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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 1

Chapter 1 It's Another World No Matter How You Look at It


Among the thick bushes in the green trees.
I woke up and opened my eyes.
There were trees, flowers, bugs and animals I had never seen before.
"I've gone and done it...."
I put my hands inside my Wafuku's breast pocket while walking.
Walking on the soft humus of the forest with my Geta feels nice.

Well whatever, I can just chant the spell again and go back.

I need pure water to do that. I've used up the water in my gourd already.
"What a gloomy forest. Would be nice if there were a spring or a streamlet here--<<Senrigan>>." <TLN: literally Clairvoyance.>
My eyes are shining. Looking far ahead.

--However, the forest is too dense, I can't really see well. It's a surprisingly vast forest.

"It can't be helped. I'll look for someone I can talk to."

I look around restlessly while still using Senrigan.
And then I found one huge tree. It's twice as tall as the other trees, its trunk is so thick even ten adults joining hands won't be able to fully hug it.
It'd certainly be a Go-shintai if it were in Japan. A will has probably resided in it. The master of this forest.
"Alright. Let's ask that guy."
I stepped firmly on the undergrowth of the forest.

I've arrived near the big tree. It's thicker than it's taller. A dignified posture.
I look at it from top to bottom, making sure if I can trust it.
I don't feel any wicked aura. Looks like it's a good guy.

"Hey, 'scuse me, is there a streamlet or a spring nearby? Some clean one that can be used for magic."
And then the branches that faces right sway. It seems to be over there.
I put my hand up to show my gratitude and walk toward the direction it told me.

I walk in the forest while feeling the sunshine filtering through the foliage for a while.
It's a virgin forest that hasn't been intruded by people much, there's a lot of moss-covered trees and rocks.
Footprints from my Geta are left on the ground.

And then, I arrived at an open space inside the forest.
It's about as large as a gymnasium, there's no tree growing here.
The warm sunlight are pouring down. Looks like it's noon.
It's covered in green like a lawn. There's a small spring with clean water in one corner of the open space.

I stopped walking and tilted my head in puzzlement.
There's a woman tied up on a huge rock beside the spring.
A long waist-length blond hair and blue eyes. Her big breasts are constricted. She has an adult-like charm but I can feel maiden-like youthfulness. It's a strong-willed looking woman in her late teens.
She has a nice figure but she's probably a young girl, so I thought.

However, her clothing are unusual.
A red skirt and white coat that I've only ever seen in games and manga (even Gods play around in their free time). She's wearing a silver breastplate, there's a rapier on her waist.
She looks like a female knight that appears in fantasy.

The woman who's chained to the rock with a collar is sitting exhaustedly with her head hanging down.
Her figure with blond hair hanging on her white cheeks looks fleetingly beautiful.

--Well, it has nothing to do with me.
It's an unknown world. It could be troublesome if I carelessly meddled. The problem is not with this girl, but if I offend the Gods of this world.
There should be Gods in this world too, and the woman's situation looks like some kind of ritual no matter how you look at it. Looking closer, there are some kind of liquor bottles and fruits around the girl.

I don't have any excuse to seize an offering dedicated for the Gods of this world.
I can't complain even if she's killed.

....Moreover, I'm already tired of helping people.
For now I just want to spend my days holing up in Takamagahara.

I crossed the open space while my Geta were resounding.
And then I step on the spring curb. I open my Wafuku's hem showing my calf.
And then I crouch down and hold my gourd in my hand. To draw the water.
A face with black eyes and black hair is reflected on the mirror-like water. It's relatively good looking.

And then.
The female knight suddenly raised her head. The beautiful blond hair leaped, and her beautiful face was shown.
"Y-you! Are you a traveler?! Save me! Now!"

I creased my forehead.
--Is that an attitude when you're asking a God....--Eh?

"Wait a minute! You can see me!?"
"What are you saying! Of course I can see you! --There's no more time! Save me quickly!"
The female knight wriggled and appealed desperately. The chains on her neck rang.
She seems to be quite frantic, her way of talking is mixed between polite and overbearing.

I think for a moment.
The world is probably made with Gods being able to be seen.
The Gods of this world appear to be quite fond of limelight.
If I take the offering for such Gods--.

I've decided what to do.
"No can do."
"In any world, there must a reason for someone to get chained, either they did something bad or some kind reason. I can't free you without knowing the circumstances."

The female knight bites her red lips in frustration. Her graceful face is warping, looking like she's about to cry before my eyes. Her delicate body begins to tremble.
I sympathize for her a bit.
Rather, I can see her white nape now she's looking down. Sexy.
I inadvertently talk with a joking tone.
"Did you steal from a farm or something? You look gluttonous after all."
"I did no such a thing! --I, I'm...."

The female knight faltered.
Judging from the way she doesn't want to say it. Looks like she doesn't want to admit it.

However, the female knight lifts her head and looks straight at me with her blue eyes.
"....I have not done anything wrong. I was only born as a 『Sinner』."

"Yes, they're said to be an evil existence from the moment they're born. Most of this world has fallen to demon king's hand, and the reason why the true hero who should have saved this world is never born is because of the sinful 『Sinners』--or so it's said."
I tilted my head.
This woman seems to be strong-willed but she doesn't seem like a bad person.
Or rather, she looks like the pure righteous type.

I squint and peer carefully inside the woman.
The all-seeing eyes.
--《Truth Sight》。

The female knight's status shows up in front of me.
Name: Celica Rem Edelstein
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Race: Human
Job: Sinner (=====)
Class: Knight Lv 5=====Lv 17
Element: 【Light】

Strength: 10 (1) Growth Limit 25
Agility: 17 (3) Growth Limit 30
Magic: 19 (4) Growth Limit 75
Wisdom: 12 (2) Growth Limit 50
Luck: 02 (0) Growth Limit 03

Vitality: 135
Willpower: 155

Attack: 107 (37+70)
Defense: 089 (44+40+5)
Magic Attack: 165 (50+50+50+15)
Magic Defense: 158 (43+50+50+15)

Weapon: Mithril Rapier Attack +70 Magic +50
Protector: Mithril Half Plate Defense +40 Magic +50
Grace Dress Defense +5 Magic +15
Accessories: Ring of Succession Pendant of Memories
I omitted her skill tree since it was not really developed.

Why do other people's abilities are shown like in a game?
Why--cause I'm a God.

They looked a bit different in the past, but after playing various games, this kind is easier to understand! After noticing that, I modified Truth Sight.

Well, anyway.
Putting aside her abilities which demand retorting at some places (For example the (1) beside the Strength parameter is its growth at level up. Hers only increases by 1 at each level up on top of having 25 for its growth limit, she's obviously more suited to be a magician.)
For now I'm focusing on her element.
Light elemental.

I muttered with folded arms, not understanding it.
"Where's the evil you've got from being born? Don't you have the rare Light element."
I don't know how it is in this world, but in Japan it was a rare existence with only one existing among one thousand to one hundred thousands people.

Have you ever experienced something like these.
When a quarrel was about to break out during a neighborhood meeting, the moment a cheerful neighbor aunty came, the mood in the meeting room suddenly became bright and the quarrel slackened.
You were irritated because of a very unpleasant thing in school, but then you got healed just by seeing a certain cheerful clerk for some reason.
You might not have experienced it since they're very rare, but they're people who can make the surroundings cheerful just by being there. Such an existence has Light element.

And this woman also has Light element.
Even though it's not impossible, I would've never thought that she could be a sinner who brings harm to the world.

The female knight shakes her hanging head. Her blond hair feebly sways.
"No way.... For me to be Light, that's impossible.... I've always been unlucky since I was born."
"Ah, yep. You do seem unlucky."
Your luck is only 2 after all, I couldn't exactly say that.

The female knight sighed a deep sigh. It was a tired sigh like she had abandoned all hopes.
"So it was really my fault for being born a Sinner. --Traveler. Would you please hear my sole request?"
"I can listen at least."
Every God hears wish. However, whether it's fulfilled or not is up to the God's will.

However, the female knight's request was an unexpected one.
"Please--kill me."
I was at a loss for words at the sudden request.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Prologue



A big city in Japan.
I, Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto, am looking down at a large construction site from a tall mansion.
My deep blue Wafuku is fluttering from the wind, the Tachi on my waist is swaying. <TLN: Wafuku=traditional Japanese clothing, Tachi=long Japanese sword.>
The construction site is flattening everything. It seems they're readjusting the land for Olympic.
Excavators are digging out the road, bulldozers are moving the earth and sand.
And my Go-shintai (object of worship)--which has been degraded from a deity statue to a big rock is broken down while being moved away.

Haah, I sighed while looking up. My Geta make an empty sound when I lower my legs behind. <TLN: Geta=traditional Japanese sandals.>
"After 1000 years of hard works.... I failed being a god...."
I was once a respectable God counted in the first digit among the myriad of Gods.
But, I behaved arrogantly without currying favor with humans.

