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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Strongest Sage, Allotted


The air froze because of my remark.

"Wha... what do you mean by quitting school?"

"Exactly what it says."

Perhaps she couldn't process what I said, Alma asked the same thing.
Ruli went rigid too, it seems.

It might be a bit too sudden indeed.
In the first place, I originally planned to quit school once I registered at the guild.

However, the situation was such that the humanity would have gotten wiped out if I left them alone so I had to temporarily stay at the school.
But, once the barrier is going strong and stable, and an environment well suited for training chantless magic is established, that worry will be for naught.

"Umm... Skipping grades?"

"Nah, it'll probably be in the form of withdrawal. It's not like I went to this school with the intention of graduating from it."

Ruli and Alma ponder when they heard that.

"Come to think of it, I don't think I ever saw the teachers teaching Mathi-kun anything..."

"Or rather, it was the teachers who got the teaching...."

True, there weren't many things that I could learn.
Maybe they could have taught me some common sense of this present world, but I have grasped most of this world's common sense now, so there's nothing more I can learn from them.

I saw the principal while we were having that conversation.
It's just right, let's talk about it with the principal.

"Mu, Mathias huh. I see you're heading here... do you need something?"

The principal talked to me first when I approached him.
Straight to the point.

"Yes. I intend to--"

"Aa. About your withdrawal huh. You're going to leave the school once the barrier is finished right?"

...Really straight to the point.
Don't tell me he had predicted it.
I don't remember ever showing any behavior that would lead to that though.

The principal in front of me speaks while I'm thinking that.

"Judging from your look, it seems I hit the nail on the head.... I guess it's only natural. Our school teachers only ever got taught by Mathias and never be the on the side of giving the teaching. I'm a failure of a principal."

I don't think you need to belittle yourself that far.
....Let's support him a bit.

"That's not true at all. The teachers here taught me about common sense. Thanks to them, I've become a man with splendid common sense."

When heard what I said, the principal's face turned even severer.

"...I'm truly a failure who couldn't teach anything."

But why.
The teachers in this school truly taught me common sense well.
The school undoubtedly served its purpose.

The principal speaks again while I'm thinking that.

"But I don't intend to let Mathias drop out of the school. Since I've predicted this situation, I've thought up the best choice."

"...Are you saying you're going to detain me?"

It'll be a bit troublesome if it comes to that.
I've made a connection with this country to the point that I can easily meet the principal and the king.
If I forcefully took my way out of the school and antagonize them--

"Nope, I'm not gonna detain you. But I'd like you to formally remain in the school, in name only."


"Yea. If we do that, the academy can freely move to give effective educations using Mathias's achievements as a shield, and being treated as a student of the royal academy should be convenient for you if you need something from me or the country. I think it's a win-win choice for both of us."

In other words, they will back me up if I lend them my name huh.
Not a bad deal.

"I'll take that suggestion."

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