you ready?"

I took up the magic spear made from Hihiirogane, Gae Bolg, to answer Heim-shi's query.

"Let us begin then."

We stand at the start lines in the center of the wide practice ground.
We're about 20 meter apart.

"O Magic Edge, dwell in my sword."

Red light from the magic edge comes up on Heim-shi's magic sword.
I've only noticed now that he has put Physical Reinforcement on himself in advance as his mana gauge has decreased.

"O Magic sword Heim carved from my name. Bring about raiding speed faster than wind to me--""

Looks like Heim-shi intends to use the [<<Acceleration Catapult>>] built in his magic sword right from the start.
I surrender the first strike to him and lower my magic spear--


Like a dropped frame, Heim-shi who had closed in right before me let out a lightning speed stab.

--Are you for real.

Looks like he had put himself in the Accelerated Catapult state beforehand.
I put my spear in front of me and flicked away the magic sword that drew a red trail.

Red sparks flew, and I saw Heim-shi's mouth moving at the opposite side.


The zero-distance flash dyed my view white.
Looks like he used a light magic with deferred invocation that had been chanted prior.

Without waiting for the instant it needed for my view to return back, Heim-shi slashed back from the direction where I flicked his magic sword away earlier to conclude this fight.
I traced that movement from the air vibrations, and blocked the attack by kicking the bottom end of my magic spear.


Intense metallic sounds from the clash between a sword and a spear resounded.
Fierce red light dyed over my whitened view.

"--<<Acceleration Catapult>>!"

Heim-shi tore the moment of silence with his shout.
The vibrations from the sole of his feet tell me about his charge timing.

"--Flickering Movement."

I evaded while holding the speed down so it wouldn't become Ground Shrink.

My view that had instantly returned thanks to Light-intensity Adjustment skill showed that Heim-shi was fluttering in the air in a stabbing posture.
He twists his body in the air and pulls his sword back as if he's drawing a bow.

--Don't tell me.

Heim-shi collects his mana in his sword.

His stab that should have been out of range became a ball of red light that drew closer to me.

--Magic Edge Cannon.

Looks like he has acquired the Mystic Art that was once used by the top seat of Shiga Eight Swords, Julberg-shi.

To return the favor, I also shot a small Magic Edge Cannon out of the magic spear toward the approaching red light of Magic Edge Cannon that flew like a swallow, intercepting it.

I could hear Lady Karina and the others' cheers from beyond the roaring blast.

"After pulling through three surprise attacks, you even managed to block Magic Edge Cannon, my trump card, huh."

Heim-shi who had landed on the ground floated a manly smile.

He's probably using this chitchat to recover his mana and fix his breath.

"Monsters are more cunning in their surprise attacks you know. As for the Magic Edge Cannon, I was blessed with a good teacher who taught me about it."

Heim-shi took a glance at Liza when he heard that.
It's actually an elf teacher, not Liza, but since there's no need to amend him, I let the conversation continue.

"Show me the power of your magic spear. This time, I'll receive it all."

Heim-shi said a remark overflowing with sportsmanship.
Since He has [Counter] skill, it's dangerous for me to carelessly use a big move.

--Mainly in holding back kind of sense.

I lightly swing the spear and take a low stance.

"--Here I come."

I rushed forward with Flickering Movement and when I got to one third of the distance, I changed to maximum mode Flickering Movement that Liza and the others use.
And then I threw a thrust with the long spear from out of his range.

Heim-shi skilfully parried that with his great sword that should have been heavy and slow.
It's like he's wielding a rapier.

Looks like he had anticipated my Flickering Movement feint as all of my attacks, be it from right or left were all parried.
Even when I went around to his back and stabbed at it, he turned around and parried it.

As expected of number 2 of Shiga Eight Swords.
He might be even stronger than the top seat of Shiga Eight Swords, Julberg-shi.

I opened our distance right when Heim-shi and the spectators were fixing their breaths.

"I expected no less from the one whom Kishresgalza sisters referred to be stronger than them."

Heim-shi is looking for the timing to close in while measuring the gap.

"But you haven't gotten serious even now do you?"

--How'd he find out.

I'm even using water magic [Sweating] and composite magic [<<Fake Hard Fight>>] for this.

Ideally, I'd like this fight to be a draw, but he will likely find out if I do it carelessly.
On the other hand, winning too easily will lower the brand of Shiga Eight Sword, while losing too easily will put a stain on Liza and the others' honor and the title of Demon Lord Slayer--or even on Saga Empire's Hero Hayato's reputation.

It's quite a troublesome situation.

"Show me your true strength."
"Then allow me to respond to that with the Secret Arts that Hero Hayato instructed me."

Therefore, I plan to show the awesomeness of Demon Lord Slayer by pulverizing the practice ground with some awesome finishers while also constructing the narrative, "Heim-shi who could survive through that is awesome."

"Please don't die okay."

I clad magic spear Gae Bolg with Magic Edge after telling him my honest thought.
The spectators were surprised and yelled, "Earl Pendragon is using Magic Edge!"

Don't tell me, I had never used Magic Edge in public before this?

"Back at you, don't get too conceited and die on me."

I smile back at Heim-shi's words.

"Here it goes--<<Shining Blade>>"

I copied the light elemental finisher that Hero Hayato once showed.
Red shock waves released from Magic Spear Gae Bolg carved the practice ground with numerous line marks.

Originally they're in the form of slashes, but since I'm using a spear now, they look like rapid-fire beams this time.

Cloud of dust filled the practice ground.
The radar shows me Heim-shi's moves as he hides behind the dust.

I pull back my magic spear clad in Magic Edge to the limit to prepare for the next finisher.

Heim-shi tore the dust cloud apart and showed himself up while shouldering a red shining magic sword.

"<<Shining Strike Rush>>"
"<<Dragonhorn Slasher>>"

Two finishers clashed.

I shifted the hitting angle as to not break magic sword Heim-shi I made, most of my Shining Strike Rush's power dispersed in the air.
Heim-shi's finisher that looked like it could even sever a dragon's horn tore through the Shining Strike Rush afterwave, smashing the practice ground behind me.


As he shouted out loud, Heim-shi's magic sword clashed with my magic spear, red shining particles dyed the surroundings.
The ground where we step on have caved-in like in a manga.

The spectators around us sent out loud shouts of joy.
Good good, it's going nicely.

"Here I go, Heim-dono!"
"Come, Pendragon! Show me your everything!"

I ignore Heim-shi who said something that reeked of BL and let out the next finisher.

"Dragon Buster"

It was a finisher that was once used by Liza in the fight against Floor Master.
16 thrusts assaulted Heim-shi as he parried them all.

Swept away by the momentum, my magic spear got stuck in the ground.

Heim-shi grinned.
His magic sword is clad in red light as he makes the same motion for the Dragonhorn Slasher.

This is probably the timing for Counter that he's been waiting for all along.


"Beyond Art. Magic Edge Explosion."

--I've also been waiting for this.

The red light that dwelt in the magic spear got sucked into the ground and Heim-shi who was just about to let out the Dragonhorn Slasher got swallowed in the explosion.
I used the art Liza once used to blast the [Floor Master] on the ground.

From the spectator's viewpoint, it would look like Heim-shi's finisher that couldn't have been avoided was prevented by an art that was no different than an explosion.


--Uwaa, seriously?

Heim-shi who was bloody all over charged in without caring about his defense.
No no, you're really gonna die you know?

My consciousness was robbed by my hand as I was cautious not to kill him.

However, his attack reached me in that moment.
His magic sword grazed my cheek, and engraved a wound.

The wound disappeared instantly by my Self-Healing skill, but it felt like I got to see the pride of Shiga Eight Swords, the guardian of the kingdom.

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"Sir Pendragon, you have shown me your true strength."

Heim-shi who was about to die has already recovered enough to walk with the healing of magicians that were on standby at the practice ground.

Behind him, huge golems have been made to line up by earth magicians at the practice ground as Lady Karin and Shiga Eight Sword Miss Ryouna the [Mower] fight there.
Looks like they had agreed to have a fight when we were fighting.
And it seems Reilas-dono is going to fight Zena-san afterward.

Liza declined to have a match because, "Master has not given me his permission."
Since the level difference is too great, it would have ended one-sidedly so her judgment is proper.

"--It's my complete defeat."
"No, it's my lost. I only managed to block Heim-shi's last attack by luck."

There's no point in my effort to make the match close to no count if he says [Complete defeat].
Besides if I carelessly recognize his defeat, I might get forced to join Shiga Eight Swords.

"I think a draw is fine--"

First prince Soltrick who could read the mood offered a nice trade off.

"--Both of you were splendid. I will have your rewards delivered later. Keep striving to polish your superior skill for the sake of Shiga Kingdom."

Heim-shi and I gratefully accepted it like retainers would.

"Match end! The winner, Ryouna-dono!"

Oops, looks like Lady Karina had lost while we were talking.
Both of them are the type that fight by instinct, but Miss Ryouna who's more experienced in interpersonal combat seems to have the upper hand in tactics.

Lady Karina also often fought with Pochi and Tama, but since the practices were in assumption that she'd fight against monsters, she never had the chance of learning the in-depth of interpersonal combat.