However, that was a mistake.
Especially when I didn't name myself in the dream of Norinaga Motoori when he was working on recreating the Kojiki during Edo era. <TLN: The Kojiki is a collection of myths concerning the origin of the four home islands of Japan, and the Kami/Gods.>
Why must I butter up with humans?
I couldn't understand at that time.
When even that Amaterasu Oomikami visited Norinaga Motoori's bedside.
I had forgotten that the original Kojiki was already lost.

In the end my name disappeared from the Kojiki and I became a vagrant god.
Nevertheless, there were still shrines that worshiped my Go-shintai.
However, during the Shimbutsubunri in Meiji period, shrines with nameless gods were crushed in the name of Kirishitan.
After that, my Go-shintai was put on a three-way intersection road and collected beliefs a little bit.

As you can see. My Go-shintai was crushed during the ground leveling of the construction work.
It's now impossible for me to contact people.

This is the fate of an arrogant god who didn't curry favor with humans.
I have nothing now.

I lightly shook my head. There's nothing I can do even if I indulge in sentiment.
I can't repair it no matter how much I regret it.
"--I'm going home."
I take the water gourd on my waist and sprinkle water around me.
And then I put my hands together and chant.
"O one who connects heavens and time, Heaven Bird Ship God. Comply to my calling and open the road to the beyond! <<Spirit World Gate>>"

Bwoosh--, a rainbow colored round space opened in front of me.

I announced that I would become a deified god worshiped by many people when I descended from Takamagahara, yet I'm going home empty-handed now, just what should I say. <TLN: Takamagahara, essentially Japan's Olympus.>
I feel melancholic just thinking about it--Hm?

"Ah, darn! I forgot to set the destination!"
It had been a really long time since I chanted the spell to move between dimensions that I completely forgot about it.
As my body being sucked in, my fingers grab the edge of the rainbow gate to desperately resist.
"W-wait a minute! Stop! Freeze!"

It won't stop with just shouting. Tremendous sucking power.
As expected of the power of God who still have believers.
A leftover can't possibly win.

My fingers got irresistibly separated from the edge of the gate.
I get sucked in vigorously, my body and view are shaking round and round.
The blue sky, white cloud and brown construction site are becoming far away as if they're mixed together.
"Uwaaaa! Stop! I want a reset, stupid!!"
I violently swing my arms around to resist, but they're powerless against a spell that has been invoked.
I got blown off to beyond the dimension, not knowing where I was going.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-30

15-30. Divine Punishment (4) Basis


Satou's here. There are people who, "know themselves worst.", and people who, "Know themselves best."
But, aren't the most numerous ones the people who make use of either case depending on the situation?

"What's wrong? Don't tell me you never thought that your true identity would be found out."

Tactician Touya is pointing at me with a triumphant look on his face.

"I'm not a God--You won't believe me even if I tell you that right?"
"Of course!"

Tactician Touya is full of confidence.

"Could you tell me what's your basis for thinking that I'm a God?"

After I said that, tactician Touya grins and begins to talk.

"There are too many mysteries surrounding you."

Tactician Touya calmly speaks as if he's a stage actor.

However, I'd like to be spared from his slightly narcissistic strange pose.
I somehow feel that his preferences will match with Dog-head's.

"The first entry about you in the slates is about your fight with the black greater demon in Seryuu city."

That's certainly the case.
Of course, I'm written as [Silver Masked Hero] in the slates.

"Someone with a single-digit level couldn't have possibly won against a greater demon."

Un, I forgot to change my level in the Exchange Column at that time.

"You must be possessing some kind of concealment-type artifact. Or so we thought, thus we had to investigate your identity."

After saying that, tactician Touya peers into my eyes as if checking my reaction.

"However, even the most skilled people couldn't find any trace about you before you appeared in Seryuu City. Yes, so perfect we couldn't help but thought it was as if you suddenly came together with the 『Stars Fall』."

No no, I think I was transported at that time, so the suddenly appearing part is true.

"We played it safe and absolutely made sure to chase your whereabouts to prevent contact. And with each reports, we couldn't help but question the sanity of our informer."

Tactician Touya slowly shakes his head with his finger on his forehead.
That gesture pisses me off somehow.

"Slaughtering senior greater demons one after another, and even easily beating the Golden Wild Boar King whose strength was famous among successive generations and the great monstrous fish Tovkezeera."

The one who defeated Tovkezeera was Hero Nanashi, there was no information about me being the same person as Hero Nanashi in the slates.

"Let alone them, you even defeated the strongest 『Ancient King Dog Head』-dono who was called the evil god and the offshoots of Demon God-sama."

--Nn? What's this?

I sensed something odd just now.
That sense of oddness disappeared before I could say it, but another question appeared instead.

"Isn't it said that no one besides Dragon God and Demon God have ever defeated Dog-head?"

When I pointed that out, tactician Touya looked a bit disgruntled.
Looks like he vaguely noticed that too.

"Hmph, it's most likely because it happened right after 『Ancient King Dog-Head』-dono had just revived so he was in a weakened state."

The Dog-head beating was written humorously in the slates, but the detail as to how I actually defeated him wasn't depicted, and mysteriously, the little girl who intruded in my fight with the dog-head wasn't written at all.

"And, even though you had the power to defeat Doghead-dono, as weakened as he was, you bafflingly hid all of your achievements and continued your journey as a common man. You could have gained any kind of glory and fame if you just made it public, yet you only repeated your pleasure jaunts and philanthropic works."

Cause my main purpose is going on trips in another world.

"We racked our brains at your mysterious acts. However, everything came to light once we confirmed a certain phenomenon."

Tactician Touya's reasoning feels familiar to me somehow.
A deja vu of having your conjecture proven wrong.

"And? What is that phenomenon?"

I know that he's surely mistaken, but laughing at him would be too sad so I urged him to continue.
This is not because I pity him as a fellow sufferer of mistakes. Absolutely not.

"You can chantlessly teleport an impossible amount of things to an impossible distance away. However, that's fine and all. We thought that you were just hiding such a Unique Skill."

Is he talking about Unit Arrangement?
Since I can teleport considerably far away with space magic, wonder which one is it?

"However, it doesn't seem like you pay the compensation for it. Not magic power, not your soul, nothing!"

He shouldn't be able to know my magic power consumption, maybe he's referring to me teleporting way outside the limit without replenishment?

"Such a thing is not possible for someone who's been given god's fragment, someone who is just given a portion of the authority. Someone that can freely command such an absurdity at will is an existence outside the principle. In other words, only a God."

I see, so Unit Arrangement is that much of an absurd ability.

Come to think of it, when I experimented to see the limit, I could repeat it ad infinitum it stopped being funny, and I was also able to escape from the center of gravity many times.

"We also have other basis."
"And that is?"

Might as well listen to it all.

"--30 years."

Did I miss him speaking again?

"Are you still playing dumb? It has only been 30 years since you were defeated and killed by Dragon God!"

Tactician Touya shouted irritatedly.
His fangs are about to reach a dangerous level, please calm down.

He seems to refer to God Zaikuon reviving even though it has only been 30 years since his dead.

"It's certainly strange. Please tell me the reason if you know why."
"Hmph, you're not going to admit that you're God Zaikuon until the end huh."

I mean, that's wrong.

"There's a true meaning in you not only piling up achievements as a fake hero but also hiding your philanthropic works."

With a [zubi] sound effect, tactician Touya points his finger at me while taking a pose like he's leaning his back.

I almost impulsively shouted, "What'd you say!" out loud, but I held back.
I had a feeling that he'd snap and turn into demon lord if I teased him like that.

"I have a proper hero title y'know?"

I let him to cool down by pointing out his mistake a bit.

"Yes, a true meaning!"

Tactician Touya completely ignored me and continued on.
Can't be helped, I'll hear it till the end without doing unnecessary interruptions.

"What kind?"
"I'll only be preaching to the choir, but very well I'll have you hear it."

For now, I urged him to continue.

"The period of revival for a god that has died is fixed."

The weasel emperor is calmly glaring at me to not miss any of my gestures.
Unlike tactician Touya, it doesn't seem like he's entirely convinced that I'm God Zaikuon.

"However, there's also a way to shorten that."

Judging from the oracle I heard before going here, is it prayers?

"In order to shorten that, the most effective way is people's genuine prayers and devout piety. Awe and reverence can also shorten the revival period but it is not as effective."

Such a detailed explanation isn't written on the slates.
Looks like tactician Touya has another source of information besides the slates.

"You should understand that playing dumb after this far is meaningless!"

Thin purple hair begins to grow on the bald head of tactician Touya.
Apparently, he only shaved his head.

