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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Strongest Sage, Sees Through the Pretense


--Two days after the interpersonal match's date was decided.
The principal, Iris and I went to the arena along with the representatives who had been selected from applicants.

I was planning to replace our rep with Iris if our opponents look to be dangerous...



"Looks like there's no need for Iris to come forth."

I've sensed mana reactions from what seemingly be the First Academy participants with 【Passive Detection】 and there is no demon among them.
They probably have no reason to disguise themselves as a human and participate in this.

"I understand!"

The principal looked obviously relieved when he heard her.
I understand how he feels.
The barrier here won't last even a second if Iris goes all out....

"Looks like you're not running away!"

Feycas came while we were talking.

"Yea. We don't really need to run away... Aren't you quite stressed about losing to Second Academy yourself. It shows on your head."

I pointed at Feyca's head.
It appears the 【Hair Root Extinction】 has worked its magic as Feycas's head glitters under the sun.

Feycas's face turned red to hear me.

"This isn't because of balding! I shaved it! Lowlifes like you don't understand this fashion!"


I snorted at Feycas's obvious pretense.
There's no point in lying. I'm the one who made you bald after all.

"Don't laugh! --Enough about my hair! Have you lowlifes prepared your representatives! Ours are already on standby!"

Feycas pointed at a crowd of First Academy students behind him.
152 students in total.

"...It seems you've prepared quite a lot of them."

"Hmph. I told them that we didn't need this many against the like of Second Academy, but there were many who applied. I brought all of them except the disgraceful dunces. And what about yours--"

"Don't worry, we've brought them with us. Look, they're over there."

The principal showed our reps behind.

Our reps consist of one Disqualified Crest, two Common Magic Crests, and two Small Magic Crests.
The reason why there isn't a single Glory Crest is more because we severely lacked Glory Crest for the work so we couldn't even secure one for this match, not because it's unsuited for battles.
To begin with, we wouldn't need to seek First Academy's cooperation if we had enough Glory Crest.

"...Five people? Are you telling me Second Academy will only let five people fight?"

Feycas exclaimed like he couldn't believe it when he saw the number of our reps.
Un. I know how you feel.

I also can't really accept this number.
Five was decided after the principal negotiated with me.

"Yeah, five is too weird huh. This is the principal's will. It had to be this many, he wouldn't concede no matter what."

"No matter how you look at it, letting only two students fight like Mathias proposed isn't happening. Excluding the Glory Crest is sufficient enough, let this slide."

"It does suffice, but they'd better off doing other training than this match where the result has been set in stone anyway. It's a waste of time."

If it's 2 against 150 match, there's a chance it might serve as a training for fighting against a group of people, no matter how weak the opponents are.
However, a fight between five of the current Second Academy students against 150 First Academy students is nothing more than bullying the weak.

"How far are you going to make fun of--no. Enough of this! Start this match already! We'll see the result ourselves!"

"...Right. Let's start this."

We can talk again once the match is over.

--After a bit.
Students of both schools are facing each others in the center of the arena.
The First Academy students look like they're quite relaxed and negligent.
The severe ones were already talking about where to hold their victory celebrations.

The Second Academy students opposite of them aren't being careless even though their expressions look relaxed.
They've already decided and reserved where to hold their victory celebration, they have no need to discuss that anymore.

"Both sides, be silent!"

And then the male referee raises his voice.

"Match, start!"

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