"Relief squad! My shoulders and ribs are broken! Help me with the healing."

Miss Ryouna who was wounded all over called the knights specializing in healing.

"I couldn't win."
"Good work."

I hand over a cold wet towel to the dejected Lady Karina.

By the way, there's not even a scratch on Lady Karina who had Raka protecting her.
Apparently she lost because she got exploited by her opponent and fainted.

"Karina-sama, your opponent was a Shiga Eight Swords after all. It's only natural to lose."

Zena-san consoled Lady Karina.

"That's not an excuse desuwa. Zena-san, you have to win okay."
"It's alright. I'm sure Zena-sama will win if she fights calmly."
"Y-yes. I'll do my best."

Lady Karina and Liza cheer for Zena-san.

"--Is that allowed?"
"Yes, Master. When she was challenged, Zena-sama asked Reilas-dono if he didn't mind that she was maining magic, this is the answer to that."

The scene before us is that of Zena-san flying in mid-air as she dropped [Air Hammers] down in a one-sided battle.

At first, Reilas-shi counter attacked by shooting light magic, but since Zena-san completely blocked it with [<<Heavy Air Wall>>], he resorted to be in the defensive with his holy shield.
Additionally, Zena-san who was able to quickly cast her magic interrupted Reilas-shi when he tried to cast mid-level magic that could break through her Heavy Air Wall.

This match will have ended in an instant were Zena-san to use an advanced level wind magic, but it seems the kind Zena-san won't use it in fear of seriously injuring Reilas-shi.

『--Her altitude is decreasing.』
"It's true desuwa."

Just as Raka said, Zena-san's altitude has decreased.
It's difficult to control the [Fly] magic she's using, her control might have loosened after continuously firing attack magic.
I'd like to give her an instruction, but giving advices in the middle of a match is prohibited.


I look back to the ground from Liza's call.

Reilas-shi purges his heavy equipment and runs up to her at a tremendous speed.

"Rising Blade."

He threw his holy shield below Zena-san and let out a finisher with the magic sword in his other hand.
Reilas-shi stacked the forces from Flickering Movement, jumping skills and upward slashing type of finisher to approach Zena-san in mid-air.

"■■■■ Wind Shield"

Zena-san used a quick-to-chant wind spell in a hurry.

Reilas-shi's magic sword cut up the wind shield.

"Elementary level magic won't--"

Someone muttered that.

But that's a misunderstanding.

Zena-san isn't trying to block Reilas-shi's finisher.

It's to push back Reilas-dono with the dregs from the Wind Shield and propel herself to move in the air.

And, additionally--


--The storm released from the wind that surrounded her body beat Reilas-shi down toward the ground.

Reilas-shi's magic sword cuts off the storm, but then come Zena-san's insurance blow.

"....■■■ Fallen Hammer"

Zena-san's heavy wind burst apart Reilas-dono who had been thrown off balance, he hit the ground without affording to break the fall.
It wouldn't be strange for an ordinary person to die from it, but as expected of Shiga Eight Swords.
He swiftly springs up and jumps toward the holy shield nearby.

The moment his hand was about to reach the holy shield, his back was struck by Zena-san who had gained speed from gravity.


"■■■■ Air Hold!"

The Air Hold casted with shortened chant binds down Reilas-shi, his neck is then met with the short sword that Zena-san drew out.

"The winner! Zena Marientail!"

At the unexpected victory, the surrounding people let out an ear-splitting excited cheering.

"Splendidly done. Zena-dono."
"Thank you very much, Reilas-sama."

Zena-san replied Reilas-shi's praise while looking embarrassed and they exchanged handshakes in honor of the good fight.

The umpire didn't notice the fact that Reilas-shi's dominant had resisted Zena-san's Air Hold right right before the conclusion, and if the umpire didn't make a hasty conclusion, it was possible for him to counterattack Zena-san with the hand that was holding the magic sword.
However, he accepted the umpire's decision and didn't attempt to take a simultaneous hit.

No wonder he was entrusted to take care of that unmanageable third prince Sharlick.


A gentleman wearing butler attire ran up to the practice ground.
Looks like he's looking for someone.

Did anything happen?

When I was observing the situation, that gentleman ran up to one of the first prince's followers and whispered something into his ears.

"Royal Capital's Air Defense Corps--"
"What, are you sure about that?"
"--By your will."

I couldn't hear the important part due to the clamor, but then a pale faced follower noble ran up to me.

"Earl Pendragon, forgive me about this, but could you let me off the bet from the other day?"
"I don't--"
"What's wrong? Did your gamble-hating wife put you on a short leash?"

When I was going to say 'I don't mind', another noble interrupted.
The follower noble's face became even paler.

Then another noble cut in.
He's sweating all over, wonder if he's feeling all right.

"I-I would also like to take off my bet with you sire. However, it would be rude to get off it just like that. Thus I will offer this heirloom sword as an apology."
"You too, what's happening here."
"Eyy, move out. I'm talking with Earl Pendragon now."

The sweating noble and the pale noble shoved the puzzled gentleman noble aside and edged up on me.
How do I say this, their faces look really serious it's scary.

"It will do no good to your reputation if we do this in such a place--"

When I suggested them to talk about it later at the salon, they got even more flustered.

"N-no, it's nothing important enough to warrant changing places."
"I-I beg of you, please accept this sword."

--Something's not right.

Thinking that, I tried searching the map.


Holy Mobile Armor.

Apparently, nobles who have obtained info about the discovery of Holy Mobile Armor are trying to take off their bets before it's announced.
I take note of the two nobles who make the offer.

These two's houses most likely have excellent information network.

"What are you guys hiding."

The puzzled looking first prince asked the two nobles.
It does make you doubt something when they're doing it so openly like this doesn't it.

『Satou-dono, a wyvern is approaching from west-southwest.』
"Thank you, Raka."

I said my thanks to Raka.
The one coming here is a wyvern from capital Air Defense Corps, so everything's fine.

Then a wyvern quickly came into the view, the first prince's follower nobles clamored.
They should have gotten used to wyverns if they live in the capital, but since the wyverns don't usually fly above the capital, maybe people who aren't really connected to the military don't know about them.

"So noisy, quiet down."
"Y-Your highness! That's!"
"Do not fret! Isn't that a wyvern of the capital's Air Defense Corps!"

The followers who got scolded by the prince regained their composure.

"Aaaaa, Earl Pendragon, I beseech you."
"P-please, for goodness's sake--"

The sweating noble and the pale noble entreated me as they were about to grab my clothes.
The other nobles seemed anxious to see them as they began to look at each others and exchanged words in whispers.

"Holy Mobile Armor! The Holy Mobile Armor has been found at the western Magic Sealing Ravine!"

A soldier who got off of the wyvern shouted.

"I see, so that's what happening--"

In contrast to the prince who got it, the sweating noble and the pale noble broke down in despair.
The other nobles also exchanged glances with pale faces.

The nobles' line of sights are gathered to me as if they're begging me.

Not sure what you want me to do by doing that.

I personally find no value in the things they bet, but I can't exactly say, "the bet doesn't count" either.
If I did that, troublesome people would come one after another to make unreasonable bets with me.

Now then, the smart thing to do here is to look for a middle ground.
I sure would love to have Arisa's advice in times like this.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Strongest Sage, Sends Off


"The place is at the north forest... judging from this reaction, they're right by the highway. You should immediately find them simply by running there."

"Err.... We will be the one attacking?"

Ruli looked surprised when she heard me.
True, even though the barrier hasn't been installed yet, the capital still has some defenses.

Waiting patiently and ambushing them here is an option.
But that's too wasteful in this particular case.

"Yeah. This was recorded only around 30 minutes ago... It should be another 30 minutes before those demons to actually get here. The one that was caught in the magic tool wasn't the demon themselves but the magic they invoked."

Fullpower Flight has this side effect called 『Recoil』 which disturbs mana flow after being used, so it's not well suited for any movement but escaping.
Instead of using that, they use a magic called 『Demon Road』.

『Demon Road』 is a magic that enables a high-speed long-distance travel by creating a road of mana that goes to the point of destination in advance.
Compared to flying normally, using this magic can cut down travel time to 20% percent with no recoil.

Moreover, once someone has reached the destination, the second one onwards can move to it in less than five minutes each.
--That speed becomes its weakness if the mana gets detected in advance though.

"....I understand. If Mathi-kun says so, I believe in you."

"Me too, I believe too. So how should we go about shooting the demons down?"

Ruli and Alma said that and looked at me with faces full of determination.
Yup. Looks like the two have become quite aware of their own strength.

"I think you'll immediately notice a road made of magic once you arrive at the site. When the mana road begins to swell, that's the sign of the enemy coming. Once the flow of mana stops, a demon will come out in five seconds, just leave an arrow at the place you think it's coming and the other party will get stabbed by it on their own."

"On their own.... It really sounds simple when you put it that way!"

It really is simple after all.
As long as you get the timing right, it's harder to miss even.

"How about the arrows, what should we do about them?"

"Use the exclusive metal arrows for Alma that I taught you the other day. The augment magic is... You should think it yourself."