"In summary, what you want to say is--I gathered prayers and piety from the people by acting as Satou and Nanashi in order to hasten God Zaikuon's revival?"
"That's right!"

Swoosh, tactician Touya's hair lengthened into a straight long hair to his waist.

"You are the mortal frame of God Zaikuon. A split Mitama!"

I begin to think that my identity might really be God Zaikuon after this much of a grand declaration.

Of course that's a misdirected wrong deduction.
If what he said is the truth, then that means a split Mitama of God Zaikuon that's not even the main body defeated Dog-head and the Demon God's offshoots.

It doesn't seem like I can get any more useful information, guess I'll stop keeping his nonsense company and leave here?

"Or perhaps you don't remember?"

Tactician Touya spoke with a slightly different mood when I was waiting for the right timing to leave.

He might have sensed that I didn't believe his deduction.
His tone somehow changes into that of a persuasion.

"Have you ever thought that your memories are inconsistent? Did it get cut off?"


I can't deny that.

My memories were interrupted between the time I fell asleep and awoke in younger body in the [Dragon's Valley].
The reason for my rejuvenation is unknown, who was the one who teleported me is also unknown.

"Don't you ever feel that your thought is being manipulated by someone?"


....Not never.

Although I can't confidently say that it has, I can't really recall the time when Hikaru disappeared.
Why did I think that her disappearance at the time was not a problem, and how I didn't think of Hikaru let alone worry about her until our reunion was also strange.

"Have you ever forgotten things that you intended to do before you realized?"

After being reunited with Hikaru I forgot to pursue that doubt further in spite of having it in my mind.

"Looks like I've hit the nail on the head."

Tactician's Touya triumphant look is infuriating.

However, the more I denied that impossibility, the more I doubt that maybe even that thought is an influence from an outside force.
Tactician Touya pursues further at my shaken heart.

"Admit it! Split Mitama of God Zaikuon!"


However, my heart is swaying, unable to intelligently deny like earlier.
The thought of my own memories and thought being manipulated brings anxiety and stress that have never arisen before in my heart.


Just maybe.

Is that--really the case?

『There's no way that's true isn't it?』

I heard a familiar voice in my ears.
That obviously disgusted-sounding voice had the power to blow away my worry in an instant.

『Calm down. My hero.』

Two small hands hug my neck together with a fleeting light snowfall-like sensation.

Those of the little girl who was in the painting.

--The little girl in the painting.

A mysterious being who appeared in the painting inside Duke Oyugock's castle and when I was being misled by Dog-head Demon Lord.
Dog-head Demon Lord called her [God Parion], she's shown as [UNKNOWN] like the Demon God's Offshoots on my AR reading.

"Who are you?"
『Me? I'm your princess. You're my hero. We're two birds who share a body and a pair of wings walking the eternity together--』 <TLN: An expression for 'a happily married couple'.>

Her clear comfortable voice similar to Lulu almost robs me of my consciousness.
I forgot how she evaded my question and ended up immersing myself in the sound of her words.

"Who are you talking to?"

Tactician Touya looks around at the surroundings suspiciously.

It seems the other people can't see her existence.
Since Dog-head demon lord could, she seems to be able to choose who can see her.

"Did you manipulate my--"

She puts her little finger on my mouth midway.

『I only do what you desire. I will be there as you wish. If you cannot remember it, that means it's something the current you don't need. It will be naturally released when you really need it.』

Normally those sounded unbelievable, but for some reason, I felt like believing her without a doubt.

『Are you convinced?』

I nodded back at the girl.
The smiling little girl's body is becoming transparent.

Right, maybe she knows about it.

"Do you know the reason why God Zaikoun revived faster?"

I asked her that while feeling slightly impatient.

『Reason? Maybe the kids who didn't want the civilization to advance united? Because Divine Punishment can't happen unless all the seven Gods who arrived riding on the world trees assembled.』

--Huh? I felt something odd again.

『Look, my hero.』

A yellow light is spreading at the ground where the little girl pointed at.
That was the place where a demon lord was fighting an apostle.

『A big battle-loving idiot has appeared.』

The yellow light becomes a huge person shape.
I think it's at least 100 meter tall?

The information of the person shape shown on my AR is the same as the little girl's--[UNKNOWN].

The same as the apostle, but it's clearly different.
Warnings from Crisis Perception is alarming enough to tighten my heart even though it's so far apart.

"That's, don't tell me--"
『It is. You can tell the other big idiots over there too.』

The little girl who was looking at the yellow person shape turned at me.

『Tell them, that's the Zaikuon you seek.』
"That's, God Zaikuon?"
"W-what'd you say!"

Tactician Touya heard my muttering.

"What do you want me to do?"

The little girl gently smiles.
Her expression is like a mother, unsuited for her age.

『Do as you like, my hero. Do anything you like anytime you want.』

After saying that, the little girl disappeared in the air.
Her parting words sounded like an invitation from a devil or a dark god, but I felt a deep affection for me in them.
I think that she's probably the one who summoned me to the [Dragon's Valley].

"Say it! Who was here! No, what was here!"

Tactician Touya grasped my shoulder and forcibly turned me around.
And just when I was soaking in the lingering sensation, what a cruel guy.

"An unknown little girl."
"Little girl? --God Parion!"

Like I said, unknown.

"Touya. Whether he's a split body of God Zaikuon or not is trivial now."

The emperor pointed at the yellow person shape--God Zaikuon with his line of sight.

"My fragments given by God are aching. There's no mistake that's a God--"

Is it just my imagination or is the weasel emperor swelling.

"--Our enemy."

The yellow light that makes up God Zaikuon is pulsing.


Heavy sense along with awe arrived directly in my brain.
The Imperial Capital and the special tank corps outside turned into salt, swallowed by white tsunami and disappeared.

"The Imperial Capital is turning white?"
"That's the divine punishment."

The Imperial Capital is turning white starting from the edge of the city.

Several purple pillars of light appeared in the slums.
Looks like several reincarnated people had turned into demon lords.

Even though I should have carried all the reincarnated people and [Brains] when I kidnapped the capital's people earlier, just where were they hiding....

"It seems demon lords don't turn into salt."
"Of course. That only works on the 『Being with Predestined Live (Mortal)』. It has no effect on the followers of Demon God, demon lords who are 『Immortal Beings』."

The weasel emperor looks at me.

"Hero Nanashi, it appears God's power is mightier than we expected. It is very likely that the people won't be protected from the divine punishment by merely hiding underground. Please carry them out if you have a shred of sympathy for our people."
"I left the people in the imperial castle, but I've saved the populace already."
"Is that right.... My gratitude, Hero Nanashi."

The emperor looked relieved when I told him that.

"What are you two going to do?"

Perhaps because of I saw that, I asked the weasel emperor and tactician Touya such a thing.

"It's good as long as the people are safe. However, I want to protect the underground burial mound. Protect it from the Gods' hands."
"Okay. I'll blockade it with a strong barrier."

It's not because I'm asked by martyr-like clear eyes.
I'm going to protect it since it's an important facility for me too.

"We will defeat the God."

The emperor who's wrapped in purple light easily stands up from the throne.

"As the great demon lord of this generation, I will challenge and slaughter the God."

The emperor presses both his hands on the ground and transforms into a purple beast.

"If I become a beast who's lost his reasoning after destroying the God, I'd like you to kill me with that anomalous strength of yours."

Looks like the emperor's determination is firm.

"Thank you. Hero Nanashi."

The emperor who has turned into a beast becomes huge and breaks through the tall ceiling of the throne room.

"We will defeat the God."
"I see."

Without cheering or stopping him, I see the emperor off.

"Are you not going?"
"My turn will be for the last. The role of this body is to raise the final big firework called Imperial Castle."

Tactician Touya replied me with some antique words midway.
He probably wants to draw a line for the rise of standard in their revolt against Gods.

"Explosion is romance. And there is no bigger romance than an explosion that drags a God with it don't you think?"

That reminds me, he's this kind of guy.

"You're right."
"Yeah, damn I am."

While looking at the fight between demon lords and the yellow person shape in the distant, tactician Touya laughs like he's yawning.
I felt insanity in his dark expression, sending chill down my spine.

There should be no need for me to see it until the end.

I should just come again once everything is over.
The bureaucrats and the court ladies who had stayed in the castle seemed to have left the capital using an escape VTOL.

The Temple Knights and soldiers are still fighting against the apostles even now.


Muttering a good bye word that's unlike me, I go toward the seal of the burial mound.

I, who have finished all of my roles, leave the whitening dying Imperial Capital behind.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-29

15-29. Divine Punishment (3), Satou's Identity


Satou's here. I remember reading a mystery novel where the protagonist was the culprit all along in the past, but I recalled throwing the book away due to the forced outcome. I really think the author should have foreshadowed it to the readers, so they could understand.

