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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Strongest Sage, Laments the Collapse of Common Sense


"Little by little, little by little..."

While saying that--Iris began to pour an enormous amount of mana into the magic stone.

"Hold it right there! You've got the amount wrong!"

I tried to stop Iris in a hurry.

"So you really think this isn't enough! Let me put more!"

I'm not sure what Iris is thinking as she puts more mana instead.

"Don't add it! Lower it! I mean, just stop!"

"I-I understand!"

Iris finally stopped pouring her mana after I told her to.
However, it's too late.

Far more mana than planned has been pumped into the magic stone as it begins to emit black light.
The monster hasn't appeared yet because the amount of mana put is too much, it will take time to form it.

However, it's probably only for around 30 seconds at this situation.
I took an immediate action after guessing the size of the monster appearing from the magic stone.

"This floor will collapse! We're retreating!"

The monster that will appear is undoubtedly at a size this floor can't hold.
Thus, the moment it appears, either the ceiling or the floor will be destroyed and floor 17 will be unified with an adjacent floor.

"Got it!"

"Where should we head to?"

"Over here!"

Small rooms have a lot of parts that become a kind of pillars, so they're relatively stable.
Hence, I went into the smallest room nearby.
The other three followed after a bit.

"Ruli, engrave this and stick it on the wall!"

I gave Ruli a magic stone and a paper drawn with a magic circle.

"I got it!"

I also engrave the magic circle on another magic stone.
The augment is for a simple reinforcement magic.
This is enough to prevent the area around us from caving in.

After a bit, we could hear roaring sounds of the labyrinth wall collapsing.
Judging from the direction of the sound, it's the ceiling that collapsed.

"Hey Iris, I told you to put mana little by little didn't I?"

"Yes! That's why I did it little by little..."

"You can't call that little by little."

She put a quantity of mana that worths as much as 100 average magicians in that short amount of time.
Moreover, she began to put more halfway through.


"I'd like to know why you don't think it is instead."

Even if her standard is out of whack, there is a limit to it.
I'm pretty sure that isn't 『Little by little』 even by dragon's standard.

"An old acquaintance said this, 『I'm gonna experiment a bit with some magic』 and went on to blow three mountains away..."

"...So you knew such an absurd fellow."

"Yes. There was also this time when he summoned a monster stronger than the past me even though he said that he only wanted to see it for a bit."

Please don't lump me together with someone who doesn't have a speck of common sense like that--huh?
Now that I think about, those all sound familiar somewhat.
Don't tell me...

『...Are you talking about me?』

『Yes. It's Gaias-san in the past. 』

Iris replied back in dragon language when I asked her in it.

"Let's go and beat the monster for now."

I'll fix Iris's common sense later.

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