"Yeah. This time there's no need for petty tricks like poison and such. Construct a magic circle that prioritizes only in power."

Ruli and the others had always been using magic circles I made for them.
However, in an actual combat, you need to judge what's best in accordance to the progress of battle and construct the magic circle yourself.

I've been teaching her how to construct a magic circle whenever we have time.
It's time for rehearsal now.

"B-but what if I fail...."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"You won't fail as long you do it exactly like I've taught you so far. Carefully confirm the procedures one by one as you construct it."

"I-I understand!"

As a matter of fact, there should be no problem at all even if the augment has no effect in this case.
It's a matter of utmost importance to ensure the safety of the path when you use 『Demon Road』.
If they neglect to ensure the safety and get attacked in the middle of moving, even a thrown stone will be fatal for demons.

That's why, this is the perfect rehearsal.
We have to thanks those demons for expressively giving us the chance to hold a worry-free practice that won't cause any problem even if they make a mistake, complete with tension.

Thank you demons-san.
You guys' sacrifice will not be in vain.

"We'll be off then!"

"See you later!"

"Ou. Don't focus all your attention above your head, and remember to properly use Passive Detection to avoid getting ambushed by monsters on the ground."

I saw them off while saying that.
Now I just need to wait for the result while digging the wall.

"W-why are these people so willing to go and subjugate demons....?"

"Those two were people with common sense when they just enrolled.... They've been completely influenced by Mathias...."

....The students in the mining group were dumbfounded to see what just unfolded.
Looking at their states, it might take a while before they're aware that they've already become a force to be reckoned with already.
I'll be expecting Principal Edward and other instructors to work hard here.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Strongest Sage, Be Unreasonable


"Tell us!"

A student in charge of information in the Barrier Construction Team replied.
Since I, as the leader of Construction Team, can't afford to look away from this work, other students are the ones processing any information and only bring me the necessary one.
Well, I ended up hearing it since he was reporting it nearby by chance.

"The 25th and 26thm mana detection sensors have detected some abnormal movements!"

"25th and 26th... The north forest huh."

We have spread out a surveillance network in order to monitor movements of monsters and such through their mana while the Barrier Construction Operation is being carried out.
By using the network, we can predict a raid and intercept it.

That said, we're merely using simple mana measurement magic tools.
The magic tools only record measurement data on papers, but people have to be the ones analyzing the data and communicating it.
Creating analysis and long-distance transmission magic devices are unexpectedly difficult.

"Yes! This is the record paper!"

"....Got it. Please wait for a bit until we're done analyzing it."


After hearing the student in charge of data, the student who conveyed the report took a break on a nearby chair.
We have chosen people with fast legs among the applicants to be the ones in charge of reporting duty.... But looking again, most of them are Second Academy's students who bear the Disqualified Crest.
Looks like few knights and adventurers could beat the students who are now able to use Physical Reinforcement in leg strength.

"Mathias-san, could you please look at this paper when you can afford to!"

The student in charge of data analysis brought the record paper to me.
The mana measurement magic tools have simple mechanism and are easy to create, but in exchange, the taken data is scarce and hard to grasp.

Even if you know that there's 『something wrong going on』, you still need a certain amount of experience to decipher what that abnormality is.

Unfortunately, there was no one with experience among the applicants so I have to be the one doing the job.
If possible, I'd have liked to avoid having the data carried to a hard to access underground like this just to be analyzed.

As I think that, I look over the record paper during the waiting time until the Dragon Vein can be chiseled.
First, I check the edge of the record paper which signifies that this record is authentic.
Neglecting it opens the possibility of getting fake data mixed in by the demons or their accomplices.

I scan the data after finishing that check.
And got the result in one glance.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Wha... They really came at this timing!?"

"Perhaps, the information leaked out...."

Ruli and the student in charge of data were surprised to hear me.
However, this isn't something to be particularly surprised about.

The demon raid was always a matter of time.
Today just happened to be the day.
Above all--

"If they really knew about the surveillance network, they wouldn't have chosen to show off such an easy to understand mana reaction like this. So the possibility of leak is low."

This is the reason I can conclude that there is no leak.
The magic used by the demon that got caught in the detection this time is especially easy to detect even among magic that demons can use.
If the enemy knew about the surveillance network, they wouldn't have used this spell art.

Even if those demons have declined, they're not stupid enough to use this magic inside a surveillance network.
....I think, maybe.
I can't really speak with confidence considering their track record so far....

"Th... Then what should we do about them!"

Hearing the data student's voice, I ponder as I continue to dig dungeon walls.
It would have been over in an instant if I left this place, but that's not an option...

"Ruli, go out for a bit and shoot those demons down with Alma."

"Yes! ...Eh?"

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Strongest Sage, Digs up


One morning.
All students of the Second Academy have been gathered in the widest room in the academy.
The room is full with tension.

It's quite cramped since quite a lot of people are crammed in one room.
The reason is to hide the info we're going to tell them as tight as possible.
As a proof, every nook and cranny of this room has been casted with soundproof magic.

Principal Edward who's standing in the center of the room before the students--announces.

"We will now begin the 『Great Royal Capital Barrier Construction Operation』! Drive the stuff you have to do into your head!"


All the apparatuses needed for supplying the barrier with mana have been completed just yesterday, and we can now begin the construction of the barrier.
It won't be strange if the demons attack any time now.

Hence, this operation has been put together in order to quickly complete the barrier asap.
Similar spectacles are probably happening here and there in the royal capital at this very moment.
Everybody that can become a force like the other royal academy students, capital's knights and trustworthy adventurers are being informed of the operation.

Normally, protecting the royal capital are the knights and adventurers' job, but since the current Second Academy students have become an important force, they will be included in the defense network of the royal capital.

"Presently, our academy's... no, the capital's greatest force, Mathias-kun and his friends are currently constructing the barrier and can't leave it off! We will have to protect them as the 『Barrier Construction Team』 were demons or monsters to attack! All hands, don't lose your focus!"


"All members, get on your position as arranged beforehand! Operation start!"

After the principal gave the order, the room's door opened and the students went out from there.
They look like they're just going to class as usual outwardly.

In fact, many of the students are to lead their usual live until there is an enemy raid.
The only perceptible difference from their daily life is that they aren't doing magic and swords training.
Were all students to suddenly go to the city with their weapons ready, it's the same as telling that they're going to do something.

In that situation, we, the 『Barrier Construction Team』 went into the dungeon.

"These are all of them."

40 white boxes made of metal, a sword that will act as the core, and the main magic stone have been put in front of us.
These are all the materials used to build the barrier.

The metal boxes are made from the mithril produced back then, each of it weights about 40 kg.
They were brought here by the construction team from classrooms beforehand, but.... I think Iris carried like half of them.
We get the mana for the barrier by embedding these boxes inside the Dragon Vein.

"Let's dig up the wall then!"

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
As I declared that, I began to dig up the wall using a hammer exclusively made for me.
The Dragon's Vein is located less than 10 meter away from dungeon walls.

This would have been done in an instant if I could dig up randomly, but I have to think before digging and embed a magic tool inside the wall as necessary in order to control the Dragon Vein.
Worse, I absolutely have to match the chiseling timing with the state of the Dragon Vein.

The operation would instantly fail if I even made a little mistake in the way I dug.
Of course, I cannot take a rest halfway through.
Even if everything goes well, it will take the whole day to reach the Dragon Vein.

It would have been easier if we could dig up in advance, but a certain circumstance won't allow it.
If you leave a dug up Dragon Vein alone, it will stabilize itself.
You can only draw mana from Dragon's Vein if you insert the boxes when it's still unstable.

"Ruli, embed the fifth magic device here."


I continue to dig the walls while Ruli is helping.
Rocks and such that are produced from the work are being carried away by Iris to not hinder us.
The students of Construction Team are keeping watch around us with weapons ready to keep monsters from entering the work area.

While we were doing that... one student ran up to us.
And then he speaks to us with a tense voice.

"Reporting in!"

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 19

Chapter 19 First-Time-Dungeon


"I can carry your luggage for you~. 300 mani for half a day~! Leave the physical labors to me~~."

"We're looking for someone who can use magic as our rear guard. Anyone want to improve themselves together with us in the dungeon~?"

"We have potions and cure potions here. Get yourself ready before you get hurt~."

Arrived at the entrance of Gramada Central Dungeon! There's a big cystal installed near the entrance. It's called Gate Crystal, it controls the traffic of people that come and go to the thing called Port Crystal on a particular floor.
Of course this thing can only be installed on a dungeon that has been put under control.
This dungeon is called Fonbran Dungeon. Also known as, 『Dungeon of Growth』. There are no strong monsters on the shallower floors so it's perfect for beginners.

It's almost 2:00 PM now. The area around the dungeon's entrance is relatively bustling. It's full of porters (baggage carrier) waiting to be hired, stands selling medicines, maps and such, and people soliciting for temp parties. Of course, I'm going solo though.

Since I still can't tell left from right, let's gather some intel for now.

"Hey pops, how's business?"

