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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Strongest Sage, Mends and Maintains


"I think Iris had use a spear than a sword."

"Yes! This thing is easy to handle! ...The shape is quite different from the spear I saw in the past though... Is this how recent spears look like?"

"No, this one is special. A normal spear has a blade on it, however common augmented iron won't be able to bear Iris's strength."

The weapon Iris has right now is more like a pile than spear with its strength.
It's ultimately a tool for training, I'd like to prepare another for real combat.
This spear.... or rather pile can demonstrate power incomparable to an average human though.

"You thought that far when you made my weapon... I'm really glad to be in this party!"

I just randomly molded some leftover iron I had though....

"Well, regardless, you still need to get used to it. Which means, it's time to train!"


Thus we resumed our training.

--Five hours after the training resumed.
We finished our training and gathered in the corner of the site.

The result of the training is quite something.
Iris has gotten quite used to the spear, Alma managed to hit around half of the arrows she shot on the crab shell on top of my head.

I should shrink the target if we have another chance.
while thinking that, I get ready to repair the schoolyard.

"Alright, I'm mending it."

After saying that, I quickly repaired the schoolyard that I destroyed in the beginning.
Due to characteristic of Disqualified crest, I had to run around all over, but the repair itself was done relatively quick.
Well, I had destroyed it in a way that would make it easy to repair later though.

"...Don't you think it looks better than before somewhat?"

Ruli said that when she saw the restored schoolyard.

It seems Ruli has gotten quite used to distinguishing various things too.
It's about time I entrust her to create some relatively proper weapon.

Along with the repair, I also have adjusted the underground water and mana balance of this schoolyard to make it easy to maintain.
Different from training in order to quickly gain experience in real combat, training in the basics are often better in a properly maintained location.

"I've touched it up a bit so it won't get dented easily. Even if we're quitting once the barrier is complete, it's still our alma mater after all."

"Yes! We belong to the school after all! Even if we're--quitting!?"

Ruli spoke while looking like she couldn't believe what I said.

"What do you mean by quitting!?"

Alma asked me with the same voice.
What are we quitting is obvious.

"Of course, we're quitting this school."

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