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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Strongest Sage, Gives Explanation


"It's true that augmenting eight magic with one board isn't feasible. Then you just need to fold them."

"F...fold? You mean the magic?"

"No, you physically fold them. A fivefold structure specifically."

As I said that I magically drew a picture on a paper I held on my hand.
It's a picture of sword made of five boards that have been stuck together.

The core is made up of one 2mm thick board made from a dragon fang, and the outer part consists of two mithril boards on each side, totaling at four.
<TLN: The raw states fang here.>
Ruli stares at the picture with a serious look on her face.

"...Are the augmented magic on each of these boards different?"

"That's right. They're symmetrical though, so you can put the same augment on them too if you wish."

Then I add information about the magic that will be augmented on the drawn paper.

The dragon claw used as the core gets, 【Steel Slash】, 【Sharpen】,  【Impact Blade】, and 【Wear Proof】.
The mithril boards on top of it get, 【Mana Strike】, 【Impact Blade】, 【Toughness Reinforcement】, and 【Heatproof Reinforcement】.
The outermost boards get 【Hardness Reinforcement】, 【Toughness Reinforcement】, 【Heatproof Reinforcement】, and 【Impact Blade】.

12 spell arts of eight types in total.
Each of them mutually strengthens one another, compensating their weakness and becoming one sword.
It's a composition I've come up with in order to create the strongest sword with augments that are available to Ruli right now.
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"I-I see. ...So 【Mana Strike】 can be invoked even if it's not implanted on the blade part. ...Just where did Mathi-kun get the idea for this?"

"A long time ago, I thought up various ways to augment multiple number of spell arts on a weapon. This is one of those."

If I'm not mistaken, that was... when I was around 700 year old.
I came up with this method when I was singlemindedly searching for a way to reinforce my weapon to strengthen Glory crest.

The highest layered sword I made back then was a 2047-fold structure.
I added too many layers on the sword it ended up becoming too delicate, and difficult to use in an actual combat.
Nevertheless, it was a sword that could cut adamantite clean just by dropping it on the metal.

"I'm really intrigued by Mathi-kun's life before you came to  this school....! But this means these five boards have to be stuck together? We'd need a terribly advanced processing method to ensure its strength as a sword..."

"We can do it by applying high pressure on the boards and then affix them together with magic.... but the surface has to be at least 1/1000 millimeter uniform, otherwise the effect won't be as good. Since this composition will only show its effectiveness when the structures of the sword support each other."

"1/1000 millimeter!? You can use magic that can do that!?"

"Nah, it's impossible. At least, I can't do it now."

I could easily use processing magic that's far more precise in my past life.
But the crest I have now isn't suited for processing.

Let alone 1/1000mm, I probably can't even get to 1/10mm.
Neither Ruli can reach that too with her current capability.
But there is a way to process them.

"Not with magic.... But we shave them with our hands and whetstones."

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