"Eh not bad. Newbies still keep coming but they always dived in first things ya see. Only bought maps and stuff once they were in a world of pain."

"Well, I'm here to buy a map since it's my first time. How much is a map for this dungeon?"

"The whole 1-5F are 500 mani. 6-10F are 700 mani. 11-15F are 900 mani. The last floor 16F has randomized layouts so ain't no one selling the map."

"I see I see. I'll have the 1-5F map for now. I'm gonna take it step by step."

"Here ya go, thanks for yer patronage."

He gave me a bundle of five rolled parchments.

"The ▼ symbol marked on the maps are the floor crystals that carry you down. They're floor crystals that connect to the crystal on the floor below. △ ones would bring you back up one floor. There's a port crystal every five floors that'll bring ya back to the entrance."

"Hou hou, you sure are thorough."

"This dungeon is under control but some parts do change at times. Would ya report it to me if you find one of those changes? You can get a handsome sum if the info isn't known. I'm hedging my bets here since ya look like someone who understands the importance of intel."

"Gotcha, well, first I gotta get accustomed to it."

"Get back in one piece ya hear me. Yer' my important lunch tickets after all."

Gahahaha, the old man laughs heartily.

"Hahaha, I'm off then."

Town civil servants called Administrators are collecting admission fee at the entrance. The fee is 100 mani. Whether that's expensive or cheap will depend on my earnings from now on.

From the admission gate, I set my foot into the dungeon.

A huge floor spread out when I descended the stairs. True to the map, it seems to be a large hall on 1F.
There are parties and solo people here and there. Judging from a rough outlook, everyone seems to be a beginner.
For now, I'd like to try many things so let's look for an unpopulated place by relying on the map.
By the way the inside of this dungeon is bright, dunno how that works. I should manage as long as I didn't get caught off guard then.
I slowly advance ahead while gripping an iron sword. I still don't know what will come out, so using this sword I'm used to is better. I have throwing knives ready to be thrown any time.

As I advance ahead while straining my ears, suddenly I can hear something breathing roughly from beyond a turn ahead.

I tiptoed with my back on the on the wall, peeked and saw a dog there.

Pawn Dog Lv3
HP: 15/15 MP: 0/0
The lowest ranked underling dog. They're good at group battles, can be a menace if you're surrounded by many.

It looks like a Doberman but a bit skinnier. That makes it look very hungry instead. Either way, I've got to focus.

I check that nobody is around. Alright, let's shoot a magic as the first strike and bring it down in close combat.
I wait until it turns its back here and take my aim.

"Fire Arrow (whisper)."

An arrowed appeared in the air and went straight to the Pawn Dog.
Hm, it turned around!? Did it notice my voice? I throw a throwing knife as an additional attack. I immediately ready my iron sword and wait for the opponent's next move.


Ah, the fire arrow hit. The knife is also stuck on it. Huh? The dog fell, like plop....

Pawn Dog Lv3
HP: 1/15 MP: 0/0

Err.... For now let's carefully approach and finish it off. Apparently, it ended into a deadly combo of getting hit by the fire in the face, causing oxygen deprivation followed by the getting pierced by the knife.

The killed Pawn Dog became particles of light and dispersed. Unlike on the outside, looks like you can't strip off monsters here. Since not even a Soul Stone remains, I wonder if I can expect drop items from them.

I steadily hunt monsters while heading to a place that seems unpopular according to the map.

However, I've only ever been encountering Pawn Dogs. I've already hunted 40 of them but only got 3 Soul Stones. Moreover, they're black. I'm advancing while covering myself in Mana Clad to decrease minor damages, swinging the iron sword, firing fire arrows. The hunt is going steady but the drops are depressingly bad.

I saw a small room on my left as I pushed on. The There's a chest?
Is this perhaps, perhaps this is?
I'll take a little break in front of the room while inflating the expectation in my heart.

Presently, my potions still fully remain. HP and MP are full. Preparation is perfect. Prepare to charge!
I invoke Mana Clad as I walk into the small room.

Something wrong happened the moment I went inside the small room.
With a 'VOOON' sound, the path I took to go inside the room was blocked by black mist-like thing. I tried to get out of the room, but I couldn't get past the black mist for some reason.

"I only ever got right when it seemed bad, really now."

Oh damn, something's coming!?

A group of dogs overflowed from inside black mist that looked like it was protecting the chest.

Pawn Dog Lv3 x 4
HP: 15/15 MP: 0/0

Knight Dog Lv6
HP: 30/30 MP: 2/2
A type of high-ranking dog accompanied by underlings.

There's a new one among them1?
The white haired dog is Knight Dog huh.
Anyway, in a one vs many, I've got to decrease their numbers first!

"Fire Arrow!"

The target is a Pawn Dog. Next, I throw throwing knives while moving around to disperse their aim.
The fire arrow hit one dog, and while most of the throwing knives missed, one of it hit another dog's leg.
Its movement looks obviously slower after losing its mobility.

But then, the Knight Dog suddenly howls!


Guuh, my ears hurt.
With the howl as a signal, three Pawn Dogs rushed at me all at once.
I mowed down and killed one dog, but the other two's fangs pierced my left leg and right tight.


Even though I'm covered in Mana Clad, it still feels really hurt. It feels like stepping on a nail with sneakers on.
While enduring the pain, I hit the Pawn Dogs' heads with my free hand and the sword's grip.
However, the Knight Dog assaulted me during that chance.
Even though I twisted my body to evade it, its claw grazed and easily cut my left hand.
Uwaa, its power is on a completely different level than Pawns'.
I keep moving around while healing myself with Heal. This could get very dangerous if they started coordinating well.

Ah, they moved while I was thinking. Sneaking around like they're watching my movement.

Is there something, anything? I've used up all the knives... Fire arrows can't stop them....

Ah! Wonder if I can use that? I haven't checked if I can invoke it, but I'm gonna give it a try.

The moment they jump at me, I jump back and powerfully voice out the words.

"Flame Wall!"

A wall of flame raises up from the ground in front of me.
I feel my strength getting drained at a stretch at the same time. Looks like I used up quite a bit of mana.
No surprise there, since a wall of flame bigger than Futsuno-san's came up.

The dogs that jumped into the flame wall got burnt and writhed.

But the Knight Dog alone hasn't lost its fighting spirit even though it's covered in flame!
I ready my iron sword, use up the remaining mana to strengthen Mana Clad and stare at the Knight Dog.

The Knight Dog rushes in while howling.
However, its movement isn't that sharp, even the current me can manage it!
I aim at its opened mouth that's trying to bite me and horizontally slash it.


Even though I felt some resistance from the meat, the Knight Dog got cut up into two from the mouth back and fell down like splat.

I feel relieved since it went well somehow, but there's still some Pawn Dogs remaining. Let's finish off the ones that haven't disappeared one by one.

And then the dogs disappeared into lights without a sound.
Afterward, a small stone that's different from the ones I got so far falls on the place.

"Ooh, it's red. A red Soul Stone."

If I'm not mistaken this ranks higher than the black one. One of the Pawn Dogs also dropped two Soul Stones. Dunno how it works, but at least this means I didn't work for free. Ah, I recall something I forgot to do, I haven't sold the Soul Stone I got from the goblin back then.

Tereretettette~♪ Nobusada Leveled Up.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Fighter Lv9 - State: Healthy
Title: 【Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 30/80 - MP: 12/82
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Communication Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Houseworks Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv2 - Two-handed Spear Lv1 (New!) - Throwing Lv2 (Up!) - Evasion Lv1 - Holy Magic Lv 1 - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv2 - Life Magic - Disguise Lv2 - Mana Clad Lv2

【Unique Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv3 - Levelitt's Blessing (Small)

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Ooh, my level went up by two, perhaps from the accumulation of the battles so far. Looks like Level God's blessing is working well. If I make something next time, I'm gonna offer some to her.
And getting Throwing skill leveled up is plainly nice.

For now, I heal myself to recover my HP.
Oh right, there was a chest, completely forgot about it because the heat of the battle.

There is a treasure chest, or rather a wooden-like chest. There's no keyhole or anything, but how about traps? Sadly, I don't have that type of skills. Preparing for the worst, let's open it while guarding my face with gauntlets.
With a creaking sound, the chest plainly opened.
There's a small bottle inside.
The heck is this?
I appraise it while looking at it dubiously.

Shut-in Dokugael Poison
Quality: Crude - Expiration: Way pass
Poison made from a poison sac of Shut-in Dokugael that is quite hard to find since they like to shut themselves deep in a cave. The quality is bad so it can't be sold.

Some dangerous stuff came out!
It's Object X that needs to be handled with caution. This is that huh, I will eventually use it by smearing throwing knives with it. Since the quality is bad, its effect is probably lacking, but it should be useful somehow or other.

I take a rest in the small room while leaning my back on the wall. I've lost quite a lot of both stamina and MP, it's tough.
I attempt to recover myself by gnawing on the few remaining fruits I have.

After recovering to some extent, I resume the single minded dog hunting.
I also tried to use an iron spear, but using it in a real battle was quite different as expected. Nevertheless, I managed somehow since the opponents were just dogs. I also tried to use a bow, but I couldn't get a hit in at all due to the lack of training. Let's ask Mitama the knack for it at least next time.