"Huh? There are traces of people searching the house."

When I came to the doghouse which only had its frame remaining using Unit Arrangement, the guest house we were staying at looked as if it was pillaged by burglars.
Our dummy traveling bags are cut, the content inside have been scattered on the floor.

The doghouse where I came out of is also broken in a corner of the room.
It seems the people who searched here were quite violent.

For some reason, there's a holy symbol of God Zaikuon painted on a wall with a cross mark on top of it.
I don't quite understand what it is about, but I see that they hate God Zaikuon.

"For now, let's read the rest of the slates--"

I opened the Map while muttering alone and realized that it was not the time to do that.

There's a luminous point showing [UNKNOWN] on the Map. My Crisis Perception isn't kicking in so it's probably the god's apostle.
Apparently, the situation has changed since I got back to the solitary island palace.

I checked just in case, but I don't see them in Makiwa Kingdom and the neighboring countries.
Of course, the same with Shiga Kingdom where my acquaintances are.

They're not in Saga Empire either, I should just leave the countries I'm not too involved in alone.

"--For now, they seem to be on equal ground."

I closed the Map and checked the battlefield with the space magic's [Remote View], a magic to see afar.
It seems there are some casualties among the military personnels, but I don't plan to be overprotective toward professional soldiers.

Nevertheless, I never thought that the apostle would look like a strange silver cone.

How the apostle look wasn't described in the slates you see.
Moreover, there were lots of blurred words and inadequate depictions since it seems Troll Demon Lord wasn't an author in his previous life.

『--Steel Cutting Slash!』

I saw a familiar knight in the Remote View.

It seems they've invoked the Magic Eater, they're not fighting with magic but with cannonballs and physical attacks.
The apostle that was hurt by the cannonballs and the Temple Knights' white swords restored itself like rewinding a video.
The Weasel Empire's Magic Eaters probably don't have enough power to interfere with the magic power inside the apostle's body.

『This will finish you off! Pentagram Tearing Slash!』
『Stop, Liedill! Techniques that use magic power are unusable!』

Lady Liedill who was going to use her finisher was hit by the apostle's feeler and got knocked down.
She seemed sturdier than I imagined, she evaded the second feeler while unsteadily getting up.

Lady Liedill is an airhead like always.
I sent a cheer for her in my mind.

"Oops, forget about that."

I muttered alone and got right back on track.

Then I opened my Map and checked on the surrounding cities, turned out other apostles had appeared there too.

The Imperial Capital's populace have evacuated to the underground shelters so they're probably going to be fine even if I leave them alone, but the opponent is a god's apostle.
There's a possibility that they have the same attack power as the [Demon God's Offshoots] I encountered in Shiga Kingdom's capital.

I take a holy sword that works as a magic power reserve out of my Storage and use [Another World].

Similar to what I did in the Dejima Island's Labyrinth before, I copy the underground shelters and abduct the people into it.
I'm sorry for doing it without asking their approvals, but please regard it as an emergency evacuation.
I'll put them back once the turmoil is over.

"Wonder if the magic power is enough to evacuate all the cities in Weasel Empire?"

The Magic Crystal Pillar I got during the incident with Demon Lord Shin floated in my mind.

"Looks like I can finish this without using the magic power in the Magic Crystal Pillar I'm keeping as an insurance."

Now then, let's go to the next city.

"There are more god's apostles now."

When I had finished evacuating the Weasel Empire's populace and got back to the capital, the apostle had increased from one to 13.

I was able to evacuate most people but a smoke car used by the wealthy to flee in one of the cities had been turned into a salt object, and most of the cities' defense forces were already annihilated; there were a lot of people I couldn't save too.
It's impossible to completely save them all, and in the first place, my heart isn't going to ache even if professional soldiers and the statesmen who abandoned the people they should have protected die.

Several airplanes and large passenger planes were attacked by Rocket Trees and flying monsters.
I also caught sight of monsters who should have been controlled by screws gaining freedom and rebelling at some cities' lines of defense.

I couldn't exactly neglect that so I helped them dealing with the monsters a bit.

"Oops, I probably shouldn't leave that one alone."

A separated apostle is approaching a rocket launch pad where there are civilians.
I close the Map and exit the mansion to prevent that.

There's a pillar of purple light beside the rocket.

"Geh, there's even a demon lord."

--This is way too chaotic, Weasel Empire's Imperial Capital.

Using space magic forbidden spell <<Aport an Object>>, I retrieve the people in the rocket launch pad and the control room.

"W-where is this?"
"W-who are you?"
"Hero Nanashi."

I only explained that much to the confused people.

"Why is a pawn of God Parion here!"

Oops, looks like hero's worth is at an all time low in Weasel Empire.
No, Hero Hayato was welcomed in Dejima Island, there's a possibility that it's just a part of people in the Imperial Capital who keep that perception.

"Now then, I have no time to chat. Take shelter together with the capital's people."

I open the gate to the sub-space and throw them one by one inside using [Magic Hand].

I left only the purple haired girl since she was in a critical state as her body was covered in purple light.
I absorb the surplus magic power from her, maximize the Spirit Light and tear off the miasma that binds her.

Contrary to what I thought, it was just an initial symptom, so I neutralized it easily.

"I don't have to remove her Unique Skill at this rate."

I send the girl to the same place as the people earlier and close the gate.

Now then, the critical situation continues, but since they're doing better than I thought, it doesn't seem like I need to intervene.
For now I'll go read the slates to collect information and see the emperor later.

"--Here he is."

The moment I showed up in the room where the emperor was after I had finished gathering information, some unwelcoming words hit me.
With a wave of his hand, tactician Touya made the Temple Knights and officials who were in the room to withdraw.

Ignoring the sarcastic gaze of tactician Touya, I ask the emperor.

"I have two things to ask of you before we get to the main subject."
"Say it. You will have your answer if it's something I can tell."

Is it just my imagination or is his tone pricklier than yesterday.

"Have you read slates from recent times--about 100 years ago?"
"Of course."
"With your own eyes?"
"I can read ancient language from the age of gods just fine."

Fumu, in that case he should know the same thing as me if he's directly read it.

"Then, about his identity too?"

I asked the emperor while looking at tactician Touya.

"I do not know which identities you're referring to, but yes I know about both of them."

--Then I guess it's fine.

"Is that all?"
"Yeah, if you're not being deceived then it's fine."

After all, there are demon lords in my faction too.

"Then we will be asking ours."

After saying that, the emperor urged tactician Touya with his eyes.

"If you've already read the recent slates, then you can already guess what I am going to ask don't you?"

It's probably about me.

The recent slates were choke full of me.
For some reason the matter in sub-space starting from the solitary island palace, the events in the Dragon Valley and Elven Homes that are protected by barrier, and the things in void sky weren't recorded, but my activities as Nanashi were written profusely.

However, there was nothing about the fact that Satou and Nanashi are the same person.
I can easily imagine that he, with his intellect, should already realize that they're the same person.

Even so, there's no need for me to reveal it myself.

"What are you trying to say?"
"Playing dumb is futile. Viscount Satou Pendragon--"

I'm ignoring his questioning without relying on Poker Face skill.

"--Or perhaps, I should say it like this?"

Tactician Touya stops, takes off his mask and scowls at me as if he's instigating me.

Guessing that he's going to call me God Slayer, I put up a defense in my mind.

"One who challenges Dragon God--"

Just as I thought huh.

"--No matter how many times he was killed--"


The turn of events seems strange somehow.

"--One who continues to challenge. The eternal challenger--"

Not understanding what tactician Touya's intention is, I match my line of sight with his to probe for information.

"--One of the seven Gods that arrived from another world together with the World Trees--"

Challenging dark purple light leaks from the depth of his eyes.
Since that's a symptom of demon lord-fication, shouldn't you better calm down a bit?

I missed his words because I was thinking that.

"--Eh? What?"

Thanks to that, I replied like I were a deaf-type protagonist.
He apparently thought I was making fun of his decisive lines, color of anger were mixed in tactician Touya's eyes.

"I'll say it no matter how many times until you can no longer hide it."

Tactician Touya's eyeteeth begins to lengthen like fangs.
Un, sorry about it. That's why, calm down.

"One who surpasses all principles, an existence outside of this world--"

Tactician Touyaa threw his arm inside the mantle, flipping it up and vigorously pointed his finger at me as if it was going to pierce my heart.

"--God Zaikuon! That's your true identity."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-28

15-28. Divine Punishment (2), the Power of Science



Intimidating voices descended from the sky.

"It has begun at last."
"Umu, faster than predicted."

The emperor put his folded finger on his chin.
The court ladies are helping him since his hands cannot reach his fat-covered body.

And for some reason, he's wearing round glasses that reflect mysterious light on his nose.

