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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Strongest, Reminisces


--Evening of the same day.
I'm with the principal in the Second Academy principal room, waiting to meet the First Academy principal, Feycas.

He was ordered by the king to visit here in order to coordinate the match's date with us.
Because we need the cooperation of the First Academy students as soon as possible for procuring the barrier materials.
--But he's late.

"...He's not coming. Does that guy intend to defy the king's order?"

"It's 20 minutes late from the schedule... but it appears he's just arrived."

I pointed at the door as I said that.
The reason why I knew was easy. I could hear his footsteps.
I'm not familiar with the mana reaction too, so that's probably the guy alright.

"I do hear footsteps... you could tell who they are just from that?"

"That's not all... it's only about 70%. The rest is from their mana."

While I was saying that, the door was violently opened.
The person who did that had a raging look on his face.

"What does the like of Second Academy principal think, calling me, the First Academy principal here!"

And he said that while raging.
The one who called him wasn't the principal though....

"Wasn't it His Majesty who ordered you to come here."

"But the glorious First Academy principal had to come to this kind of place! The inferior one coming instead should have been the proper etiquette!"

"The First and Second Academies' principals are supposed to be equal though."

"That's only on paper! The tradition of this kingdom has the First Academy above the second! That's how it is! It should be obvious looking at the ratio of Glory Crest!"

He somehow reminded me of Biffgel.
This is the type who can't be reasoned with.

"...Now then. Enough with the pointless talk, let's get down to business."

It seems the principal is thinking the same.
Cutting off the talk about school status and getting to the matter of interpersonal match.

"What do you mean by pointless!"

"Ah. Then, enough with the not pointless talk, let's get down to business."

This is how one should handle an idiot!
As expected of the principal. I can use his inter-personal skill as a reference.

Let's use it the next time I meet Biffgel.
--Ideally, I hope that never happens though.

"You bastard... I will definitely report this insult to the king!"

"Do whatever you want. About the match--"

"Remove the monster over there from the team! And the other two monsters too!"

The moment the principal was going to talk about the interpersonal match, Biffgel... I mean. Feicas pointed his finger at me.
Feel like I get called monster a lot lately.
This time Ruli and Alma also got called monsters, so it was an unusual pattern.

Then I reply with the answer I have prepared beforehand.

"I don't mind. However, I demand the rules to be changed as a tradeoff."

While I was at it, I secretly deployed an attack magic and struck Feycas with it.
That said, the magic is nothing that directly damages or gives him pain.

【Hair Root Exinction】. --Just as the name suggests, it's a magic that kills hair root and completely turns someone bald.
The effect will probably shows itself overnight.
It's a revenge for treating Ruli like a monster. And for Alma too.

"You're speaking to the principal of the First Academy, what's with your tone-- well fine. It is very like the uncivilized and vulgar Second Academy students. ...Speak!"

I was going to use polite speech.... But I abandoned that thought after watching this guy.
The uncivilized vulgar one here is Feycas no matter how you look at it.
I tell him the term while thinking that.

"Let the participants be free."

"Do you mean not putting any limitation in people that can participate?"

"Yea. You can choose any number of students, from first to third year. However, Ruli, Alma and I won't participate."

By the way, I've consulted this term with the Second Academy principal and gotten his approval already.
Also, Iris probably won't take part. People would die if she did.

"Are you sure with--no, it's decided! We have a deal!"

Feycas was going to reconfirm, but he stopped midway and declared that it was a done deal.
Looks like he's trying to make this advantageous term (or what he think it is) affirmed by all means possible.
Ignoring the fact that the Second Academy students could exterminate demons in a siege were they train a bit as they're being forged in the mithril mining and refining even now.

"Also, the interpersonal match will be held the day after tomorrow. We've already had the arena scheduled."

"No problem with that. We have to overturn the groundless fact of First Academy losing as soon as humanly possible."

By the way, the reason why we got the arena scheduled this fast was due to the forceful intrusion of the king's order.
It was a chain show of royalty prerogative abuses.
I honestly thought it was useless during the transfer exams, but it appears to be quite effective in these kinds of things.

"It's the day after tomorrow! Wash your neck and wait!"

Feycas left the principal room after leaving that.
...Now then.

"What do you think of Feycas?"

"That's already beyond help."

"...Agreed. Then let's tell that to the king."

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