The drop rate for Soul Stones was low though. Think it's around 10%. I only got 3 Soul Stones from hunting 30 dogs after the break. Is this just how the way it is, or is my real luck extremely low.... I pray that it's not the latter. No really seriously.
By the way, after that time I didn't encounter any more Knight Dog. Wonder if that was a really special pop up?

Tettere~♪ Acquired 【Dog Hunter】 Title.

Ooh, I got something.

【Dog Hunter】 Hunter of dogs. A title given to those who hunted a large number of dogs. It has the effect of scaring wild dogs if you get close to one.

What a dubious title. Won't I be unable to hunt if I use it?
Guess I'll leave it alone for now.

And then I bumped into another small room while wandering around looking for dogs. It's not the same room from before.
What should I do? I still haven't used a potion. HP is at 80%, MP is at 70%.
There's something I'd like to try if the enemy have the same formation as that time.
Alright! Let's give it a try after resting a bit. This should be the last considering the time anyway.
Ah, since I'm likely going to have an encounter anyway, might as well make use of that.

There's a wooden chest inside the room again.  I step into the room while readying the iron spear and strengthening Mana Clad. Suddenly, the door becomes impassable and black mist hangs over the center of the room again.

Pawn Dog Lv3 x 5
HP: 15/15 MP: 0/0

Knight Dog Lv7
HP: 35/35 MP: 2/2

OH, there's more of them. And the level is higher too.
Argh, first strike leads to victory! Eat thiiiiiiiiis!

I face the Knight Dog.... And throw an Iron Spear with all my might at it!!


Aw yeaah! The iron spear pierced through the Knight Dog's torso!!
The Pawn Dogs flinched when they saw that. Here's my chance, let's go!

"Fire Arrow!"

While moving and shooting a fire arrow, I aim and throw throwing knives one after another.

The fire arrow hit the Knight Dog right in the face. It's bleeding a lot since it's writhing with the spear still stuck. How tragic. The knives pierced two Pawn Dogs.
Not sure if this made two other Pawn Dogs regained their sense or if it triggered them more, but they jumped on me.
However, their movements are dull and obviously frightened. Titles sure are quite effective.
That's right, I had changed my title to 【Dog Hunter】 before going inside.
I draw my iron sword and counter slash at them.
The head of one of the jumping dogs said its farewell to its body, while the other dog went to bite my left leg. Ouch ouch, it's digging deeper than before. I kicked it with all my might like saying, "Don't be afraid, the ball is your friend", separating it away.
<TLN: Captain Tsubasa's reference.>


The Pawn Dog flew in the air while yelping. It flew straight to the other frightened dogs. I let off a magic to finish them off.

"Flame Wall!"

Normally this magic is used to block enemy's charge, but I will be having it to annihilate them in this instance.
This flame wall is shorter yet wider compared to the one I used before, though I did it spontaneously. Wonder if I unconsciously controlled it to make it easier to annihilate them? Perhaps, its shape can be changed by the will of its user. This needs to be checked in the future. Ah, I've got to heal myself.

The flame wall receded and the rounded scorched bodies of the dogs were all that remain. I'm the one who did it and all but it's truly tragic.

Tereretettette~♪ Nobusada leveled up
Tettere~♪ Class level exceeds 10, Second Class is liberated
Tettere~♪ Liberated new classes

Ooh, something has come!

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Fighter Lv10 - State: Healthy
Title: 【Dog Hunter】
HP: 46/85 - MP: 30/82
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Communication Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Houseworks Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv3 (Up!) - Two-handed Spear Lv2 (Up!) - Throwing Lv2 (Up!) - Mana Clad Lv2 - Evasion Lv2 (Up!) - Holy Magic Lv 2 (Up!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv3 (Up!) - Life Magic - Disguise Lv2

【Class Skill】

【Unique Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv3 - Levelitt's Blessing (Small)

Looks like Level God splurged, lotsa things have leveled up. Wonder if Second Class means I can gain experience for two classes at the same time. That's nice! I guess Class Skill is a class-specific skill. Also, having the elemental magic and holy magic aptitude increased is nice. Think I should study about magic at the guild reference room tomorrow. Doing things without prior knowledge is getting dangerous.

When I wished to put a class on the unset slot, the displayed liberated info had increased.

Otherworlder, Fist Fighter, Monk, Magician, Shaman, Merchant, Farmer, Househusband, Thief, Hunter.

Hunter is probably because I used a bow, Thief is maybe because I opened chests? Not really sure about Shaman. If I have to say, it's probably something to do with those black mist rooms.

For now, let's go with Thief for First and Otherworlder for Second. It'll be most satisfactory if Thief gets presence detection type of skills, Otherworlder is for raising MP. Having a lot of MP is better for experimenting.

And the long-awaited drops.... Knight Dog's red Soul Stone gotchaaaaa!
There's nothing more.... Looks like my Real Luck is really at rock bottom.

I carefully opened the wooden chest and inside it is.... T-three copper coins!?
Ya think I'm an errand kiiiiiiid.

I went my way back while slightly tasting the bitter emptiness. Dammit, I'm gonna get my revenge for sure.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Strongest Sage, Determined to Erase His Dark History


"....Where is that Gae Bolg now?"

"Um... It's said that it suddenly disappeared from the treasury 50 years ago, and was discovered to be in possession of a demon."

"In other words, a demon like Elhart infiltrated and stole it huh."

"Most likely...."

Alright. I'll go and defeat that demon.
I'm gonna destroy it for sure the next time I find it.
That is something that cannot be allowed to exist in this world.

"...Okay, let's make Iris's spear next."

I have to end an era where that kind of thing is treated as the strongest spear as quickly as possible.
For that to happen, creating a spear stronger than that is ideal.
Or rather, as long as you do the augmenting properly, it's difficult to make a spear weaker than that.

"I-I understand!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Several hours later.
We all have gathered to test the performance of our completed weapons, however....

"Then, here I go!"

Ruli swings her sword at the target.
The target is neither the one used in school or a monster.
It's a 10cm thick steel rod.

Contrasting that, the sword Ruli has in hand is just 5mm thick.
Ruli seems to be worried about it as she's swinging the sword timidly.
And then--the steel rod got soundlessly cut.

"W-we've made a fearsome thing...."

Ruli sounded dumbfounded when she saw the blade that was completely free of nicks.
It wouldn't have been possible with normal augment considering that thinness, so I made exclusive spell arts for it.

"You cut that with this sword...? Is this multi-augmented too?"

"Yeah. That sword has eight kinds of magic augmented on it. It's made of three boards with four magic on each board though."

"Eight kinds!? ...For reference, what kind of magic?"

"It goes from 【Augment Magic for Ruli's Sword Number 1】 to 【Augment Magic for Ruli's Sword Number 8】. This sword is unique, so I've made new augments exclusively for it."

I showed Alma one of the spell arts I made, the magic circle number 8.
Because this was the first time I augmented a sword this thin.

General spell arts wouldn't work well, so I made them myself.
But augmenting them proved to be difficult, as even Ruli who usually succeeded in one try had to redo three times before it took form.

"You made augment magic!? ...How do I say this.... It's really Mathi-kun...."

"Really Mathi-kun isn't it."

Ruli agreed to Alma's incomprehensible adjective(?).
Why did my name become an adjective anyway.

"....Hold on. If Ruli's weapon is that powerful, that means my weapon is similar to it...?"

Alma said that and looked at the bow she just got.
However, unfortunately she's mistaken.

Ruli's sword stresses importance on lightness and portability, and is ultimately a sub-weapon for self-defense.
Contrary to that, Alma's bow is operated by both her and Ruli and the main long-distance firepower of our party.
Alma's is overwhelmingly higher in term of attack power.

"Similar... it is not. Well, you'll know if you try shooting with it.... Ah, be careful about the arrow line when you use it. Cause the flying distance is different from your usual arrows."

I said that as I gave an iron arrow exclusively made for Alma.
The arrow differs from common arrows in this world, it's made from iron.
The feathers are quite small to decrease air resistance.

"Again, that's one amazing looking arrow.... Then let me have a shoot. Where's my target?"


I took out another steel rod.
However, unlike the one for Ruli, this rod is about 40cm thick.

"Then, here I go!"

Alma pulls the arrow.

"Ooh, it's very light! Ei!"

The arrow that was shot along with that voice--pierced through the rod.

"....Huh? Where'd the arrow go?"

"Over here."

I pull out the arrow that has been half-buried inside dungeon wall.
...The arrow that hit dungeon wall with enough force to break it already lost its shape though.

"I...It's soo weird!? Can I really have this bow...?"

"Of course. That's the point of its creation."

By the way, Ruli only made the rough parts for this bow, I was the one who did the assembly and finishing.
Since the mechanism had to be quite complex for it to be this powerful.
If it's a sword, Ruli can do everything but the flattening, but it'll probably take some time before she can do a bow.

"Alright, then Iris is the last one."

"Yes! Which should be my target!?"

"I haven't prepared a target for Iris.... Rather, it's impossible. Just try it on that wall over there."

