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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Strongest Sage, Hinders in the Meantime


"Do we just need to shoot this arrow?"

Ruli asked me while handing over an arrow that had been augmented.

"Right! For now, make and shoot more of it!"

"I got it!"


I commence a magic on the ground while replying to them.
Originally, I planned to instantly kill the summoned monster by loping off its neck with 【Special Mana Enchant】, but that's not applicable to this class of monster.
It's too sturdy that a Mana Disaster will happen long before it died.

And poison type magic like the ones we used on demons is also pointless.
To begin with, its skin being impenetrable to arrows, and even if it somehow gets through, its body is too big, we'll need an enormous amount of mana for the poison to work.
We'd probably run out of mana first.

That's why I'm using another magic.
The arrow Alma shoot won't pierce through it like all other arrows before, but it will adhere to the dragon.
That's the kind of magic augmented on those arrows.

"What about me, what should I do!"

"Hit and run as you see fit!"

This time I'm using an installation-type magic.
The hostile dragon probably won't notice it until it's been activated.
That's why Iris can safely fulfill his duty as a deco....shield.

"I-I understand! It surprised me at first, but this guy's attacks aren't that strong!"

While saying that, Iris hit the dragon hard and blocked its counterattack.
That's just cause you're too tough. Humans would have long died normally.

But it seems the enemy doesn't want to get hit by Iris either.
It's not paying attention to us thanks to that provocation earlier though.

"By the way, this guy isn't shooting 『Dragon Breath』.... Is he a dunce or something?"

Iris asked while blocking the dragon's attacks.

"Ah. That's cause I've been erasing them."

I replied while still deploying the magic.
Unlike Iris's 『Dragon Breath』, I can erase the breath of a dragon of this class before it comes out just by looking at its movement.
Since I was erasing those breaths whenever in my spare time, I don't blame Iris for not noticing.

"I'm not sure how I feel as a dragon myself, seeing 『Dragon Breath』 getting so easily erased... The part where Mathias-san is an ally is reassuring though."

While saying that, Iris is going to block the dragon's trample.
I'll give her a warning since it's not really the best way to deal with that.

"Iris, you'd better avoid any attack coming from above. If you block it--"



Looks like I was too late.
We lost sight of Iris as she got entirely crushed by the dragon's foot.

"That'd happen if you block."

"T-the ground on shallow floors are really fragile...."

Iris came out of the open hole on the ground.
She could defend against the trample but the ground couldn't.

"Leaving that aside, looks like it's about ready."

The preparation to clear this subjugation was finished while Iris was buying time.
The grounds are full of magic I have installed, and countless arrow are clinging on the dragon's body.

"All set! You two, get away from here a bit!"



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