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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Strongest Sage, Mending




I spoke to Iris who was standing in the middle of the crater.

"The exams are over. And you're practically guaranteed to pass, no need to worry."

"Yay! ...By the way I broke it really bad... Is it okay?"

"Do you think it's okay?"

"I don't really mind this kind of environments...."

"Humans are a creature that minds this kind of things."

...Well to be honest, I don't really care if the schoolyard turned into a crater.
Cause even some random magic experiments will produce craters.
Or rather, you rarely ever stand on a flat surface in an actual fight, I feel that this environment is better for training.

"So, I'm gonna repair this."

"Err, should I help?"

"Fumu... No, let's not."

I felt like letting Iris to help would worsen the situation.
In the first place, there are only two craters that are 30 meter wide and 10 meter deep in the schoolyard.
Repairing it is easy even for me alone.

"For now, Iris, you're prohibited from using magic unless it's an emergency and you have no choice to or in a test."

"I...I understand! I'm sorry, it's my fault!"

...Un. Still, her condition is really bad.
For the time being, Iris is to be a physical-focused power fighter when she's in school.
The teachers probably won't let her join magic classes anyway.

However, humans can use this magic called Physical Reinforcement.
One can power up to a safe level using Physical Reinforcement as long they don't mind the efficiency.
Since Iris's mana is virtually almost limitless, she can ignore the efficiency factor and demonstrates overwhelming power with it.

While thinking about that, I walk around the schoolyard while mending it with earth magic.
I have to walk around because of the Fourth Crest's range.

The repair ended in five minutes.

"Principal. Any problem with the repair?"

"None. Of course there's no problem... But repairing it in five minutes after it got damaged that bad..."

"It wasn't really different than what I did in the entrance exams back then, just that the scale was bigger."

"Just how hard do you think magicians in this world struggle to increase that scale... Especially civil engineering magicians, I'm pretty sure they'd faint if they saw what you did just now."

"If they did, I'll rouse them up and teach them chantless magic."

Well, I can't be arsed to do that myself though, so I'd leave it to the teachers.

"...By the by, how's the progress with the barrier material procurement?"

"It's going well. ...Is what I'd like to say, unfortunately we're having a shortage of a certain thing."

As I thought.
I could guess what happened.

"We're lacking Glory Crest huh."

"...So you had it anticipated. Exactly. The processing cannot keep up."

To begin with, there aren't many Glory Crest bearers in the Second Academy.
Since we needed lots of them to refine and process the metal, I had guessed that gathering only beginner Glory Crest wouldn't be enough to keep up the pace.
I also had thought of a way to deal with it.

"What happened to that plan we talked about?"

"About the First Academy?"


That is, teach chantless magic to First Academy's students and split the burden.
Although they might not be as efficient as the Second Academy students, they should still be able to do refinery even if they've been just taught.

Above all, the numbers are too far apart.
The First Academy has as many students as Second Academy, however all of them are of Glory Crest.

"We're having some difficulties. The First Academy's principals and students are vehemently against it. They don't seem willing to admit that Glory Crest isn't suited for battle."

"But First Academy students saw how other crests instantly beat Glory Crests didn't they?"

"Their excuse is that Mathias was monstrous, so that had nothing to do with crests. I can somewhat agree with that... but apparently the other party can't stomach it. Just the other day, First Academy principal demanded to do the interpersonal match over again."

"Do over?"

"Yeah. They insisted that the match before was invalid because a demon intruded."

...I see. Doing the match over huh.
I've come up with something good.

"Alright. ...Let's do that match."

"...Normally we wouldn't mind doing so... But we're currently in an emergency. We've got no time to wastes with some idiots do we?"

"That's exactly why. We'll shut up all of them in one fell swoop by using that match."

Those guys seem like they really don't want to admit the weakness of Glory Crest.
It's not like I don't understand, after looking down on Disqualified Crest that much, they were suddenly told that the Glory Crest was the weak one instead.
That's why I'll make it so that those guys practice production-type magic without reserve.

"...Shutting them all up? Is that possible?"

"It is. ...But the term needs to be changed so that the other party is unable to make excuses."

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