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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Strongest Sage, Shocked


After the two have evacuated, I ask Iris.

The magic this time will abuse the enemy's 【Dragon Breath】 and reverse its direction and property to make the enemy destroy itself.
Since it's using the dragon's own mana, it won't really be affected by its magic defense, but this magic takes a long time to activate compared to magic that use your own mana.

"Iris, how many second do you need to get away?"

"Around four seconds I think.... I'd like for five if possible!"

Five seconds huh.
Then, activating the magic at the same time as the enemy shooting 【Dragon Breath】 should pose no problem.

"Got it. I won't erase the next 【Dragon Breath】, keep it company some and then get away from here."


If Iris gets away too fast, the dragon might take its rampage to somewhere bad.

"I will lure it to use 【Dragon Breath】!"

"I'll leave it to you!"

I regulate the constructed spell at a watching distance from Iris and the dragon.
Even though they're of different classes, Iris is still a dragon so she seemingly knows how one fights.
At this rate, it won't be long before she gets the dragon to shoot the 【Dragon Breath】.

...By the way, I considered having Iris return to her dragon form and shoot her 【Dragon Breath】 but I gave up on it.
The burden from 【Dragon Breath】 is too big for the current Iris, in the first place, having Iris turn back to her dragon form on this floor will be overload the dungeon.

Dragon's mana is special in many ways.
And it's even worse for a dragon whose magic circuit is broken and can't control it.
Four or five floors collapsing is still preferable, in the worst case scenario, the whole upper floors from here up could collapse.

There's no need to take such a huge risk just to defeat this dragon.
I'd consider it as an option once she got better at controlling her mana a bit more though.

The hostile dragon's mana suddenly had a movement while I was thinking that.
It's a sign of 【Dragon Breath】 activation.

"It's coming!"

Right when the enemy's mana moved, I invoked the control spell for the installed magic, replacing the interference magic.

"I got it!"

The 【Dragon Breath】 activated right after Iris replied.
Iris easily evaded that and rush off to get away from here.

Almost at the same time, the magic set on the ground and on the dragon's body absorb the dragon's mana, and they begin to resonate.
After the pent-up from all the misfires, the power of this 【Dragon Breath】 is solid.
This should be enough to kill a dragon in one shot.

And then--


Iris, fell down.
A hole was opened on the ground when the dragon trampled on Iris.
She stumbled on that hole.


True, she could just crush the entire bump if she were in her dragon form, so she had no need to mind it up until now, but....
This spell can't be stopped y'know.
Why'd you fell down now of all time.

I've put a spell to minimize the after-wave on where I am, but any other place is within the range of attack.
Sturdy as Iris is, she won't get out of this scale of magic unscathed.
Particularly since I've made this magic to be more effective against dragons.

If only she fell down sooner, I would have pulled her here, but that's not possible now.
....Well, I should manage somehow at this distance.

I constructed another magic while thinking about that.

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