Tactician Touya creased his eyebrows, thinking he had seen that pose somewhere.
Apparently, it reminded him of something.

"Playtime is over you know."

Tactician Touya thinks.

Perhaps the size of a reincarnated person's vessel depends on the profundity of their actions.

"Don't get your knickers in a knot."

The emperor waved his other hand that was on the handrail to end the talk and looked around the throne room.

The God's influence doesn't seem to reach here, the ministers inside the room aren't prostrating themselves despite looking anxious.

"The God-proof Barrier left behind by the ancient kingdom is quite excellent."
"This will be a solace for the people who sacrificed their lives exploring the ruin."

Tactician Touya nodded at the emperor.
Even though they couldn't find the underground sea city of the ancient magic kingdom, the Artifact they found in the underground ruin of an ancient empire on the western desert demonstrated enough power.

"How about Kuro--no, Hero Nanashi?"
"Kana the 『Insightful』 tried looking for him, but he has disappeared leaving his followers behind. We've sent a platoon of Temple Knights to arrest them."

Common sense in the empire would dictate that it's an excessive force just to arrest two people, but the emperor nodded with a face that looked like it was obvious.

"Matching the oracle huh... As we thought, that person is really--"
"Yeah, it's most likely true."

Tactician Touya affirmed the emperor who was speaking with a sorrowful face.
There's no one here who chides him for interrupting the emperor.

Most of the ministers are looking up at the dim rays in the sky.

"Crepuscular rays huh."
"With such a scenery. Say it more elegantly, like, it's angel's ladder or something."

The emperor criticized tactician Touya.

"That expression may be appropriate, but it's ill-omened."

Tactician Touya points at one of the dim rays and speaks.

"Look, the angel--no, the god's apostle shows itself up."
"So that's apostle.... It doesn't look like a person even if it doesn't have wings."

The apostle who looks like a silver cone calmly descends inside the dim ray.
It seems to be descending to the area near the science armory outside the imperial capital.

"Looks like it has the angel halo."

There's a blinking golden light halo formed by unlimited symbols above the cone.

"Well then, shall we begin too?"
"I give you the permission. Dispose of those who call themselves Gods."

By the emperor's command, tactician Touya puts up his bishop's staff and instruct the generals and the ministers.

"Generals, go with the special special science vehicle corps and flying corps to intercept the cone."

The fully motivated weaselkin generals are rushing out of the room while shaking the decorations on their chest.

"Gather the Temple Knights in the palace."
"Tactician-dono! Give us the permission to intercept too!"
"I will not! Your opponent will personally show up."
"It can't be--"

Tactician Touya puts up his hand to stop the captain from speaking anymore and nods.

"Chief of security bureau, I entrust you the right to command soldiers inside Imperial Capital. Quickly evacuate the refugees to the nearest underground shelters."
"Acknowledged. Leave the populace's safety to us."

A male human with a villainous face salutes at tactician Touya and runs off to carry out his duty.

"Tactician-dono, would the underground be safe? Our opponents are Gods and their henchmen--"

The leaders of the house of lords came before tactician Touya.
Flattery are showing on their servile faces. The matter they have in mind is themselves--and their relatives self-protection.

"We've prepared three large airships in the Imperial Capital's airport. Ride on them with your relatives and other influential nobles and evacuate to the Saga Empire."

However, tactician Touya tells the leaders that preparation is everything.

"As expected of tactician-dono!"
"You've even foreseen that this will happen! Then Her Royal Highnesses will too?"
"They're your relatives huh. Then they can go together with you. We're racing against time. You'd do good to hurry."

He nods at the leaders who are fully eager to desert their country and urges them to hurry escape as if driving them away.

"Just how many will arrive at Saga Empire...."
"I don't care. Now the people who will obstruct our fight have disappeared."

At the knight captain's words, tactician Touya shook his head, expelling the trifle out of his mind.

"Now then, just how many of our hands would be bitten off?"

After saying that, the lips under his mask warped fearlessly.

"So that's His Majesty's enemy!"

From the open hatch of a running tank, a vehicle captain scowled at the floating silver cone.

"It's shining something!"

Before the soldiers who were running on the side could finish speaking, a light resembling light magic's [Laser] shot out and mowed down one of the fort-like armory in the distant.

"Hmph, like that can break through the steel wall that's thicker than a common fortress city's--"

In the middle of the vehicle captain's talk, a roaring sound and flame arose, burning cloud of dust came up from the ground hit by the light earlier.

"W-woow, the hell was that."

The vehicle captain is looking at the scene with a dumbfounded face.
The defensive wall of the thick armory that renders even the armor of the tank he's riding on meaningless was torn off in an instant. The tank he's riding on is as good as having no armor. It can't be helped for him to lose his fighting spirit.

"Don't falter! We're invoking the Magic Eater!"

The commanding officer who was riding on parallel beside him encouraged the cowering vehicle captain.
Understanding what he meant, life returned on the vehicle captain's eyes.

"Here they come! The Magic Eater Birds!"

Twin-engine aircrafts equipped with disk-like Magic Eater Invokers appeared on the horizon.
The strange noise of the Magic Eater activation echoed together with the propellers and the engines sounds in the battlefield.

"Ooo, that cone bastard is slanting!"

The apostle who was standing still in the air began to fall.

"All vehicles stop! Prepare for bombardment, retake your aim after the first volley, fire three volleys of armor-piercing shells in succession. After that, stand by and prepare the high-explosive shells!"

The captain's voice reached every vehicle from the radio.

"Normal shell loading, complete!"
"Third special vehicle here, normal shell loading, complete!"

The radio personnel conveyed the reports he got from the loading personnels to the commanding officer.
At the same time, the apostle fell to the ground in the view of the vehicle captain who was peeking outside.

"All vehicles, start the bombardment."

The main cannon of the special vehicles spouted fire, lead cannonballs hit the area around the apostle, raising cloud of dust.

"Correcting elevation--three to below, one to the left, a bit back to the right. Aiming complete."
"Armor piercing shells loading complete."

The armor piercing shells shot by the special vehicles sunk into the apostle one after another.

"Who could've thought physical attacks would be this effective."

The emperor muttered while looking at the scene before his eyes.
The plan to contain the apostle with Magic Eater and tear the apostle with the special vehicles' cannons seems to be working well.

The light magicians and the space magicians from the imperial court magicians are showing the battlefield to the people in the throne room.
The imperial court magicians who usually don't get along are cooperating to capture image from outside the Magic Eater's range.

"Lead and iron have low interference against magic. Furthermore, we're using that in the special vehicle's corps' armor piercing shells."
"Hmph, fantasy against fantasy huh."

The bone of lesser dragons and the white warhead of the armor-piercing shells floated in the emperor's mind.

"His Majesty! We got a call from Magyuba City! An apostle has appeared!"
"Mogeiba City also called, they said 『Appearance of a silver cone. One third of the city has become white chloride』."

Similar reports from other cities came one after another.

"His Majesty! We've confirmed the apostle invasion on the opposite side of Imperial Capital! Their number is--"
"What is it, say it."
"--12. 12 apostles have appeared!"

Hearing the communication officer's words tinged with despair, the people in the throne room gather their line of sight at the emperor and tactician Touya as if imploring them.

"Looks like the opponent is serious."
"However, we're yet to go all-out either."

Tactician talked to the king and then turned toward the anxious-looking people.

"Get out the remaining 『Magic Eater Birds』. I allow the deployment of Temple Knights. Don't forget the D equipment!"

Entrusted with the order by the tactician, the captain turns toward the emperor.

"Our loyalty to His Majesty! For the empire's victory and everlasting glory!"

The captain raised his spear and took a knightly bow to the emperor and then he left the room commanding the Temple Knights.

"How about the 『Whistling Arrow of Awakening』?"
"We just got the materials. We can't possibly make it that fast."

The tactician and the emperor exchanged words in a room sparse of people.

"Hahhahha! Don't lump me together with you Tactician!"

A man with loud footsteps showed up in the throne room that was ruled by silence.
The man wearing a white robe unsuited in the palace is the director of Brains.

"Director huh? What are you here for."
"I have a report for His Majesty."

He eluded the tactician's question and stepped forward before the emperor.

"We've completed the preparation for the 『Whistling Arrow of Awakening』, should we launch it as planned?"

Brains Director's frankness doesn't change even in front of the emperor.

"Of course. Push forward while there's still no obstacle."
"Okey! Prompt decision! I'm really mesmerized by that side of yours~"

Brains Director winked with a jestful expression, took out a hand radio and ordered the launch of the [Whistling Arrow of Awakening].

"What kind of magic did you use in such a short notice?"

Tactician caught the shoulder of the director who was going to pass through him and asked for his trick.