I pointed at the thickest wall nearby.

"I understand! Here I--"

"Hold it right there."

I stopped Iris who took up the spear.
And then I tell Ruli and Alma.

"You two, back away a bit. To around there."

I pointed 30 meter back.


"Got it!"

Ruli and Alma ran to the place in a hurry.
Iris pierced the wall with her spear after confirming that.

The wall was blown away with a roaring sound.
The shockwave broke down a part of the ceiling, several monsters on the other side of the wall received the splinters and died.

"....Ooh! I feel like I can swing around without worry with this spear!"

Yup. Looking good.
Of course, it's incomparable to Gae Bolg thingy.
I probably can expect her to be a force to some extent in a fight against stronger demons and dragons with this.

--And then, several weeks after the weapon making.
Royal Capital Great Barrier Creation is finally coming to a close.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Strongest Sage, Goes Through Exhumation of His Dark History


About 30 minutes after we started the grinding.
The dragon claw I ground formed into the shape faster than planned.

"I-It's really hard..."

Ruli is having a tough time.
She's looking at the ink-spotted board with a difficult expression.

"But it's gotten quite flat already."

"It is but you know.... I've gotten it to this state a bit ago, but it doesn't feel like it's getting flatter at all since..."

Well, even if one uses barrier as a support, they themselves are ultimately the one who does the grinding.
You have to train for years in order to be accurate with this method.
This is how it should be for one's first time.

"After getting that far, you only need to apply a bit more treatment afterward. Let me have it for a sec."


I grind the mithril board I got from Ruli with a whetstone here and there.
Then I put the board on top of the barrier--the ink on the barrier stuck on the whole surface of the board.
A proof that there's no unevenness.

"I-In one try!?"

"It's because Ruli had taken care of the bigger bumps. As for the details like this.... Well, it's a matter of experience."

"I don't feel like I can do it even after a decade of training though...."

"I don't think it'll take that long just to shape these boards."

I've noticed so far that Ruli has a talent in production type of works.
Both in her magic and handiworks.
There's probably not a lot of people who can make the board as flat as the one that Ruli worked on earlier in their first try using this method.

Well, the difference in motivation probably also plays a big role.
I like fighting more than producing, so much that I even reincarnated myself.
Either way, things are going well.

"Then let's get on to the next board."

I took another mithril board.
We need to process five boards this time.

...That said, unlike with a dragon claw, handling mithril is simple.
Since Ruli has already formed the rough shapes, I only need to grind a bit here and there to get the shape I want.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
While I was grinding the mithril board, Ruli talked to me.

"Hm? Do you need something?"

I turn my sight at Ruli while still grinding the board.
Seeing that, Ruli's expression turned like she was watching something mystifying.

"It's been on my mind since awhile ago.... How is it that Mathi-kun able to grind the boards flat without using barrier? ...Did you use some kind of handy magic?"

Ruli shifted her glance from the board I ground, to the barrier that was set up in the beginning.
Ah. That huh.

True enough, I only ground using the barrier once  in the beginning to show Ruli how.
But I'm not using any particular magic.

Actually, there exists a more handy method.
That is--

"It's experience."

"T-that's experience too!? You can learn to do such minute details with experience!?"

"Yeah. I think Ruli too will get it before long."

"How many hundreds years would it take me...."

I'm sure it took me 30 years from the day I started doing this kind of processing before I could do it without an assistance.
But Ruli can probably achieve that faster.
I still don't know how long it'll actually take though.

"Alright, done."

I finished shaping five boards while conversing.
There's no chip or crack on the mithril and dragon claw-made boards.
Only after getting them this polished can these five boards function as a sword.

"It's the finishing touches next. Put this spell art first."


Dragon Claw gets 【Steel Slash】, 【Sharpen】, 【Impact Blade】, and 【Wear Proof】.
The interior mithril boards get 【Mana Strike】, 【Impact Blade】, 【Hardness Reinforcement】, and 【Heatproof Reinforcement】.
The outer ones get 【Hardness Reinforcement】, 【Toughness Reinforcement】, 【Heatproof Reinforcement】, and 【Impact Blade】.

In accordance to my instruction, the magic get augmented one after another.
And after the last augments, 【Binding】 and 【Union】, five boards are united into one sword--the sword is completed.

"...Yup. It's quite well done."

I lifted and checked the sword out.
The degree of completion is such that you wouldn't have guessed it was the first time she made this kind of sword.

"So this is a sword augmented with 20 magic.... C-could you let me hold it for a bit!?"


Ruli took the sword and tried to cut a nearby body of dead monsters (which Alma and Iris beat in their free time while the sword was being made).
The monster gets cut in two in one swing--but Ruli's expression looks like she doesn't get something.

"....Huh? It's really sharp and all but.... It's more ordinary than I thought...."

I guess that's only natural with the way she cut just now.
You can't use this sword like an ordinary sword after all.

"Let me have it for a bit."


I received the sword from Ruli--and put my mana into it.
And then, the five magic stones embedded on the grip all shined together.

Then I shook the sword vertically just like that--and the dungeon wall in front of us got cut in two.
Yup. The performance exceeds my expectation.

"W-what did you do just now!?"

"Putting my mana into the sword."


"Yeah. The magic augmented in this sword can only demonstrate their true strength after the user supplied it with their mana. It won't have that much power in its bare form with the size of these magic stones."

I pointed at the magic stones embedded on the grip.
When you make a sword formed by several pieces of boards, you need the same number of magic stones as the boards.
Therefore, you can't use magic stones that are too big.

"D-don't tell me, that's.... A sword with the same mechanism as 『Magic Spear Gae Bolg』!?"

"....Gei Bolk?"

Ruli became excited after hearing my explanation about the sword.
But still, Gei Bolk huh, I've no clue about that.
Wonder if someone made such a weapon while I wasn't aware.

"N... No way, you don't know about Gae Bolg!? It's that Gae Bolg you know?"

"Not sure what 'that' even means...."

"It's the strongest spear that transforms when you fill it with mana!"

That kinda thing exists huh.
I think having the spear transform is inefficient though.
....Hm? Wait a minute.

"By any chance, does that spear look like this?"

I moved sand on the ground turning it into spear shape.
An ineffectual inefficiently shaped spear, it's hard to even call it a spear.

"Yes, that's it! So you knew all along after all!"

Ruli pointed at it and sounded like she was relieved.

Aah. I know this spear.
It's a dud I made when I left myself to the tension of my hazy self after 30 days of sleepless nights.
Even though it's obvious just by thinking a bit that carrying two normal spears would be much stronger than needlessly augmenting one with spell arts that enable it to transform.

I thought I had disposed of that junk as one of my dark history.... Why is it still existing.
No. The fact that it still exists is fine. I really don't want to admit it, but fine.

But there was a part that I can't let off in Ruli's words.
I ask Ruli back in order to ensure that I wasn't mishearing it.

"Ruli, it almost sounded like you said Gae Bolg was the strongest...."

"You didn't hear it wrong you know? The tale of great hero Iriast-sama finishing demons off with Gae Bolg.... Is famous isn't it?"

....Dang it.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-4

16-4. Inspections


Satou here. In my programming days, I was able to pull through the overtime hell while enduring myself from flipping out by the jostling waves of frequent spec change by the whims of my superior and clients.
However, just because I went through it, coercing my subordinates to also go through it like it's only natural when I'm the one on top feels wrong somehow.

"Jaa jaa~n?"
"Ja ja ja~n, nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi who are wearing backpacks make a shutan pose and look at me.

"You two look cute."
"Pochi is getting embarrassed nodesu."

They partly closed their eyes pleasantly when I patted their heads furnished with yellow hats.
Pochi's tail is wagging so hard it looks about to fly off.

When I was going to separate my hands, Tama stretched herself and pushed her head on it, so I lightly clapped my hands to tell them it was over.

And then, Nana who was leading Shiro and Crow by hands came.

"Masita, morning."
"Good morning, masita."
"Master, we're all here so I report."

Nana lifts up a yellow clutch bag with a chick embroidery on it.

This was made in a hurry in order to persuade Nana to equip a school bag.
I've put a private space storage on it like with the fairy bag, it's a lesser version that can hold about half a tatami wide of content.

"Master, good morning zamasu."

It was Arisa and Mia in female teacher cosplay.

Today, these girls have cleavage.
Through the fake breast camisole that Arisa and Mia petitioned me to make.

"You two are going to teach in a magic school special lecture today right?"

Mia nodded to affirm me.

"If it's Arisa and Mia's lecture, could I perhaps attend it too?"

Princess Sistina asked Arisa and Mia.

"The content is the same as the thing we've always talked about with Tina-sama you know?"
"Nn, summary."
"That might be so.... But I still want to ask things I want to ask."

When the two told her that there would be no point in asking now, Princess Sistina pouted a bit.

"Isn't it fine, you two."

Since I've got to see a rare expression of her, I'll give her a hand.

"But if Sistina-sama attends the lecture, someone might shrink away from it. Therefore--"

I took out a disguise set and told them that she could just go with them as their assistant.

"Just what I'd expect from Satou. You're fine with that right, Arisa? Mia-sama?"
"No choice then. Let's go together Tina-sama."
"Nn, approved."

