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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Strongest Sage, Sends Off


"The place is at the north forest... judging from this reaction, they're right by the highway. You should immediately find them simply by running there."

"Err.... We will be the one attacking?"

Ruli looked surprised when she heard me.
True, even though the barrier hasn't been installed yet, the capital still has some defenses.

Waiting patiently and ambushing them here is an option.
But that's too wasteful in this particular case.

"Yeah. This was recorded only around 30 minutes ago... It should be another 30 minutes before those demons to actually get here. The one that was caught in the magic tool wasn't the demon themselves but the magic they invoked."

Fullpower Flight has this side effect called 『Recoil』 which disturbs mana flow after being used, so it's not well suited for any movement but escaping.
Instead of using that, they use a magic called 『Demon Road』.

『Demon Road』 is a magic that enables a high-speed long-distance travel by creating a road of mana that goes to the point of destination in advance.
Compared to flying normally, using this magic can cut down travel time to 20% percent with no recoil.

Moreover, once someone has reached the destination, the second one onwards can move to it in less than five minutes each.
--That speed becomes its weakness if the mana gets detected in advance though.

"....I understand. If Mathi-kun says so, I believe in you."

"Me too, I believe too. So how should we go about shooting the demons down?"

Ruli and Alma said that and looked at me with faces full of determination.
Yup. Looks like the two have become quite aware of their own strength.

"I think you'll immediately notice a road made of magic once you arrive at the site. When the mana road begins to swell, that's the sign of the enemy coming. Once the flow of mana stops, a demon will come out in five seconds, just leave an arrow at the place you think it's coming and the other party will get stabbed by it on their own."

"On their own.... It really sounds simple when you put it that way!"

It really is simple after all.
As long as you get the timing right, it's harder to miss even.

"How about the arrows, what should we do about them?"

"Use the exclusive metal arrows for Alma that I taught you the other day. The augment magic is... You should think it yourself."


"Yeah. This time there's no need for petty tricks like poison and such. Construct a magic circle that prioritizes only in power."

Ruli and the others had always been using magic circles I made for them.
However, in an actual combat, you need to judge what's best in accordance to the progress of battle and construct the magic circle yourself.

I've been teaching her how to construct a magic circle whenever we have time.
It's time for rehearsal now.

"B-but what if I fail...."
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"You won't fail as long you do it exactly like I've taught you so far. Carefully confirm the procedures one by one as you construct it."

"I-I understand!"

As a matter of fact, there should be no problem at all even if the augment has no effect in this case.
It's a matter of utmost importance to ensure the safety of the path when you use 『Demon Road』.
If they neglect to ensure the safety and get attacked in the middle of moving, even a thrown stone will be fatal for demons.

That's why, this is the perfect rehearsal.
We have to thanks those demons for expressively giving us the chance to hold a worry-free practice that won't cause any problem even if they make a mistake, complete with tension.

Thank you demons-san.
You guys' sacrifice will not be in vain.

"We'll be off then!"

"See you later!"

"Ou. Don't focus all your attention above your head, and remember to properly use Passive Detection to avoid getting ambushed by monsters on the ground."

I saw them off while saying that.
Now I just need to wait for the result while digging the wall.

"W-why are these people so willing to go and subjugate demons....?"

"Those two were people with common sense when they just enrolled.... They've been completely influenced by Mathias...."

....The students in the mining group were dumbfounded to see what just unfolded.
Looking at their states, it might take a while before they're aware that they've already become a force to be reckoned with already.
I'll be expecting Principal Edward and other instructors to work hard here.

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