"I don't use no magic. It's human wisdom. I thought this was going to happen so I had it finished enough that we just needed to put the Darkness Crystal as the core and the Philosopher's Stone for the fuel. Working ahead of the schedule so that you don't fall into a death march is the basic of the basic."
"Is that so--"

The director shakes off the tactician's hands, and then tactician's words reach the ears of the director who's stretching his white robe to his ears while walking.

"--With this, His Majesty's plan takes a step forward."

The director stopped and asked the meaning of the tactician's words.
However, the tactician fell silent, only the words of the feverish emperor reached his ears.

"Now, go! Break the seal of the Moon's Demon God and wake the sleeping god."

"This is bad! The steering golem of the Moonfaring Ship won't activate!"
"What should we do? Should we stop the launching sequence?"
"But, we can't possibly prepare a new golem now. It'll take at least three days at the latest even if we put together the 『Brains』's spare."

The [Brains] members are having a violent discussion inside the control tower near the rocket's launch pad.

"Is this really the result of our all-night works everyday."
"Damn with science almighty. Weren't you always lecturing us pompously? Bring out some good idea!"
"What are we doing quarreling against ourselves! There must be something that can be done!"

An apostle, crumbling from the tank cannons, is approaching the launch pad.

The apostle is probably aiming for the armory and the rocket launch pad from the start.
If this keeps up, there's no doubt that the rocket will be destroyed before the tanks defeat the apostle.

"I'll go!"

An apprentice girl in the control tower declared that while swaying her purple ponytail.
The only one who can ride the spaceship is only her with her small build.

"Becoming an astronaut has always been my dream in my previous life."
"You can't! The Moonfaring Ship's fuel is only enough for a one-way trip. Moreover, the core will explode on arrival. You can't, absolutely."
"I don't care. I also have good luck, though it's not as good as His Majesty Emperor."

The supervisor who opposed the girl who put up a bravado yielded to the unwavering eyes of the girl and gave her the permission.

"Maintenance division! Put every food and water into the 『Magic Bag』! Also stuff the oxygen cylinders there! And all of the remaining Darkness Crystal fragments! And don't you forget the gravity propeller prototype!"

The supervisor gave orders through the radio to increase the girl's chance of return even by 1%.

"What's that? ...Uh oh! Someone is clinging to the rocket."
"Priest clothing? --No way!"

One of the people in the control tower gave a warning, and the supervisor screamed after looking at it through the binoculars.

"Patriarch-sama, just another step. It's our duty as God Zaikuon believers to crush the scheme of the demon lord's adherents. I'll accomplish mine soon."

A young man with long purple hair wearing priest clothing muttered in delirium.
He was the only one who arrived here among his allies who invaded the rocket launch pad during the chaos.

"Kuhi, kuhihihhi. Hand, my hand is trembling... I've to take the god's medicine."

The man took a small bottle from his breast pocket, but he couldn't open it with his trembling hands, he finally used his teeth to open the cap.
He drank the liquid inside the bottle, but he couldn't swallow it well because of his trembling hand, it was spilling out around his mouth.

"Kuhi, kuhihihihhi. kuhi, KUHIHHHIkuhiHIHI"

The man stopped trembling, but some strange noises that didn't sound human were mixed among his voice.

"You over there! Stop!"

A soldier carrying a gun stopped him, the man turned around with eyes clad in purple light.


Before the soldier could even pull his gun's trigger, the blood from the remaining lower part of his body scattered in that place.
It was caused by the blade that extended from the man's purplish shadow.


The back of the man who had began to climb the rocket was burbling as if it was a different creature.

"D-demon lord--"

One of the men wearing priest clothing on top of a hill muttered when he saw a purple giant that appeared on the rocket's launch pad.
The rocket broke easily, the launch pad and the falling control tower became submerged in fire.

"Priest Bebenbe, that's wrong. He is a holy king devoted to the great God Zaikuon. A holy warrior who has come to purify this land smeared in taboo."

The patriarch who sent the fanatic man to his death said some made-up story.
No one besides his mistress knows that he secretly despises reincarnated people with their purple hair.

"We have our own role to fulfill. Let us go."
"Yes, Patriarch-sama."

The fanatics go down the stair toward a narrow underground ritual site behind the hill.

"Gentlemen, my gratitude for following me until today."
"We will now hold the last ritual. For the glory of God Zaikuon."
"""For the glory of God Zaikuon."""

The fanatics are chanting the most secret art that's only been handed down to the priest king of the God Zaikuon Country destroyed in the past.

--<<Invoke Deity>>.

An art to descend the great God into a body.
Even if the art is successful, the life and souls, everything of the people who chanted them will be annihilated, it's a forbidden ritual magic.

No one knows whether the secret art will be successful since the success rate up until now is exceedingly rare.

However, if it's successful--.

Another crisis would befall Weasel Empire.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-27

15-27. Divine Punishment


Satou's here. The term Divine Punishment reminds me of the Bible, but the sayings; god's wrath, or [hit by retribution] and various allegories exist in Japan.
I've never suffered from divine punishment and god's wrath firsthand though.


Intimidating voices descended from the sky three times.

Oracle skill was added to my Skill Column.
Apparently, those are divine messages from the Gods.

Several words--nay, a word that had several meanings reached my mind directly.
Apparently, Gods hold a conversation not through voices but by notifying a lot of people directly.

After a moment of silence, the main subject begins--.


Not just one, several Gods seemed to announce it together.


How do I say this, it feels like a hysteric person who can't explain well because they're overcome by their emotion.
Or maybe it's like listening to a badly tuned crossed radio?

Voices of agony leaked from the people.

It seems the intense chains of images are tormenting them.
Yet, none stands up, every one of them is enduring the pain.

It probably means that their awe toward the Gods are just that strong.

I'm a bit intrigued as to why I am fine.

The toll of the bell stopped before long, and the torrential images that came along with the Gods' divine messages ended.
Some words I don't quite understand were mixed in but I think there's no mistake that it's generally, "Divine punishment will befall Weasel Empire that has violated the taboo."

However, the way it was told intrigues me.
The Unknown little girl I met in my fight with the Dog-head before was able to converse normally.

--Perhaps, the ones earlier were not Gods, but something that pretended to be Gods?

Many people have fainted, while the stout-hearted ones begin to stand up unsteadily.

I'm a bit hesitant to leave behind Kei, miss Shelmina and the others, but please let me off with just sprinkling healing magic here.

I move to where Liza and Zena-san are staying in Weasel Empire using Unit Arrangement.

"Sa-Satou-san, this is terrible!"
"Oh good, you two are safe."

Liza and Zena-san who noticed me came rushing.
They seem to be fine thanks to their high levels, but all the maids in the building have fainted.

For now, I'll secure their safety first before grasping the information in Weasel Empire.

I go back to the solitary island palace with the two.

"Welcome back nanodesu."

The youth troupe welcomed us immediately once we got back to the solitary island palace.

"Huh? Master?"

Arisa's carefree look seems odd to me.

"Did the Gods' divine message not reach here?"
"Hoe? What's that--"

Arisa who looked dumbfounded dropped the rice cracker in her mouth midway.

Apparently it didn't.
To think it can even prevent the Gods' interference, asking Yuika to set up the barrier was the right choice.

"--Don't tell me, the divine punishment for Weasel Empire was carried out?"

Please do something about the rice cracker crumbs around your mouth before putting on your serious face.
I affirm it, wipe Arisa's mouth and take everyone to the living room.

And then, an urgent call from Echigoya Firm came.
I use [Tactic Call] to connect Manager and Tifaliza.

『I already know about the Gods' divine messages. If there's any problem in our branch offices and the areas around Shiga Kingdom, report to me through the Urgent Call at your discretion.』
『Understood, Kuro-sama.』
『Then we will begin to gather intelligence and the analysis.』

Manager asked me to hold when I was going to cut off the call.

『Kuro-sama, I have a request. I'd like to grant the right for the branch managers of Echigoya branch offices to provide the accumulated goods. Will it be alright?』
『Of course. I give you the full privilege of the whole Echigoya Firm. I'm counting on you Elterina.』
『Y-yes! Kuro-sama!! I will do my utmost to meet your expectations!』

Manager replied powerfully at my slightly irresponsible lines of leaving it all to her.
Entrusting Echigoya Firm to her and Tifaliza should be fine.

I remember one thing and reconnect to Tifaliza.

『Tifaliza, I forgot something. Record the branch offices which reported the divine messages.』

Wonder what?

Am I imagining things or Tifaliza seemed a bit sullen or rather, astounded.
Well, it's probably not a big deal, I'll go see her directly when I find some time.

I cut the call and sit on one of the chair in the living room.

All regular members of the solitary island palace are already here.
Along with the irregular members, demon lord Shizuka and the brownie maids.

"Somethings that seem to be Gods' divine messages came in Makiwa Kingdom earlier."
"Gods' divine messages? It's not an oracle received by Miko?"