The two approved while smiling wryly when they saw Princess Sistina who were beaming to obtain the disguise set.

"Master, the lady of house of Marquis Kelten has arrived."
"It's China."
"China-sama came, Masita."

A maid told me that a carriage that carried Marquis Kelten's daughter, China Kelten had arrived.
She has always stopped by this mansion and let Shiro and Crow joined the ride ever since their enrollment.

"Good morning! Shiro, Crow!"
"Morning, China-sama."
"Good morning, China-sama."

Shiro and Crow ran up to the carriage and greeted the little girl--China Kelten.

China who opened the door and showed herself up got caught by a shadow.
Needless to say, it's Nana.

Her knight guards have their hands on their swords, looking tense, but China herself looks at Nana, who's rubbing their cheeks together, in confusion.

"W-w-w-what? W-who are you?"
"--I'm sorry. You must be surprised."

I got close to the confused China with Ground Shrink and lightly whacked Nana's head.

"Master, young organisms are to be protected so I inform."
"China-dono is shocked, see? If you want to hug her, ask for her permission first."
"Yes Master."

Nana lowered China reluctantly.

Miss China runs up to behind Shiro and Crow with small-animal like movements.
Shiro and Crow themselves covered for Nana, saying, "Nana-sama", "Don't be scared."

"Nana? By Nana, you mean Nana Nagasaki-sama who's accompanying that Earl Pendragon-sama the 『Demon Lord Slayer』?"
"Affirmative so I inform."

Miss China asked Shiro and Crow, and Nana affirmed it after matching her line of sight with China.

"T-then, that black haired gentleman is!"

The excited miss China asked Shiro who was at her usual pace.
That's not an answer.

"Un, Nana-sama's master (dannasama), masita. Earl Satou Pendragon the 『Demon Lord Slayer』."
"E-e-e-e-earl, earl earl earl, earl-sama?"

When Crow told that to Miss China who asked with her head tilted to the side, Miss China chewed her words like a broken record.

"My name is China Kelten. Granddaughter of Marquis Kelten--"

Miss China twirled and bowed like a lady.
To be able to take a graceful conduct in this situation, she must have been taught about it regularly.
I introduced myself and replied back like an adult noble would.

"China-sama, can Nana-sama go with us today?"
"Yes, of course she can."

Nana followed into the carriage after Shiro and Crow.

"Young organisms can sit on my knee so I advise."
"Nana-sama, you can't that's dangerous ."

Nana who was going to act upon her desire was scolded by Crow and fell dejected.

"Then, we'll be going too."

The carriage that carried princess Sistina, Arisa and Mia departed after Kelten house's carriage.
I went back into the mansion after seeing the carriages off.

"Satou, can I go with you inspecting military installations?"
"Yes, I don't mind."

Lady Karina asked for my permission to which I approved.
By the first prince Soltrick's invitation, I'm going to inspect military installations with Liza, starting from the Royal Knights'.

"Zena-san, could you also go with us?"
"Y-yes! If I'm allowed to!"

I'll be counting on Zena-san to be Lady Karina's chaperon.

"How about you two, Mito and Sera-san?"
"I don't think I'm that fond of military installations."
"I would like to decline too."

Then only Liza, lady Karina, Zena-san, and I will be coming to the inspection.

"Satou, you're going to attend the completion celebration ceremony of the new airship model right?"
"Yeah, of course."

It's a warship whose frame is created by the kingdom's workshop installed with an aerodynamic engine sold by Echigoya Firm.
It seems to be a warship for transporting land troops which also has the capability to perform support bombardments for cleaning up monsters.

It appears to be equipped with an ancient weapon called [Magic Ordnance] that was excavated in a ruin in a territory under direct control of the king.
I'm intrigued by the ancient weapon keyword, and looking forward to the ceremony.

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"Good morning, Kuro-sama."
"Morning, Tifaliza. I've got some time until noon, so I'm here to inspect the workshop and each departments. Is there any department I should go see to?"
"Yes, I'm going to make a listing, please wait a minute."

When I came to Echigoya Firm office, Tifaliza who was buried in documents welcomed me.

Right after I took a glance at the list Tifaliza gave me, the manager's luminous point rushed up to the office along with the noisy footsteps.
The sound stopped dead on track, then after a bit, knocking sounds resounded.

"It's Elterina."

The manager came in with a composed expression on her face.
Her graceful conducts belie even the footsteps earlier.

It's always been in my mind, does she seriously think that I didn't hear her footsteps earlier?

Well, I'm not gonna pursue it though.

"I'm going for an inspection now. Come with me."
"Yes! I understand."

The manager promptly answered.
Tifaliza who's carrying a binder is standing beside the manager with a face that says it's only natural. Saving me the trouble of inviting her.

First, to a nearby place, let's go to the Aoi and Professor Jahad's office.

"--Prof! You ate my pudding again didn't you!"
"Oh shut it! Sugar is necessary for inventing stuff!"

I heard gluttonous voices the moment I opened the door.

Aoi boy who looked like nothing but a beautiful girl when I first met him has grown taller and had slight voice change, gradually looking less and less like a girl.

"Ah! Kuro-sama and Elterina-sama, hello!"
"What, I haven't completed my invention yet y'know?"

In contrast to Aoi boy who greeted us when he noticed, Prof. Jahad only snorted grumpily. Guess there's a reason he's famous as an odd person.

Prof. Jahad is currently researching a [Magic tool that can reciprocally produce mana and electricity.]
He successfully made a magic tool that could produce electricity from mana right away, but he's having a hard time making the opposite.

"That's cause Prof is always playing with the motor isn't it?"
"Fool! I'm trying to find out the principle and trait of 『Motor』 to investigate the connection between it and magic tools with similar effect."

Prof Jahad replied back Aoi boy with a plausible explanation, but his sweat streaming down his cheeks and averted line of sights snatched away the credibility of his words.

Electric motors probably look very fascinating for a rotation maniac like him.

"I don't mind. The mechanism that alters a part of aerodynamic engine's buoyancy to propulsion is enough for the present term. Turn your current invention for the next term."

Although it's not usable for large airships, this mechanism can greatly lower the cost of small airships if installed.
Presently, it's only equipped in airships made by Echigoya Firm, but since I've released the theory behind it to the Royal Academy, other factories should make use of it too before long.

I turn to Aoi boy next.

"I heard from the report that you've made a prototype?"
"Yes! Please wait. I will try it on."

--Try it on?

I was going to stop him due to a bad feeling I got from that, but I missed that timing since Prof. Jahad had begun to explain about the inventions he made for his hobby.

"Kuro-sama! Please have a look!"

Aoi boy who had changed into short pants showed his invention with a face that looked like it was accompanied by "Jaja~n" sound effect.

"How is it?"

Aoi boy asked worryingly asked that to me who had no reaction.

....The product itself is fine.


"At least ask a woman to try those on."

I'm not advanced enough to get a throbbing from looking at a boy wearing stockings.

"Is that all the thickness and color you have?"
"I have prepared from 20 denier to 50 in 10 increments, I also have the best 25 denier but the color is only black and white. The natural skin color one is not yet done and currently under research."

No no, I don't understand what's this denier thing.
I would love to see Lady Karina and Lady Ringrande in bunny girl costumes, but the impregnable fortress pair will definitely drop down the [Guilty] card if I actually attempt to.

"Do you think these will sell to female nobles?"
"Yes, I think they will."

The manager promptly replied.

Since these make your legs look thinner, even commoners probably will end up wanting them too besides the noble girls.

"I'll leave the marketing strategy to manager. Ideally it should be accessible to people other than nobles in five years."

The manager affirmed.
Her face looks fully eager to wring out the ladies.

If we overcharge them, we can probably recoup the cost of the workshop and product development in five years.
Because there's a lot of nobles who like [Something Special] even if it's expensive.

"Aoi, you've showed better results than expectation. We will give you vacation time and extra bonus. You can rest your body at the recreational facility of Echigoya firm."
"Thank you very much! But since I've already started with the next research, please postpone the vacation until after that."

Looks like Aoi boy has been caught in the workaholic demon's grasp.

"Just don't overwork yourself."

While giving him a warning, I put a bag with salty grape candy inside.
They're for replenishing calorie and salt.

"Ou! Candy!"
"Hold it Prof! Don't monopolize them all. Half of them are mine okay."

I turned my back on the two who had begun to quarrel over the candy and went out of the lab.
Afterward, I visit the other laboratories in turn.

Research about Aoi boy's idea, the instant food, is split with several researchers and progressing even now. Producing it is possible but it needs magicians and expensive magic tools, so the current objective is to reduce them.

At the magic tool development research department, many are developing consumer goods, and the most popular one is development of golem carriages for nobles.
It'd be disastrous if traffic accidents were to happen, so I've put a limitation that prevents golem carriages from going faster than a normal carriage.

People who wanted to promote their research came and asked for a competition to be held regularly.
The remaining time to inspect the workshop has been considerably reduced because so many researchers were like that.

To save time, I teleported to the workshop.

"My bad. I'm pressed on time."

