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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Strongest Sage, Misuses Barrier Magic


"Wh... Whetstones?"


I took two whetstones out of Storage magic.
I had prepared them beforehand for this occasion.

"...It looks like an ordinary whetstone.... It's not a magic tool is it?"

"Yeah. It's an ordinary whetstone."

I handed over one whetstone to Ruli.
Ruli who received the whetstone stared at its surface--and her eyes rounded up.

"Umm, isn't this whetstone of an amazingly high quality? I've had experiences training in grinding cutlery in the past, but I've never seen something like this before! ....I really never saw this type of stone.... It doesn't seem to be an Iriast whetstone either..."

"Yeah of course you never saw it. I made it myself after all."

The ones being sold in the city weren't up to par, so I made them from the mineral left from the dungeon crude ore refinery.
If I get to excavate whetstones I made in my past life, those are better though.
Well, I'm planning to look for things I made in my past life whenever I find a clue about them.

"Y... You can make whetstones yourself!?"

"I can. And it's surprisingly easy.... Well let's put the matter about whetstones aside and talk about the main topic at hand, the sword."


Normally, I wouldn't mind telling her about whetstone making process, but we're currently pressed for time in this barrier creation period.
We've got to conserve our time and mana.
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"Then first, roughly mold the material. I'll take care of the dragon claw, Ruli, please do the mithril."

I drew detailed measurements of the sword and such on the paper and gave it to Ruli.
Magic is enough to roughly mold the mithril.


Ruli begans the molding process after reading it.
I'm in charge of processing the dragon claw.

Using the whetstones right from the start would take me all day, so I gradually shaved it using attack magic.
After a while, the shape roughly turned into that of a sword.

"And now the real thing. First, augment this magic circle on a magic stone and deploy a barrier."

"Barrier....? We're using barrier in a weapon making work?"

"Yeah. You use barrier when you need straight lines and level surfaces. It's a highly usable technique, so I'd recommend you to learn it."

Rectangular barrier is very useful when you need to measure the weapon.
Its surface is perfectly level, and its perimeter is a perfect straight line.
It won't get warped from heat and force, and it's very durable.

"So you can use barrier like that too...."

Ruli completed the augment and activated the barrier as she said that.
It was done in a jiffy since the spell art was the simplest she had done so far.

"Yeah. That said, matching it will be difficult just by watching.... This is how you do it."

I took out ink out of Storage magic and smeared it over the barrier.


While Ruli was watching in blank amazement, I put the board made from the dragon claw on the barrier and immediately lift it off.
The ink is stuck on various parts of the board that's been pressed on the barrier.

"Look, there's some ink stuck on uneven places right. You shave them down with a whetstone and redo the procedure just now afterward. If you keep shaving down the rough places, it'll gradually flatten itself into a board."

"I-I see.... So this is how you use barrier...."

"Yeah.... That said, getting it perfectly level requires lots of experience under your belt though."

"I-I got it! I'll do my best!"

After saying that, Ruli starts the process of flattening the mithril board.

Her handwork looks quite good.... but the final accuracy remains to be seen.
I started shaving the dragon claw while thinking about that.

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