Sera asked as I began to talk.

"Yea, voices came descending from the cloud."

Of course, I checked the cloud and above it but found no one there.
At least according to the map.

"Why is it Makiwa Kingdom? Didn't Satou-sama go to Weasel Empire?"
"I got a report saying that Kei the former fake apostle was able to use God Zaikuon's holy magic, so I went there to check on her."

I answered the princess's question.

"Wasn't God Zaikuon killed by Dragon God-sama 30 years ago? Isn't the revival too fast no matter how look at it?"
"The reason why it's so fast is unclear. I saw Kei using God Zaikuon's holy magic with my own eyes. The revival is probably true."

I look at everyone while replying Hikaru.
Is there no more question?

"And, what were the divine messages about?"
"Aa, it was not in a common spoken language, I guess it was like images accompanied by words?"

Arisa urged me to go ahead so I got back to the real issue.

I told the words I heard back then as accurately as possible to everyone.
Mainly for Sera.

"Is there any difference to when Sera-san received an oracle?"
"Besides the parts about several overlapping voices and for someone aside from Oracle Miko being able to hear it, it's mostly the same."

Sera answered after pondering a bit.

I got [Oracle] skill when those divine messages fell from the sky, but I don't plan to put skill points and activate it.

However, it looks useful when I need to negotiate with Gods in the future.
If I just grasp the God World, the sub space where they live during our conversation, it also seems possible for me to go there and talk directly.

"So the divine punishment will fall on Weasel Empire right?"
"That's probably correct."

There are other problems besides that.

I can't help but think that the [Execution], [Depravity], and [Retribution] parts in the divine messages refer to the surrounding countries that have left the Weasel Empire alone.
The [Faith], [Incite], and [Peace] after those come off as, "Peace will come if you pray to the gods begging for forgiveness."

If that's true, then it's possible there are also calamities that require, [prayers to the gods].

"Is it, my fault?"

Sera looks at me as if relying on me.

Judging from the timing, I don't think the reason is because of Sera's visit to the Weasel Empire's amusement park.
If someone with the Oracle skill can unconditionally reach the Gods, then the little girl who was already living in the slum should be the trigger instead.

"Isn't it Weasel Empire's own fault?"
"But still, for the common people to be judged together with the emperor...."

Sera shook her head at Arisa's follow up.

"It's alright. I will help the people."

Arisa and Hikaru stood up in shock to hear me.

"Wait! You're going to fight Gods?"
"That's impossible Ichirou-nii! No matter how strong you are, against god is no good."

Do I look that belligerent?
Also, Hikaru was too surprised she called my name in the solitary island palace by mistake.

"I'm not going to fight Gods okay."

Sera openly looks relieved after I said that.
Of course, that applies to Arisa and the others too.

"If the divine punishment looks like it'll mass slaughter the people, I'm going to evacuate them to the subspace using the forbidden spell."

The magic power I've stocked in the holy swords look like it'll be all used up cause I'll probably need to use a humongous amount of MP, but I can just recharge it at the Ether Vein in the Void Sky.
I've been only consuming magic power lately, the bill from neglecting to replenish the supply comes biting.

I cut off my words and look at everyone.

Now then, I've told them the situations and my plans.

"Now then, about what we're going to do here on--Sera-san."
"Could Sera-san go to Tenion temple in the Duchy Capital and once again receive an oracle regarding this matter?"
"I understand. I'll go ask Head Miko-sama--apprentice miko Lili for the permission to use the Sanctuary."

I'm sending Zena-san and Lady Karina to guard Sera.
This means Zena-san would be traveling again, but she accepted it heartily.

"Princess Shistina, Hikaru and Team Pendragon are to stand by in the solitary island palace. I think the call for dispatch will come suddenly, so please relax as much as possible."

It was quite an unreasonable order, but everyone consented without complaining.

I'm planning to give Hikaru, Arisa and demon lord Shizuka a reason to stay in the palace even in this emergency.
There's the information about how people with God's Fragment are unable to go against Gods after all.

While thinking and pigeonholing myself, demon lord Shizuka ask me.

"Do I need to do something?"
"Yeah, I'm sorry but please stay here in the solitary island palace for a while."
"Yeah, that's right. I might ask you to help me like I did recently."

I asked demon lord Shizuka.

There's a lot of reincarnated people in Weasel Empire.
It's possible that there are some among them who have overused their Unique Skills and on the verge of becoming a demon lord.

In case that happens, her ability to remove Unique Skill from her familiar will be essential.

"Alright, then let's do a relaxing sea fishing contest!"
"Aye aye sir~?"
"Pochi will definitely catch parrot fish today nodesu!"
"Then I will catch some black-tailed gull."

Everyone harmoniously left the room per Arisa's command.

Arisa peeked her face on the door.

"『Protect your life』 okay!"

This time, Hikaru peeked behind Arisa.

"Don't forget about 『Don't be rash』 too okay."

I don't think there's any need to use Japanese language there, still I answer them, "Of course" and move away with Unit Arrangement.

The destination is Weasel Empire--.

In order to confirm the execution of the divine punishment and to browse the slates.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-26

15-26. God's Breath


Satou's here. It comes assailing like a collapsing sand hill, like pulling a block of Jenga, like an avalanche of the end. You can't always prevent it even if you know it's coming beforehand, just like disaster isn't it.

"Kuro-sama, you're back from Weasel Empire."

Just when I got to Echigoya Firm, the smile of Tifaliza, the bearer of an intelligent beautiful look, quickly found me.

"I got your call just when I got back. Did something happen?"

I don't think it's a pressing matter since it was not an urgent call, but Tifaliza only ever contacts me for the periodical report so it must be relatively important.

"Yes, from Makiwa Kingdom--"

The name of the country which we, disguised as dragon knights, protected appeared.
Did some problem arise regarding the refugee support and restoration?

"--Pipin contacted us."

Pipin is a former phantom thief and currently a slave who works as an intelligence operative of Echigoya Firm.

"If I'm not mistaken Pipin is...."
"Yes, he's accompanying Kei-sama and Sharururun as a backup."

Tifaliza supplemented faster than I could recall.
The former fake apostle and a reincarnated person, Kei was traveling to trace back the damages she had done with her Unique Skill due to her narrow mindedness.

"So something happened with either Kei or Sharururun?"

Tifaliza affirmed my question.

I looked at the two's names on the marker column while I was waiting for her answer.
It's alright, neither of them are injured.

"According to Pipin, Kei-sama is able to use holy magic."
"Hee, that's good to hear--"

I noticed the underlying problem as I indifferently congratulated.

"--is that true?"
"Yes, Pipin saw it himself."

Tifaliza gave an immediate answer.

"I'll be going to Makiwa Kingdom for a bit."

While hearing Tifaliza saying her farewell, "Please take care", and the noisy footsteps of the manager, I left Echigoya Firm behind.

I moved to the base point closest to Makiwa Kingdom where Kei and the others are with Unit Arrangement, and hesitated as to whether I should change my appearance.
Satou should be more appropriate if I want to congratulate her, but appearing out of nowhere like Kuro, visiting Dasles City which is on the back region of the kingdom I've never visited before will be a problem.

--Well, whatever.

Such a trivial thing won't be a problem soon.

I change into Satou appearance with Quickdress skill and get out of the mountain hut base.

"Would be nice if the storm doesn't come--"

I muttered while looking up at the cloudy sky as if hinting the future.

I can see Dasles city below.

"It seems Kei and the others are in Zaikuon Temple near the castle."

While using Magic Essence Camouflage, I teleport to the back of Zaikuon Temple which doesn't have a sign of life.

"Glory to God Zaikuon!"
"Come come! It's a celebration today!"
"Festival! Everybody dance today!"

There's a large crowd in front of the temple, the people are deliriously praising the God.

"The believers will come back now!"
"Umu umu, we can finally repair this temple."

I heard familiar voices from among the crowd.


Hearing my voice Kei wearing Zaikuon priest clothing turned at me in surprise.

"Is he your acquaintance Kei?"
"Yes, temple head-sama. He's Pe-Pe-Pen--err, Satou-san, a noble."

Apparently she doesn't remember my house name.

"Nice to meet you, temple head-sama. I'm Satou Pendragon. This may be trifling, but please accept my offering for the temple"

I hand over a small bag with 20 gold coins inside.

"Well well--how devout of you."

Temple head grinned widely at the glitter of the gold coins peeking from the bag's opening.

The gleeful-looking temple head led me and Kei to the temple's drawing room and served their treasured Makiwa tea.
The tea was insipid and only had the color for it, but I overcame it safely with the help of Poker Face skill.

"Temple head! We have a visitor."
"O-okay, wait for a bit."