I apologized to the surprised Porina and went in to inspect the workshop.

"Looks like there's less exhausted-looking people compared to the last inspection."
"Yes, just as Kuro-sama has instructed, we have prohibited the workers from coming to work three days straight and given bonus to people who take more than four days off a month, working hours per person has greatly decreased."

When I came here before and looked at the time table, I noticed that there were a lot of people who had excessive work hours like 28-day and 37-day nonstop service, so I ordered her to reduce the workshop's operation time and regulate continuous labor.

"I couldn't believe my ears when Kuro-sama told me to give bonus to people who take days off instead of those who don't, but I was made to admire Kuro-sama's keen insight once again when I saw the workers had regained their energy."

It kinda doesn't feel like a compliment somehow.
Well, guess it's ok. Let's just be satisfied with the success of preventing people dying from overworking in my own workshop.

"Kuro-sama, the portion lost from the reduced production has been outsourced to another workshop with excess labor, so Echigoya Firm's earnings haven't dropped."

I nod to the manager's words.
Our earnings are already abnormal anyway, I would have been fine if she didn't try too hard to maintain it.

"You've done well Manager. Porina too, don't forget to take care of your health too along with the workers."

I gave nutrients with sleep inducing medicine to Porina who had shadows under her eyes.
If the boss is tired, it'll be hard to keep an eye on the subordinates.

"So? What do you think of this royal guard knights?"
"They look tough."

After finishing Echigoya Firm inspection, I turned back to Satou, took a quick lunch and joined the prince who went to inspect military installations.
We're currently watching royal guard knights training that look like a dance performance.

Zena-san is high-strung because we're with the prince and his aides, while Liza and Lady Karina are looking for strong people whom they can fight with.
These two really stay at their own paces.

"--Tough? Are you telling the truth Sir Pendragon?"
"Who is it!"

The first prince asked for the identity of the person who called me from behind.
The crowd is cut apart like a pulling tide, Sir Heim of Shiga Eight Swords showed up from the formed path.
Even though he's wearing first-class knight attires, there's an air of a front line soldier around him somehow.

"Heim huh."
"Oh, his highness was also here."

His words sounded prickly somehow.

Does Heim-shi not get along well with the first prince?
Is something like that alright between the next king and the head of Shiga Eight Swords, I'm a bit worried now.

"Heim-dono, do you have a problem with the ability of our royal knights?"

Knight commander of the royal knight who were next to the prince to give commentaries stepped forward and glared at Heim-shi.

"Of course. If you think yourself as his majesty's shield, stop that child's play at once, and have them train until they vomit blood."
"Curses, are you saying that our knights is a child's play?"

The knight commander was enraged at Heim-shi's words.

"You know that best don't you?"
"--Cease this at once."

The first prince restrained Heim-shi's further provocation.
Heim-shi didn't seem like he intended to snarl at the first prince as he lightly bowed and closed his mouth.

"This is why upstarts are..."

The knight commander was being a poor loser and let that out.

"Don't hide behind your pedigree and lineage. The ones protecting his majesty is not you, but Julberg-dono and Reilas-dono--"
"--Heim. Did I not tell you to stop?"

Heim-shi smiled ferociously and then turned toward me.

"I see, so that's why it's Sir Pendragon huh."

I don't get what he's "I see"-ing about.
Perhaps, the first prince is trying to make me replace Julberg-shi?

"Hmph, no need to make up some useless plot. The Earl is my friend."

--Yet you've never called me by [Satou] name even once though.

"Well fine. I will have you show this training scenery you're boasting of."

After the first prince said that, we went toward the holy knight training ground.

"Fuhahahahahahahaha, you're gonna die if that's all you got!"
"First division, put your spirit into it!"
"Second division, support with light magic."
"Third division, distract Ryouna-dono with a flash!"

"You shouldn't look away."
"Rebuild the light shield!"
"Bauen-dono's wind blade is coming!"

Holy knights train by fighting Shiga Eight Swords like in an actual combat.

"....■ Light Heal."

Other holy knights are healing the injured in one corner of the training ground.

Even though it has 'holy' on its name, there isn't a single priest in the Holy Knights.
In exchange, it seems most of the members can use light magic.

They can do absurd training because they have healer members.

"At least you can back up your bragging."

The royal knight commander who heard the first prince's compliment had a sour look on his face.

"I'm honored for the praise, however, we have only begun to train this eagerly half a month ago."

The one who said that was the Reilas-shi the holy shield-user, not Heim-shi.
Half a month shouldn't be enough for them to get this coordinated, so it's probably this place's version of 'half a month'.

"And it's all thanks to Sir Pendragon. He taught us that even hero can be reached by a common man if you temper yourself. All of the holy knights are striving with you as their objective."
"Haa, I'm honored."

Reilas-shi bowed to me.

"To Master?"
"Satou as an objective?"

Liza and Lady Karina behind me tilt their heads in puzzlement while looking like they want to say something.
Zena-san didn't say anything, but she wryly smiled with cold sweat.

Un, I'll ask them what they want to say later.

"Sir Pendragon, this is a good chance as any, would you like to have a bout with me?"

Heim asked me while flaunting his magic sword.

That's the Magic Sword Heim I made as Echigoya Firm.
It has the ability to speed up and restore chips.

"No, I'm asking for a match with your excellency the Earl, not with Viscount Kishresgalza."

Not Liza, but me?

"Kishresgalza sisters said this. You're the strongest."

Heim-shi draws his sword.

"We have high magic potion here. As long as you don't die, one or two loss limbs can be restored, no need to worry."

No no, I can't not worry.
Getting your limbs cut in a training is a no no.

Please do such violences with people who share the same interest.

"Satou-san, please do your best!"

Zena-san tightly grasped my hands and cheered.

"It'll be a cinch for Satou desuwa!"

Lady Karina who's equipped with demonic breasts said it like it was about herself.
Liza isn't saying anything, but her tail is beating the ground full of expectations.

"I'm counting on you, Sir Pendragon."

The first prince and his aides don't seem like they're stopping this.
Since Liza won against Julberg-shi, the leader of Shiga Eight Swords, and my title as Demon Lord Slayer had spread wide, there should be no problem putting a good fight against him here.

I'll aim for a draw after exchanging enough blows.

"Please take it easy on me."

Heim-shi's mouth twitched when he saw me receiving Fairy Sword from Zena-san.

"Are you going easy on me?"

--How'd he find out.

"What do you mean?"
"Viscount Kishresgalza told me. That her master's spear is above her."

Liza said that huh.
But it doesn't seem like he read my mind about going easy.

"Sir Pendragon, with a spear?"
"Come to think of it, I've never seen Sir Pendragon fighting with a sword."
"Then a spear was Sir Pendragon's main weapon all along!"

Heim-shi's misunderstanding spreads to the prince and the surrounding people.
Even Lady Karina muttered, "I didn't knew desuwa."

"Let me show you something that will left you wanting to use your serious weapon."

Heim-shi drew his magic sword and stood in the center of the training ground.
His opponent seems to be a 6-meter class golem.

"O Magic Edge, dwell in my sword. Magic sword Heim carved from my name. Bring about raiding speed faster than wind to me--"

I heard lines that reeked of chuunibyou from Heim-shi.
The surrounding holy knights and Lady Karina who heard that are getting terribly excited.

"<<Acceleration Catapult>>!"

Heim-shi got close to the golem at a speed equaling Pochi and Liza's Flickering Movement, and cut it in two with a slash that rode on his speed.

"As expected desuwane."
"It's rough but quite powerful."

Zena-san, Lady Karina and Liza spoke.

Though, the general people's impressions are different--

"So this is the true strength of a Shiga Eight Sword--"
"As expected of Heim-dono!"
"That was tremendous...."
"Dear me, good thing he's an ally."

--Such were their reactions.

"How was it, Sir Pendragon? Was this not enough for you to be wanting to use a spear?"

Heim-shi asked with a smile on his whole face.
Even though I'd love to see his face if I refused here, the people around would be booing me if I did that, thus I decided to read the air here.

"No. Just as you wish, I will be using a spear."

I said that and all, but I don't actually have that many spears for my use.
Holy Spear and Dragon Spear are bad choices, but he'd think that I'm making light of him if I use a steel spear--I looked at the Storage and found a handy looking one in the Experimental Folder, so I decided to use that.

I take out the spear from the Storage through the storage bag.

"A scarlet spear!"
"What an ominous spear."
"It must be a magic spear with some kind of story behind it."

The peanut gallery is too noisy....

This is a magic spear made from Hihiirogane, Gae Bolg.

It's something I made per Arisa's request, "Something Gae Bolg-like", it has no special trait besides having good mana transmission.
Of course, it doesn't have the ability to always hit its target and perform a genocide like the original.

"It appears you have gotten serious."

Heim-shi drank a mana recovery potion and wiped his mouth with his hand.
That kind of wild gesture suits him well.

"Please don't be too hard on me."
"Hmph, sorry, but I'm not gonna hold back. I'll do my damnedest to challenge 『Demon Lord Slayer』-dono."

Heim-shi showed a ferocious smile.

No really.
Let's have a less tense match shall we.

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