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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Prologue



A big city in Japan.
I, Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto, am looking down at a large construction site from a tall mansion.
My deep blue Wafuku is fluttering from the wind, the Tachi on my waist is swaying. <TLN: Wafuku=traditional Japanese clothing, Tachi=long Japanese sword.>
The construction site is flattening everything. It seems they're readjusting the land for Olympic.
Excavators are digging out the road, bulldozers are moving the earth and sand.
And my Go-shintai (object of worship)--which has been degraded from a deity statue to a big rock is broken down while being moved away.

Haah, I sighed while looking up. My Geta make an empty sound when I lower my legs behind. <TLN: Geta=traditional Japanese sandals.>
"After 1000 years of hard works.... I failed being a god...."
I was once a respectable God counted in the first digit among the myriad of Gods.
But, I behaved arrogantly without currying favor with humans.

However, that was a mistake.
Especially when I didn't name myself in the dream of Norinaga Motoori when he was working on recreating the Kojiki during Edo era. <TLN: The Kojiki is a collection of myths concerning the origin of the four home islands of Japan, and the Kami/Gods.>
Why must I butter up with humans?
I couldn't understand at that time.
When even that Amaterasu Oomikami visited Norinaga Motoori's bedside.
I had forgotten that the original Kojiki was already lost.

In the end my name disappeared from the Kojiki and I became a vagrant god.
Nevertheless, there were still shrines that worshiped my Go-shintai.
However, during the Shimbutsubunri in Meiji period, shrines with nameless gods were crushed in the name of Kirishitan.
After that, my Go-shintai was put on a three-way intersection road and collected beliefs a little bit.

As you can see. My Go-shintai was crushed during the ground leveling of the construction work.
It's now impossible for me to contact people.

This is the fate of an arrogant god who didn't curry favor with humans.
I have nothing now.

I lightly shook my head. There's nothing I can do even if I indulge in sentiment.
I can't repair it no matter how much I regret it.
"--I'm going home."
I take the water gourd on my waist and sprinkle water around me.
And then I put my hands together and chant.
"O one who connects heavens and time, Heaven Bird Ship God. Comply to my calling and open the road to the beyond! <<Spirit World Gate>>"

Bwoosh--, a rainbow colored round space opened in front of me.

I announced that I would become a deified god worshiped by many people when I descended from Takamagahara, yet I'm going home empty-handed now, just what should I say. <TLN: Takamagahara, essentially Japan's Olympus.>
I feel melancholic just thinking about it--Hm?

"Ah, darn! I forgot to set the destination!"
It had been a really long time since I chanted the spell to move between dimensions that I completely forgot about it.
As my body being sucked in, my fingers grab the edge of the rainbow gate to desperately resist.
"W-wait a minute! Stop! Freeze!"

It won't stop with just shouting. Tremendous sucking power.
As expected of the power of God who still have believers.
A leftover can't possibly win.

My fingers got irresistibly separated from the edge of the gate.
I get sucked in vigorously, my body and view are shaking round and round.
The blue sky, white cloud and brown construction site are becoming far away as if they're mixed together.
"Uwaaaa! Stop! I want a reset, stupid!!"
I violently swing my arms around to resist, but they're powerless against a spell that has been invoked.
I got blown off to beyond the dimension, not knowing where I was going.

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