It seems there's a lot of visitors today, there's already been many of them coming during the little time we were talking.
According to the temple head, Kei had been making use of the [Compounding] skill she learned from her foster parent to help the restoration of Dasles City and gain believers.

"Temple head-sama, they're--"

Judging from the priest's expression, looks like they can't turn down the visitors this time.

"I will take my leave soon."
"I-Is that right. I'm very sorry for not being a good host."
"Could I talk a bit more with Kei?"
"Yes, of course you can."

We left the drawing room, seen off by the grateful temple head.

"Oh my, looks like we ended up chasing the preceding visitors away."
"Oh no, we were just about to leave ourselves."

The one in the corridor, led by the priest earlier, is the current acting Marquis Dasles, Miss Shelmina Dasles.
Looks like she's overworking herself, she's hiding the dark circles under her eyes with makeup.

"Your Excellency Marquis!"
"That's incorrect. I'm only acting as a substitute until uncle comes back."

Miss Shelmina denied the surprised temple head with a sour look on her face.

Shiga Kingdom should have told Makiwa Kingdom the passing of her uncle, Dwod Dasles the pyromaniac noble, but it seems they haven't announced it to the public yet.
They're probably going to do it once Dasles Marquisdom has been restored to a degree.

"Would you be the acting marquis? I'm Satou Pendragon from Shiga Kingdom. I'm stopping by as the people here have been taking care my acquaintance."
"Shiga Kingdom's?!"

Miss Shelmina was surprised to hear my introduction, and then she introduced herself as she would to a noble of a foreign country.
She took my hand and began to talk about how grateful she was for the large airships Shiga Kingdom sent to help transporting the refugees.

"As one would expect from the country founded by Hero King Yamato-sama, even Shiga King is a noble person."

We helped them using Echigoya Firm name, but it appears she thinks it was Shiga King who unofficially sent the help.
We ended up talking while standing, so Kei and I were led back to the drawing room.

"Is the thing I heard from priest-dono earlier true?"
"Yes of course."

After she talked to me enough, miss Shelmina asked the temple head for a confirmation.

"It's true! ■ Bless"
"W-what are you--"

Kei happily stood up and chanted a holy magic spell.
Miss Shelmina's face stiffened at Kei's sudden action.

The blessing light rains down over the head of miss Shelmina the territory land lord's candidate.

--This is bad.

I jump over the table with a speed rivaling short-range teleportation and push miss Shelmina down.
The people who didn't understand the situation voiced their surprise.

>[Holy Magic: Zaikuon Belief] Skill Acquired.

So the revival is true.

"Excuse me. Please forgive my discourtesy since it was an emergency."
"I-I'm saved. Thank you for your wise decision."

The only person who understood my action in this place, miss Shelmina said that with a pale face.

"Get away! You insolent rabble!"
"Stop it! Viscount is my lifesaver."

Miss Shelmina rebuked her enraged escort knight.

"Eh, um? You don't like God's blessing?"

I lightly whack the head of Kei who looks puzzled.
There are things that you shouldn't do even if they're out of good will.

--A land lord needs to control a City Core.

However, that has several conditions, and people who have received blessing from god are against one those conditions.
Of course, there's a trick that can be used to remove God's blessing by way of a ritual magic, however it seems that needs a huge amount of cost and time to perform.

"Kei, you shouldn't bless someone without their consent. There are people who have pledged their faith to another God."

The temple head admonished Kei in an easy to understand manner in my place.

"Putting aside the mean, I certainly saw the actuation of a holy magic. That holy symbol is certainly--"

Miss Shelmina tidied her clothes, coughed once and said that.
Looks like she's not going to pursue Kei's rash action.

"--the same as the one in the temple. So God Zaikuon has really been revived."

Miss Shelmina clearly stated the words I hesitated to say out loud.

That's right, Kei already had holy magic skill from the beginning.
However, Kei couldn't use that holy magic even if she chanted the right spell.

Because the source of her holy magic, God Zaikuon had died.

And now.

Kei is able to use holy magic.
In other words, God Zaikuon the source of the holy magic has been revived.

Nevertheless--it's fast.

Once, Demi God-mode Aze-san told me.

"When they had just arrived at this world, God Zaikuon and God Garleon challenged the Dragon God and got killed, however they were revived in 1000 years."

But, if that's the truth, then God Zaikuon who was killed 30 years ago revived too fast.

"Then, we will double the amount of the current offering, in exchange please send priests to the free medical building."
"Double the amount now--"

The temple head frowned to hear miss Shelmina.

"Could you get it back to the same amount as 30 years ago at least?"
"Unfortunately, right now the restoration takes top priority."

Miss Shelmina shook her head at the temple head's entreatment.
Their financial is probably in a bad shape since the king seems to hardly assist.

I'll send some fund through Echigoya Firm at an appropriate time.

"Is Viscount Pendragon staying in the temple?"
"I'm not, now that I've met Kei, I'm thinking of departing Dasles City by today's end."

I only came here to say [Congratulation] to Kei after all, and I had confirmed the revival of God Zaikuon.
There's no need to stay here for long.

--Nn? Red luminous points are reflected on the Radar.

"But! I was thinking of holding a party to welcome Viscount Pendragon...."

Miss Shelmina spoke regrettably.

Yet she's not going to forcefully detain me.
Welcoming a noble of a foreign country is probably going to hit their finance hard.

I open the map and confirm the identities of the red points while talking with miss Shelmina.

They're nothing to be afraid about.

They're level 20 small fries, the points that need special mentions are only their [Fiend Drug Overdose] states and that they're people that belong to the crime guild [Cannibal Snake].

If I'm not mistaken, [Cannibal Snake] are the bunch who led the refugees and did some terrorism at the neighboring Silga Kingdom.

"--Viscount-sama! Right, black overcoat, behind a child!"

I heard Pipin's voice from beyond the crowd.
Looks like he's warning me about the owner of the red point reflected on the radar.


A man in black overcoat who's using a kid as a shield assaults miss Shelmina with a dagger.
The guard who was going to cover miss Shelmina was rammed by another man from the flank.

It seems they slipped into the temple's crowd.

"--Did you call?"

With Kei's shout, a beauty jumped down the roof and landed on the black overcoat man's back.
She's Sharururun, a former phantom chivalrous thief, now a member of Echigoya Firm whom I, as Kuro, tasked to guard Kei.

A different man with brown overcoat behind the smashed man came assaulting while his body was transforming.

The brown overcoat man blocks Sharururun's dagger with his transformed claws

"Uwaaaa, it's a monster!"

The members of [Cannibal Snake] who were hiding themselves in the crowd stirred a panic with loud voices.

--This is bad.

I pull miss Shelmina's hand to keep her away from danger and kick the small man who stealthily attacked with a dagger.
I invoke the [Calm Field] from magic column while I'm at it and stop the surroundings from panicking.

After that, I stun the [Cannibal Snake] members with the highly stealthy [Stun Hand].
It's a faulty magic that's easy to block if there's no level difference, but that's not the case if I use it.

"V-viscount Pendragon. I-I'm glad that you saved me, but could you please let your hands go now?"

Miss Shelmina appealed with a red face in my arm.
Oops, I forgot that I was still embracing her.

"Shelmina-sama! There's no mistake, this tattoo is of the 『Cannibal Snake』."
"I thought uncle had annihilated them all, so there are some remains."

The guard who inspected the man defeated by Sharururun said that.

"Viscount Pendragon, and the woman over there, thank you for your assistance. I will be sure to reward you later."
"No need for thanks. I only helped Kei."

Sharururun curtly brushed off miss Shelmina.
Offended by her attitude, the guard is glaring at Sharururun.

Kei who sensed the worsening atmosphere points at the sky while looking like she realized something.

"Look look! Sunbeam!"

Kei is pointing at beautiful light streaming between the thick cloud.

"It's like the sky is also celebrating God's revival."

Kei spoke with an unnaturally bright tone to break the ice.
Lured by Kei's smile, everyone smiles.

Mysterious toll of a bell can be heard out of nowhere.

"What a beautiful sound."

I can feel the superior skill of the bell craftsman from the tone of the deep calm toll.

I wonder if I should put a bell in the solitary island palace too?

I ask miss Shelmina while thinking that.

"Is this from the castle's bell?"
"I-it's not, I've never heard such a beautiful sound either."

Yet, miss Shelmina returned a negative.

--Well now?

If she who has lived her whole life in Dasles City doesn't know, then where does this sound of bell come from?

My question is quickly answered.

In the worst possible way.


An intimidating voice descended from the sky.
It's like hearing several kinds of language at the same time.

Sounds of rustling sound and soil reached my ears.

Everybody besides me have fallen prostrates with their foreheads on the ground.
Even the land lord candidate, miss Shelmina is not an exception.


The voice descended from the sky once again.

Looks like it has begun.

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