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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Strongest Sage, Restores


--A while after the match.
After getting the cooperation of First Academy students, the work to create materials for the great capital barrier is going well.

Their skill level isn't high at all, their strength lies in number.
The First Academy students are doing the simple parts like the initial phase of the refining while being supervised by the Second Academy, so the processed materials are piling up.
Students whose crests weren't of Glory Crest and had nothing to do until the match also became quite busy ever since the number of students with Glory Crest suddenly exploded.

"Yup. We're progressing nicely."

"I thought the First Academy's education would take some time, but they might become battle ready faster than expected."

Principal Edward nodded satisfyingly.
It's probably thanks to the teachers' guidance and the result of stir in the match back then.
Though, it might also partly because of Ruli demonstrating the merit of chantless magic by having to be their first opponent in their first lesson.

"By the by."

Principal Edward stopped there and stared at me with a serious look.
Did anything happen.

"What's the matter?"

"You remember how Feycas was when he appeared in the match day back then?"

Ah. About Feycas huh.
The principal might be suspecting that he was being brainwashed by the demons.
But that's just a needless fear. I had assumed that much and investigated him with magic already.

"Ah. That Feycas was simply a fool. It's not like he was brainwashed--"

"I got that already. The problem is... Er... Not the inside of his head, but the surface."

The surface of... his head?
Was there something on Feycas's head.

"Are you talking about his hair."

That might have seemed odd indeed.
He went bald overnight because of 【Hair Root Extinction】 after all.

"Right. Mathias, you said that it was due to stress, but perhaps, his baldness was caused by your magic?"

"Who knows."

I dodged the question.
Even in my past life, 【Hair Root Extinction】 was treated as one of the forbidden magic at one time because of how inhuman it was.
It was liberated from being a forbidden magic since a magic that could easily reverse the effect got developed, but it's still not a magic with good image.

"No, I'm not going to pry into that point. ...But what if, just what if okay? If that was Mathias's magic... Doesn't that mean it's also possible to grow hair instead of losing?"

...Ah. That's it huh.
Principal Edward is getting long in the tooth after all.

"...You owe me one."


I put 【Root Hair Restoration】 magic on principal Edward who instantly replied.
Since it has to wait for the hair to naturally grow, the effect won't be instant like 【Hair Root Extinction】, but it should be obvious after a while.
It's possible to make his hair instantly grow with other magic, but that will look unnatural.

"I've put the magic on you. It should show its effect in a few months time."

"...My gratitude."

Perhaps this magic could bring me profit.
Well, I'm loaded with money so I'm not going to make a business out of this magic though.
Well, leaving aside the principal's hair, our problem is the barrier.

"...The pace has increased, but we still don't know whether we will make it in time or not..."

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