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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Strongest Sage, Pities the First Academy


"Alright! Crush 'em!"

A male student who seemed to be the First Academy rep leader gave an order at the same time as the referee's signal.
The other students nodded all at once...

"Fire mana that dwells in my body--"

And began to chant.
I have expected this somehow, it really comes to this huh.
Now I feel bad for them having to fight our academy's students.

"C-Chantless magic?!"

And as expected, the Second Academy students unleashed their magic on the First Academy students before they could even complete their chant.
The ones attacking were four whose crests weren't the Disqualified Crest.

...That said, the four who are attacking aren't exactly magic prodigies even among Second Academy students.
The more capable students are all busy refining mithril after all.

Thus, even though they were quick to shoot magic, they were only able to incapacitate around 20 people.
Since the enemy is numbering at 150, they're mostly flawless.

Two of the Small Magic Crest students managed to shoot again before the First Academy finished their chant, but that only incapacitated nine people.
Then magic from the remaining 121 students, except ones that failed their chants, assaulted the Second Academy students all at once--
And disappeared right in front of them.


The First Academy students were so shocked they lost their words when they saw that.
The reason why their magic disappeared is simple.
The student with Disqualified Crest, Esil, who isn't attacking so far has erected a barrier, in front of the Second Academy students, that blocked the magic unleashed by more than 100 people.

And the other Second Academy students shot out their magic from behind that barrier.
Their magic slipped through the barrier and rained incessantly on the First Academy students, creating panic among them.

"That barrier is truly nasty...."

"That kind of thing is only possible because the opponent's magic strength is low."

【Specific Permission-type Small Barrier】.
A barrier magic that blocks everything but magic unleashed by people the user recognizes as allies.

It's one of the magic I taught to the representatives for the sake of this match, looks like it's working well.
As a matter of fact, Disqualified Crest has a good compatibility with small-scale barrier magic besides with close-quarter ones.

The range of barrier magic is good enough if it can cover the allies.
People often rely on magic tools created by Glory Crest though when they need to set up large scale barriers.

"Don't panic! Our enemy is few! Their barrier is useless in close combat!"

It appears there are still some students with composure among the First Academy.
Although small in number, some First Academy students reorganized their ranks and began to rush toward the Second Academy students.
--Well, that's a bad move against a Disqualified Crest though.

"We're going with plan B!"

"Got it!"

Esil called out to the other four when he saw the First Academy students' move.
Then the four students besides Esil ran to outside the enemy's magic range.
And then Esil removed the barrier and took a metal bar out of his bosom pocket.


He swung it toward the coming students.
The First Academy students who were hit by the metal bar got blown away several meter back and had their protective barrier destroyed, eliminating them from the match.
They would have died if this was a real combat.

"W-what's with that strength...."

"It's a monster! They still have a monster with them!"

The First Academy students were shouting in surprise to see Esil who is of normal build flinging other students away.
But, it's nothing much. It's merely Physical Reinforcement.
This is because mining the dungeon wall makes for a good training, as you need to use magic while moving for a long period of time.

You will be able to do this much after doing that for a bit.
Most of the first grader right now are currently in the upper mid, I think.

It was a one-sided battle afterward.
The First Academy students got blown away by Esil without having the chance to even chant and got attacked by magic, forfeiting one after another.
And then, the First Academy students were completely eliminated before five minutes had passed--

"Match end! Winner, Second Academy!"

The referee's voice echoed in the arena wrapped in silence.

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